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It feels absolutely incredible to be here with you, father, pure perfection. Even though you’re only here in spirit, I’m, I’m filled. With your power and authority,

you spent my life searching, traveling the world, and now I’m finally home

where I belong. Who are you? What the hell are you doing at my house?

Afternoon bubbly. Hmm. A girl could get used to this. It’s always happy hour with you, my love, and even happier today cuz we’re celebrating your eminent divorce. Oh, I will drink to that pretty soon. A much bigger celebration in front of our family and loved ones as you and I become. Mr. And Mrs. Stephan Navara once again.

Any chance I could be made of honor?

You know what really drives me nuts that Kristen just shows up unannounced, go, no text, no calls. She just barges in spews are crap. And then she leaves. Now she’s out there lurking around, waiting. My daughter’s right in the middle of it. I know how angry you are. I don’t blame you. And I also imagine you wish you never had to see Kristen again, but I will.

I’m going to cuz I need to for the sake of my little girl. Yes, and that’s why you’ll do it because it’s exactly what’s best for your daughter. You know what amazes me, how much we endure for our children. Oh, right. I mean, I guess I have to resign to the fact that I’m, I’m gonna have to. Do Kristen for the rest of my life.

I don’t know if I really accepted that fact until right now, but it’s true. And she is. She’s always gonna be there. She’s here and I’m here and everybody who loves you is here.

I’ll get it. That better not be her. You know? I imagine she’s said enough and heard enough for one day.

Who’s there? It’s Eric.

Hey, I heard about Kristen. Yeah, thanks. Yeah, you just missed her. She was just hearing did not go well, to put it mildly. Not surprised. I’m sorry. If you need anything, I’m here for you. Thanks ma’am. I am so glad you came by. Oh. The reason why I stop by is because I have some news in my own to share.

Anna Nicole, honey. Hi. How are you doing? I’m fine. Is is something wrong? No, no, no, no, no. Not at all. I, I just wanted to check in on you and see how things are going. Did you pick up those prenatal vitamins? Uh, yes I did. Anna, I, I, I hope you’re alone. No one’s with an earshot, right? No, don’t worry. And I know I’ve said this before, but I guess it bears repeating.

No one is going to hear about this. Pregnancy from me.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Uh, I, I have to hang up now. Um, I’ll talk to you later. What, why is someone there? No, no one is just, um, a waiter,

so, Can I take your order, madam? Oh, would you like to hear the specials again? Haha.

So tell me, who are you chatting with? Jess now. Who? Oh, no one. It was just a wrong number.

I don’t think so. You hung up that phone as if I had caught you with your hand in the cookie jar, but I see no cookies. However, I did hear you say that you would keep this pregnancy a secret. So who are you talking to? Do I know this? Plus, who is with child?

Yes. You know her. You’d know her very well. In fact, I mean, to be honest, it’s, it’s very surprising. Shocking, really, because I just found out that, uh, It’s me. I’m pregnant.

Actually. I have as much right to be here as you do. Baby brother. My God, you didn’t expect me. I just heard about your release from prison, but I didn’t think you would show up here. Where else would I go? This is my home. My name might be Hathaway, but I am a Dira. Through and through,

which means my place is in this house and in the family business. Kristen. Hello Gabby Stephan. And judging by the looks on your faces, I’m guessing you haven’t heard my news. Which is drum roll please. I am a free woman. You, you were released from prison. How an immunity deal. I have the papers right here if you want to see.

Oh, thanks. Not necessary. I appreciate that brother. It means so much to be trusted by my family. Oh, but I interrupted, didn’t I? Oh, I overheard you two talking about wedding plans. Congratulations. You too. Oh, and like I said, Gabby, I’d be more than happy to stand up for you on your special day when hell freezes over.

Eric, come on. Don’t keep us in suspense. What’s the news? It’s about Sloan. She’s been cleared of all charges. They now know that she isn’t the one that has been going after Chanel and Paulina. Oh. Well that must be a, a big relief for you and for her to say the least. But somebody is obviously out for ’em.

I mean, uh, ABES just last night was attacked at Sweet Bits, right? It’s been the one who’s been terrorizing him. Does anybody know who it is? They do. It’s someone very close to Sloan. It’s her brother Colin.

Hey Nicole. What are you doing here? Picking up more prenatal vitamins. God, would you keep your voice down? I see you still haven’t told anybody you’re pregnant. No, I haven’t actually. I’m here to see Abe. You know the man your brother violently assaulted, but what do you care? You’re probably the one who put him up to it.

