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alright, pancakes again tomorrow. Um, yeah, there’s plenty in the freezer. Okay. She also said she’d like to save some for willow. That’s a great kid we got. Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. I-I have to take this. Hey. Hey. Any word from the hospital? No. W-we’re about to head over there. You know, I really want to be there when willow has her procedure. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Um… well, I’m sending good thoughts, okay? You’re not gonna come? I thought I should stick around here and see if I can dig up any dirt on tracy, of course, to leverage ned to use his influence on the sec. So we’re going ahead with plan a, huh? Absolutely. There is a way out of this, and we’re gonna find it.

[ Sighs ] I know. The patient’s name is willow corinthos. Oh, wait. I am family. Nina reeves. I’M… I’m her mother. No. Um, wait. I — it’s just my daughter was scheduled to do a bone-marrow transplant, and I-I just want to know how she’s —

[ Knock on door ] I know you can’t t– I-I-I’ll call you back. Thanks. For nothing. Oh. Diane. Come in. Thank you, nina. And thank you. You’re a lawyer. Oh, that’s right. I am. Is — is there any way I can sue the hospital so I can get information on my daughter? I never — almost never give out free advice, but in this instance, I will make an exception for the good of everyone involved. And that is? If you would like to find out about your daughter, ask her. Now, if you would please tell sonny that I am here, because he’s expecting me. He’s not here. He had to share some news with carly. Oh, that’s right! That’s right! May I? I hear congratulations are in order.

[ Gasps ] For the jeweler! Mwah! Now, that’s a greeting. Well, I’m always so happy to see you. That’s a lie. Thank you, though, for making time in your very busy schedule. Well, you made it sound important. What is it — business or personal? It’s personal. Holly. I’ve been trying to reach her, and she’s gone radio silent. And given our last conversation, I’m just a little bit concerned that something’s happened. Something has happened and it’s all my fault. Well, that’s gratitude for you. After everything I went through to get you and chase back together again? Oh, that explains the serenade on the terrace! Congratulations, honey. I’m very happy for you. I’m glad chase finally came to his senses and let you out of the doghouse. If only we could all be that lucky. Ned, this is not the time or the place. Oh, come on, olivia. You can’t still think dad was the one who blew the whistle on carly and drew. Of course he did. And he deserves a medal. No, I don’t! Because I didn’t! Brook lynn believes me. Why can’t my own wife? I would like to believe you, ned. I really, really would. I’d love to believe you, too, ned. Just give me one good reason. So, how’s the sec situation with you and drew going on? We’re not going down without a fight. My offer still stands. If you want to turn me in to the feds, you can. Just let me know what you’re gonna do beforehand. Thank you, but it’s too big of a risk, sonny. Let me be the judge of that. Really? Yeah. If the situation were reversed, would you give me up to them? What do you think? Mom, w– what’s he doing here? It’s not going to hurt. You promise? The donating was the hard part. The transplant itself isn’t that different from a blood transfusion. So all you need to do is sit back and relax, okay?

[ Knock on window ] Hi, mommy!

[ Telephone ringing ]

Who is this? And how did you get my number?

Michael: What can I say? Your fan club misses you.

Not half as much as I miss them. I love you, mommy!

You, too, sweetheart.

You keep asking how I coulddo this to you and carly when willow is so sick. And the answer is simple. I couldn’T. And I didn’t! And I want to believe you, ned. I really do — if you hadn’t threatened to do just that. He’s right! You said that you were gonna do this. I said I might consider it, which was an empty threat! But even if I had considered it, I didn’t follow through with it! Okay, okay! That’s enough! Get back to your corners! Shame on you! And shame on you for focusing on elq and the sec and that whole mess! None of that matters compared to what willow is facing today. Exactly. Thank you, brook lynn, for reminding this family what is really important. Why can’t you come together instead of pulling each other apart? Is this really what it’s come to? That brook lynn is the voice of reason? Believe me, nobody’s more surprised than me. There she is. And you, tracy, being the voice of family unity? Hm. I always advocate for family unity. Didn’t you withhold medication when edward was having a heart attack? She sure did. Famously. If there was one person that could absolutely attest to my devotion to the well-being and the happiness and the harmony of this family, it would be my granddaughter.

