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In the living room of the DiMera Mansion, EJ complains to Nicole that it’s no surprise that Gabi managed to worm her way back in to the family. Nicole knows they are going to use their wedding to bolster their image at the company. EJ then suggests maybe they will steal their thunder and upstage them. Nicole asks how, so EJ gets down on one knee and proposes to Nicole. Nicole doesn’t know what to say while EJ encourages her to say yes to being his wife.

Melinda confronts Eric at the police station and brings up when he pretended to be a paralegal. Eric informs her that he’s waiting on Sloan. Melinda asks if Sloan is in the interrogation room with one of her skeevy clients. Eric decides she’s going to find out sooner than later and reveals that Sloan has been arrested.

Sloan tells Jada that the last time she saw Colin was yesterday afternoon at the motel after he promised her that he was going to leave town. Jada asks if he gave any indication of where he was going next. Sloan complains that they’ve already been over that she doesn’t know where he is. Jada warns her to drop the attitude and says if she would’ve just turned her brother in then she wouldn’t be in this mess but now her psychotic brother is on the loose and who knows what he’ll do next. Sloan argues that he’s not dangerous and that Jada doesn’t know him. Jada responds that she knows him well enough to know that he somehow convinced her sister to do his dirty work and that makes him dangerous enough to her. Sloan questions what she is talking about. Jada says they are talking about Sloan here, so she doesn’t owe her any explanations. Sloan didn’t know Jada had a sister and wants to talk about her. Sloan decides that Jada doesn’t get to just drop a bomb like that and walk it back. Sloan questions how exactly her sister and Colin are involved.

Talia questions how Paulina’s scarf got in Colin’s hotel room and wonders what Colin has done now.

Rafe finds Abe at the Bakery and tells him he’s going to be alright as he’s calling for an ambulance. Abe urges Rafe to help Paulina. Rafe assures that he will as he calls in for the ambulance. Rafe tells Abe that they are on the way to get him help and asks if he can tell him who did this to him. Abe responds that it was a young guy who said he was a health inspector that hit him from behind and he’s got Paulina.

Chanel comes to the rooftop where Colin is holding his gun on Paulina. Paulina tells Chanel to do what he says. Colin says he’s delighted that Chanel showed up as this has all worked out perfectly. Chanel asks what he’s going to do. Colin complains that they went to great lengths to make the world believe that his mom threw herself off of a building so now the story is about to come full circle. Colin tells Chanel to say goodbye to her mom, because she’s about to jump to her death as he holds her at gunpoint. Chanel cries for him to stop. Colin complains that Paulina used her money and influence to make the world believe that his mother committed suicide. Colin declares that now Paulina is going to end her life the same way that Chanel ended his mom’s. Chanel pleads with him but Colin mocks her. Paulina argues that he needs his help as he’s out of his mind. Colin blames them for making him this way. Colin shouts that Chanel took his parents away from him, so now she’s going to watch as he takes her mom away from her.

Rafe encourages Abe to stay with him. Abe worries about Paulina being taken. Rafe assures that there’s an APB out on him already and every cop wants to find him. Abe asks who it is. Rafe informs him that it’s Colin Bedford, Sloan Peterson’s brother. The ambulance arrives as Abe loses consciousness.

Sloan demands that Jada tell her what she thinks she has on her brother. Jada says she can demand all she wants but she’s the suspect here, so she asks the questions. Sloan argues that she’s charging her as an accessory, so if her sister is involved, she can’t be objective. Jada gets a call from Talia, who says she really needs her help as she thinks she really messed up. Jada tells her to come to the station but Talia says she needs to come to her. Talia tells her to come to room 514 at the Salem Inn and to hurry. Jada responds that she’s on her way. Sloan asks what about her. Jada tells her to stay put. Sloan questions where the hell she is going as Jada exits the room. Melinda tries to ask Jada for an explanation on Sloan’s arrest but Jada rushes out of the station. Melinda then questions if Eric has a thing for obnoxious women since he’s been with Nicole, Jada, and now Sloan.

