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Well, I did try to catch a few winks here and there, but the guy sitting next to me was a real chatter box. Yeah. No, actually I just, uh, walked in the door. Hey, how’s Bo doing? You too. Settled into that new rehab facility. Oh, that’s good. Good. And hope. Remember, if you need anything at all, you just let me know and I’ll take care of it, okay?

No, no. Don’t worry about Megan Hathaway. There’s no way she’s gonna find you. Okay? Uh, listen, I gotta run, but just know that Kayla and I are praying for Bo and we’re there with all of you in spirit. Okay? Okay, baby. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you too.

Well, look who’s here. Commander Michaels.

Well, it looks like it’s five o’clock somewhere and that somewhere is here. This, Megan, I know that you spent the last God note how many years off the grid and then in Statesville that a girl’s gotta take the edge off somehow. You wanna join me for a tip? Who love a celebratory drink? Two fingers neat, please.

And. What exactly are we celebrating? What is this all about? We just refer the servants didn’t. Over here.

Over here, well, plotting the demise of our dear brother ej.

Now you are darling.

I missed you.

Two. When did you get back? Oh, a little while ago. I looked all over for you, but I couldn’t find you. Where have you been? I found the office and they said you weren’t there. I, um, I left the office early to go to the hospital. The hospital, Nicole, is everything. All right?

So Nicole told you she’s pregnant and the child might be yours. Actually, Sloan did. It’s a long story, but Nicole just confirmed she’s at the hospital running a paternity test as we speak. Hey, we’re gonna find out. I’m the father. Everything is all right. Yes. But you were at the hospital. Why? I was giving Kayla a blood sample.

To follow up on the perimenopause treatment? No. Ej, I’m not entering into menopause. Oh, well then I, I don’t understand. How could Kayla make such an error? She didn’t. I lied to you. What? I, I, I didn’t miss my period because I’m going into menopause. I miss my period because. I am pregnant,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

What are you doing here? Michaels? Is it all right if I come in?

Thank you. So listen, um, here’s no, no, no. Here’s the reason. You can save the explanation. Sean already told me that you were planning to follow us to Salem, so you could keep an eye on Megan Hathaway. Uh, yes, that’s true. So, well, the thing is, there are a whole lot of people already doing that job. John, me, you know, we’re PIs, we’re qualified to keep an eye on people.

So your help is not needed here. Just give me one more person that I don’t trust that I have to keep my eye on. If you really want to help you turn around and get outta Salem.

The demise of each. A Dara, well, not literally. Yeah, sorry to get your hopes up. Think of it more as a, uh, Consequential fall from Grace. Mm. So you too need our help in ousting, our brother from Dera Enterprises. I think that the reasonable question here is what’s in it for us. Well, we expected you to ask that, so we are in full agreement that you both will play major and noteworthy roles in the company’s future.

In fact, we have a couple of ideas we’d like to share. Oh,

well now it all makes sense. What? It makes sense why Nicole lied about there being a viral outbreak at the hospital on the 10th floor. Those cheek swabs were not for the virus they were to help determine paternity.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Hmm. How does Sloan find out? She saw Nicole’s prenatal vitamins. Apparently she dropped them when she ran into the Sloan at the hospital. Nicole begged her slow, not to say a word. I mean, she knew that Nicole and I,

Sloan was hoping the baby wasn’t mine. So she agreed to help Nicole get a DNA swab without me knowing about it. Hmm. Wasn’t Nicole ever gonna tell you the truth? She was kind of hoping that she would get the results of the paternity test before she said anything to EJ or me. So EJ doesn’t know that the Nicole’s pregnant As far as I know, ejs still in the dark.

Oh my God. Nicole, you are pregnant. Yes. Well, I, I, I, I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t you tell me that you’re having my,

because it’s not mine, is it?

You have every reason not to trust me. I know that. That’s why you were my first stop in Salem. Interesting choice for first stop. Well, Steve, I respect you. I do. But I’m not going anywhere. I’ve said my . I’ve helped you guys find Kate. I think I can be useful here. I mean, I’m from Salem. I went to Salem High.

