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I have to admit, um what happened on the haunted star. And even though i love my independence, knowing that someone will be there to catch me, it means the world to me.

That’s what happens when you become a parent.

[Dramatic music]

Spencer cassadine?


Just need your signature.

Have a nice day.

What is it?

Let’s find out. This is an invitation to the reading of my uncle victor’s will.

What do you think he left you?

More trouble.

Tj, hi. It’s your mom. I feel like I’ve spoken to your voice mail more than you lately. Anyway, I was just thinking of you, hoping that maybe you, molly, and I can grab dinner soon? Anyway, let me know. Text if you must, but a phone call would be most welcome. I love you.

You–you want something, water, candy?

You know what I want, for you to relax because I’m already nervous enough for both of us.

I’m–I’m relaxed. I’m–I’m very– I’m very relaxed.

You’re such a liar.

[Scoffs] What, you– you kicking me out?

God, no. I–I need you here. My mind is racing. No matter what i try to think about, I just keep coming back to the same question. What if I can’t get pregnant?

Baby, it’s too soon to go there. We need more information, ok?

I know. But I can’t help it. I’m terrified.

And down this hallway is where the senior offices are. Hi. This is a surprise.

Oh, so is this. What’s going on?

Robert, lovely surprise.

Nice try, holly. But it’s not gonna work. You’re up to something.

What exactly do you think I’m up to?

Conspiring with selina wu.

Sring ridge. You asked me about maggie fitzgerald. You said she was my former nanny. But you said that you were a private detective. Did–did you lie to me? Do you really work at “the invader”? Were you just trying to use me to get the scoop that ryan chamberlain was my father?

No, no, no, no, I– I am a private investigator. And that’s my mother.

Y-your mother. But–


Isn’t your last name mccall?

It is.

But you’re a cassadine too.

Long story. Maybe some other time.

Oh, no, no, no. I get it. You tried to manipulate me just like every other cassadine. And you’re really supposed to make me believe that you don’t have some ulterior motive for giving me this job?

What are you getting involved in here? You know what selina wu does for a business. What’s next, drop in on sonny corinthos?

Oh, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yeah, I know you. And you love to play fast and loose with the law.

For goodness’ sake, robert.

Excuse me. Who let you in? We’re closed.

N’neka, is it? Robert scorpio, district attorney. I’m here on official business.

Which is now over.

I–you don’t get off that easy.

You’re right. Maybe you do need to be filled in. Can we discuss this somewhere more private?

As we suspected, your biopsy reveals that you have endometriosis. And unfortunately, it’s severe. You hadn’t complained of pain previously.

[Cries] I mean, there’s–there’s been some cramping, more severe lately. But warm baths helped. And an occasional missed period, like right now. But I’m not pregnant?

I’m sorry. Ir regularity in your cycleis common with endometriosis. Any additional symptoms? That’s good. Per your request, we conducted a fertility test.

I know you told me to wait six months before I try and have a baby.

And you insisted you didn’t want to wait.

No, I mean, I– I need all of the information before I make any decisions about treatment. And I don’t want to delay trying to get pregnant. What’d the fertility test say?

I’m sorry. It’s not good news.


Will trina ever be free from this horrible family?

Well, victor’s dead now, so there’s nothing he can do to harm trina.

Yeah, well, in the meantime, spencer and trina are closer than ever.

I know that you’re wary of spencer. But I witnessed firsthand how he stepped up for trina in greenland.

Your uncle victor tried to control you. And when he realized he couldn’t, he turned against you. Nothing in this will is going to be good for you.

Probably not, which is exactly why i should deal with it now instead of putting it off till later. If uncle victor had succeeded, there would be no need for this will.

Right. He planned on ushering in the new age.

Yeah, this–this is worst-case scenario. This is a–this is a contingency plan in case of disaster. In order for this will to mean anything, uncle victor would have had to assume that he was, a, dead, and, b, that his plan had failed.

So why let him have the last word?

Because if this will is uncle victor’s last shot at revenge, if it sets something in motion, I’m gonna need to be the one to stop it.

Spencer didn’t even care about himself. He was only concerned about trina. He put himself in the line of fire to protect her.

