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Oh, well, it has been a long, long winter. But it was well worth the wait, let me tell you. Yeah. You know, I don’t care if we were wearing parkas. Parkas? As long as I get to spend some alone time with you. Well, I agree with the alone time. Uh, it’s nice to have the sun on the skin. Right?

[ Laughs ] Um, I would — I would like a little spritzer, though, if you don’t mind. Is that a hint? Want me to go… trek over there and get if for you? Yeah. Yeah? Whatever you wish. Thank you, babe. I’m so sorry you’re hurting. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that curtis ashford is strong enough to weather whatever comes his way. And he won’t have to go through it alone. You have so many people who love you, and they’ll be right by your side no matter what. Hi. Jordan. You’re probably wondering how I knew you were here. So you came to see me? Yes. Your wife told me where to find you. Everything is in order, mr. Cassadine. Per instructions of the late mr. Victor cassadine, the contents of this box now belong to you. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you.

[ Door closes ] It’s not too late. Spencer. I mean it. We can leave this box locked. We can walk out of here. I know my uncle victor, and there’s no good that is going to come from opening this box, trina. Do you really not want to know what this box might be protecting your family from? Hey, dr. Gh. Hi. Um, can I ask you a question? Absolutely. Uh, it’s about my — my post-op recovery. Oh. In private, if that’s okay. Yeah, you bet. If we’re gonna discuss your post-op recovery, we should probably do it in my office. Don’t you think? We got a problem. Hey, perfect timing. I just made brownies. Well, not so perfect. They are still really hot. What brings you by? Look, mom has to defend herself against the insider trading charges. And now that you’ve left dex hanging out to dry, she can. Look, joss, nothing is official. We don’t even know if the justice department is even going to make her an offer. Well, why does she have to wait? She can bring the offer to them. She could save herself and drew. Once, you know, you give her the smoking gun. Josslyn, I had my reasons for not wanting to use that footage against sonny. And how do those reasons compare to our mother going to prison? Something that you have the power to stop. Oh, no. It’s not bad news, is it?

[ Lock clicks ] Okay, we’re here. We’re in private. Nobody can listen to us. Can you please just e-mail me the video of sonny taking the shipment from pikeman? I don’t have it.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not here for the sun, I guess. Not today. Yeah. Have — have you seen nina around? Nina? No. I’ve been too busy paying attention to that pretty thing over there.

[ Chuckles ] Looks like you guys are in a good place. That’s what it’s all about. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I can’t complain. Well, you seem lighter. Well, maybe it has something to do with, uh, nina and me. We…got engaged. You got engaged? That’s amazing. That’s — that’s amazing. Congratulations. That’s awesome news.

[ Laughs ] That’s awesome news. Things are looking up in your world, then, yeah? Not everything. Be overwhelming.

