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Carter: Here’s the working itinerary. You’re gonna hit the ground running as soon as you get to rome.

Ridge: Okay, the designs are where?

Carter: Well, they’re bagged, tagged and ready to be shipped. You both will make sure everything is good and intact as soon as we arrive.

Ridge: Okay, what’s–

Thomas: What about the venue?

Carter: We’re working with the officials securing permits, it’s going to be epic.

Thomas: Amazing.

Ridge: Well, that’s good work, carter.

Carter: Pleasure’s all mine. Your designs, thomas, what I’ve seen deserves the biggest spotlight imaginable.

Ridge: Couldn’t agree more. Very proud of you, son.

Taylor: We both are.

Thomas: Aw, thank you so much. Look, honestly, I– confession, I, um– I didn’t know if my designs would be up to par. It’d been a minute since hope and I worked together, and I don’t know, I– I– I didn’t know if it’d be as good as the first time, but honestly, now, it’s like we never fell out of sync.

Hope: Grazie a tutti

per aver participato

alla hope for the future

anteprima moda.

>>Iam: Sorprendente!

Hope: Grazie! [ Laughs ]

Liam: Are you, uh– are you nervous?

Hope: Oh. Well, carter just emailed over the itinerary, and I knew the hype was big, but– [ Laughs nervously ]

Liam: But– but what? Oh, you didn’t expect all the global media coverage and people wanting to actually do business with you?

Hope: I mean, no pressure, right?

Liam: Yeah. Listen. You’re gonna be just fine. And the reason is this. People love your line because they love you. So just be yourself. Also prepare for a lot of new orders coming your way.

Hope: Mm. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Uh–

Liam: No, I’m not–

Hope: No, no, no, no. What is it?

Liam: I– you know, it’s the– it’s the topic. It’s the topics strule to conveniently ignore. Thomas.

Thomas: Mom, but please stay, ’cause we’re– we’re almost finished.

Thomas: Just gotta go over a few more details for rome.

Carter: I gotta say, rome is one of my favorite cities. It’s perfect for the event, it’s so, so magical. Full of history.

Ridge: Speakin’ of history, that is exactly what thomas and hope will be making.

Thomas: You know, I– it’s actually kind of weird because I’m thinking about it was not too long ago that we were all sitting at this table. Well, maybe not all of us. Some of us, most of us were sitting at this table, and, um, I was being kicked out of the company, and out of the line.

Carter: Yeah, but you proved yourself. You did the work, and now look at you, jetting off to rome with hope. The forrester dream team, taking the world by storm.

Liam: Maybe we should talk about thomas. I’ve been try– I’ve been trying not to bring it up because I also– I just don’t wanna get into a fight with you about it–

Hope: Look, I– i don’t want that either, liam. I understand why you are concerned about thomas. That makes total sense, but what I think the real issue is– is your trust in me.

Liam: No! No. It’s not– I– I trust you. Like, I– I don’t know how I can make that clear.

Hope: Okay, all right, so then trust my judgment in thomas.

Liam: Okay, there’s a difference between trusting your judgment and trusting your intentions. Where your judgment is concerned, it’s a fact that thomas has successfully manipulated you more than once.

Hope: I just– how many times do we have to go over this?

Liam: I don’t know how many times, un– until you acknowledge what thomas is capable of. Listen, hope, I– I’m– I’m so happy that your line has been saved and it’s thriving, and there is no bigger fan of hope for the future than I am, and I am proud of this opportunity you have in rome, but it’s your line. It’s your line. It’s not thomas’s, and he does not need to be there.

Trelegy for copd.

Thomas: You know, this is– this is pretty incredible the more I think about it. I mean, it’s not too long ago, hope for the future was, well, in a rough patch, and now we’re goin’ to rome for a preview.

Taylor: Yes, you are. And it’s all because of you. You saved the line.

[ Phone chiming ]

[ Carter laughs ]

Ridge: What, what’s goin’ on?

Carter: Ah, one of the buyers. They’re very excited to see the latest designs. You and hope better get your rest. I’ve set up so many meetings with the buyers and suppliers, I can’t tell you how many phone calls and emails I’ve been getting.

Thomas: Don’t worry, we’ll be ready.

Carter: Okay.

[ Phone ringing ] International. I should take this. Uh, touch base with you guys later.

Ridge: Uh, thanks for everything, carter.

Carter: Like I said, it’s my pleasure.

Thomas: Yes, sir.

Carter: Hello? That’s good news.

Thomas: Is it just me or is he more on fire than you?

Ridge: He’s always on fire, but no, he’s happy for you, he wants this to work. He knows how far you’ve come.

Taylor: Yes, we– we all do. No, especially– especially your relationship with hope.

Thomas: Well, I– I– I gotta say, I– I– I do understand how grateful I should be for being given another opportunity.

