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Steve returns home from Greece while on the phone with Hope. Steve asks about Bo and the new rehab facility. Steve tells Hope that if she needs anything, to just let him know and he’ll take care of it. Steve tells her not to worry about Megan Hathaway because there’s no way she’s going to find her. Steve says he and Kayla are praying for Bo and are there in spirit. Steve says they’ll talk soon as they hang up. Steve then answers his door to see Harris Michaels has arrived.

Megan joins Kristen in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Megan pours a drink as Kristen talks about taking the edge off. Stefan and Gabi walk in. Stefan says he’d love a celebratory drink. Megan and Kristen question what this is all about as Gabi shuts the doors and says they’d prefer the servants don’t overhear. Stefan then announces they are plotting the demise of EJ.

Nicole joins EJ in his bedroom. They kiss and say they missed each other. EJ says he just got back awhile ago and he looked all over for her but he couldn’t find her, so he questions where she has been. Nicole reveals that she left the office early to go to the hospital. EJ asks if everything is alright.

At the Brady Pub, Eric informs Marlena that Nicole is pregnant and the baby could be his. Eric adds that Nicole is at the hospital now, getting a paternity test so they are going to find out if he’s the father.

Nicole tells EJ that everything is alright. EJ asks why she was at the hospital. Nicole reveals that she was giving Kayla a blood sample. EJ assumes it’s because of her menopause treatment but Nicole admits that she’s not entering menopause. EJ doesn’t understand how Kayla could make such an error. Nicole reveals that she lied to EJ. Nicole then announces that she missed her period, not because of menopause, but because she’s pregnant.

Steve questions what Harris is doing there. Harris asks if he can come in, which Steve reluctantly allows. Steve tells Harris that he can save the explanation because Shawn already told him that Harris was following them to Salem to keep an eye on Megan, but there are a lot of people already doing that job including he and John, who are private investigators, qualified to keep an eye on people. Steve tells Harris that his help is not needed here and he’d just be one more person that he doesn’t trust to keep an eye on. Steve declares that if Harris really wants to help, he’ll turn around and leave Salem.

Megan questions Stefan proposing the demise of EJ. Stefan clarifies that it’s not literal but more of a consequential fall from grace. Kristen guesses they need their help to oust EJ from DiMera Enterprises. Megan asks what’s in it for them. Gabi responds that they will both play major, noteworthy roles in the company’s future. Gabi says they have ideas to share and hands them each a paper.

Marlena tells Eric that now it all makes sense why Nicole lied about their being a viral outbreak in the hospital as the cheek swabs were not for the virus, but to help determine paternity. Eric agrees that sums it up. Marlena asks how Sloan found out. Eric informs her that Sloan saw Nicole’s pre natal vitamins at the hospital and then Nicole begged Sloan not to tell anyone. Eric adds that Sloan agreed to help Nicole find out the paternity. Marlena questions if Nicole was ever going to tell him the truth. Eric explains that Nicole was hoping to get the results of the paternity test before saying anything to he or EJ. Marlena is surprised to learn that EJ didn’t know Nicole was pregnant either.

EJ is shocked to learn that Nicole is pregnant and says he doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t tell him, but then EJ stops and guesses the baby is not his.

Harris acknowledges that Steve has every reason not to trust him and that’s why he was his first stop in Salem which Steve calls an interesting choice. Harris tells Steve that he respects him but says he’s not going anywhere and thinks he can be a help here. Harris brings up that he’s from Salem and went to high school here, so it’s the closest thing he has to home. Harris adds that they are on the same side but they don’t have to be friends. Harris asks if they can put aside their differences to work together to make sure Megan doesn’t hurt Hope again. Harris offers a handshake to Steve.

Stefan explains that once they vote EJ out, Megan and Kristen will both take on very prominent roles with the company. Kristen calls the details vague as Gabi says they want them to be free to do what they want in the company. Megan worries that the 30 year gap in her resume might make the board think it’s nepotism. Gabi and Stefan call them both miracle workers that have brought people back from the dead. Megan asks if it’s not just because they need their votes. Stefan admits there is that but puts over their determination and ruthlessness. Kristen asks if they just want them to do the dirty work, but Gabi says that’s not what they are saying at all. Stefan encourages them to read the proposal and see what happens. Megan agrees to take it under advisement. Stefan says they will see them later as he and Gabi exit the room. Kristen asks what Megan makes of this. Megan takes the proposal and tosses it in to the fireplace, asking Kristen if she has a match.

EJ asks Nicole if her baby is his. Nicole admits that she does not know. EJ says that’s because it might be Eric’s. EJ goes over how Nicole didn’t tell him about sleeping with Eric, then apologized and swore she would never lie to him again, only to go to great lengths to not tell him that she’s pregnant. Nicole apologizes and says she would’ve told him sooner, but she couldn’t get a paternity test until she was 7 weeks along and she didn’t want him to hear the news like this. EJ questions why he is hearing it now then. Nicole reveals it’s because Eric found out.