This place is, it’s the closest thing I know to home. And we’re on the same side. Like we don’t, we don’t have to be friends, but I think we can put aside our differences work together to make sure Megan does not hurt hope again, can’t we?

So as you can see, once we vote EJ out, you’ll both take on very prominent roles at the company. Details are a little vague to me. Well, we want you to have the agency to choose whatever peaks your interest the most. You know, I’m just concerned that the um, 30 year employment gap on my resume. Might be of some concern to the board.

It smacks a bit of nepotism. No, even So didn’t you bring back four people from the dead? I mean, not a skillset everyone can brag about. No. Oh, I think I brought back a few more than that, which is precisely why we need both of you, your miracle workers. You too. Oh, so then it’s not because you need our votes.

Well, there is that too. But your determination in your ruthlessness, no, no bounds. You’re also very skilled at coloring outside the lines. Oh, I get it. So while you’re skimming through a chicken soup for the shareholder’s soul sheen, I’ll be doing the dirty work. No, that’s not what we’re saying at all.

Listen, take a look. Read the proposal, offer your input. We’ll see what happens. We’ll take it under advisement. All right, for killing me. Get you. Maybe we’ll see you ladies later for night cap. Oh, we’ll be here.

So what do you make of this?

Got a match? Is it Nicole? Is it my baby or Carrie?

I don’t know if it is or not,

because it might be Eric’s,

so first you don’t tell me that you slept with Eric during. Biscuit gate and then after apologizing profusely assuring me that you would never lie to me again. You didn’t tell me that you were pregnant. In fact, you went to great lengths to concoct in alternate reality. I’m, I’m so sorry I would’ve told you sooner, but I, I, I couldn’t get a paternity test until I was seven weeks along.

And I didn’t want you to hear the news the way you’re hearing the news now. So why am I hearing it now?

Because he, Eric found out

you said Sloan is hoping this baby isn’t yours. Yeah. I mean, of course we’re in a committed relationship. Mm-hmm. And what about you? What do you mean about me? How do you feel about all this?

On the news, it’s all of a sudden, I, I just haven’t even had time to process this. I mean, we don’t even know if the baby’s mine or if Nicole can even carry the pregnancy to term and ej, my God, how is he gonna respond if he finds out he’s not the father? It’s just, it’s just a complicated situation. I mean, obviously, Yes.

Well, it certainly is complicated and we do know how EJ would react, but you didn’t answer my question. How do you feel about the idea of a call carrying your child?

I’m being honest with myself.

I guess a part of me is hoping that that baby’s mine.

Alright, well soon you get the test results back. Let me know. Okay. Hey, hey. Sweet mess. Come here. You tell me you were coming back today. I know I wanted to surprise you. Hello, Kayla. Hello Harris. Uh, commander Michaels here was just telling me that he’s moving back to Salem. And he wants to help keep an eye on Megan Hathaway.

Huh? But I told him that we’re good. We have more than enough cops and detectives and spies in the family. Actually, I think we need all the help we can get.

It just feels wrong saying that, and I want this baby to be mine. I wasn’t no right or wrong about that. This is about your feelings. You gotta respect those, especially after what happened with Jada. Now, I just shouldn’t be thinking it.

I’ve been Sloan, everything that she’s been through with her brother, this is the last thing that she needs to hear. That I’m having a baby with another woman. Well, it’s not exactly another woman, it’s a woman pro. You still have some feelings. Am I right?

I, I, I can’t believe I didn’t realize what was going on sooner. That’s why you didn’t drink any champagne. That’s why when I got down on one knee and asked you to be my wife, you looked at me and said The timing was bad. I told you I loved you, and you couldn’t even say back. I felt guilty for not telling you the truth, not to mention that you knew you might be carrying another man’s baby.

You want to keep your options open. Keep my options open in case Eric is the father. Then the last thing you would want is to be betrothed to me. No, that is not because you would want him back. Wouldn’t you?