Taylor: Mm.

Thomas: Okay, you two, you have been giving each other looks ever since mom got here, so what’s goin’ on?

Ridge: Look, it’s– it’s a– it’s a big deal, you know? You and– and hope, you’re goin’ to rome. It’s big.

Thomas: I promise you, dad, I’m not gonna do anything to mess this up.

Taylor: No, it’s– it’s not you that we’re worried about, honey. It’s– it’s, um– it’s hope.

Thomas: It’s hope. What– what–

Ridge: There’s been a bit– there’s been a buzz goin’ around, you know.

Thomas: Buzz?

Ridge: You know, there’s been some talk. People saying that she might have feelings for you.

Hope: Thomas is my lead designer. He is responsible for so much of the hope for the future collection, and designers are at press events and fashion shows. And liam, you know this.

Liam: However, this is a unique and really weirdly complicated situation.

Hope: It’s a business trip.

Liam: I– I– I understand that you view it that way, and I believe you. But it’s also exactly the kind of opportunity thomas can, and has in the past, used to get close to you and manipulate you.

Hope: I can’t– I can’t do this. Okay, I– I don’t– I don’t wanna keep arguing this with you, liam. I just want you to understand that hope for the future is my life’s work!

Liam: I absolutely understand that, and I support you in that.

Hope: Okay, so then do you understand that I tried to find a designer that would make it work? I mean, eric, one of the most prolific designers to ever pick up a pencil, even he couldn’t interpret my vision as well as thomas could.

Liam: The designs are done, though. The dresses are made. You don’t need thomas for this next part.

Hope: Okay, I– I get that you have issues with thomas.

Liam: Of course I have issues with thomas. How could I possibly trust him after everything he’s done to us?

Hope: Because I do! I– I’m not some child, liam. I– I work with him every day, I’ve seen the changes that he’s implemented into his life, a– and the progress that he’s made, and not only that, he– he brings a certain artistry, a certain creativity to my line.

Liam: Hope, hope. I’m not asking you to get a new designer.

Hope: But you’re telling me not to bring thomas to rome. And I can’t do that.

Liam: You can’t or you won’t?

Hope: Liam, I don’t want to hurt you. But thomas is my lead designer. He is my partner, and… I can’t imagine being in rome without him. “Look at this skin, baby.

Thomas: Okay, what are the two of you asking me?

Ridge: We’re asking you if there’s any truth to hope being interested in you.

Thomas: You can’t be serious.

Taylor: Oh, we’re very serious, thomas. We know that you’ve changed. But if hope has feelings for you, then that–

Thomas: No, no, no, no. That’s– that’s ridiculous, though.

Taylor: Okay, normally, your father and i would agree with you, but–

Thomas: But you’re what? You’re gonna both get involved in office gossip?

Ridge: Well, that’s not office gossip. It came from your sister, it came from steffy.

Taylor: Yeah. Your sister has her suspicions.

Thomas: Suspicions or paranoia? Because lately, she’s been singularly focused on all the things hope does wrong.

Taylor: Okay, because she’s concerned.

Thomas: Okay, look. Steffy may have her own issues with hope, but it has nothing to do with me.

Thomas: Oh, relax. We’re not accusing you of anything. Your mom and I, we’re on your side.

Taylor: No, yes, and I’m sorry if it sounds like it is. I– we love you so much, and– and we know how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are, and we just don’t wanna see anything or anyone jeopardize that.

Thomas: Okay, well, all right, thank you. Um, hope and I have a great working relationship and we’re co-parents to douglas and that is it, okay? But as far steffy is concerned, maybe she’s just mixing up her signals, right? She’s got her care for me, and– and her issues that she’s got with hope.

Taylor: Okay. Okay. Well, that’s good. So there isn’t anything that hope has done to lead you on?

Thomas: Look, I– I know you’re both looking out for me and I appreciate your concern.

Ridge: Simple question, son.

Thomas: Hope and me work together. We’re co-parents together. That’s where it stops. There is no reason that either of you should have any concern about hope and me going to rome together.

Liam: I’m tr– I’m tryin’, hope, I’m really tryin’, but this is just– it’s– it’s eating me up. You were– you were just in san francisco with the guy, and you were this close to spending the night together.

Hope: Because the plane had mechanical issues?

Liam: I know. And now you’re going to rome. Of all places. I mean, it’s– it’s– it’s bad enough that you’ve been working with him every single day, after everything he’s done.

Hope: What he’s done is design a beautiful line for me, liam. That– that is what is happening here. He’s not manipulating me, he’s not sitting there biding his time. He is committed to hope for the future. And this could be one of the biggest showings of my entire career.

Liam: I believe that. I believe it will be. And you absolutely need to be there, but thomas does not. And do I really need to do the thing where I, like, list all the stuff he has done to us in the past?