And so did you. And I am grateful to you for bringing trina back home. Thank you.

I care about trina too.

I know you do. And she cares about you. I could see the look in her eye when she looked at you. I mean, I think you have a permanent place in her heart.


Oh, how is my baby girl?

When I woke up this morning, you were gone.

We were up so late last night celebrating your return that your father crashed in the guest room.

[Sighs] You wanted to gocamping in the living room, like we did when I was little. Sorry for being a party pooper and asking to sleep in my own bed.

Oh, no, it makes total sense after you were gone so long, but we did do the fireplace s’mores, which is the next best thing.


Ms. Robinson, mr. Ashford, mr. Taggert, the lab’s ready for you. Who’s first?

[Dramatic music]

Esme works here now?

Meet our new receptionist.

[Scoffs] No, I–I’m out. I should have gone with my first instinct. I can’t believe I keep getting fooled by you people.

You must be so awkward. Esme. I’m sure you must be very scared. And now that you’ve lost your memory, you must be so confused. But my nephew nikolas has disappeared. Nikolas, the father of your son. So my only motivation is to keep the rest of my family intact. Now, whether you like it or not, your son is a cassadine. And through your son, you are now extended family. Esme, I have offered you a job so that you can financially support your son. Isn’t that something any mother would be grateful for?

Fine. I will try.


For now.

That’s all. You can go down the hall to hr, complete your paperwork. And when you’re done, you can start immediately.

What’s going on?

The results of the imaging and hormone testing indicate it’s likely that you will not be able to conceive. I’m so sorry, molly.

Wait, wait, many women with endometriosis are still able to get pregnant. Why can’t molly?

In some cases, the diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean infertility. Unfortunately, molly’s case is different.

Because my condition is severe?

There’s still a lot of uncertainty around how the condition affects some women compared to others. Your diagnosis is severe based on where the endometrial tissue occurs in the body and how far it’s spread and how much tissue’s in those areas, which certainly contribute to infertility. But the condition can also affect fertility on a microscopic level. Endometriosis can change the hormonal environment around the eggs, as well as alter the quality of the eggs. And the reasons aren’t well understood.

So that’s it? I’ll never be able to have children?


I’ll go first.

This way, please.

Trina, honey, are you doing ok?

Yeah, I want to do the test.

It’s ok to be nervous.

It’s totally understandable.

I really want to do it. I really want to take the test and put an end to all the secrets. But what if we find out that curtis is my biological father? How do things not change?

No test is gonna tell me how I feel about my girl. You are and you always will be my–my little girl.

I hope so.

You can count on it. Now, bring it here.

I do need money. But it’s not for me. It’s for ethan.

What, is he in trouble already?

He stole from the wrong people.


It’s a long list– oligarchs, dictators, a hedge fund billionaire or two. Ethan only kept a little bit of it. And the rest of it, most of it, he gave away.

Yeah, worthy causes, I’m sure.

I can give you the contact information of the orphanages that he supports if you don’t believe me.

I believe you. And I believe him. Yeah, he’s got a larcenous soul, but… he’s not greedy. He likes the rush. So did luke. So do you.

These are people with obscene amounts of money. And they’re willing to spend it to see ethan dead. That’s why he’s gone back to australia to try and hustle enough money to pay them back.

Yeah, well, that’s a whole bunch of problems in itself, isn’t it?

Hence why I need a large influx of cash.

Why didn’t you come to me? I care about ethan. And I sure as hell care about you.

If this was as simple as asking a friend for a loan, I wouldn’t have spoken to selina wu. I even inquired about working for the wsb. But that wouldn’t have paid off fast enough. The only way to get these people off ethan’s back is to compensate them. And I have to do that before they find him.

[Scoffs] Why didn’t you bring this to me earlier? I–I still could have helped you.

Isn’t it obvious?

Not to me. I mean, you and I, we help each other. That’s what we do.

But I’ve got you in so much trouble already. And I don’t want that for the man I love.

I am gonna check in with my uncle’s attorneys and try to get more information about the will reading.

You know he did that so we could be alone.

Is that ok with you?