Dude, I had nothing to do. I No idea. Don’t say it. We both know the reason your brother came to see Himm and why Abe is lying in that hospital bed.

Thank your pardon. I don’t think I heard you correctly, but it sounded like you said that you were pregnant. Oh, darling, I realize this must come as a shock to you. After all, we thought the possibility of us becoming parents had long, long, long since passed, and to be honest, When I found out, I was just as shocked as I said.

How did you find out? How did I find out? That was the question. Yes. Isn’t it obvious? How do you think? From Dr. Rolf, he was working on some experimental fertility treatments, and I was intrigued. So I offered to be his Guinea pig, and who would’ve guessed it, we hit pay dirt. So before you know it, we’re going to be hearing the pitter pattern of little feet.

Really, Gabby, where is this hostility coming from? Oh, you really have to ask. Really? You and Lee conspired against me. You knew Stefan was alive and you kept that from me. You, you brainwashed him to hate me and to love Chloe. Is that, is that not enough for you? Or should I continue? I mean, lucky for me Your plan failed.

Miser break. Okay, Gabby, no, no, no. She needs to hear this. Okay. Stephan loves me. More. More than you will ever comprehend. And now that you realize your evil manipulations didn’t work, you have the goal to ask to take part in our wedding. Why would I ever let you anywhere near me when I am marrying Stephan?

We are together in spite of your best efforts. Which I don’t even understand what you did that for. I mean, you’re, you’re, you’re scheming all of that for what you, you’re not with Brady. No, no, no. You shouldn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t What? Tell her exactly how it is. Maybe you shouldn’t, Gabby. Maybe you shouldn’t make an enemy and a Kristin make an enemy.

Are you kidding me? She’s the enemy. She’s my sister. And we also might need her vote.

Her vote, her vote. Oh, okay. Well I see your point. So champagne,

you plan to take your place in the family business. Well, it’s my understanding that every one of Stefano’s heirs has a right to a piece of his empire and all that comes with it, including a vote in who runs the company. It’s true that all of Stefano’s offspring are afforded to share in the company by considering you’re presumed dead for almost 30 years.

Oh, come now. I’m sure that the Demira lawyers. Can handle whatever’s required to sort that out, especially since they’re my lawyers too. And I’d imagine that you’d want to be my ally in getting this sorted, which could work in your favor as well. Meaning, I am aware of the fact that you and our brother Stephan are locked in a power struggle for control of the company.

So considering the fact that my vote might mean the difference between your triumphant victory or your crushing defeat, I guess that you want to keep me on your good side


This is the most wonderful news. It is. Oh, I mean, it is. It is. I’m just so glad you think so too. Oh, and of course I do. Good happens after all these years. You surprising me with the blessing of a child. I think short a miracle.

You’re telling me. What was that? Nothing. I think this calls for a toast. I know. What are you doing? Uh, toasting. Oh, our blessing. Well, that’s a lovely idea. But you are now with child, which means nine months of sobriety. Oh, yes. I see. Yeah. Yes. Not a drop of alcohol. We gotta think of our baby. Of course. Yeah.

And come to think of it, complete abstinence for more than nine months, wouldn’t you say? Would I?

You get press feet out baby, aren’t you?

Oh, alcohol is just the tip of the iceberg. You know, it’s, you’ve gotta give up caffeine. A su that’s totally out of the question. And you know what, I’m gonna tell Harold to throw out all that soft cheeses what? Not the cam bear. Well, I suppose we’ll have to consult a doctor and get a list of all those no-nos for new mummies, huh?

Yeah. Have you made your appointment yet? Trician de No, no. I, I. Oh, but you must, we must I, you know, we’ll wait till I’m free. That way we can take this journey together hand in hand. Ah. And I’m gonna make sure I’m gonna be at every one of your appointments. Oh, darling, you don’t have to do that. You are a very busy man.

Oh. We’re talking about our baby. You know, little sweet Angel is going to be b a top priority. From now on, I’m gonna make sure that I’m gonna do everything in my power to ensure his or hers or their wellbeing. Uh,

why we, sorry, hold on. That way, we’ll go through the pantry, throw out everything that’s not good for the baby. Yes. And then in the morning it’ll start on the wine cellar. Wine cellar. You can’t be planning on getting rid of the wine. I mean, other people in the family drink it too, don’t they? Uh, I don’t think so.

