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Hello. Are you out of your ever-loving mind? What the hell is wrong with you? Good to see you too. I just talked to Brady and he said, you and Sloan are getting serious. You’re not actually getting in a relationship with that bitch.

Give me those prenatal vitamins. What are you doing with these? I must have picked up the wrong kind. Yeah. Okay. I figured it was something like that. Eric just told me that your childbearing days were over, that you had started menopause.

I’m really glad you stopped by. I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been thinking about you too. Oh, um, no, not like that. Well, I mean, I have been thinking about you that way too, but this is about something else. What do you mean? I heard that your sister accused you of a crime. She thinks that you’re the one that’s coming after me.

Scotland Yard has Collins’s Prince on file. Yep. Guys got a record after all. Oh, and guess what? His last name’s not Firth. Surprise. Surprise. Mm-hmm. I can’t thank you enough for coming up. Inspector Fry Cameron Fry. Ooh, it’s nice to meet you Mr. Fry. You know we’re relieved that the Health Department.

Finally decided to send someone. My daughter can’t wait to reopen her bakery. Well, if everything is above board, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be more than happy to take care of your daughter.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So Colin Firth is really Colin Bedford, and it looks like he was booked on assault charges five years ago in London. Bedford, huh? Too bad. The database only has his arrest. We’ll have to find out if he went to trial or if he did any time. Wait a minute. What? I knew I’d heard that name before. Bedford. You have?

Yep. And you’ll never believe where you are. Not going to find anything nasty in this kitchen. Inspector. My daughter keeps it so clean. You’re gonna eat off the floor. I think I’ll pass on that. No, she was beside herself when someone laced her biscuits with drugs. Well, she’s making sure that no one. Ever Tampas with her baked goods again.

And, uh, how is she doing that? Safety procedures. Mm-hmm. Whoever works here, anybody who works here has to know them by heart. I think you’ll find that everything’s up to code. The biscuit dough, where is that stored? Probably in, in the fridge. But I mean, that’s what Chanel told me. We didn’t tell Chanel that this inspection was happening.

We didn’t want her to get her hopes up in case things didn’t go her way. But she’s obviously the only one that knows the hands and outs of this operation, so maybe we should call her. Oh. Oh no. That won’t be necessary. I’ll be able to find everything I need without her. You sure? I am sure you see right now I’d simply prefer to deal with the two of you.

Wait, how? How did you find out, I mean, about Jada accusing me of trucking those biscuits? My mom told me after Jada told her, I guess they were talking about how there aren’t any suspects, but Sloan, I just don’t understand why Jah thinks it’s me. Well, I guess there was something off about the timing of your story, but don’t worry, my mom doesn’t believe it.

She knows that you would never do anything to hurt me, so do I.

Please do not refer to the woman in my life as a bitch, the woman in your life. Okay, so Brady was right? Yes, Brady is right. Wow. And it doesn’t bother you that the woman in your life has caused so much misery since she came to town. Do you know how many people ended up in the emergency room because she drug those biscuits?

Do you have any proof that someone was even near that bakery counselor? No, not yet because she’s an expert at covering her tracks. But it didn’t stop at the biscuit. She. Still threatening Paulina. There’s been a lot of resentment between Paulina and Sloan. Heated words between both sides. Oh God, this is more than heated words.

She’s sending Paulina threatening text messages. Now. Here I’ll show you. Paulina just forwarded these to me. Yep. If you just scroll right there down to the bottom where Sloan says to watch your back because I’m still coming for you. How do you know Sloan Synthes? How do you know this even came from or from?

I don’t because she’s not stupid enough to send it from her phone because you can’t even prove that either. Do you really just wanna turn your back while she escalates her crazy plan? I’m not turning my back. I’ve investigated this in every way possible. And I’m telling you, Sloan has nothing or had nothing to do with Paulina since the civil suit was thrown out.

Well, if it wasn’t Sloan, who was it? I have no idea, bill. It’s not my job to play investigator. Okay, so you’re just gonna take Sloan at her word. God, Eric, I used to think you were reasonably smart about people, not some gullible fool who thinks with this what? You know what? Nevermind. I am too polite to say something.

Yeah, well, I’m not too polite. To tell you, hey, that I’m tired of being battered and insulted. Stop stuff is right now.