EJ tells Nicole that he needs an answer. Nicole asks EJ to get up. EJ questions what’s wrong as he thought she liked being spontaneous. EJ jokingly asks if she wants a grand proposal. Nicole suggests a simple and sincere proposal of marriage. EJ decides to try again and asks Nicole to marry him, but she says no. Nicole questions why she would even think of marrying a cynical, opportunistic jackass. EJ questions her not just rejecting his proposal, but calling him names. Nicole remarks that he’s lucky that she didn’t knee him in the family jewels. Nicole suggests that next time, he comes prepared with a ring. EJ asks if that’s why she rejected him. Nicole says no, so EJ questions what the problem is here then. Nicole argues that it wasn’t heartfelt. EJ claims he had the purest intentions when he asked her to marry him. Nicole argues that the only reason EJ proposed to her is because Stefan proposed to Gabi.

Eric asks if he can go in to talk to Sloan but Melinda says no. Melinda asks if Jada arrested Sloan because she finally has proof that Sloan poisoned the biscuits. Eric says it’s quite the opposite as Jada and Rafe now know for fact that someone else laced those biscuits. Melinda asks who that is but Eric doesn’t answer. Melinda decides she’s going to talk to Sloan then. Eric asks her to leave Sloan alone. Melinda suggests then Eric tell her what she wants to know and then she will let him be in there when she talks to her.

Jada goes to see Talia and demands that she tell her everything she knows about Colin. Jada reveals that she already knows Colin is Sloan’s brother. Talia asks how she found out. Jada reminds her that she’s a cop and questions Talia helping Colin harass Chanel and Paulina this whole time. Jada shouts that their father would be so ashamed. Talia tells her to stop yelling at her and to listen. Talia tells Jada that she has to stop Colin from hurting Paulina. Jada asks what he has done. Talia cries that Colin swore that he was done going after them, but then she found Paulina’s scarf in the room. Jada questions if Colin stole it. Talia doesn’t think so, so Jada asks what she does think. Talia believes Paulina was in the room with Colin. Jada questions where the hell they are now.

Rafe goes to the hospital with Abe and makes a call about the APB on Colin. Rafe orders the units to look harder as he’s pretty sure Colin attacked Abe and kidnapped Paulina, so he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Paulina tells Colin that they can work this out and tells him to name his price. Colin argues that he doesn’t want her dirty money, he wants his parents back and since she can’t give him that, he wants justice. Paulina says he’s out of his mind if he thinks she’s jumping off the roof. Colin decides that he’ll get justice another way then, by making her watch her daughter die.

Nicole questions EJ not saying anything. EJ mocks her tender sensibilities for deciding his proposal was a business maneuver. Nicole points out that EJ was desperate to find a way to upstage Stefan and Gabi. EJ then admits it did have something to do with Gabi and Stefan, but it’s not the only reason he proposed. Nicole asks what other reason there could be. EJ responds that he happens to love her and asks if that’s not up to her high standards either. Nicole is surprised and questions EJ saying he loves her. EJ assures that he does and declares that he’s very much in love with her.

Melinda brings Eric in to the interrogation room. Sloan questions what they are doing together. Melinda explains that they bumped in to each other here and Eric told her that Sloan was arrested. Sloan bets she loved hearing that. Melinda brings up getting sick from the drugged biscuits and that Eric told her that Sloan’s brother is behind it. Sloan responds that she doesn’t know who put the drugs in the biscuits, but the police believe that her brother has been harassing Paulina and Chanel. Melinda questions why Sloan is the one here then. Sloan responds that they say she’s an accessory for not turning Colin in. Sloan argues that she had no idea that he was in town until recently while she had no idea what he was up to and still doesn’t. Sloan complains that her whole arrest was an attempt at intimidation, so she intends to sue the department and the city. Sloan argues that she sought legal remedies for her problems with Chanel and Paulina and when that didn’t work, she gave up. Sloan adds that if the cops really try to nail on her on guilt by association, then they better be careful because one of their own is involved in this. Eric asks what she means. Sloan responds that she’s not the only one who has a sibling involved in this mess. Melinda asks her to be less cryptic. Sloan then reveals that Jada’s sister Talia is up to her neck in this.