Eric tells Marlena that Sloan is hoping the baby isn’t his since they are in a relationship. Marlena asks how Eric feels about all of this. Eric calls it so sudden, that he hasn’t had time to process it. Eric adds that they don’t even know if the baby is his, if Nicole can carry the baby to term, or how EJ will react to finding out if he’s not the father. Eric calls the situation complicated. Marlena states that they know how EJ would react, but points out that Eric didn’t answer her question. Marlena asks Eric again how he feels about the idea of Nicole carrying his child. Eric admits that part of him is hoping the baby is his.

Before Steve can answer Harris, Kayla comes home. Kayla greets him and notes that he didn’t tell her that he was coming home as he hugs her. Steve says he wanted to surprise her. Steve informs Kayla that Harris was just telling him that he is moving back to Salem and wants to help keep an eye on Megan Hathaway, but he told him that they have enough cops, detectives, and spies in the family. Kayla responds that she thinks they could use all the help they could get.

Eric tells Marlena that it feels wrong saying he wants the baby to be his. Marlena feels there’s no right or wrong as this is about his feelings and he has to respect those, especially after what happened with Jada. Eric feels he shouldn’t be thinking it and says the last thing Sloan needs to hear after everything with her brother is that he’s having a baby with another woman. Marlena points out that it’s not just another woman, but a woman that he still has some feelings for.

EJ can’t believe he didn’t realize what was going on sooner. EJ says that’s why Nicole didn’t drink champagne, why she said his proposal didn’t feel like the right timing, and why she couldn’t say she loved him. Nicole cries that she felt guilty for not telling him the truth while EJ argues that she might be carrying another man’s baby. EJ states that Nicole wants to keep her options open because she wouldn’t want to be with him if Eric is the father, asking if she would want Eric back.

Stefan massages Gabi’s feet in their bedroom. Stefan talks about how they have to come up with something for Megan and Kristen to do that keeps them feeling useful but also keeps them out of their way. Gabi feels that Megan is lukewarm about the proposal and will be tough to crack. Gabi says that Kristen is too focused on getting her family back together while Megan is too obsessed with someone that’s in a coma to run things. Stefan talks about how the board would question Megan just walking in to run things while encouraging that Gabi will be the best CEO. Stefan declares that they have the backing of management so there is no way in hell that Megan will be running anything. Gabi worries about Megan having an ego and wanting world domination.

Megan asks Kristen if she really thinks they are going to put their leverage behind measly jobs at Gabi Chic which she calls a waste of considerable talent. Kristen agrees that they should be running DiMera, not their baby brothers and certainly not Gabi. Megan states that her ambitions extend far beyond running DiMera. Megan declares that she deserves so much more. Kristen asks her to be more specific. Megan states that Stefan was a grand puppet master and the whole world feared him. Megan says all of his other offspring have had their shot at emulating him, so now it’s her turn. Kristen questions Megan wanting to be her father’s daughter. Megan responds that she is her father’s daughter. Megan declares that just like the Phoenix, Megan DiMera is rising again.

Stefan tells Gabi that Megan doesn’t hold a candle to her as they kiss. They talk about how they can’t wait to get married and how lucky they are. Stefan encourages that they can have it all as Salem’s power couple. Stefan declares they are unstoppable as a team as they continue kissing in bed.

Kristen asks if Megan is aspiring to take over the world. Megan feels she’s not being delusional as she is dead serious. Megan says she will start with Salem. Kristen calls that a very expensive undertaking and she doesn’t hold the purse strings to DiMera like Stefano did. Megan responds that she won’t be needing DiMera money because she has another plan.

Kayla tells Steve about Abe missing and the psychopath that attacked him has escaped police custody and is out there somewhere, impersonating a cop. Steve asks if Colin took Abe. Kayla says that’s the theory as they have nothing else to go on. Steve asks what he can do to help. Kayla thinks they need more man power as Jada is being pulled in all different directions because her sister was arrested for being in cahoots with Colin. Kayla says that Abe is relatively stable, but he had a serious head injury so she worries he won’t get the care he needs. Steve encourages Kayla to eat but Kayla says she just came to pick up a few things as she needs to get back to the hospital to brief the board. Kayla gets a text that the test results that she’s been waiting on are in. Steve asks if she’s okay. Kayla responds that she will be now that he’s back and kisses him.

Eric tells Marlena that he told Sloan that he loves her. Marlena feels he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it. Eric assures that he did mean it in the moment. Marlena suggests maybe he didn’t mean an undying kind of love. Marlena talks about knowing how much Eric wants a family and encourages that he’ll be a spectacular father. Marlena asks if Eric wants to raise the baby with Nicole, while she’s still with EJ, or if he’s thinking the two of them could reunite and raise the baby together.