Give me those. You’re up in arms of rebuttal of vitamins. Why? Why? Because it’s none of your business. You couldn’t have picked up a wrong kind. Nicole. Those are prescription. Well, there was a lady in front of me in line. Maybe they gave me her prescription by mistake. Yeah, I saw the label. Sweetie, add your name on it or are there too Nicole Walkers around this town?

God forbid. No, those vitamins were prescribed for you. Which means the only change of life you are going through is being pregnant.

You’re not saying anything. Oh my God, you are pregnant. Why would you tell Eric then that you’re going through menopause? Because he’s the baby daddy. No, you’re wrong as usual. Are you denying that you slept with him? Have you forgotten that I walked in on the two of you right after it happened? Yeah, because we ate those biscuits that you drugged.

We were wasted. You really are a piece of work. You know that. Oh, okay. Oh, play. What is that supposed to mean? It means whenever Jada Hunter got pregnant with Eric’s baby, you convinced her to get an abortion. And how did you do that? By asking her, do you really wanna be tied to a man who’s gonna spend the rest of his life with another woman?

That situation isn’t the same as this one. Oh, really? Of course not. Because when other women get pregnant with Eric’s baby, they have to get abortions. But not you. You’re so desperate to get him back that you would trick him into knocking you up for your information. I don’t even know if the baby is his

really. I could hear the two of you bickering all the way down the block. What are you fighting about? Oh, let me guess. It’s about Sloan. Yep. Brady just told me that she and Eric are a couple. So what, so what, huh? Who are you and what have you done with my mother? Like, I don’t like so many more than you do, but Eric was a grown man.

Thank you, mom. I’m not done yet. You know, when I, when I came back alive, what did I find the two of viewed each other’s throats. I had asked you please, to put your differences aside, but no, you couldn’t do that. So this is what I walk into. Listen, mom, you don’t understand. I do understand. I understand that life is way too short for me to be standing here playing the referee to two adults who are behaving like children.

You know, after all we’ve been through, I would’ve thought that, I don’t know, you’d be happy to be together, that we were all alive and a family and together. Maybe I was wrong. If you wanted to make me feel terrible, you’ve succeeded. I wanna talk some sense into you. Please. I know you’re having hard time with Sean, but don’t take it out on your brother.

Mom. Did you come in here for a reason or because you heard us arguing? I came in here to have lunch and enjoy myself. Somehow I’ve lost my appetite. Maybe I’ll just go back to the hospital where people really. Really need my help.

Why would your own sister turn on you like that? If you made a mistake about the time you got in that day, what’s the big deal? But Jada’s just frustrated. She really wants to know the person who did this to you. Okay. Well, it wasn’t you. I remember your first day at the bakery. You said it was the best day you’d had in a long time.

You love your work and you would never do anything to sabotage it. Yeah, but my sister sh, she just has a job to do. She caught me in what she thought was a lie, and then she followed up on it. I can’t believe how nice you’re being about this. Way nicer than I’d be if my sister accused me of committing a crime.

Yeah. Well, it’s over now. Okay, so what’s it matter? It doesn’t. And that is just one of the incredible things about you, how sweet and forgiving you are.

Why do you remember today, Bedford? I went back over the case file from Sloan’s Mother’s death. Her mother’s married name Martha Bedford. So why is Sloan’s name Peterson? Was she married? No, nothing that innocent Sloan just didn’t wanna alert Pauline that she was coming to. Town. So she used her mother’s maiden name, Peterson.

Wow. She really planned this whole thing out. So if Colin Firth is really Colin Bedford, is he related to Sloan? Martha Bedford had two children. The other one a son. Huh. We are so relieved, Mr. Fry, that the health department finally saw the light and. And sent you here, especially with this case, still look.

Mm-hmm. Well, it seems like whoever did drive those biscuits staying one step ahead of the cuffs. Um, the thing is, we know who it is, we just haven’t been able to prove it. So who was it? A woman named Sloan Peterson. Oh. She’s been after me and my daughters, and she showed up and. And for no good reason, really heard was for quite a good reason.

But, um, I don’t wanna assume anything but. Since we’re here alone, what would you think if we went to my bedroom? That way, if my mother and stepdad come back, we won’t be interrupted. But also, if you don’t want that, we can stay right here. I don’t know how heartbroken she’s gonna be. I mean, her last relationship was really serious.

And she seems to be moving on just fine. Yeah. Because of you and how irresistibly beautiful you are, her attraction to you is what’s helping her heal so quickly from that last breaker. So why don’t you go back there and finish what you started.

I don’t wanna get interrupted either.