[ Chuckles ] Oh! I get it! Tracy got you and chase back together, and now she wants you to feel like you owe her something, huh? Mnh-mnh! It’s not always quid pro quo. There are such things as altruism and self-sacrifice. Mm. Mother, are you feeling well? Oh, trust me, ned. She’s feeling just fine. Now, let me ask, tracy. How exactly does doing right by your granddaughter’s heart become a sacrifice? What — what exactly did you give up? Or, by some chance, did you stand to gain something? Olivia, of course I am grateful for my grandmother helping me and chase get back together. Oh, sweetheart, you are more than welcome. But like my dad said, in this house, kindness usually comes at a price. Whatever the price was, I hope you can afford it. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m back at work. Wait. What work? Oh, I didn’t tell you? I’m back at deception. What about your music? Well, you know I can’t sing anymore. Yes, but I thought you were putting a list of artists together to manage. Things were going well, right? Why give that up? Diane: You know what, nina? Maybe I should just wait in the lobby until sonny gets back. W-wait, wait. Diane. Um… you know, now that sonny and I are engaged, I was hoping that… his friends can be my friends. You might just have to settle for “cordial.” Okay, well, in the spirit of cordiality, maybe we can get past our differences and try to get along. Our differences? You mean like the time I shredded you on the stand and got a judge to deny you visitation to see your grandson? Well, you were doing your job. It wasn’t personal. No. No, it wasn’T. The least I can do is admire your skill. As I admire yours.

[ Chuckles ] You know, diane, I don’t think you’re as cynical as you want the whole world to believe. You got me. You’re absolutely right. In fact, what you see standing before you is the warm and fuzzy me. Alright. How about I try this? Okay. Let me throw something out there. Mm-hmm. As one woman speaking to another… I’m gonna be charging sonny for this conversation. This isn’t legal advice. This is just a get-to-know-you thing. Mm. Now I’m charging him double. Oh. [ Laughs ] I love my job at crimson, right? But it wasn’t until I was in nixon falls that I realized that the magazine shouldn’t be my whole life. Have you considered a puppy? I have a family, a small one. I have a daughter and two grandchildren who are in my thoughts. Is there someone in yours, diane? Is there anyone special in your life? If not, why? Sonny stopped by to talk to donna, and she insisted her daddy make her pancakes. Oh. Well, did he tell you that I stopped by his office? He did. He did not tell me why. Well, that’s because it was a private matter between josslyn and me. Oh, well, I asked him for a favor, and he said no, so… well, I told you to tell your friend to come to me. But you know what? We don’t need to rehash this. This — I got to go. So can you do me a favor? Tell michael and willow that I’m praying for them. I will. I thought that there was a schedule for visitations. There is, but some things need to be said face-to-face. Like what? Like sonny and nina are engaged. Are you coming home?

I’m gonna do my best. Hey, tj, look, is there anything I can do to make things easier for willow? Looks like you’re already doing it. I mean, seeing all of you, it’s the best medicine she can get. Looks like it’s a party. Hi. How’s the guest of honor?

Just happy to see everybody. Hey, why don’t I keep the kids entertained so you can have more time with willow? What do you say, wiley? Hm? Do you want to have some playtime with aunt sasha? Let me ask amelia. Okay.

[ Whispering ] She says yeah! Then let’s do it! Ooh! Sounds like fun. Can I join? The more the merrier. Alright. Come on, buddy. Your mommy and daddy need to talk. Hi, sweetie. Hey.

Thanks for bringing them. Well, you know, I didn’t have much of a choice. Wiley insisted. I’m so scared.