Gives meget the brands you want, excuse me. What’s going on with sonny? I don’t know. Did you know that he and nina got engaged? Uh, well, I just… overheard him tell you that. Um, but I-I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, this means he and carly have truly moved on. Is willow okay? Yeah. No, no. She’s — she’s — she’s fine. I checked on her this morning. So far, so good. She, um — she asked about you. She’s — she’s worried. We both are. I do not want willow worrying about me. She’s got to focus on herself. Will you please tell her I’m fine? No, you and I both know, mom, that you’re not fine. From what you told me, it does not sound like you have many options. Well, I will take my chances in court or I’ll go for a deal, okay? Which would mean offering up drew or dad to the feds. Yeah. It’s not much of a choice, but… so you’re gonna take your chance in court? I don’t know. But it’s my decision to make, michael. And that’s why I don’t want you and josslyn fighting over this, okay? This is my problem. Can’t you see, mom? What affects you affects us. I know that. So whatever decision I make, it will be what’s best for this family. And what decision will that be, mom? You don’t have the footage? I gave the only copy to michael. Why? Because it’s his property. Michael paid me. I delivered the footage. End of story. No, no, it’s not the end of story, because that video’s the one shot my mom has at not going to prison. Then she needs to get it from michael. I can’t believe that you risked your life to get this video and you don’t keep a copy for insurance. That’s not how I work. I provide a service, joss. Okay? Look, it’s like when I was in the military. I-I was given a mission, an objective, and I completed it. I didn’t take ownership of it. It’s the exact same thing now, okay? Michael hired me. The footage belongs to him. Even if I had a copy, which I don’t, I couldn’t give it to you. No need to get in my face, sonny. I got no beef with you. Only with carly, ratting her out to the sec? That’s low, even for a quartermaine, ned. I don’t owe you any explanations. I’m here to see my wife. No, you’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you. Nikolas inherited property in the chechen republic, and now laura thinks that’s where he’s been hiding out. Why? The theory is that — that victor hid him there once before. Now laura wants to fly to chechnya, find him, and bring him home. Oh, ava. You said we have a problem. Come on, if — if laura wants to go to chechnya to look for nikolas, she’s never gonna find him. Let her go. Let her try. It’s dangerous. She — she could be hurt or worse. No, w-we have to stop her. Um, yeah, I’m — I’m — I’m gonna push back on that just a — just, like, a little bit. If you go to laura and you say, “hey, don’t go to chechnya to look for your long-lost son,” she’s gonna want to know why not, right? So you’re worried. I-I-I get that. I totally understand. But you can’t say anything to laura. You can’t do anything to raise suspicion. But I-I can’t have any more blood on my hands. Especially not laura’S. You spoke with portia about me? Don’t worry. I didn’t tell her what happened with us at the savoy. Aren’t you gonna invite me in? Yeah, absolutely. It really is lovely here. So when were you gonna tell me you moved back home? Well, actually, I was on my way to come find you right now. Opened the door, and there you were. It’s like I’m always here when you need me. Except I’m not sure it works the other way around. You’re angry. You can add hurt to that. Definitely confused. After we kissed, we agreed that I would wait. And while I was waiting, you reconciled with your new wife. You know, if pandora had left that box closed, the world would have been spared all its evils. Hope also came out of that box. Stop stalling. Is that what I think it is? What fresh hell?

There’s no juice. Maybe it’s a sign. Or it just needs a fresh charge. Good thing your girl always comes prepared. My dad has a rule that I should never be without a charge. Oh. Well, remind me to thank him the next time that I see him, then. Let’s see what’s in this. Is that a receipt? Mm-hmm. From an online pharmacy. This is a prescription filled by esme. For what? For the same drug that almost killed oz haggerty. And poisoned me. Michael, I’m not selling anybody out. Maybe you shouldn’t look at it that way, mom. How else am i supposed to see it? I either turn against the man I love or the man I used to love, who happens to be the father of my kids. Come on. But you — you told sonny that you wouldn’t double-cross him. While that’s admirable, from where I’m standing, he hasn’t exactly extended the same courtesy to you or this family. That’s not true. He offered to give me information that I could offer the feds, something that he could defend himself against. I turned him down. I don’t want to open that door, michael. Okay. What if you had something that sonny can’t defend himself against? Let me save us both some time. If I don’t pull strings and stop the sec investigation into drew and carly, you’ll make me pay? Is that the gist of it? Oh, yeah. You’re gonna pay. Worse than carly and drew, ned. You may want to do something about this. You’re threatening me, sonny? I don’t threaten people. I get even. I thought we had mutual respect, until you went after the mother of my kids. I had nothing to do withthe sec investigation! You always have nothing to do with it! You’ll have to find someone else to threaten, sonny. Always. Yeah. Okay, step back. Step back. I’m not the one who started this. I’ll be happy to finish it. Is that what you want? What the hell is going on here? I’m a mother, too. And I understand what laura is going through. I just can’t risk anything happening to her while she searches for nikolas, especially because it’s my fault that he’s gone in the first place. Fine. That’s — yeah, let’s do it. Let’s — let’s, uh — let’s figure out a way to stop laura. Thank you. Yeah, no problem. I-I — I’d like to propose some terms, though. I — if — terms like what? Well, I don’t — I don’t see any reason to rush any of this, right? I mean, it’s probably really hard for anybody to go to chechnya, let alone an american. And it’s not gonna be easy for laura to get out of chechnya, either. That’s not a piece of cake, probably. So whatever plan laura’s gonna come up with has to be well-thought-out and considered. And hopefully that’ll give us some time to really think about how to stop her.

Jordan, I would never play a, a, it’s not reconciliation. It’s just a first step. Does portia know that? I’m staying in the guest room.

[ Scoffs ] Even so, what gives, curtis? Were you ever considering reviving what we had together? Or was I just there to help you sort out your feelings for your wife? Jordan, I would never play you like that, okay? What happened between us was — it was spontaneous. It was impulsive.

