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EJ: [Grunts] You drinking yours?

Nicole: Uh, no. You can have it.

Not that it’s any surprise that she warmed her way back into this family. Now she and Stephan are gonna use our wedding as a. Okay. To bolster their image for the company. Or maybe, or maybe, maybe we can steal their thunder upstage time. How

Nicole Walker, will you marry me?

Well, I, uh, I, I don’t know what to say. That’s easy. Say yes. Say you’ll be my wife,

Mr. Brady. Hey, I’m back to. Do your paralegal impersonation? I’m waiting for my girlfriend. Ah, so she’s got you cooling your heels while she’s but in there conferring with one of Herschey clients. Yes. No, you know what? You’re bound to find out sooner or later, so you might as well hear it from me. Hmm.

Sloan’s the one who needs a lawyer. She’s been arrested.

So the last time you saw Colin was yesterday afternoon at the motel? Yep. Right after he promised me he’d leave town and he didn’t give any indication of where he was going. We’ve already been over this. I don’t know where he is. Okay. Drop the attitude Sloan. If you had turned him in from the beginning, we wouldn’t even be here and you wouldn’t be in this mess.

But instead, your psychotic brother is out on the loose and who knows what he’ll do next. He is not even dangerous. I swear you don’t even know him. I know enough that he’s somehow got my sister to do his little dirty work. Make some dangerous enough for me. Your sister? What are you talking about? Listen, we’re talking about you here.

I don’t owe you any exclamations. I didn’t know you had a sister. Let’s talk about you, huh? Oh, no. No. Forget it. You don’t get to drop a bomb like that and just walk it back still level with me. How exactly are your sister and my brother involved?

What the hell? What is Paulina scarf going here?

Oh my God. Colin, what have you done? Now she gonna be all right. A I’m gonna call for an ambulance. Help Paulina Paul. Help Paul, how? Hello? Hey, this is Commissioner Hernandez. I need a bus at Sweet Bits Bakery in Horton Town Square Stat. Patient is Mayor Carver. He was assaulted, hit over the head. He’s still conscious, but he needs help.

Okay. All right, man. Ambulance is on the way. We’re gonna get you up, right? Yeah. Okay. You tell me who did this to you? Young guy. Young guy. Said he was. Say he was a health inspector. He, uh, he hit me from behind. He, he’s got Paul,

do what he says, baby girl. Everything will be all right. And hurry. Chanel, I am so glad you called. And this year I hadn’t thought inviting you to this party for huts. I am delighted that you showed up. Yeah, yeah. Everything has worked out perfectly. What are you gonna do? Well, YouTube bitches went to great lengths to make the world please.

And my mom. Jumped off the side of a building and now, now the story’s gonna come full circle. No. Say goodbye to your mom. Chanel. She’s about to jump right there. No, come you goodbye to Chanel. No, please, please. You always do this. No, I do. You understand? Don’t you gimme your money, your influence to meet the world.

Belinda, my mom committed suicide and now you are right with. Yes. You can’t live with what your daughter did, so you are gonna end your life the same way that your daughter ended. My mother.

Like Sands through the hourglass are the days of our lives.

Please. Please don’t do anything you want. Please just don’t hurt my mama. Is that all you said to my dad? Huh? I’ll do anything you want. That’s quite an offer for me. Young Nu slightly like yourself. No wonder my old man couldn’t keep it in the Chaz Young man. Young man. You need help your man. I am what?

Your daughter and you made me. I’m in your creation. Smile. Shut up, sharp. We’ve got your precious warmth.

You did this, you took my parents away from me, and now you are gonna watch as I take your mama away from you.

Stay with me. All right. Hey Amy. Can you hear me? That man. I’m mad he, he took Paulina. Yeah, I know. I know. There’s an u b out on him already. Okay. Every cop out there wants to find him. We think we know who he is. Abe. Hey Abe. Hey, did you hear me? Hey, yeah. His name is Colin Bedford. Sloan Peterson’s brother.

Right. There’s the ambulance, Abebe. Damn, babe. I demand you. Tell me what you think you have on my brother. You can demand all you want. It’s not gonna do you any good. You’re the suspect here. I ask the questions, but you’re charging me as an accessory on my brother’s alleged crimes. And if your sister is somehow involved, Well, you can’t be all that objective can you?

Tall? Is that you? Look, I really need your help. Okay. I think I really messed up. She’s at your sister. I’m at the station. I’m gonna need you to come here. No, just please just come to me. Okay. I’m in the Salem in room five 14. Just whatever you do, please hurry. I’m on my way. You think you’re going somewhere?

What about me? Used to be booked. Where the hell are you going?

Detective Hunter. I need you to explain why Sloane Kirson was a,

so, um, Nicole Walker. Sloan Peterson and her, do you have a thing for obnoxious women?