Yeah, me, too.

One thing, though, that I do know… about you and me. Look, we didn’t make it this far, we didn’t go to hell and back, you know, through the chemo, bringing amelia into this world and the isolation… this, uh, being apart from you like this, it’s been — it’s been murder. For me, too. We didn’t go through all of this just to lose each other now. I wish I could kiss you right now. Just one last time. You will. You will. But you know what? This — [ Sighs ] It’s not gonna be the last time. All this? It’s just the beginning. So, we need to get to the hospital. Willow’s procedure is starting soon, and I want to be there for michael. Well, I don’t know if michael wants to see me right now. Why? What’s going on? We had a fight. And sonny and nina? So — so what? He wants to officially make her a member of the family she set out to destroy? Okay, first of all, this family is just fine. And sonny and nina being engaged? Whatever. It’s kind of a relief. How can you say that? Because sonny’s committed to nina. I’m committed to drew. Oh, so what? No harm, no foul? No, there was a lot of harm and a lot of foul. But, you know, it’s just like a clean break, josslyn. Well, I just wonder why he didn’t tell me that when I was alone with him in his office. Why would he? He knows how you feel about nina. You’re right. I haven’t made that a secret. The secret here is why you went to see sonny in the first place. I told you. I was asking him for a favor. For dex. Yes, I went to see him about dex. Why? Did you want sonny to give him a raise? No. I want sonny to fire him. So holly just left town without so much as a farewell? Well, at least we didn’t have to fake an escape — the towering inferno, third-degree burns, and hospitalizations. This time it was just… goodbye. It never is just goodbye with you two, though, is it? We decided that, uh, you can’t recapture the past no matter how much you might want to. And this time, when we said our farewells, we really meant them. I’m sorry. Did she tell you about ethan? Yeah. I know all the trouble he’s in. Did she tell you that she was willing to go back to the bureau just to pay off his debts? Apparently, she decided on a shortcut. Did she? A deal with the devil. Selina wu. I said there were alternatives. I offered to help. She doesn’t want me involved. Well, she’s protecting you. Which proves that she really does still care about you.

[ Chuckles ] Caring was never an issue. What is the issue? Is her name diane? I am so sorry, nina. There seems to be some confusion, which I’m going to dispel you of. You and i are not friends. And as such, questions into my personal life, my relationships are unwelcome. I know you’re going through a tough time, um, wanting to see willow and not being able to do so, so, believe me, I do feel for you. I get it. I’ve never been able to make friends very easily. And just so you know, I’d be with willow right now. I’d be at the hospital room if I didn’t love sonny so much because I didn’t want to run into carly or michael, have another clash. Because I don’T… I don’t want to make sonny’s life more complicated than I already have. Well, I admire that restraint. And just so you know, I actually do hope you make him happy. I do. Hm.

[ Door opens ] Hi! Hey. Everything okay? Yeah. Congratulations, sonny. Yeah. Thank you. Hey. How did it go with — with carly and donna? We were just making — making pancakes and things like that. Yeah. Thank you for coming. Absolutely. Yeah. Now, I think you and i should talk in private. I was gonna tell nina anyway. Okay. Uh… there’s talk going around town, but I’m sure you already know that. Looks like the doj may make carly an offer. What do you — what kind of offer? Are they pressuring carly to turn on drew? No. They’re pressuring carly to turn on me. It’s no secret how you feel about music, brook lynn. You must have had a really compelling reason to give it up and go back to work at deception. Well, after all the craziness with linc, I was craving a little more stability, you know, less drama. But you really enjoyed being a manager, and you were damn good at it. I realized I-I want to write music, not manage artists. And working back at deception allows me the freedom to do that. Well, you’ve got romance. You’ve got freedom. You’ve got creativity. It’s almost like you have your own fairy godmother. You could say that. Don’t you wish you had one, tracy? You could just make a wish, and you could go straight back to amsterdam. I could also buy a plane ticket. Together: Don’t let us stop you. Wow! If I didn’t know better, I would say that my loving family can’t wait to get rid of me. Oh! Come on, tracy. They don’t feel that way. Do you?