Nicole tells EJ that this is not about her wanting to go back to Eric or keeping her options open. EJ questions what it is about then. Nicole responds that she was desperately hoping to tell him that they were having a baby together, so he wouldn’t have to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that has consumed her for the last few weeks, especially since there’s a good chance she won’t be able to carry the pregnancy to term. EJ asks if she’s spoken to a doctor yet and encourages that there have been medical advances since she was last pregnant. Nicole says she hasn’t made an appointment with a specialist because she’s been taking everything one step at a time. EJ asks how Eric found out. Nicole explains that Sloan told him as she found out by accident. EJ then questions who else knew before he did. Nicole admits that she confided in Anna, who accidentally told Tony. EJ complains that he feels like such a fool. Nicole argues that it was only going to be one more day because she had the test run and they will find out soon. EJ asks how that’s possible without a sample from he and Eric. Nicole informs him that they only needed one of them and admits that she was going to swab his cheek while he was sleeping but he went out of town, so Sloan got one from Eric. Nicole then gets a call from Kayla, who informs her that she has her test results.

Stefan and Gabi lay in bed together. Gabi says she wants to be in bed with him all day on their honeymoon. Stefan asks how long it will take to plan the wedding of her dreams because he’s already waited four years. Gabi asks if he thinks they could afford to get away from DiMera right now. Stefan admits that taking over DiMera is important to him, but marrying her is everything and most important. Gabi points out that they don’t even have the divorce decree yet. Stefan encourages that could happen any day now, but questions why he feels like Gabi is looking for reasons to put off the wedding.

Kristen asks Megan what her get rich quick scheme is. Megan responds that she will find out soon enough. Kristen asks if she doesn’t trust her. Megan says that Kristen will have all the details when the time is right, but she wants to make sure everything is in place first for when Bo regains consciousness. Megan states that Stefano called Marlena his queen of the night and now Bo will be her’s. Kristen stops her and questions what her role is in all of this. Megan assures that it will be a vital one. Megan argues that they both know that Kristen won’t have the time to dedicate to this project like she does due to having a young child, but insists that she very much needs her as she is paramount to all of this. Kristen declares that she will not be sidelined and she’s going to want something from Megan in return.

Nicole asks Kayla if they can meet now. Kayla says she will see her at the hospital. EJ questions not giving the results over the phone. Nicole asks EJ to come with her to hear the results when she does. Nicole says she’s been agonizing over this for weeks and now that EJ finally knows, she hoped they could go through it together no matter what. EJ knows he’s been harsh with her over this but assures that nothing would make him happier than having a child with her. Nicole thanks him and says that means so much to her. EJ asks if they should go, but Nicole says there’s one thing she has to do first.

Eric asks Marlena what the point is of all these hypothetical questions since it won’t mean anything if he’s not the baby’s father. Marlena disagrees and thinks he needs to be honest about his feelings, regardless of the test. Marlena adds that if Eric still harbors idea of he and Nicole getting back together, he needs to look at that. Eric then gets a text from Nicole, asking him to meet her at the hospital. Eric guesses this is the moment of truth.

Gabi assures Stefan that she wants to marry him as soon as possible, but guesses she’s a little gun shy after her last marriage turned in to a farce. Stefan promises this time will be perfect and that he’s grateful every day for this second chance. Gabi brings up that their first wedding was on July 31 so if they do that again, they’ll only have one anniversary to remember. Stefan points out that’s only 8 weeks away and asks if she’s sure that will be enough time. Gabi declares that she will make it an event to remember and for all the right reasons this time.

Megan asks Kristen what her one condition is. Kristen brings up Brady having full custody of Rachel and keeping her away from her at all costs. Kristen says she’s asked several lawyers to revisit the case but they all refused and she’s tired of hearing no. Kristen wants Megan’s nefarious plans to include her getting full custody of Rachel for good this time. Megan calls that pedestrian and asks if she considered kidnapping. Kristen brings up that Megan has moved heaven and earth to be with her son. Megan admits she’s concerned about Dimitri since he was meant to come straight back to Salem after their immunity deal, but she hasn’t heard from him. Megan notes that if Dimitri doesn’t want to be found, he won’t be, and she knows that the Alamain family are desperate to get him back in custody. Dimitri then walks in and announces that her son is right here.

Steve tells Harris that it’s like all the villains decided to cause trouble at the same time. Steve adds that he doesn’t have any more time for Harris as he has to get a hold of John, so they can get out there and find Abe. Harris says he’d really like to help if he can. Steve thanks him but says they are good. Harris asks if he’s sure, questioning who can keep an eye on Megan 24/7 while they are out looking for Abe. Steve assures that they’ve got this so Harris says he hears the message and agrees to go. Harris tells Steve that if he changes his mind, his offer still stands, as he then exits.

Nicole and EJ are at the hospital. Nicole questions if EJ is alright as he paces. EJ complains about not understanding why Nicole felt the need to summon Eric. Nicole explains that she promised to tell him when the results came in and she wants to do this one time to have it over with. Eric then arrives at the hospital. Nicole informs him that Kayla will be meeting them soon. EJ comments on Eric only having sex with Nicole one time recently while he and Nicole are living together and enjoying each other. Nicole yells at EJ to stop and says this is not some sick competition. Nicole complains that it’s about a child’s life, so she needs them to be kind to each other and to her. Nicole cries that it breaks her heart that something she’s been longing for so long could end painfully, so she needs them to help her through this regardless of the results and who the father is. Nicole asks if they can do that for her.

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