Let’s go to

Colin Bedford has to be Sloan’s brother. That’s why he’s using another name. And he sure didn’t like us finding him at that motel. Yeah. Because he’s the one who’s been going after Pauline and Chanel and he’s been using my sister to do it. You know, I’m right. And that’s why we couldn’t pin this biscuit thing on Talia because she had no motive.

And now we know. She never had one but her boyfriend did. I beg your pardon? You heard Sloan was after us for a good reason. What good reason is that? I’m sorry, I, I didn’t mean to offend. It’s just something that I read in the papers. What exactly did you re just the, uh, Your daughter pushed Mrs. Peterson’s mother off the roof of a building.

Well, that just proved the paper is just lied. Bus sails. The truth is, what happened was an accident and my daughter did not do one thing to cause it. I see Martha Bedford, Lord Marsh, to that rooftop, and she attacked her because your daughter was having an affair with Mrs. Bedford’s husband. Isn’t that right?

Chanel was seduced by the professor. Professor Bedford was 20 years older than she was. I don’t call that an affair. He knew. She looked up to him and he took advantage. I see. I must be a little fuzzy on the details. Yes you are. Because back when Mrs. Bedford died, you hired a bunch of people to cover it up.

I’m really put us in our place. Me mostly, you know, I was a little defensive. I mean more than a li. It’s only because I came in here guns blazing, and Eric, listen, if I was on my high horse, it’s only because I’m worried about you and I can take care of myself, bill, I know you can, but none of us know Sloan that well or what kind of person she is.

Yeah. Well, I trust my own instincts. In all fairness to you and to everyone who thinks I’ve lost my mind. I know how this looks. Sloan has a history with Chanel and Paulina, and bad things are happening. Really bad things I know, but I’m sorry for those bad things happening. But ABIs like an uncle to me.

And if I thought Sloan had anything to do with Abe’s stepdaughter or his wife, I wouldn’t want to be with her. Okay. So you really believe that she’s innocent, you trust her? Yes, I do. And the more I’ve been with that person, the more I’ve gotten to know the person that she is. And the more that person I know would not do the things she’s been accused of.

Okay, then I will do my damnedest. Not to worry about you,

but you can still worry about me, Sean.

Is he still a wreck after what happened to his dad? Yeah, he just keeps saying over and over how he shot his own father and he is just tortured by it and, and he’s dealing with it all alone. And I, you know, I should have gone to Greece. I should be there with him. I should have cleared my schedule. Can you still go?

I don’t even know how to track him down. He won’t take my calls.


Well, this is why I’ve been so hard on you. I guess I figured if I couldn’t get my own life together, I should come in here and tell you how to live yours.

Then it might not be Eric’s baby. Have you forgotten that? I’m with EJ now. Oh. Oh. You’re just having unprotected sex with the both of them. Oh. Keep your voice down.

Look, you have stuck your nose in my business. And now you know the truth. Do you think it’s remotely possible that you could keep it to yourself? Why would I do that? You actually have to ask. Think about it. Do you really want Eric to know that I’m pregnant? Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to find out one way or another who the baby’s father is?

So if it is ejs and you keep your trap shut, then Eric never has to know that he was even in the running to be the baby’s father.

Okay. I will. I’ll keep your secret.

It is so good to see you. It is so good to see you too.

Sloan, I was so relieved when I found out you were still alive. Eric was in a lot of pain and he thought he’d lost you. I’m sorry that he had to go through that. Well, now that you’re back, we should do something if you and your husband are free, and Eric and myself could take you guys out to dinner some night.

I’ll talk to John. I know it would make Eric very happy to see the two of us getting to know one another. I really do care about your son. He’s a wonderful person.

Well, um, I’ll be on my way and, uh, I’ll be in touch. Sloan.

Oh. I think I’m gonna throw up, Talia said she broke up with Colin. Yeah. But we both know that she’s still in contact with him and she obviously didn’t want us to know that he’s Sloan’s brother. So who knows if anything else you can told us is true.

Wonder if, uh, Collins really got her under his spell, then he can make her do whatever he wants. I mean, you heard her, how she said how he makes her feel about herself. I mean, she was really shaken up. Uh, maybe it was her guilt talking. I wonder if she knows what a bastard he really is. And it’s hard to pull him in for questioning, but we have no idea where he is living since he checked outta that motel.