Hope: No. No.

Liam: Are you sure?

Hope: Yes. I am sure. He didn’t just wish his way into being a better man. He actually put the work in, liam. He went to therapy. He developed tools to help him deal with his challenges. And all the while, he’s been nothing but a consummate professional with me.

Liam: Okay, but that– that’s the game that he always plays, right? He’s new and improved, until he gets you alone with him and then– why am I– why do I have to say this to you?

Hope: You shouldn’t have– I don’t want to go– keep going over this with you. And– and do I need to remind you that this is thomas’s collection, too? I mean, it is a forrester creations entity and the last time I checked, thomas’s last name is forrester. And I am not about to tell ridge that his own son can’t come.

Liam: Given everything we’ve been through, I think you absolutely could say that to ridge.

Hope: I don’t want to. Thomas is going to rome.

Liam: I, um… I– I don’t– I don’t know what to say. I’m– I’m– I’m at a loss here. I love you, I just– I don’t wanna see it happen again. I don’t wanna see you get hurt and betrayed all over again.

Hope: Yeah, you’re being protective of me.

Liam: Of course, I’m being protective of you.

Hope: Okay, I don’t need your protection, liam. All I’ve ever needed is your trust.

Liam: Trouble is brewing, hope. It’s brewing.

Hope: I need to go to the office.

Living with diabetes?

Ridge: Well, here’s a little tea for that sexy voice you have.

Taylor: [ Laughs ] Yes, I’m just– I’m just trying to sound like your sexy voice.

Ridge: Ah, look at us.

Taylor: Hmm.

Ridge: This is not why you came to see me, is it?

Taylor: No. No, it’s not. I,ou I hated the way that we left things. You know, that whole– whole brooke situation, but this… this is not what I want to talk about right now. There’s more pressing issues. Yes, if– if what steffy is saying is– is true, about hope and–

Ridge: Well, let’s, uh– let’s think that maybe she’s overreacting, right?

Taylor: Thomas is strong.

Ridge: I know. I know he is, but if the person he’s interested in is all of a sudden interested in him, then that’s opening the door to somethin’, right?

Taylor: We gotta believe that– that he has this under control, right? He said there’s no reason to worry, so we’re not gonna worry. But we’re gonna keep our eyes open.

Ridge: Okay.

[ Liam sighs ]

[ Liam groans ]

Hope: I asked thomas

to come back

to hope for the future as lead designer.

Stop trying to protect us

from this man

that does not exist anymore.

He has changed,

and either you can accept that,

or just let it go.

If thomas is my lead designer,

he’s my partner,

and I can’t imagine

being in rome without him.

[ Heartbeat pounding ]

Thomas: Hey! What’s up?

Hope: Uh, not much. Just, uh, still trying to get ready for this preview.

Thomas: It’s kind of crazy. I just had a meeting with, uh, carter and my dad, and they’re honestly, it just sounds like that– that carter is just workin’ his butt off right now, and he’s fielding calls left and right from buyers and suppliers. It’s– ooh, it’s gonna be crazy. Hey. What is it? Is somethin’ wrong?

Hope: It’s–

Thomas: Hope, come on. Hey. We’re partners, right? You can talk to me.

Hope: Well, it’s just as predicted. Liam has an issue with us going to rome together.

Thomas: Well, I mean, I’m– I’m sorry to hear that, but can’t say I’m surprised.

Hope: Well, it just feels like nothing I ever say to him matters.

Thomas: That’s cause he doesn’t believe in me and I don’t know if he ever will.

Hope: But I do and that should count for something because I know the man you are better than he does.

Thomas: That means a lot. It really does, ’cause I mean, it’s just– it’s, uh, it’s amazing, having– having this. You know, our friendship and working together.

Hope: Well, we do make a really great team.

Thomas: I think so, too. So, what did you tell liam about the trip?

Hope: I told him that… you’re my lead designer, and it’s your collection, too. Not to mention it is a forrester creations line, and I think that’s your last name, so, yeah, family business, you kinda have to be there.

Thomas: Wow. Uh, that– god, that means so much to me.

[ Hope chuckles ] It really does. I mean, you saying these kind of things, ’cause like, I– obviously, I’ve– I made a lot of mistakes in the past, and for us to get to this place, that’s– that’s it, right? We’re– all that stuff’s in the past, and… we’ll prove that to liam, right? Because we’re gonna do a great job here. This collection, I mean, everyone is saying it’s gonna be hope for the future’s finest collection and I believe that. And this trip, hope, it could, uh, it could change our lives. Anyway, you have a lot of work to do and so do I. I’m gonna finish up this sketch, which by the way, I think you’re gonna love.

Thomas: It could change our lives.

[ Thomas’s voice echoing ]

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