[ Scoffs ] But it was completely organic. Maybe this is on me. I got wrapped up in a single kiss. I misread the situation, didn’t I? I wasn’t sure if you knew that esme drugged you that night at the cabin. My mom and curtis suspected it. It made the most sense. I barely even drank that night, not enough to make me feel so out of it! How’d you know? Did esme tell you? I found pills. I was going through all of esme’s things, trying to find something that would clear you in court, trina. I brought one of the pills to britt, and she told me that it was an opioid analgesic, something that, when mixed with alcohol, could cause a person to lose consciousness. It sure did that to me. I know. I’m so sorry, trina. Yeah. So am I. Look. Okay. Listen to me. I mean, I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you about this sooner, but things just kept happening. It was one thing on top of another on top of another. And I guess it just got buried. And I’m sorry. I know. It’s okay. It’s been a lot. But it sure comes back up, though. It was such a violation. And it started the whole revenge-porn case. At least I didn’t end up like oz haggerty in a coma. I wanted to be the one to save you. But I didn’t have any actual proof. Until now. Thank you. You’re welcome. I feel so much better. It really helps me that I have someone to share this with. Literally anytime. You know, ava, when —

[ Chuckles ] When you said there was a problem, I thought — I thought you might have heard from mason. Oh. Have you? No. No. N-not a peep. That’s great. I mean, that’s great… and also really weird ’cause usually, you know, when he has his hooks in somebody, he’s not inclined to let go. Well, small favors, right? Right? Dare we hope that — that mason has given up? Given up on you two? Never. Go ahead. Look for yourself. No, I’m not gonna look through it. If you tell me it’s not there, then I believe you. I have to, because if you’re lying, then we got nothing. Look, I spent months telling you half-truths and keeping secrets. I won’t do that again. Really? Even if it’s your job? Just like it was your job to get this video for michael and — and not keep a copy and not give it to me? To me, honesty and evidence are two different things. I can tell you what I’m doing, but I can’t make you a part of it. Sonny and I are just having a friendly chat, one where I shut up and listen. In case you’ve forgotten, this is my place of business. So I can’t have a conversation in your hotel? Is that what you’re saying, olivia? I think maybe you should do it somewhere privately. Yeah, you know, like, not at a patio with a pool full of witnesses. To be continued. Sonny, I get that you’re pissed. And had I done what you’re accusing me of doing, you’d have every right to threaten me. But god as my witness, it wasn’t me. At least sonny and I are in agreement about one thing. We both don’t want you to go to prison. Michael, I know you have huge issues with your dad. Yeah, I do. Despite everything that happened, it’s still not easy to come to grips with wanting to save your mother at the expense of your father. Well, it’s a good thing you don’t have to. Mom… joss is worried about you, and so am I. If it came down to the choice of saving you or sonny… I’m not going to sacrifice sonny to save my own skin, michael. I won’t do that. Okay. Then what if I do it instead? How did this receipt end up here? Is there something else in the envelope? It’s a letter. “Dear maggie. I need your advice. I may be in a lot of trouble.” That’s esme’s nanny. “A sleazy bartender I met has been harassing me. Tonight I met with him, hoping to convince him to leave me alone, and things got out of control. I slipped him something so I could get away, and I may have seriously hurt him.” Spencer, do you realize what this is? Evidence. Oo like a genie? So you can change it less often. That’s got to be esme’s handwriting. It looks like it. Isn’t that just like esme — trying to slant things to make herself look like the victim when she’s the one who purposely drugged oz haggerty? You can never induce that girl to tell the truth. Total amnesia could. Right?

[ Chuckles ] This is amazing. This is amazing. A receipt proving that esme bought the drugs that she used to incapacitate two people. And a written confession! What else do we need? Do you think that’s charged enough? Only one way to find out. Jordan, you didn’t misread anything. My feelings for you are real, and me moving back in here doesn’t change that. And how real are your feelings for portia? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have real feelings for portia, as well.