I’m happy you’re here, mom. I know this is hard on you too.

The hardest part is that I had to put you in this position in the first place. But I’m really proud of your courage, you know. I wish I was as brave as you are in the very beginning. When I found out I was pregnant, I should have told curtis and marcus that I was not sure who the father was. And you never would have had to make this decision.


[Sighs] I’m sorry.

I know we haven’t unpacked everything.

[Dramatic music] And I’m still angry that you chose to not be honest with me. I’m not as mad as I was anymore.

It means the world to me to hear you say that.


Come here.



Are you ok? Where’s ace?

Oh, he’s with your grandmother. I hated leaving him, but I had no choice.

What are you doing here? Why are you at the hospital?

Oh, I’m here to drug test for my new job.

You’ve never worked a day in your life. Who would offer you a job?

Your aunt alexis.

I fully expected that look.

Do I have to remind you what happened the last time you invited a snake into your life?

My eyes are wide open as to who esme is or isn’T. She’s not snowing me. I really am doing this for the family.


Because when i went to the lawyers, esme was halfway out the door with that baby. She was gonna take ace and leave with nowhere to go and not a penny to her name because that’s how much she doesn’t trust laura and spencer or anybody else.

Well, victor did try to steal her son.

You know why I’m doing this.

I know, mom. I know what you’re doing. You–you get her a job at the paper to keep her in port charles. And this keeps her in close proximity to you, which gives an extra set of eyes. I get it.

Exactly. Laura asked me privately to help her keep esme here so that she and spencer wouldn’t be separated from ace.

Ok, well, that’s lovely for them. But you’re the one who has to work with her. So what happens when this noble gesture comes back to bite you?

Duly noted. Now, why don’t you tell me why you’re here?

[Knock at door] Come in.

Alexis davis?

Yes, what can I do for you?

Just need a signature.

Oh, all right. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Thank you. Looks like I got invited to the party too.

You know about this?

You got one too? So did laura and so did anna.

Oh, victor hated both of them.

Hated me too. Never very fond of me for rejecting his call for family solidarity.

Ok, so anyone victor disliked or outright hated was invited to the reading of his will? That doesn’t bode well, does it?

No, it doesn’T.

Robert, I– I love you, not just in the past but in the present. I’M…in love with you.


Let me finish. We’ve been through so much since I returned last year– victor taking ethan, staging the fire in the cabin, greenland. And I just didn’t have time to dwell on my feelings. But now that victor has been dealt with, I realize that… I’m still hugely in love with you. I want to– I want to be with you. I want to devote myself to you and us. But first, I have to help my son. And if–if that takes me to shady places, then so be it. But I refuse to pull you in. We played fast and loose enough with scotty. But I will not drag you down. You are the da.

Yeah, and I take those duties seriously. But there are things that are more important in life– ethan, like you.

I can’t keep asking you to cross the line for me. I don’t want to keep asking you that. I love you too much. I can handle this on my own.

But you don’t have to. It’s you and I. It’s us. You don’t have to do it on your own. And you shouldn’t have to.

Is this your choice?

Question: Where does this end?


Hey, boss.

Hey, n’neka. How’s everything looking for tonight?

Well, the sound system was glitching when I tested it. But the technician is already on his way.

Ok, thanks. Would you meet the delivery driver out back? I’ll take care of the paperwork.


Ok, thank you.

I realize this is a lot to process. But there are options.

But conceiving a child isn’t one of them.

It’s not impossible to get pregnant. As I said, we still don’t fully understand the condition or how it affects fertility.

But the possibilities are slim.

Well, let’s–let’s not– let’s not call it a day yet, molls. There–there are still– there’s plenty of treatments.

Tj’s right, molly. I’m happy to discuss all treatments available for your condition, as well as alternatives to help you have a child. I’ll give the two of you time to talk. But please don’t– don’t lose hope. We’ll find the best option for you.

Thank you.

this is a pattern with you. You get involved in all these below-board things with questionable payouts and varying degrees of nobility.

[Scoffs] I mean… if, as you say, you love me but you don’t want to drag me in with you, I don’t get what kind of a relationship that is.