Yeah. I’m gonna track him down. I wanna talk to Talia first, confront her with what we know and see what she and this guy have been up to. I’m getting an uneasy feeling that you think my daughter is at fault in all of this. Why is that? I don’t care what he read in the tabloids. My stepdaughter is a victim in all of us.

So that’s how you see it. That’s how it is. No charges were ever brought against her or me. You know, the lawsuit that Sonn Peterson brought was thrown out and the jurisdictions in London and here in Salem both decided it’s over. For some people never will be. What does that mean? One, why is this? Sloan Peterson has no legal right to come after Chanel, and if she continues to do so, she’s going to face the consequences.

Damn right.

Look, I know this is a major step for you, so we will only go as far as you want. And if you wanna stop now, then that’s okay too. Babe, you are the best thing in my life. You’re the only thing that makes me feel a hole.

You understand how much I need you, right? How much I need you to do this for me. No, I want this just as much as you do.

Uh, you’re looking little pale. Should I help you to the restroom? No, no. It’s okay. I just got a little queasy for a minute, but I’m, I’m better now. Okay. Are you, um, are you ill, are you here to see a doctor? No, I just went to the dispensary to pick up a prescription. It’s Sloan that made me wanna puke. I’m sorry, Marlena.

I just can’t stand that woman. Your um, conversation seemed a little tense to me. Were you arguing? Not exactly. She was sticking her nose in something that is none of her business. Hmm. I did overhear her say that she was. Going to keep your secret.

Hey, I heard that nobody knows when or if Bo’s coming out of his coma. Sean must be going through hell yes, and so am I. But it’s still no excuse for me to to treat you like I did. I know I’ve done it to you more than a few times. But I know you were doing it because you were worried about me. Oh, Bella Eric.

Hi, Sloan. Are you having lunch? Uh, no. I just came by to see Eric. He says that you two are very happy together. Congratulations.

I think she turned her phone off. We have to find her. Well, she usually eats lunch at the pub, doesn’t she? Well, she did when the bakery was open, but at least it’s a place to start. Yeah.

Did I come on too strong? No, it’s, it’s me. Okay. I, I can’t do this.

Inspector, I don’t think you understand the magnitude of this situation. Then why don’t you enlighten me? Sloane Peterson, since she came to as Salem has terrorized my family. What happened here in this bakery? It is just the latest in the string of incidents. What kind of incidents? No. She trashed my office for one thing and then the threats started.

The first was a, a note with letters cut out of a magazine, and then I tried to get involved. I spoke to the police commissioner and I tried to reason with Eric Brady. Eric Brady, he’s the man that Sloan is involved with. His family might have been friends ever since Erica was a kid. And right after that, when I got home to Paul Lena, there was another text and this one said, your husband can’t help.

Like someone was watching every move we made, sort of having panic attacks. Oh, oh. The first one was so bad I went to the hospital. I thought it was my heart and, and I’m still getting threats. I just got one the other day. Was that really a threat? Watch your back. I could have just been, uh, a friendly warning.

What did you just say? Just. Whoever sent that text could have been looking out for you. That text, watch your back. That wasn’t in the papers, so how could you possibly know that? Oh my God, are you.

Sloan doesn’t like me anymore than I like her, and she said she would keep my secret just to get under my skin. Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood, but again, if you, if you wanna talk, I’m always in my office. Thank you, Marena. I, I actually don’t mind telling you. Eric told Sloan something that I told him that I’m in the early stages of menopause, and she just wanted to rub it in my face like it’s something to be embarrassed about.

Well, of course it isn’t, but I, I’m sorry. She upsets you with something so, so personal. And maybe that shows us what kind of woman she is. Anyway, the offer stands, my office and Tammy, you wanna talk? Thank you, Marlena. I will remember that. Please do. Okay.

Am I hallucinating or is Phil actually nice of your snow? Bill’s under a lot of stress and she’s still trying to accept that you and I are together. Will wonders, never sees you got your prescription filled. Um, yeah. Everything go okay at the hospital. What do you mean? Nothing. It’s just that you seem a little off.

Well, actually, I

Jayna. Very clear what’s going on. It’s good you’re here. We need to speak to you. It’s important.

Listen, listen. It’s okay. I meant it when I said I never want you to do anything that you’re not ready for. No. It’s not that, look, I have a confession to make.

Why do you want for honey if you’re here to hurt more accusations that you can’t back up? It’s not about Sloan, it’s about her brother,

baby, can you hear me? Why did you do that? I told you. If your husband couldn’t save you,

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