All right. You ready for the finishing touch? Uh, the finishing touch? Yeah. Is it less intense than that toe bending thing you were doing? All right. So you gently, you take the left side of the foot and pull. Why you take the right side and push and twist. Oh, that feels there. It’s amazing. I needed that. Oh, nothing better than that.

You know, I’ve been thinking. If Megan can cure disease and raise the dead, do you think that there’s a way she could invent some sort of comfortable stiletto technology for Gabby Sheik? Oh, if only, I mean, we’ve tried everything under the sun, right? Only we can offer a foot massage with every purchase.

Maybe that was nice. That’s not a bad idea, but seriously, we’ve gotta come up with some sort of idea, something for those two women to do that both helps ’em feeling useful and keeps ’em out of our way. You know, I gotta say, I feel like Megan was kinda lukewarm about her proposal. I think she’s gonna be a tough nut to crack.

I’m a fine way. What about Kristen? Kristen’s too preoccupied with getting her little family back to fall out of line. But Megan. Megan’s got nothing but an obsession with someone who’s comatose another continent. And even though she may be power hungry, I can’t imagine the board’s gonna be okay with her just waltzing in and trying to run things.

I mean, you have to have working knowledge of technology at least. Post walk, man. Am I right? But you my love, you are going to be the best CEO this company has ever seen. I you that also, on top of all that, we have the backing of the staff and the management, as you know. So Megan is not gonna be charged.

There’s no way in hell yeah. Well both agree on that. But you know, Megan, she’s got an ego on her bigger than all outdoors and, and not to mention her cold heart that is, What I, I’m thinking is set on world domination. I, I’m just wondering how she’s gonna take it. Do they honestly think that we’re gonna put our leverage behind them for a couple of measly jobs at Gabby Sheik?

What a waste of considerable talent. Yeah, I agree with you. We should be running Damara, not our baby brothers, and certainly not that little low life operator. Gabby Hernandez. My ambitions extend far beyond running Dara. Oh, and how far do they extend across oceans, across continents. I want no. I deserve more.

So much more. Can you be a little more specific? Father was a grand papa buster. The whole town of Salem feared Stephan o Damara. The world feared him and all of his other offspring have had their shot at emulating him. Now it’s my turn. Oh, okay. So now you want to be your father’s daughter, do you? I am my father’s daughter, and just as the Phoenix making Tamara is rising again.

To state the painfully obvious, Megan Hathaway doesn’t hold a candle to you. My stunning cunning wife to be. I love it when you say those words. Stunning, cunning, uh, wife. To be,

I can’t wait till we drop those final two words. You have no idea how long I’ve been dreaming about this. Yeah. What Running Gabby Sheik vacations in Hawaii sipping champagne in for his class. All of that is fun. Yes. But what, what truly matters is that we’re together again, how lucky we are and we can have it all.

You and I, all of it. I mean, think about it. We’re gonna be Salem’s Power Couple you formidable on your own, US Unstoppable as a team. Oh yeah. And what a team we are. My husband’s fee.

So in a nutshell, you are aspiring to take over the world. Have I got that right? I am not being delusional or grandiose. Kristin, I’m dead serious. I’ll start with sailor one bite out of the corporate pie at a time. Okay. You know, this is a very expensive undertaking and unlike father, you don’t hold the purse strings to damara.

Oh, must you wanna slide into Jeff Bezos, whose uh, dms. Cute. But no, I won’t be needing to bear money. I have another plan.

Abes missing. Yeah. And the psychopath that attacked him, Colin Bedford, apparently he escaped from police custody and he’s out there somewhere impersonating a cop. Do the police think that Abe’s attackers the one who took them? Well, that’s their leading theory at the moment. They have nothing else to go on.

What can I do to help? Well, I, you know, I think that the police need more manpower. Jada is just pulled in, well, a lot of different directions. How so? Well, her sister, for one, was arrested. For being in cahoots with this Bedford guy in cahoots. How? Look, I don’t know all the details. All I know is that we want Abe found.