Jada urges Talia to think of where Colin could have taken Paulina. Talia swears that she doesn’t know. Jada finds Colin’s family photo album and looks through it, seeing photos and clippings of his parents’ death. Jada states that he’s obsessed and asks how Talia could get involved with a guy like this. Talia argues that she didn’t know until after they were involved. Jada finds an article about Colin’s mother falling off a roof after a confrontation with Chanel. Talia then realizes that she might know where Colin took Paulina.

Paulina pleads with Colin not to hurt Chanel. Chanel tells Colin that he has to know the truth that his father wasn’t a victim, but a predator who took advantage of his student. Chanel argues that he pursued her and admits that she slept with him which is something that she will regret for the rest of her life. Chanel cries that Colin’s father cheated on his mother, so his mother lured her to the roof to try and kill her and she just defended herself. Chanel adds that if she could go back and change any of it, she would. Chanel swears that his mother’s death was an accident. Colin calls it lies. Chanel shouts that Colin will be doing this, knowing the truth. Colin declares that he was going to let Chanel live with the memory of her mother jumping to her death but now he’s going to kill them both.

A nurse gives Rafe five minutes to visit with Abe in the hospital, noting that Abe has a concussion and she’s waiting on the results from the CT scan. Abe calls out for Paulina. Rafe says he’s going to join the search but he wanted to see Abe first. Abe urges Rafe to leave him and find his wife. Rafe promises that he will. Abe shouts for Rafe to find his wife as he begins to have a seizure and his monitors start beeping, causing the nurse to rush in and check on him. Afterwards, the nurse steps out of the room with Rafe and explains that the CT scan showed a brain bleed caused the seizure and they have to get Abe in to the operating room immediately. She notes that Abe obviously can’t sign the consent form so she asks if a family member can do it. Rafe says he’ll get in touch with one of his sons, so the nurse says to let her know when he does. Rafe then makes a call to get Theo’s number.

Nicole questions EJ being in love with her. EJ asks if it’s really that much of a revelation since they were in love and married before. Nicole says she remembers and has the battle scars to prove it. EJ assures it will be different this time. Nicole asks when it hit him that he felt this way. EJ admits he’s not sure but the past few months with her and Holly has been the happiest he’s been in a long time. EJ says they are a good fit, madly attracted to each other, and they make each other laugh. Nicole doesn’t know what to say. EJ suggests she say that she loves him too, if she does. Nicole responds that she does care about him. EJ takes that as she’s not in love with him. EJ guesses it’s still because of Eric Brady.

Melinda questions Sloan telling her that Jada’s sister somehow got involved with her brother. Eric asks how long she’s known about this. Sloan explains that she just found out when Jada let something slip while questioning her and then she got a call from her sister and rushed out. Sloan points out the unfairness of arresting her as an accessory while her own sister may be an accessory and is out running free. Sloan warns that it’s not a good look for the department. Sloan points out that Melinda could change the situation by making these bogus charges go away. Melinda decides that she’s heard enough to do that and tells Sloan that she’s free to go, but her brother is going to have to answer for what he did and so is Talia Hunter.

Jada and Talia find Colin with Paulina and Chanel on the rooftop. Jada tells Colin that it’s over and warns that she will pull her trigger if he doesn’t let Paulina go. Colin responds that he doesn’t give a damn what happens to him. Talia pleads with Colin to listen. Colin questions what she’s doing here and why she brought Jada, shouting that he trusted her. Talia cries that Colin promised her that this was over. Talia pleads with Colin to let Paulina go. Jada says Colin will listen to Talia if he cares about her at all. Jada warns that he doesn’t want to add murderer to his long list of crimes. Paulina begins having a panic attack while Colin holds her at gunpoint and he questions what is wrong with her.