[ Scoffs ] I’m out of here. Jordan, you accused me of not giving our marriage the chance it needed. And you were right. When you wanted to work on things, I walked away because I wasn’t ready to handle the pain at that time. And now I’m trying to learn from my mistake. It wouldn’t be fair to you and portia if I walked away from my marriage before I sorted out my feelings. And how do you plan on doing that? By not avoiding portia. By committing to having the hard conversation. By — [ Sighs ] By doing what I didn’t do with you. That’s putting in the hard work. That’s admirable and great news for portia, but where does that leave me? You’re right, sonny. Our families have had an ugly history. But we share a family member, and we both prioritize family. And, granted, the quartermaines don’t always show it, but when push comes to shove, we’re loyal and we pull together. And when I threatened drew, I was angry, but that’s where it ended. And carly — carly I consider family. Not just because she’s michael’s mother, but she’s olivia’s best friend and loved by my son, leo. I would never hurt her. Alright. Well, you know, let’s not pretend that you would never act in your own self-interest. Your family loyalty took a vacation when you threw in with valentin. And that’s the reason, olivia, that carly lost half of her hotel. And I regret that. Which is why I would never kick her while she’s down. Sonny, you and I go way back. Which is why I am not asking you to believe ned. I’m asking you to believe me. My husband didn’t do this. Don’t you guys look comfortable? All cozy and at ease. Did you miss me?

[ Chuckles ] Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I was out of town on important business. But worry not. I didn’t forget about you. -I’ve been keeping tabs. -How? Anybody ever tell you you worry too much, cuz? You know, you should be more like our girl ava here. She’s been living her life, carrying on without a care in the world. It’s almost as if she doesn’t even miss her husband. I’m sorry. For what? You’re scared for your mom, and you came to me thinking that I could help you save her, and I can’T. I feel like I’m failing you. Look. I came up with a plan that couldn’t work. I thought that you could give me something that you literally don’t have. So, you know, it’s not your fault. None of this is your fault. Because it’s my family’s mess. And I don’t know how to fix it. Because if my mom doesn’t turn in that evidence against sonny and she goes to prison, then donna has nobody except for sonny and nina. And she needs her mom. She’ll have you.

[ Scoffs ] I think you might need your mom, too. Yeah, but I’m grown and… I shouldn’t need her as much as I do. We always need the people that care about us the most. I can’t sit here and do nothing. I have to find a way to help her. Maybe start by trusting her. Michael, the feds have been circling this family for years, and I haven’t talked. And I’m not gonna start now, even for a deal. Yeah. True. You could — you could probably send sonny away with what you already know. But there’s a way to ensure that you never have to open your mouth.

[ Sighs ] What is on this flash drive is irrefutable evidence that sonny violated the national security act. You just give me the word, and I’ll make sure that the relevant parties see it, and your hands will be clean. What is on that flash drive? Video footage of sonny and his crew finalizing a deal to export a dangerous weapon. How do you know this? How did you even get that flash drive? Because I commissioned it.

Oh then you take me by the hand I feel better again oh I feel better now because of olivia, this is over. But if I hear that you had any part of this… you won’T. Sonny… see you around. Okay? I’m gonna go get that spritzer and grab you a beer. Thank you. What — what the hell was that? From what I know, ned had something to do with carly’s problems with the sec. What do you expect me to do? Well, not that. I mean, you want to go to bat for the mother of your children? That’s fine, but don’t go at ned in a public place like this. What do you think happens? He has an accident or something like that. Who do you think I then have to come and talk to? You. You really want both of donna’s parents behind bars? You paid someone to spy on sonny? I needed proof of criminal liability that would send sonny to prison for the rest of his life. Oh, my god. And this was more than I could have asked for. What were you thinking? What’s on that drive could destroy our family! Yes, I know. Willow — willow told me the same thing. That’s why after we got married I decided I wasn’t gonna try and take sonny down anymore. But you still held onto it! Yes, and it’s a good thing that I did because, mom, this could be the one thing that’s standing between you and a federal prison! You can’t tell her how to handle this any more than she can tell you how to handle your life. Well, she definitely has opinions. Yeah, about me. About you being with me. Hey. I told you, she just doesn’t want to see me get hurt. She never directly told me to not be with you. She knows that I would not listen. Would’ve just solved all her problems if I did what michael wanted and left port charles. Not really. Because I offered to go with you. And I meant it. I know. And the fact that you were willing to do that, it — it terrified me. You creep! Okay. [ Stammers ] You know, ’cause… ouch. Ava! Is that really what you think of me? After everything I’ve done for you? Need I remind you, refresh your memories, what would have happened if I didn’t step in and get rid of your little problem? What? You don’t like sunshine and fresh air? Because I guess I could go to the pcpd right now, and I guarantee you’ll never feel either of those again. What’s your point, mason? Is there one? Do you have a purpose or are you just here to torment us? Don’t rush me, cuz, though I do appreciate the go-getter attitude. You’re gonna need it. See, it’s time for the two of you to show poor old mason a little appreciation. -Is that — -that’s esme with the bartender. This looks like a still from a security camera on the docks. What are they doing? Yeah. That’s a hand-off. Spencer… is this proof that esme paid for a burner phone? The same one that she filmed joss and cam with? It sure looks like it.