I mean, he is relatively stable, but he had a serious head injury and I’m just worried that he’s not gonna get the care that he needs. I take it, mayor Carver’s a good friend of yours. He’s more than just a friend. He’s really family. You look tired. You need to get something to eat. I will. But you know, I, I, I, I hate to say I have to leave, but I just came here to pick up a couple things.

I need to get back to the hospital and brief the board. Sorry, one second. Oh, and the test results I’ve been waiting for rn, so hey. Hey. Are you okay? Yeah, I now that

I told son, I loved her. That means she said it first and then next thing you know, I set it back. Well, you, you wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t mean it. I did mean it in the moment. Well, maybe you didn’t mean it was an undying kind of love.

Oh, honey, I know you, I know how much you want a family. And when that happened, you’re gonna be a spectacular father.

But if this baby is yours, do you think you want to raise it with Nicole while she’s still with ej? Or are, are you thinking that maybe the two of you will, I don’t know, reunite and raise the baby together?

Ej, this is not about me wanting to go back to Eric or, or, or keeping my options open then. Then, what is it about? I was so desperately hoping to tell you that we were having a baby together, so then you wouldn’t have to deal with this uncertainty and anxiety. That has pretty much consumed me for the last few weeks.

Especially since there’s a good chance that I, I might not be able to carry this pregnancy to term.

Have you, have you spoken to a doctor yet? I mean, surely there have been some medical advances. When you were last pregnant? Yeah, I, I know I have been, and now I, I haven’t made an appointment with a specialist because I’ve, I’ve just been taking everything. One step at a time,

and I am curious, but how did Eric find out?

Sloane Peterson told him. Sloane knows she found out by accident. Ugh. Who else? Nicole. Who else knew before itis? I confided in Anna and she accidentally told Tony,

oh God, I feel like such a fool. No, AJ it was only gonna be for one more day. I’m, I’m seven weeks along now, and I, I had the test run and we’re gonna find out the results really soon. And how is that possible? Don’t you need a sample from me and Eric? No, just one of you. I was gonna swab your cheek while you were sleeping, but you went outta town.

So Sloane got a sample from Eric.

Nicole, Kayla. Hi. I have your test results.

You know what I wanna do in our honeymoon? What’s that? This, I just wanna be in bed with you all day.

Love the way your mind works. I can’t believe we’re actually gonna have a honeymoon this time and wedding cake, more than two guests in attendance. Right. How long do you think it’ll take, by the way, I mean, to plan the wedding that you’ve always dreamt of? I mean, it’s already been four years and that has been enough waiting for me.

Right. Yeah. Me too. But, hmm. And you really think we could afford to get away from Dara right now? I mean, yeah, taking over Dara is important to me, but marrying you, it’s everything. The most important.

What are you thinking?

I’m just, we don’t even have the divorce degree yet. The papers are signed. Have it day now. Yeah, day. Why don’t we get the feeling that you’re looking for reasons to put off the way.

Oh, I love a good get rich, quick scheme, just like the next person. So share. Megan, what do you have on your mind? You’ll find out soon enough. Wait, you don’t trust me. I trust you more than just about anyone. Ah, which means not very much am I right. You’ll have all the necessary details, my dear. When the time is right, I want to make sure that everything is in place first for when Bo regains consciousness father called Marlene, his Queen of the night.

Beau is going to be my queen, and together we are going to, okay, just time out. Time out. I mean, I’m sorry to interrupt your little fairytale, but what is my role in all of this? It is a vital one, of course. Oh, a vital one is, is that all you can say? I mean, that’s just as much as good as the proposal that you threw into the fire.

I am not trying to appease you, Kristin. You and I both know that you are not gonna have the time or the dedication to devote to this project as I do, given the fact that you have a young child that said, I very much need you. You are paramount to all of this. You’re damn right. I am. And I’m gonna make something clear.

I will not be sidelined, duly noted. And also, I’m gonna want something from you in return.