Hate to disappointmy loved ones, I have no intention of leaving any time soon. Don’t all cheer at once. Well, I, for one, am glad you’re here, grandmother. And not just because you helped me and chase get back together. I’d say I did a little more than just “help.” And you have. Repeatedly. And you’re always available to me when I need you, even just to tell me “no.” When have I ever denied you anything? This is officially too much.

[ Chuckling ] And on that happy note, I gotta go. Big meeting at the metro court. What? No words of reassurance for your mother-in-law? Oh, I have plenty of words for you, tracy. Let me reassure you of that. See ya. Olivia. Ned: Wait. Olivia! I really do have a big meeting with nina at the metro court. I wasn’t just using an excuse to get away from your mother. Okay, but we need to talk about drew and carly and the fact that I am not the one who turned them in. Now, how? How can I convince you? As it happens, I ran into carly at the metro court last night. It was pretty tense. I can imagine. She’s demanding to know why I don’t kick you to the curb. Maybe because I’m your husband? Yeah, and she’s my best friend. That’s not nothing. And as much as I want to believe you, ned, the thing that I can’t get out of my mind — you flat-out accused carly and drew of insider trading, and the next thing anybody knows, somebody blows the whistle! Yes! Somebody! But not me! And to t hink that I feltsorry for — for carly. She had to worry about michael and willow while she’s going through all this, and now she’s gonna throw you under the bus to save herself? She won’T. How do you know that? I-I really think you and I need to discuss this in private. No. I want — I want her to hear. This is not the first time that the feds have — have come after me, you know, using somebody who’s close to me. Okay. I know that she said that she wouldn’t do it. But what else, sonny? What else is she gonna say while you’re making pancakes for your daughter that you share with her? I mean, she had to have been tempted. I told her she should do it. The feds come after me, I’m prepared. But she made it clear she’s not doing it. Yeah, but what if the feds come to her and make her choose between her children… and you? Hey, uh, sasha. Um, willow’s asking for you. Oh. Excuse me. I should go check in on the preparations. You good here? Oh, yeah. Melanie’s on her way to bring the kids home, so… I’m good. Thanks. See you in a minute. Well, wiley, let me let you in on a little secret. See, the key is, draw outside the lines. Does dex want out or do you want dex out? Dex wants out. Then dex can tell sonny himself. Yeah, that’s what sonny said. That sounds like sonny. What did dex say when he found out? I mean, he wasn’t happy about it at first, but, you know — but he knows your heart’s in the right place. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. Is this what’s going on between you and michael? Michael just doesn’t approve of my relationship with him. Overprotective big brother. Yes. Something like that. Yeah. But if he needs us, then that’s all that matters. He does need us. So let’s go.

[ Telephone rings ]

You rang? I did. I thought if anyone could understand, it would be you. I remember when you were in isolation. I remember, too. I hated it. But I made it through, and so will you. It’s just… ever since they put me in here, I’ve felt like a soldier in a foxhole. That just means that you’re a fighter. Which we already knew. It got me thinking. I hear those stories about soldiers who, with their last dying breath, call out for their mothers. I suppose that happens. If worse comes to worst… who do I call out for? The mother who raised me and turned out to be a fraud and a murderer? Or the mother who gave birth to me and couldn’t stand me until she found out we were related? Who do I turn to? She found it. The feeling of finding the psoriasis treatment axon you don’t need to answer that. I’m just…being silly. Sasha: Worrying about which mother you’ll call out for during your final moments is not silly. It’s just something you won’t know until it happens. And it’s not going to. We don’t know that. We know that we’re in the homestretch. So don’t think about dying. Think about living. Think about michael and wiley and amelia. Think about all the people who love you so much, willow, and who need you. Today is just like any other day in your life, except you have been given a great gift. You call this a gift? Yes, because you know how precious life is and how quickly it can disappear. So you can be the soldier who lives to fight for every breath, for every second, and win. No wonder you were such a hit on tv. You can sell anything. Even hope. Hey. Did we miss the kids? Yeah, melanie just took them home. Wiley left me the crayons so that I wouldn’t miss mommy. Aww. I love him. And I love you. So much. Love you, too. Hey, joss. Hi. Everything’s okay, right? Yeah, everything’s fine. All that matters is that willow gets better. Right? Right. Carly is not giving me up. I’m sure you know best. I have to go to the metro court and meet with olivia, okay? I love you. Will you just let me know how you are? Let me know how willow is if you hear anything. I will keep you posted. Okay. Thank you. Willow’s in good hands. So am I.