[ Chuckles ] All this time, we thought esme could cover up her tracks so well. I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect crime. No.

[ Chuckles ] At least not where my uncle victor is concerned. Jordan, I understand this is uncomfortable for you. And despite my best efforts, it’s probably still unfair. But I never would have asked you to wait if I thought you were some consolation prize.

[ Scoffs ] Does portia know I’m the other half of this equation? As much as you hate dishonesty, don’t you think you should be fully transparent with both women in your life? I do. There’s just… more at play here. Yeah. Portia told me the news. You are trina’s father. I am. Congratulations. Thanks. You are navigating so much. Is there really room in your life for another complication? Jordan, you’re much more than that. Just took me too long to realize it. Can you give me just a little bit more time?

If it wasn’t for me, you would both be behind bars. Mason, why don’t you just tell us what it is you have in mind? I have something I need you to do. Oh, I’d be happy to buy you a bus ticket out of town. You don’t even have to ask. Sense of humor will come in handy, as well as your charisma and fearlessness. Ava’s got all the charisma we need. Your needs are not my problem. And my ample charisma is none of your damn business. So feisty. She is. Mason, why don’t you just explain to ava exactly what you want from her?

We want you to work your very specific connections. “We”? We who? And what connections are you talking about? I’m a gallerista, for crying out loud. You want a deal on a piece of art? It’s not about your art, ava. It’s about your family. I have so many questions. I mean, how did your uncle obtain all this evidence and how long was he sitting on it for? And if he hadn’t died, would you had ever known? Yeah, those are all valid questions. This safety deposit box contains a smoking gun. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Okay, look, let’s get everything together and let’s go to the pcpd. Spencer, this is it. You got everything you need to get custody of your baby brother. I’ve been living in limbo since our divorce. And while you reunited with portia, fell in love, and…

[ Sighs ] …Proposed… I found myself buried in work, even resisting going out on dates. I never wanted that for you. And I’m not blaming you. It was my choice not to move on. Maybe subconsciously I was holding out for hope. Jordan, I don’t want to keep you waiting. That’s exactly why we’re having this conversation, so I can find out where I stand with portia, and then I can find out where I stand with you. I know where we stand, curtis. What does that mean? I hope you find what you’re searching for here, curtis. And I hope you and portia can be happy, whether it’s together or apart. And you? I have to truly let go. Finally. Two years was too long to put my life on hold. I can’t wait a minute more. Ned, I’m sorry. I don’t blame you. I’ve let you down before. But you’ve also been there for me before, like with leo. I’m sorry. I should never have doubted you. Can you forgive me? Maybe. Can you remind me what you said to sonny again? “My husband didn’t do this”? One more time. “My husband did not do this.” I get it. This is just too much. What started off as a casual thing just got way too intense. We’ve never put a label on our relationship. In the beginning, I was just excited to spend time with you, even if usually you were tearing into me for working for sonny. Then you — you rescued me from a meat hook and you patched me up when I was shot. You even covered for me when I took a shot at that killer on the docks. Anyone would have done that. Nobody would have gone to the lengths for me that you have. Donna shouldn’t have to lose time with her mother in jail. You know what I mean? Okay. But carly’s actions bear some responsibility, no? She didn’t do it on purpose. But whoever pointed the sec towards carly and drew, they sure as hell did. There’s an agenda, is what I’m trying to say! Alright, well, you say that like you have someone in mind other than ned. Thank you. The tip to the sec was anonymous. Yeah, I mean, anybody could be trying to get to carly… or use carly to get to me. Oh, my god. Look, I-I had decided that this footage would never serve a good purpose, but now I realize that it could save you. So, mom, you — do you want to use it or do you want me to? I would prefer that it didn’t exist, michael. Okay. I respect that. You know, if you — if you change your mind… I won’T. This footage can never see the light of day. Who else knows about this? You have defended me to your mom, gone to bat for me with your brother. You’ve even pleaded my case to sonny. You are special. Once-in-a-lifetime. And the thought of losing you, it… it scares me because… ’cause I’m in love with you, josslyn. So now it’s my turn to ask. Is this too much for you?

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