I mean, Stephan, I think he loves his vodka. BJ and I, we like a scotch and I think Johnny is strictly beer man. And we make sure that you’re not being tempted. So you know what? We’ll take the wine and we’ll donate it to Charity. Charity. Charity. Do do you think people in need of charity, I mean, should they be drinking wine?

Oh, yeah. Come to think of it. It’s not the most appropriate thing to donate. They would just toss it out because parenting is a sacrifice, isn’t it? Mummy? Unless of course. You are not pregnant at all and that what you were discussing earlier was about someone else’s pregnancy. So would you like to tell me who it is before I throw out the cabin bear and empty the wine?

Summer? Don’t eat. I can’t. That’s why I made up that ridiculous story about Dr. Rolf and fertility treatments. I was sworn to secrecy and I refused to break my solemn vow.

What’s Nicole? Isn’t it? Dang it.

Look, I too was very sorry to hear about what happened to our mayor. But I had nothing to do with it. We are not standing in front of a judge. No need for your empty sentiment. I know damn well you had your brother do your dirty work. What’s going on here? Nothing. I was just leaving to check on my brother.

Oh, the woman.

Sorry, Kayla. Um, how’s Abe doing? Uh, well he’s still in recovery. Uh, we’re waiting for some tests to come back. He’s holding on. Okay. Do you wanna tell me what that’s all about? Unfortunately, uh, uh, Sloan found out that I’m pregnant. Ooh. And you’re afraid that she’s gonna tell somebody? Well, she said she wouldn’t.

I mean, she’s hoping that the baby is not Eric’s for obvious reasons, and she’s just as anxious as I am to find out who the father is. But you don’t want Eric or EJ to know, right. Is why I, I wanna take that paternity test sooner than later. Right. Well, you know, based on the timing of the conception that you told me about, I can get an accurate result next week.

Okay. As long as EJ and Eric don’t find out about it. I, I, I mean, before we get the test results, well, I think that that’s gonna be a problem.

So the person that went after. Pauline and Chanel is Sloane’s brother. Rumor’s already fine that Sloane put him up to it. I mean, it was only a few days ago that she found out her brother calling. What? He had been up to it. If she had known she would’ve put a stop to him. Well, that must be a relief. I know that you and Sloan are getting a lot closer.

Yeah, we have, and she’s going through a really tough time right now. Her brother, he’s in the hospital with some serious injuries and Colony expects her to be his lawyer. I’m just trying to do whatever I can to help is why, one of the reasons why I thought I would ask if I could get your help, my help.

How, uh, Sloan had mentioned to me about us having dinner with you and John, and I know you haven’t made any formal plans, but I really think it would help lift their spirits. What? Just the four of us going to supper. Yeah. I Brady you can come along if you’d like. I’ll meet now. No, I don’t wanna be a fifth wheel.

Oh, come on. You know, I’d love you to be there. You can bring whoever you want. Oh yeah. I, I, uh, gosh, the choices I have lately, who should I call? I’m sorry. I didn’t, don’t mean to be insensitive. I know you’re not seeing anyone. No, it’s okay. I, uh, I only have one woman in my life right now, and that would be Kristen.

The problem is she’s doing her damnedest to ruin my life, so no brother, I’m not gonna bring her to dinner.

So now that my vote is on the table, suddenly I’m invited to your celebration. Well, I never said you weren’t invited. I look. Planning a wedding can be stressful. And I’m afraid that Gabby lashed out without thinking Oh, because of the stress. Exactly. Mm-hmm. And because you are feuding with EJ over the company and you need me, Kristin, look, you’re right.

We have been feuding over damara, but honestly, 5% Stephen came back. I’ve just, I’ve been worried that. I could lose him again and seeing you, it just triggered me and reminded me of everything that we’ve been through. All right. I get that. Just all of it was caused by Lee. You know, you did save Stephan from my soon Tobe ex-husband, pulling the plug on him.

I don’t know how I could forgot all that. I don’t know. Just I wasn’t thinking clearly when I lashed out.

I can respect that you having been triggered as you put it. I may have acted out a bit irrationally on the past, but.

You can make it up to me, both of you. How’s that?

You can take me home with you.

To your triumphant return to Salem

Father’s special reserve. Mm. As befits the occasion. After all, it’s not every day that a Amir returns to the familial home. Oh, I thought you were going to say returns from the dead. Well, that happens with quite regularity around here. Yes, but not every day. Mm. Speaking of which wears the rest of our illustrious brood.