[ Door closes ] Alright, diane. Go ahead. Tell me what you know that I don’T. Robert: Diane is a friend. She’s a “friend”? You come to my hou– you come barging into my house when I am so jetlagged and exhausted, demanding that we talk. You bite valentin’s head off. All because I think, in a word, you’re lovelorn.

[ Stammers ] A moment of weakness. No, you were flummoxed by the mere fact that two bright, beautiful women could be interested in you. I w-wasn’t flummoxed. I mean… you were torn, conflicted, confused. I don’t know. But whatever. I think… that maybe holly did you a favor by bowing out. Because while it might be disappointing not to have two women vying for your affections, on the bright side, you do still have one. I am doing my best to stand by you. I know how much elq means to you, and I know how hurt you were when you felt pushed aside. I sided with valentin because it was the right thing to do for elq.

[ Sighs ] Yes, I lashed out when I thought the company, our family legacy, was being threatened by a hostile takeover. But I am not a snitch. And I’m gonna prove it to you. What are you gonna do? Show you once and for all that I am the man you married, a man deserving of your love and your trust. Just promise me that you’re not gonna do anything stupid, okay? I gotta go. That’s touching. But if you ask me, you are wasting your time. I get the impression that you are, um, less than thrilled having your grandmother back. I love my grandmother, and I owe her big-time. For helping you and chase get back together. Oh, where’d you hear about that? Well, you know, after the 10th or 11th time it was said, I finally picked up on it.

[ Chuckles ] Well, she can be very generous. But? But my grandmother’s generosity usually comes at a price. My asthma felt anything but normal. You have nothingto be ashamed of you have nothing to be ashamed of for “dropping a dime” on carly. Even if drew goes down with her? That’s what he gets for slumming. Hm! Mother, you are all heart. But you’re forgetting one thing. I didn’t do it. In other words, with tracy, there is no such thing as something for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, okay? My grandmother loves her family. But, uh, these visits of hers usually end in yelling, tears, and broken ming vases. You know? If my grandmother’s smiling, it means somebody’s paid. Like you, for instance? Sorry. Am I, uh, late or are you early? Well, let’s just say we’re both here exactly at the right moment. I’ll take it. Uh, that’s quite a rock.

[ Chuckles ] This? Yeah, I guess I see why you and sonny were in such a good mood last night, huh? We’re engaged.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations. I wish you every happiness. Thank you, olivia. And just in case you were wondering, sonny already told the news to carly and donna. And? And they all made pancakes together. So carly’s taking it in stride. Apparently. I’m sure she’ll tell you how she really feels, given how close you two are. Yeah. Not anymore. Carly can’t understand why i haven’t kicked ned to the curb for what he did to her and drew. And what did ned say? Ned swears up and down he didn’t report them to the sec. And do you believe him? I’d really like to. But I keep asking myself, if ned didn’t do it, who did? Well, it’s just a rumor as of now, but as you said yourself, this is not the first time that the feds have come after you using someone close to you. And who’s closer to you than carly? Do the rumors say who gave up carly and drew? No. The insider-trading tip was anonymous. But there’s a strong suspicion that it was ned quartermaine. That’s what carly says, but why would ned do that to carly and drew a year after the fact? Now that the feds are involved, I think carly and drew are just a means to an end. So you think that the feds have been monitoring you and those close to you and saw carly mess up and pointed the sec in her direction in order to try and pressure her to flip on you? In which case that would mean there was no insider tip and this whole thing has just been an excuse to get the investigation rolling. That means that the sec is doing the justice department a favor. Maybe, but I’m not gonna let ned off the hook just yet because I know he’s more than capable of stabbing drew and carly in the back.