I need an answer, Nicole. My knee’s going to sleep. Ah, would you please get up? What’s wrong? I thought you liked spontaneity. Would you have preferred one of those large spectacles that goes viral on social media? Shall I get your favorite boy band to perform and serenade you in the town square while doves fly out?

Maybe just a simple, sincere proposal of marriage. Alright, I’ll give it another go.

Will you be the honor of

No, no, no. Why in the hell would I even think about marrying a cynical opportunistic jackass?

So you’re not just rejecting my proposal, you’re calling me names. Well, you’re lucky I didn’t knee you in the Dara family jewel. And you know what that reminds me? The next time you decide to propose to someone, you might wanna come prepared with what? I don’t know, a ring maybe. Wait, wait. Is that why you rejected my proposal?

Because I didn’t slip on a vulgar, extravagant diamond on your finger? No, of course not. Then what’s the bloody problem then? I mean, it, I, I, I’m, I’m at a loss here. A marriage proposal doesn’t usually spark an angry diatribe. You mean a heartfelt one? Doesn’t, my proposal was heartfelt. I had the purest of intentions when I asked you to marry me.

Bull. Bull. Yeah. Bull. The one and only reason you proposed to me is because your brother proposed to Gabby. Yeah. Oh, and I go in there and talk to Sloan. Uh, no. But you can’t answer this question for me. Did your old girlfriend arrest your current girlfriend? Because she finally has proof that your current girlfriend poisoned those biscuits.

It’s quite the opposite. She and Rafe now know for a fact that someone else lays those biscuits. Yeah. And who is that? Someone you know, I’m going in there. Please just leave her alone. How about you tell me what I wanna know. And I’ll e be in there when I talk to her.

Thank God. Here you need to tell me everything you know about Colin and if you try to protect him. I ball. Okay, good, because I already know that he’s Sloan Peterson’s brother. Wait, how did, how did you find out? I’m a cop. Remember, you’ve been helping Colin harass Paulina and her daughter this whole time, right?

Whoa. You know, our father would be so ashamed. You just stop yelling at me and listen for once. Please. You’ll have to stop. Colin from her nation, Chanel’s mother. Why? What has he done? Girl, you better answer me. Look. Okay. He swore that he was done going after them, but then I found this

and I’m pretty sure it’s blindness. Wow. The hell. Did he get it? Did he steal it? I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t think so. Okay. What do you think

that Paulina was here in this room? What coming? What the hell are they now? Yeah. I’m at University Hospital right now with the mayor. They’re working on ’em in the er. Did you guys get any word on the a p B? We put out on Colin Bedford? Well tell the units to look harder then. Listen, I’m pretty sure this is the guy that attacked the mayor, and according to ab, he’s the one who kidnapped Paulina price.

Bedford should be considered armed and dangerous. No. There must be a way to work. Work this out. There must be, there must be something you want. Just name your price. See, there you go again. You can throw money at any problem and it’ll just go away. Huh? And guess what? I don’t want your dirty money. What I want is my parents back.

Since you can’t give that to me. What I want is justice. Oh, you must be outta your damn mind if you, I’m gonna jump off this roof. I’ll get justice another way. Oh, they’re making me watch your daughter die.

Really, you’re not gonna say anything. Oh, for fear, I might offend your tender sensibilities. Oh wait, you are insulted. Why wouldn’t I be? You’ve decided that my proposal was a business maneuver. Excuse me. Have you forgotten that before you got down on one knee, you were desperate to find a way to upstage Stephanie and Gabby?

I’ll admit that the timing of the proposal could have been. Crass, hurtful. Alright. Alright. It did have something to do with Gabby and Stephan. Thank you. You finally admitted, but that isn’t the only reason that I proposed. No. Gimme a break. What other reason could there be the fact that I happened to love you, or is that not up to your high standards either?

You love me?

Yes, I do.

In fact, I’m very much in love with you.

What are you two doing together? Uh, we bumped into one another here. Eric told me you’ve been arrested. You must have loved hearing that. Oh, it didn’t depress me. I’ll tell you that. You know, I had to go to the ER because I couldn’t stop puking after I ate one of those poison biscuits. And Eric informed me that your brother is responsible.

I don’t know who put drugs in the biscuits. What I do know is that. The police believe that my brother’s been the one who’s been harassing Paul and her daughter. Then why are you the one that’s sitting here? They’re saying I’m an accessory because I didn’t turn colon in, which I did not even know. He was in Salem for quite a while, and after I found out, I had absolutely no idea what he was up to.