Well, can we come meet you now please? Yes, I’m on my way to the hospital and I have the next 30 minutes free. I’ll be there.

Why she couldn’t give you the results over the phone. What about checking the patient portal? I was actually hoping you’d come with me, hear the results. When? When I do.

I’ve been agonizing over this for weeks and now that you finally know I was, I was hoping we could go through this together no matter what.

I know that I’ve been rather harsh with you over all this, me not having known sooner.

But I want to be clear with you, Nicole,

nothing would make me happier than having a child with you.

Thank you.

That means so much to me.

Show me, ah, there’s, there’s just. One thing I have to do first, what is the point of all these hypothetical questions? It won’t mean anything if I’m not the baby’s father. I disagree. I think you need to be honest about your feelings regardless of what the test shows. And darling, if you’re still harboring some ideas that you and Nicole will get back together.

I think you need to look at that.

It’s Nicole.

She wants me to meet her at the hospital.

Guess this is the moment of truth.

Of course. No, of course. I wanna marry you as soon as possible. Okay, then what’s going on? I guess I’m a little gun shy after my last wedding turned into a farce, after, you know, 30 minutes. Okay, look at me this time. It’s gonna be perfect. All I know is I’m grateful every single day for the second chance,

first wedding, when a was. Marrying us downstairs. That was on July 31st. So if we pick that same day, we’ll only have one anniversary to remember. Oh, July 31st, huh? That’s um, mm-hmm. That’s eight weeks away. I know. You sure? That’s enough time. Of course. It’s enough time. Come on, I’m gonna make this an event to remember and for.

All the right reasons this time. I hope so

very well, Kristen. Tell me what this one condition is. Well, as you know, Brady has full custody of Rachel and he is held bent on keeping her away from me at all costs. Now, I asked several lawyers to revisit the case. They all refused me and I’m just sick and tired of hearing the word no. So I want these nefarious plans of yours to include my getting full custody of Rachel.

For good this time custody that is so pedestrian. Have you considered kidnapping her? Please Look, I know you have moved heaven and earth to be with your son, right? Yes, I have.

What’s on your mind? I’m just a bit concerned about Dimitri after he made sure that our. Immunity was included in his immunity deal. He was meant to come straight back to Salem. Haven’t heard from him. It was under the impression that he unitized everywhere. My son is an ex I s A agent. He’s an imposter.

Or be that as it may, if he doesn’t want to be found, he won’t be. Why would he not wanna be found? Well, I know for a fact the Alama family were desperate to get him back into custody, and I just hope that they haven’t intercepted him somehow. Call your jet’s mother. Your son’s right here.

Well, it’s like old home week here in Salem. All the villains passed and present co convening to make trouble. So I don’t have any more time to chew the fat with you, Michaels. I’ve really gotta get ahold of my partner, John, so we can get out there and find Abe. I’d really like to help if I can. Thanks. But we’re good.

Are you sure about that? Because if you’re out there looking for Abe, who can keep an eye on Megan 24 7. We got this. Michaels. Okay. Message heard loud and clear. I’ll go,

but, uh, see if, if you change your mind. My offer still stands,

ej are, are you okay? I don’t understand why you felt it necessary to summon Eric. Because I promise I would tell him when the results came in, and I wanna do this one time and then have it over with.

Well, uh, nothing yet. Kayla’s gonna meet us here in a few minutes. Well, I’m not in any suspense actually. Odds are strong. You want the father given that you only had sex when Nicole Once recently. Yeah. Well recently is what counts in this case, wouldn’t it? And since Nicole and I are now living together and enjoying each other for quite some time now, well stop it.

Just stop.

This is not some sick competition. Okay? This is about a, a child, a life. So I need you two to be kind to each other and to me

it breaks my heart that something that I’ve been longing for for so long, something that is such a blessing and a miracle could end. Fraught and painful. So I need you to help me through this. Whatever the results, whoever the father of this baby is. Okay. Can you do that for me please?

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