[ Sighs ] Can you do me a favor? Find out how and why the feds got involved. Sonny — anything you can come up with, just let me — I have pretty much exhausted all of my sources. What about the D.A.? Robert scorpio? Yeah. Why would the district attorney of port charles have any information as to the government’s investigation of you? Well, it’s no secret that robert has strong ties to D.C. Through the bureau. Well, what makes you think he would tell me? Because you’re the best.

[ Chuckles ] And you ha– you have a way of — of being persuasive.

[ Chuckles ] I have to go. Alright. To see carly? Confidential.

[ Clears throat ] I could not possibly tell you. And as for robert scorpio, I will think about it. Alright. Well, diane… don’t think too long. Bring the car around. Now. Tj: More of your fan club.

[ Laughter ]

Michael: Hey. Hi. Somebody wants to talk to you. Hey. We just wanted to tell you how much we love you.

[ Monitor beeping ] I think you’re the best sister-in-law ever.

[ Laughter ] Right back at you, joss. I’m sorry, everyone, but I mean it this time, okay? Okay. Okay. We understand. Hey. I, uh — I had this whole speech planned and all these things I was gonna say, but none of that really matters right now. I just… willow, all that matters is that you know… how much I love you. I love you, too. Whew. [ Chuckles ] I’m ready.

Look. A-as far as I know, diane’s not even interested anymore, beyond, of course, our sparring in — in court. But… why don’t you ask her? I’m going to take my cue. For what it’s worth, olivia, I’m really sorry that you have cause to doubt ned. Yeah. Me too. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but poor carly and drew to be put in this position. What position, nina? Oh, y-you haven’t heard? You know what? It’s just rumors. I shouldn’t say anything. But y– okay. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And knowledge is power. So why don’t you just tell me what the rumors are and I can decide for myself if I believe them or not? Okay. Alright. And like I just said, it’s just talk. But it seems like the government might use carly and drew’s legal problems to… to get to sonny. So, mother, are you home to stay? Would that be a problem? Of course not. But you know what they say about idle hands. Oh. Don’t worry. I know how to stay busy. That’s what I’m afraid of. What makes you think I owe tracy anything? Maybe because you were trying so hard to sell everybody on the joys of being back at deception? I love my job! I-it’s steady and it plays to my strengths. You’re doing it again. I know what music means to you, brook lynn, writing it and — and managing artists, so if anyone or anything is making you choose between — tracy: You’ll have to excuse me, drew. I need to borrow my granddaughter. Willow may look fragile right now, but she is tough as nails. Yeah. Look, uh, thank you so much for coming. I’m only a phone call away. Bye. Sasha’s right. I mean, after everything willow’s gone through, she’s unstoppable. You and willow love each other like crazy. And now with wiley and amelia, it’s stronger. Stronger than ever. Don’t forget that. Okay?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Ready? Can’t wait. Like I said before, my friend, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the bone marrow do its thing. If all goes well, you’ll have nothing but healthy cells in your body and a whole new lease on life. My baby sister is pretty, but she’s really small. She’ll grow, buddy. Soon, before you know it, she’ll be sitting up, and then she’s gonna start crawling. Your little sister will need you to help her. Help her crawl? Sure, you can — you can show her how it’s done so she has someone to copy. I can do that.

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