Nicole tells EJ that Eric has nothing to do with the way that she feels about him. EJ asks if she’s sure as he would understand if sex with her ex husband rekindled her old feelings. Nicole assures that that was only because they were drugged, they were both embarrassed and have both moved on. Nicole says she thought they settled this. EJ questions what is keeping her from accepting his proposal then. Nicole states that the timing is just a bit off. EJ asks what exactly she means.

Melinda finishes a call as Sloan asks if she can go now. Melinda informs Sloan that Colin posed a health inspector and met with Paulina and Abe at the Bakery, where he attacked Abe with a blunt instrument and Abe is now in surgery. Melinda adds that Abe told Rafe that Colin has Paulina. Eric asks if Abe is going to make it. Melinda confirms that Rafe called an ambulance, so she hopes Abe will make it through this but nobody knows. Sloan calls this a nightmare. Melinda warns that she better hope that Jada can stop Colin before he causes any more damage tonight. Melinda advises Sloan to give up this stupid vendetta and tells her not to leave town as she then exits the station. Sloan asks Eric to get her out of here now, so they exit together.

Rafe calls Theo and encourages him that Abe can get the surgery and beat this. Rafe gives the phone to the doctor, so that Theo can give consent for Abe’s surgery. She tells Theo that if they operate now, Abe stands a chance at full recovery. She thanks him and asks Theo to sign the forms electronically when he gets them. Rafe thanks Theo and hangs up. Rafe asks the doctor to do everything she can to save Abe’s life as she goes to prepare for surgery. Rafe tries calling Jada again and leaves a message that he’s at the hospital with Abe and for her to call him when she gets the message. Rafe wonders what Colin is doing to Paulina.

Colin questions if Paulina is faking. Talia tries to explain the panic attack as it happened before. Paulina begins passing out. Chanel screams for Talia to help her. Jada tells Talia to stay back but Talia shouts that she’s a doctor and has to help. Colin argues that it could just be another stunt. Chanel screams that Paulina started having these attacks after Colin and Sloan started making her life miserable. Jada warns Colin to get under control as he’s in enough trouble as it is. Colin then grabs Chanel and holds her at gunpoint.

EJ questions why Nicole needs more time to decide how she feels about him. Nicole says he’s just taken her by surprise and admits she has been keeping him at arms length because things between them have had a way of not working out, but now he’s said something that changed everything so she needs a little time. EJ tells her to take as much time as she needs. EJ wants to make it clear that he’s in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and Holly. Nicole admits she did not see this coming. EJ tells her to get used to it as they kiss. EJ points out that it’s late, so she should get to bed. Nicole tells EJ to go upstairs and she’ll be right there. EJ tells her not to keep him waiting too long as they kiss and he then heads upstairs. Nicole says to herself that EJ loves her and wants to marry her but she can’t even think about that until she knows whether her baby is EJ’s or Eric’s.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square. Eric wonders when they will hear word on Abe. Sloan wants to find Colin and try to convince him to give himself up. Eric wishes she would’ve trusted him enough to tell him that she saw Colin in town. Sloan apologizes and says Colin is the only family she has left, so she was just trying to protect him. Sloan admits she didn’t know how he’d react. Eric relates with his sister Sami, but he doesn’t understand how Sloan was enabling Colin to do the things that he was doing. Sloan swears that she had nothing to do with Colin harassing Paulina and Chanel. Eric says he believes her, but if they are going to stay together then there can be no more secrets between them. Sloan thinks back to discovering that Nicole is pregnant. Sloan then promises Eric no more secrets as she hugs him.

Rafe tries calling Jada again and says he still hasn’t heard from her while dispatch has no location for her. Rafe notes that Melinda said Jada went looking for her sister. Rafe wonders if Jada is in trouble and needs backup.

Jada screams for Colin to drop the gun. Chanel drops to the ground with Paulina as Talia then rushes Colin and begins fighting with Colin over the gun. Jada screams for Talia to take cover and let her do this. Jada and Chanel scream while Talia and Colin continue to struggle with each other for the gun. Talia and Colin then both end up falling over the ledge and off the roof of the building!

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