Surely you don’t stock these halls in solitude. No. Hardly. Oh, everyone should be back in time for dinner, in fact, in which tonight We’ll hold in, your Honor.

You want us to take you home with us? It’s not such a strange request, is it? I am a Dera after all. So you wanna move in with us at the mansion? Well see Brady. He made it very clear that I wasn’t welcomed at Marlene’s, and uh, well, as you can imagine, I’m not loaded down with a lot of friends here in Salem.

So why don’t we help each other? You do own in the house, don’t you? Actually that’s, uh, that’s up for debate. Huh? Nice. See you. Well, we could discuss that on our way home, shall we?

Kayla? I, I, I don’t understand. How could EJ and Eric find out that I’m pregnant before we get the test results? Well, in order to perform the test, I’m gonna need a blood sample from you and a cheek swab from the potential father, a cheek swab. Oh my God, what was I thinking? Ah, so how am I gonna get a.

Cheek swab from Eric and EJ without telling them what it’s for. Well, you actually don’t need it from both. You can just get it from one of them, and then if it doesn’t match, then then we would know. The other would have to be the father. Right. So I, I know that it doesn’t solve your problem, but if you could manage to.

Get one sample right? Uh um. Okay. Okay. I’ll look at the kit and if you can possibly collect a sample sometime this week. You know, once you do that, then we’ll find out, oh, my baby’s father is,

all right. Look, if you really want me to come. I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t mean it. I’d be happy to attend. Thank you both, I really appreciate it.

You know what, I should get going. Sloan’s been at the hospital with her brother all day. See if she needs anything. Um, I’ll be in touch with you about dinner. Okay. And, I am sorry about things with Kristen. I know it’s a bit rough right now. Thanks, man.

I’ll admit. Megan’s return was quite the shock father, but as long as I keep her on my side. Well, is that champagne? Hmm. How nice of you to celebrate my triumphant return back to the homestead. Excuse me. We’ve asked Kristen to move in. Yeah. Now that she’s outta prison, we thought it only fitting that she welcome back to the bottom of our family.

Mm-hmm. Unlike you, EJ Hunt. They generously offered me a room back in my ancestral home. Now how kind of them, and I’m sure Kristin’s voting chairs have nothing to do with it. Did I hear someone say voting chairs? You must be. Stephan. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m your sister. Ah, hi in Hathaway. Yes, of course.

Uh, this is my fiance, Gabby Hernandez, soon to be Damara. Charmed. So did EJ tell you that I’m moving in? No, actually he did not. How could I turn down a dira? A Hathaway? It’s what father would want. I couldn’t agree more. Oh, then you should join us for the dinner I had planned to celebrate our sister’s return.

Celebrate the return of both of our sisters and wouldn’t miss it. Wonderful. I’ll just give Tony a call. Make sure he is able to do this.

Wow. Don’t look so stricken. My darling. Wasn’t exactly the work of her killed Pearl. Listen, I know that recently you’d become Nicole’s confidant. And that you kept one secret for her that is to there reason that you would keep another, well, fine. You figured it out. You’re a genius. Okay, but please, Tony, you can’t tell the soul.

Why not? It’s not as if she can keep it a secret for very long. True, true. But Nicole doesn’t know who the father is. Dear. Mm mm And she’s going to take a paternity test very soon. But until then, she doesn’t want EJ to know that she might be carrying another man’s child because he would, I’m sure you would agree, kick her out of the mansion on her tushy and she would like to avoid that.

Oh, that’s understandably. Mm-hmm. So, Now that I’ve explained my predicament, you won’t tell anyone, will you? Anna? I appreciate your loyalty to Nicole, but you must appreciate my loyalty to my brother. He has a right to know that his partner is pregnant and he will as soon as she finds out who the father is.

But until then, can’t you just keep this. To yourself. I mean, surely a lie of omission doesn’t count against your loyalty.

Oh, hello, ej.

Oh, we’d be delighted to come. Mm-hmm.

Okay. Oh, well. Nothing could keep us away. See you there. . Hmm. What’s going on? EJ is throwing a celebratory dinner party for a special member of the family to welcome back into the fold. He said he can’t wait for us to attend.

Kristen. Kristen, welcome home, Hannah. Oh, it’s so good to see you. It’s so wonderful to be back.