I still don’t. This whole arrest was an attempt at intimidation, and I intend to sue this department in the city. Will you knock off the amateur theatrics? It’s not like they beat you with a rubber hose. Look, I had no part in what my brother may have been doing to Mayor Carver’s family. I sought perfectly legal remedies to heal my grievances, and when that didn’t work, I gave up.

And if the cops are really gonna try and nail me on guilt by association, well, they’d better be careful because. One of their own is mixed up in this. What do you mean? I mean, I’m not the only one who’s got a sibling involved in this mess. Wait, could you be a little less cryptic? Sure. Detective Hunter has a sister named Talia and she’s up to her neck and this, come on, Talia think.

Where could Colin have taken Paul look? Okay. I don’t know. I swear. Whose photo of Mak Collins?

Oh my God. There’s photos and clippings of his parents’ death. This guy is obsessed. How could you got messed up with a guy like this? I didn’t know anything about this, his whole obsession until we were already involved. There’s a newspaper article in here about Colin’s mother falling off of a roof after a confrontation with Chanel.

Oh my God. What? I think I know where you took Paulina

baby. Isn’t that touching? You still think is your baby? Such a shame. This is gonna be the last time that you two see each other alive. College calling Ring. Shut up. No. If you’re gonna hurt her, you’re gonna have to do it. Knowing the truth from you. Your father, he wasn’t some victim. He was a predator who took advantage of an impressionable college student.

Punish the truth. He was my professor. He had the power and he pursued me, not the other way around. And yes. I slept with him and that is something I will regret for the rest of my life. But he was the one who betrayed your mother, who cheated on her, and she placed the blame on me and she learned me after that roof and she tried to kill me.

And I, I defended myself and believe me, calling If I could go back and I could change any of that, I would. But I swear to you, your mother’s death. It was an accident. A filthy liar. Now, don’t say anything. No, no. He’s made up his mind to do this terrible thing, so he’s gonna have to do it. Knowing the truth as says, I reviewed, you have a positive acquaintance with the truth, right?

That’s it. You know I was gonna let you live with the memory of watching your mom jump toward her, but that’s too good for you. So I’m gonna kill you both instead, how that,

I’m giving you five minutes. At the very least, mayor Carver has suffered a serious concussion. I’m waiting for the results on the CT scan. Okay.

What’s going on, boss? Hey, Paulita. Paulita? Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna join the search, but I just wanted to see you first. Leave. Leave me. Find her. Find my wife. I will. I promise. Promises not find my wife.

Abe, what’s going on? Who’s yep? Abe. Abe, can you hear me? Abe?

Detective Hernandez, how is he? The CT scan revealed an intracranial hemorrhage. Okay, so that’s what caused the seizure or brain bleed? Correct. We have to get him into the OR immediately. Okay. He’s obviously not able to sign a consent form, so is there a family member who can do it? Yeah, you know, I’ll get in touch with one of his sons.

Let me know as soon as you reach somebody. Okay.

Hey, it’s me again. Abe’s going into surgery and I need to get in touch with one of his sons so that they can consent. Can you get me Theo Carver’s cell phone number fast? Okay.

Come on Theo. Be there. Your dad needs you.

You’re in love with me. Really? Is it that much of a revelation? After all, we were our loved ones before. Ah, enough to get married. Yes, I, I remember, and I have the battle scars to prove it. We’ve evolved. It’ll be different this time, I assure you.

Oh, when did it hit you that you felt this way?

I’m not sure. In these past few months, living in that house with you and Holly, it’s, it’s the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. You and I are such a good fit, Nicole. We work beautifully together. We’re madly attracted to one another. We make each other laugh. That’s love, isn’t it?

I, I don’t know what to say. Well, usually when a man tells a woman that he loves her, it’s customary for the woman to say she loves him too.

Of course, if she does,

I too care about you ej. You know that, but sure. Not in love with me

Eric. Heidi still, isn’t it?

Let me make sure I heard that right. Detective Hunter’s sister somehow got mixed up with your brother. How have you known about this? I just found out Jada let something slip when she was questioning me. I don’t think she meant to. And then she got a call from who was obviously her sister, and that’s when she rushed out of here.

I see. I don’t think I need to point out the unfairness of arresting me as an accessory. While her own sister, who very well may be in accessory, is out there running free, it’s not a good look for this department.

You could change the situation by making these bogus charges go away.

I’ve heard enough to do that. You’re free to go, but that brother of yours, he’s gonna have to answer for what he did, and so is tally hunter. It’s over. Colin. You start to pull that trigger and I’ll take you out. Step away from the legend. Let fight go. Yes. You not give a damn about what happened to me. I don’t.

There’s no way that I’m letting go of her now. Please, baby. Just listened to her. Please. Why are you doing up? You shouldn’t be here. Why did you bring her up? I trusted you. I brought her here cause you promised me that this was over. Collin, please, please don’t hurt Mrs. Christ. If you care about my sister at all, you’ll listen to her.

