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Liam: Just tell me it’s not true.

Hope: Liam. I can’t believe that you heard this from steffy.

Liam: I was visiting kelly. That’s why I was over there and I got off the phone with you and I was frustrated learning that it was going to be yet another late nigs with you know who and I started venting and I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry. But, I was so focused on thomas, it never occurred to me that steffy might tell me it’s you who has feelings for him, so I need to know, hope, is that true?

[ Door knocking ]

Rj: Thomas?

Thomas: What’s up?

Rj: You know, from my experience, if someone’s that zoned out, they’re probably thinking about a girl.

Steffy: Babe, what are you doing home? Not that I’m complaining.

Finn: My shift was shortened.

Steffy: Lucky me. I just put the kids down.

Finn: Yeah? Okay, well, um, I’m gonna go give them a kiss and, uh, stay right here. I’ll be right back.

Steffy: Okay.

I’m sorry, liam. I don’t

wanna hurt you, but I think

your wife has feelings

for thomas.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Finn: Hey, sorry I’ve been missing nights lately. It’s just, it’s part of the rotation. It’ll cycle through.

Steffy: Oh, no. I’m not upset about that. I totally get it. You’re dedication to your patients, your work, I understand.

Finn: Something’s bothering you though. What is it?

[ Steffy sighing ]

Steffy: It’s about thomas.

Thomas: So, you got girls on the mind, huh? Who are you thinking about?

Rj: Well, wouldn’t you like to know?

Thomas: I wouldn’t actually. Not at all, uh, but, you know, it’s still weird seeing you walk through that door. Should I get used to it? You gonna stick around a little while?

Rj: Well, that’s the plan.

Thomas: That’s awesome. I know dad and brooke will be really ecstatic about that.

Rj: Well, I mean, it’ll give him a chance to make a designer of me yet.

Thomas: Speaking of, if you’re looking for him, I actually– I don’t know where he is.

Rj: I’m not looking for him. I’m looking for hope. I know you two spend a lot of time together, so you know, assumed she’d be with you.

[ Thomas clearing his throat ]

Hope: Steffy thinks I have feeling for thomas?

Liam: Yeah. I mean, against every instinct I have, I’ve been– I’ve been putting up with the two of you working together, being told at every turn that there’s nothing to worry about, that I’m the one overreacting and now I learn that there might be something going on between you two, so I’m– I need– I need answers from you, like now, hope. Right now. With moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, a great rela douglas’ sake as

Rj: You know, I think it’s actually really good that you and hope are getting along. Not only for the business’ sake, obviously, but for douglas’ sake as well.

Thomas: Yeah, well, if you wanna have a happy kid, it’s pretty simple. You just gotta make sure that his parents have a great relationship.

Rj: And they do, it seems. I mean, come on, you two are at the top of your game, right? In business, as parents, I mean, what, come on. Am i leaving anything out? Come on.

Thomas: No, no, no. I– I– we’ve made a lot of changes, uh, but I had to make changes first and those changes were long overdue.

Rj: Well, you know what? Props to you for taking the energy to look at yourself and see what’s wrong and then it’s even harder to try and correct those things, so.

Thomas: That’s what I want, you know. I wanna move forward and exceed everyone’s expectations. I wanna be a designer that people look up to. A co-worker that hope can look to and be proud of and a brother my sister can be proud of. Hey, a brother my half-brother could finally be proud of.

Finn: What’s going on with thomas?

Steffy: Oh, no. Nothing. Thomas isn’t the problem.

Finn: So, then– oh. Hope.

Steffy: Uh-huh.

Finn: And the feelings you think she has for your brother.

Steffy: What I thought I saw? Thomas is doing all the right things. He’s focused on work, his son. He’s going to therapy. I am confident thomas will continue to prove himself, as long as hope remembers that she’s married.

Finn: You really think that–

Steffy: I know it. I know what I saw. Look, thomas is doing so well, he is, but he is human and his feelings ran deep for hope and if hope is sending out these signals that she could be a possibility for him, like– look, I’m not going to let her or anyone undermine my brother or how far he’s come.