I don’t know. I just know that I love you.

And love is certainly part of the equation. But if–if this is your– your life and your life says you’ve got to keep things from me, how–how does that work? I mean, maybe we– we’re not compatible. Maybe there’s not meant to be a me and you. All I know is… I’ll always be there for you.

[Dramatic music]

You don’t have to say it. After all these years of trying to make us work, maybe I’ve missed my chance.

Is this official business?


I just wanted to see that you were all right. Is that a problem?

Of course not. Thanks.

Are you ok? Something bothering you?

I’m–I’m good.

Ok, curtis. It’s me. What’s up?

Jordan, did I make a mistake going through with that dna test?


To determine if you or taggert is trina’s biological father?

I might be upending a perfectly happy family.

You’re working for my aunt?

Oh, believe me, it was not my first choice.

When did this happen?

She was visiting your grandmother, and I was about to leave with ace.

Leave and go where?

I hadn’t decided yet. But your grandmother ran down the list of reasons as to why it was a bad idea. And I said that I wanted to be independent, which I do. And that is when your aunt offered me a job. I just came from hr.

What’s going on?

Esme got a job at “the invader.”

As a receptionist.

So, what, she just offered you a job out of the blue?

She didn’t do it out of the kindness of her heart. She did have an agenda, just like every other member of your family, but I can play the game too. And if I am going to build a life with ace far away from here, then I will need money.

Esme, wherever you go with my little brother, I will be right behind you.

I won’t let you take ace away from me.

That’s not what I mean. You can leave port charles. You can go to the ends of the earth. And I will be right there to buy a home next to you.

As long as I am with ace, i really don’t care what you do.

What is my aunt alexis thinking?

Spencer… this is a good thing.

Whatever victor had in mind, I’m not up for.

I’ll give him your regrets.

Yeah, regrets with regrets.

Well, let’s be grateful for the fact that spencer and that baby are back safe, victor’s stopped, and nobody else was harmed.

I am. I am grateful for that. And I do have to tell you that the story you put in “the invader” was pretty amazing.

I had help.

From whom?


Wait, the last time we talked, you said that you never thought you would see gregory again.

Yeah, well, he’s full of surprises. As soon as you left, he showed up.

Did you work things out?

Has a–a doctor tried to help you with your cramps?


What do you mean no?

There’s nothing they can do. I have als.

I thought so.

You thought so? What does that mean?

Gregory told me what it is that he’s been dealing with.

Ok. Well, that’s good, isn’t it?

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All these years of false starts and missed chances, I always thought that one day, it would be our moment.

Never is.

Now I see that. Never is.

[Dramatic music] And it never will be.

I will always love you. Nothing’s ever gonna change that.

[Cries] But you’ll always be you. And I’ll always be me. And I so wish that you were wrong. But you’re not. Love can’t fix this.


What now?

I don’t– I still have to help my son one way or another.

How you gonna do that?

Oh. Don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answer to. But I will take care of it. You don’t have to worry about me.

Too late.

Did you and gregory get into another fight?

No, we didn’T. In fact, after he told me what was wrong with him, I thought that he would be more accepting of my help. And from what he told me, he could use the help.

Ok, I’m assuming he probably swore you to secrecy.

He asked me not to tell anyone.

Ok, so I’m not gonna pry. It’s just that this must be pretty hard on you.

What’s really hard is I don’t know if this radio silence means that he’s in some kind of trouble, because apparently, I’m the only one that knows about this. So if that’s true and he doesn’t tell me, how can I help him?

Well, did you reach out to him?

I am not comfortable doing that.

Why not?

Because he asked– he insisted– that I respect his privacy.

Ok, well, you can respect his privacy without ignoring him.

If I recall, you were the one who told me to trust him. And if he needs me, he’ll reach out.

And he did. I mean, didn’t that change everything?

If esme can afford it, she’ll disappear with my brother.

Or the job can be a reason why she stays. The longer esme stays in port charles, the more time you have to convince her that your brother needs you. You and your grandmother will show her how important it is for ace to have a support system.

But what about you? The more involved esme is with my family, the more you’re exposed.