I don’t think you really wanna add murder to your law list of felonies. You’re on my side anymore. Are you? You ranez right, baby. I’m Don’t

What’s happening? Fuck.

Ej Eric has nothing to do with the way that I feel about you. You’re sure it’s understandable if sex with your ex-husband rekindle the old feelings. Oh my God. Eric and I had sex because we were drugged and we were both embarrassed by it. He’s moved on and so have I. I thought we settled this. And what’s keeping you from accepting my proposal?

It’s, it’s, it’s just the timings. I bet off the timing. What exactly do you mean?

Make sure you keep me posted.

I assume I can go now. You might be interested to know that your brother posed as a Department of Health inspector and met with Mayor Carver and Ms. Price at the bakery today. What happened? He attacked Mayor Carver with a blunt instrument. The mayor is in surgery right now. Oh my God. There’s more. Before he lost consciousness, Abe told Rafe Hernandez that your brother has missed price.

Who is able to make it? Okay? Luckily, Rafe found him at the bakery and he called an ambulance, so I hope he’s gonna make it through this, but nobody knows. This is a nightmare. You’re damn right it is. And you better hope that Detective Hunter can stop your brother before he can cause even more damage tonight.

And you might wanna give up the stupid vendetta that you got

and don’t leave town.

Can you please get me out of here now? Yeah, sure.

Io. Your dad is one of the strongest guys I know. If he can get the surgery, he can beat this. Yeah. Well, thank God I got in touch with you so quickly. Oh, wait a second here. Here’s the doctor. This is Abe Suno. I can vouch for that. Now, if you can give consent. Can you electronically sign the forms afterwards?

Yes. Let me talk to him. Okay. Hey, I’m gonna put you on with the doctor. Her name’s Dr. Hubbard. Okay, here she is. Mr. Carver? Yes. If we operate now, your father stands a chance of a full recovery. Do I have your consent? Thank you so much. Please sign the forms as soon as you get them. Hey, I’ll be in touch. Okay?

Please do everything you can to save his life. I will. I have to scrub in. Yeah. Okay.

Jada. Hey, it’s me again. I’m at the hospital with Abe. Please call me as soon as you get this.

Oh my God. Paulina, what’s that bastard doing to you? What’s the matter with her? Is she faking this? No, she’s done this before. Okay. She’s having a panic attack. It sorry’s, not big deal. Helen, its If you can’t breathe, Paul.

Oh my God. She’s Please help her. No, no. Back stop. Okay. I have to do something. Don’t worried about her. This is just another one of us. It started having these attacks after you and your sister made our life a nightmare. I’m sorry for her. Get yourself under control, Collin. You’re enough Trouble as it is, don’t hurt anyone else tonight

I’m just gonna shoot her and be.

Why do you need more time to decide how you feel about mej? No. You’ve, you’ve just taken me by a surprise and I, I, I have been keeping you at arm’s length, figuratively, not literally true. I have been keeping you at arm’s length. Figuratively. It’s just because things between us have had a way of not working out.

But now you’ve said something that’s changed everything

and I just, I need a little time.

Well then, um, take as much time as you need. However, I want to make it clear where I stand.

I’m in love with you, Nicole Walker, and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you and Holly.

That is, I, wow. I didn’t, I did not see this coming. Get used to it.

No, it’s quite late. We should probably go to bed.

You go upstairs and I will be right there. Don’t keep me waiting too. I won’t.

He loves me

and he wants to marry me, and I can’t even think about that.

Not until I know. Whether you’re his baby

or Eric’s

number one, there’s gonna be some words about Abe. I have to find Colin, maybe I can talk him into giving himself up. I wish you would’ve trusted me enough to tell me that you saw him here in town. I’m so sorry. Look, he’s my brother and he is all the family I have left. I was just trying to protect him from me.

I didn’t know how you would react. I understand what it’s like to protect a sibling. You met my sister, Sammy, so you understand. Yes, I understand. But what I don’t understand is how you were enabling him to do the things that he was doing. Eric, I swear I had nothing to do with him harassing Paulina or Chanel.

Do you believe me? Don’t you? Yeah, I do. But if we’re gonna stay together, there can be no more secrets between us.

Those vitamins were prescribed for you, which means the only change of life you are going through is being pregnant. You’re not saying anything. Oh my God. You are pregnant.

No more secrets, I promise.

Hey, Jada, it’s me again. I still haven’t heard from you and dispatch doesn’t have a location for you. Says you went looking for your sister and Colin Bedford. Still hasn’t been spot. Are you in trouble? Do you need backup? Please call me as soon as you get this.

I told you.

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