Here you go. Oh, I don’t mind if I do. Well, BJ said that we’d be welcoming harm a beloved family member, and I suspected it might be you. Oh, actually I have a feeling that I wasn’t the prodigal sibling he was, uh, referring to into Well, we’re delighted to see Kristen return home. I was actually talking about Megan.

Megan Hathaway, so it’s true. You’re alive. As we all know, I’m not the first dememer to come back from the grave. Tony, it’s lovely to see you. I see she doesn’t even crack a up. Tim,

what is going on here? Since when do we throw welcome home parties? For Excon siblings, since I am also a member of that club, I think you’d appreciate my strategy. I saw an opportunity to enlist another demira vote in my favor, so he extended a warm embrace, but it seems our brother has the same idea. So for tonight at least, well, We’re all just one big happy family, aren’t we?


Well, sounds like we’re gonna have dinner with Eric and Sloan. Are we welcoming her to the family or no? No, I don’t, I don’t think we have to go that far. I mean, it, it’s, it’s obviously America’s very attached to her, so I think we’ve gotta give her the benefit of the doubt. For his sake. For his sake, of course.

Yeah. And since Eric is clearly very fond of her, she must have some redeeming qualities. I hope so. I just don’t know how my presence at the dinner is going to uplift her spirits at all, nor John and mine. Oh, are you kidding me? Given Sloan’s reputation, I’m sure she’s very eager for your stamp of approval if you’re willing to give it.

That is. Well, regardless of how I or anybody in Salem feels about Sloan, Eric is devoted to her, so unless we hear something of the contrary, we have to assume that, that she’s good for him and we have to give our false support.

Here you go. This kit has a few swabs, more than enough to get samples from EJ or Eric. Easier said than done. H. H. How am I gonna get a cheek swab without explaining what it’s for? I need to have one of them. The truth. Okay, listen. Come back when you get a sample. Good luck.

Oh God, what’s wrong now? You know, I saw Kaylee just gave you that box way you’re holding it. You think there’s a live grenade in it?

Potentially. There is cheek swab. I have to get one from at least one of them. I see. Yeah. That’s kind of a hard thing to ask for, you know, without follow up questions. What about while ejs sleeping? You know, just get in there quickly, quietly. Oh yeah. And. Watch him wake up while I’m probing him. How would I explain that?

That’d be tricky. Impossible. Actually, no, no. I, I’m, I’m just gonna have to figure this one out on my own.

What if I did it? What if I did it not to ej? Obviously you would get a sample from Eric. Shouldn’t be too hard. I mean, God man. The very sound sleeper, which I’m sure you remember. Look, I know this isn’t ideal. I. But considering your current predicament, maybe just file this one under, don’t look a gift.

Horse in the mouth. And what if Eric figures out what you’re doing? I’ll lawyer my way. Outfit. No, you know what, no. Forget it. I, I, I’m, I’m gonna have to figure this out on my own. Like I said, I will, I will get a sample from EJ somehow. And what if you can’t, then what?

Well, good for you. Yeah, thanks for the info. Bye.

Who was that? That was, that was Kristen. Now that she’s back in town, she was just letting me know where she’s staying and where is she staying. Apparently she is moving back in with the family.

Everyone. Everyone. Attention please attention. Now that we’re all together, I think a toast is in order. I could not agree more, brother, and if you don’t mind my fiance Gabby, and I would like to welcome my sister Kristen, back to the Dara home. Where she belongs. Thank you to Kristen. Aww. Yes. Thank you Stefan.

And to our other sister, Megan Hathaway. About that. I think it’s long overdue that I take the family name. After all, I’m not really a Hathaway. The purpose of that name was served long ago. I am now claiming to be a Demer completely and entirely

here, here to.

Well, I’d like to say a thank you to the two of you for your kind words on behalf of the family. But now AJ, there is something I’d like to say to you.

I know I’m not your first choice. In doing this, but who else can you turn to? Just gimme one swap and we’ll both go and try and get a sample ready. Say you’ll double your chances of success.

Unless you wanna come clean to both Eric and ej, just tell them the truth. I don’t know, maybe it’s easier if you just get everything out on the table.

But on the other hand, with everything that I’m going through, I brother, his case, I can’t look, I need support from Eric. I can’t have him distracted by everything that’s going on, thinking that he could. Maybe fathered your child

and if EJ believes I’m carrying another man’s baby, he will go ballistic. And obviously I, I wanna avoid that. And potentially we can, so sounds like we’re in agreement.

What’s going on?

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