Hope: So, you’re accusing me of having feelings for thomas because steffy told you so.

Liam: I’m not accusing you, I’m asking you. Is there anything you have to tell me about you and thomas?

Hope: I mean, what I have to tell you is that I am feeling very ambushed right now, so can you please share with the room. What else did steffy say to you?

Liam: Something I didn’t want to hear. Something I didn’t believe. I told her it was ridiculous. I– I told her that whatever it is she thinks, she misinterpreted because I know you and you’re kind and you’re compassionate and you’re forgiving and that there’s never been anything but friendship between you and him.

Hope: Then you would be right. You would be right, liam.

Liam: But I also know steffy. She’s not a gossip and she has no reason to target you or our marriage at this point.

Hope: Are you kidding me? After everything she’s put us through in the past, of course that is what she is doing.

Liam: That was when it was about me. This is about her brother. She is protecting him. That’s the mode she’s in right now. She doesn’t want anyone to stall his progress.

Hope: Oh, oh. So, she’s– so she’s worried about me derailing thomas? Me corrupt him?

Liam: I don’t– I don’t know, hope. I don’t know. All I know is what steffy told me she saw, which is the two of you– the two of you in the design office. You didn’t know she was there. You were caressing his hands. You were gazing into his eyes. She said she knows what it looks like when a woman has feelings for a man and that is what she saw. Your feelings for thomas. It’s amazi a pen and start sketching,

Rj: Dude, you don’t have to

Rj: Dude, you don’t have to go any extra miles for me. Okay? I’m proud of you. Seriously. Just as long as you don’t try to convince me to pick up a pen and start sketching, we’re chilling.

Thomas: All right, is, uh, dad still hounding you?


Rj: The guy is… relentless, constantly. It’s amazing.

Thomas: You know, ridge forrester is, uh, used to getting what he wants.

Rj: Maybe I’m the rude awakening dad needs.

Thomas: What about brooke? She trying to get you to join the family business?

Rj: She doesn’t care what I’m doing as long as I’m happy. I mean, I think dealing with the family drama at work and then dealing with it at home is just… it’s just not my kind of thing.

Thomas: Yeah, I– I– I admire how you’re able to stay above the fray.

Rj: Well, you know, you just don’t engage. I mean, come on, we’re all so blessed. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t all get along.

Thomas: Yeah, that’s true. I mean, look at our moms, choosing themselves over our dad.

Rj: I did not see that one coming.

Thomas: No one did. Least of all dad.

[ Rj snickering ]

Rj: You know, I’m actually, I’m genuinely really happy that you’re getting along with hope. I just wanted to tell you that. I– it’s no fun watching my brother and sister go at it against each other all the time.

Thomas: Yeah, I’m, uh, I’m glad those days are finally behind us.

Rj: I believe you. Just… treat hope with the kindness and respect she deserves.

Thomas: Trust me. You don’t have to worry about hope.

Steffy: The look in hope’s eyes when she was caressing thomas’ hands, she was lost in him.

Finn: Yeah, but you’re not sure if you’re reading more into the situation than what there was.

Steffy: I know desire when I see it. I’m not gonna let it happen. I’m not gonna let hope pull thomas into that darkness. He has come so far. So, that’s why I had to say something.

Finn: To thomas?

Steffy: To liam. He was here earlier. He wanted to spend some time with– with kelly and then when she went down, he just started going off about thomas and his obsession with hope and that it’s never gonna end and that hope is the victim and that she’s this innocent and she’s so trusting and I just couldn’t hear it anymore. I couldn’t let liam continue to drag thomas, so I… I said it.

Finn: You said it. You actually told liam your suspicions that hope might have feelings for thomas?

Steffy: Yeah. I had to defend my brother.

Hope: I honestly don’t know what to think right now. I thought we were past this chapter of steffy trying to interfere in our relationship.

Liam: That’s not what she’s doing. It’s not about us. It’s about her brother, she’s defending him.