[Sighs] Don’t worry about me. I’ve gotten used to having esme around. And she’ll always be part of your family, job or no job. It’s part of the deal when you have a family.

Have I told you lately how amazing you are?

[Laughs] About 1,000 times.


But you can tell me again.

What’s wrong?

Oh, just history repeating itself. But this time–this time, I’m ready for it.

How are you responsible for what happens to trina’s family? Did you push for the dna test?

No, that was trina’s choice. She wanted that.

Then why are you blaming yourself?

[Sighs] Because I am the complicating factor. Everything was perfect between trina and the parents that raised her. They had the perfect stable dynamic for over 20 years, and then here I come, complicating things.

Well…[Sighs] Their so-called stable dynamic was already complicated– and not because of you. Portia made her choice. And…[Sighs] Right or wrong, it was what she needed to do at the time. But with the revelation that she doesn’t know who trina’s biological father is, that dynamic was bound to change.

But it doesn’t have to. Taggert is always going to love trina as his daughter, and she’s always gonna love him as her dad. So wouldn’t the best likely outcome be to–for those results to show that he is in fact her biological father? Because if that’s the case, then trina can go back on living her happy life.

Spoken like a true father.

Honestly, I just want what’s best for trina. But selfishly, I want those results to show that I am her father. Jordan, I want that so bad it hurts. And the only thing that would hurt worse is finding out that– is finding out that I’m not her father.

I’m sorry.

Hey, for what?

I feel silly.

Baby, you just had a bomb dropped on you, ok? Of course you’re upset.

Yeah, but I mean, I’m a logical person. My brain completely understands that we can still have a child. And we will–we will love that child whether I carry it or not.

We will.


But your brain is not your heart. And your heart is broken.

[Cries] I feel like I just got hit by a baseball bat.

[Cries] I mean, I came in here expecting the worst. But then when dr. Navarro actually said the words, that it’s unlikely I’ll get pregnant…

unlikely is not impossible, baby.

I told myself that it didn’t matter either way. You know, I’m not a very traditional person. And if we have a baby by nontraditional means, no one would be surprised.


But… I think it took finding out how unlikely it would be for me to realize just how badly i wanted to be pregnant, just how badly i wanted to carry your baby.

[Cries] I’m sorry.

I don’t know how difficult this is. I cannot imagine what you are going through.


But we are here together. I am with you. We are in this together.


Explain to me how I can insert myself into his life and then let him reach out to me at the same time.

I’m not telling you to press him to talk. I’m just saying that you can reach out to him without being intrusive. You can just call him, mom. Send a text or a voice mail letting him know that you’re his friend and you’re there for him if he needs your help.

You mean act like a normal grown-up? How did you get to be so normal and so wise?

[Chuckles] Come on. What is normal anyway?


It’s in my dna.

Oh. Yeah.


Dr. Navarro downloaded a bunch of information on endometriosis for us to look at whenever you’re ready.

Is it ok if I’m not ready yet?

More than ok.


As dr. Navarro said, baby, you need to process.

Hey, we both do. You don’t have to just make this about me.

I know. I’m thinking positive here. And we can and we still will grow our family.

[Dramatic music]

Just not in the way that we thought we would.

I should go.

Right now?

Why prolong this? I wish we could stay together and shut out the rest of the world, but we can’T. Letting go of you is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.


it’s what we both need. I truly want you to be happy. And I think that the best is yet to come for you.

[Sighs] Goodbye, robert.

Take care of yourself.

I always do.

Goodbye, holly.

Ready for the dna test?

[Sighs] The lab tech hasn’t returned.

Well, she’s probably waiting for you. May I walk you to the lab?

You may.

[Sighs] I am just as upset as you are about this. But no good is gonna come from you continually warning her about spencer.

This is beyond talking, marcus. It’s time for action.

What are you saying?

I’m saying I’m not gonna stand by and watch him take our daughter down. I’m gonna make sure that spencer is out of trina’s life for good.

I am so sorry you’re hurting. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that curtis ashford is strong enough to weather whatever comes his way.


And he won’t have to go through it alone. You have so many people who love you. And they’ll be right by your side no matter what.

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