Hope: By throwing me under the bus. There is nothing going on with thomas.

Liam: What about what she saw, hope? I really want to believe you.

Hope: Then do it.

Liam: What if you’re in denial? Because you’ve been there before. You have. When it comes to him, you have.

Hope: So, you’re saying that steffy knows how I feel better than I do myself? Do you understand how insulting that is?

Liam: I know, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that it’s insulting. This is not a subject I can afford to walk on eggshells for anymore. I’m sorry. It’s too dangerous.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. It’s not– it’s not– it’s not dangerous. Thomas isn’t dangerous. I certainly am not dangerous. Liam, I love you. Please tell me that you believe that.

Liam: I love you too, hope. It’s– it’s not– it’s just– it’s just too much. Do you understand? This is– this is all, it’s too much. At this point, we’ve gone too far and there is nothing that is going to convince me he’s not a threat to our marriage except the one thing that you should have done that you said you were going to do a long time ago. Stop working with him. Stop. Have feelings for thomas.

Finn: No, I’m just– I’m just a little shocked that you actually told liam that you think hope might have feelings for thomas.

Steffy: Liam was going on and on accusing thomas. I couldn’t stay silent. Look, I am the first one to come down on thomas, but I’m not gonna blame him for something he’s not guilty of. He’s a different person. We can’t derail all the progress he’s made. You know, I– I get being protective of your brother, but you telling liam that hope might have feelings for thomas, that’s like dropping a bomb right in the middle of their marriage.

Steffy: That was never my intention, babe. I didn’t want to upset liam. I don’t want to make trouble in their marriage and I don’t want to upset hope, but liam deserves to know what’s going on. Liam should be concerned about hope, not thomas.

Hope: You’re ordering me to stop working with thomas?

Liam: I don’t– I don’t– I don’t know what to say. I– he– he has to be cut off.

Hope: Okay, well, he’s my lead designer and we’re turning hope for the future around together, and this line needs–

Liam: I know. I know the line needs you. I know the line needs you, hope, I know how much the line means to you. I just don’t know what else to do. I mean, I’ve heard it. I’ve heard all the reasons why thomas has to stay in your life when he has such access to you from working with you, when he sees you moment after moment and day after day, the guy– the guy gets you more than I do.

Hope: Okay, um… liam, I’m– I am sorry that this has been so difficult for you, I really am, but we’re on a deadline and I’m a professional, just like you, and I have been running my line for years and I’m not going to have you dictate to me how to do it.

Liam: How do you– how– how do you think this is about me and your career? It’s not about your career. It’s about our marriage. And none of this would be happening right now if you had done the one– the one thing that you told me you would do a long time ago, which is just– just keep him away.

Hope: Away? Away? Away? Away, really? That’s douglas’ father. We’re his parents.

Liam: Yeah, there it is. Okay. Ad nauseam. I– I’ve heard this over and over how intertwined you two are, how cosmically connected you are to the man who kept beth away from us! I am so tired of fighting this battle! I’m exhausted! I’m sorry, I can’t have him living rent free in my head anymore. I can’T. I just can’t– I can’T.

Hope: Then stop! Stop obsessing. Stop trying to protect us from this man that does not exist anymore. He has changed, and either you can accept that… or just… let it go. But here’s the thing that really, really gets me out of all of this is, um, the fact that you always believe everyone else but me. You never trust me.

Liam: I’ve always trusted you. This is just the first time I’ve been given a reason not to.

Hope: Oh… so what now? What do you think is going on, liam?

Liam: I need a straight answer from you. Is steffy right? Do you have feelings for thomas? Yes or no?

Hope: The answer is no, liam. No.

[ Sobbing ] I love you. My commitment is to you. Our relationship is nothing but professional.

[ Whispering ] My heart… is here with you, always. With our marriage and– and our family and our life, and this beautiful… this beautiful life that we built together. I love you. I love you. Look at me. I love you. I love you, I love you. I’m sorry. Don’t ever doubt that I love you. I’m sorry.

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