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[ Relaxing music ]

[ Taylor clearing her throat ]

Taylor: Hey, stop. Come on, deacon. You’re– you’re all about creating new opportunities.

Deacon: Not the kind that you’re talking about.

Taylor: Look around you. Come on. You did all of this. Isn’t it amazing? Changes, just a few little things can make?

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Taylor: Yeah. Come on. You know, you– you– you saw an opportunity, you followed your heart. And now ii giardino is new and exciting.

Deacon: Why do I get the feeling that you’re not talking about my new menu?

Taylor: Okay, well, I kind of am. I’m– I’m– but I’m talking about your– your personal menu. See now that– now that brooke and I have sworn off of ridge, she might be into trying an old favorite again. Could be really great for both of you.

Steffy: Yeah. Dad cast a pretty long shadow in all of our lives.

Rj: It’s definitely pretty hard to ignore, that’s for sure.

Steffy: Yeah. He can be relentless.

Rj: Is that how you became co-ceo?

Steffy: Hey, I’ve had my eye on that chair for a long time, all right?

Rj: And it suits you. My sister, the reigning queen of fashion.

Steffy: Wow. Okay. Don’t let your mom hear you calling me that.

Rj: Oh, come on. She’s not territorial or competitive about stuff like that anymore.

Steffy: Um, you say that, but it kinda sounds like you still want your mom backbo with dad. Is that what you meant, rj?

Sheila: You saved my life. My heart stopped beating. I– I was fading away, but you pulled me back, my son. I can’t thank you enough for that. You couldn’t let me slip away, finn because I know that somewhere deep inside of you, you still love me.

Finn: I told you. I saved your life because that’s what I do. I treated you like any other patient in my emergency room.

Sheila: I know you did, but I really have to believe that somewhere in that big beautiful heart of yours, you haven’t forgotten that I’m your birth mother. That I am the woman that brought you into this world.

Rj: I’m not matchmaking.

Steffy: Good. ‘Cause it never turns out the way you think it will.

Rj: I know. I’m– I’m– you know. I’m not trying to get involved in any of the family drama either. It’s one of the reasons why I was away for so long. I really– I just wanna make sure that my mom’s actually happy.

Steffy: I get that.

Brooke: Rj!

Rj: Hey, mom. How’re you?

Brooke: I didn’t know you were here in the office. Oh, what a wonderful surprise.

Rj: We were, um, we were actually just talking about you a little bit.

Deacon: So you’re telling me that you really think brooke would take me back?

Taylor: You say that like it’s impossible.

Deacon: You know, you and i both know that even if ridge isn’t hanging around, he’s always in the picture.

Taylor: Oh, okay. But things have changed.

Deacon: Yeah. I’ll tell you what’s changed. She’s hanging out with my boy, hollis.

Taylor: They shared a few kisses.

Deacon: Okay. Didn’t know that.

Taylor: Okay. Brooke doesn’t want hollis. She’s made that very clear. She wants to be with someone who knows her. Someone she shares a history with. Can you think of anyone that fits the description? We live our lives on our home’s fabrics.

Finn: I don’t need to be reminded you’re my birth mother. Oh, by the way, spoke to my dad. Told me you wanted him to get you outta here?

Sheila: I just want another opportunity to show you that I– I can be a good, healthy influence in your life and hayes’.

Finn: After all the horrific things that you have done?

Sheila: I’m still family.

Finn: You shot me, sheila.

Sheila: It was an accident.

Finn: And you tried to kill steffy. You confessed to murder! That’s why you’re in here! And it’s why you’re never getting out. There is no future with us. There’s no role for you to play in my life. This– this is your life now. You are gonna spend the rest of it in a prison cell.

Brooke: Rj, I am touched that my happiness means so much to you.

Rj: I’m sorry. I’m not trying to put you on the spot or anything. I’m just curious. I’m sure steffy is too.

Steffy: No, no, no, no. I– I asked you if you were playing matchmaker. He’s not. Thankfully.

Rj: That is truE. I am not. I just wanna know if, you know, the door is completely closed on the future with dad or not.

Steffy: Okay. There’s my cue to leave.

Brooke: Oh, no. You don’t have to leave. This is your office. I don’t have anything to say about ridge that I wouldn’t share with you.

Steffy: I just feel as though this might be a private conversation between you and rj. Plus, I have to go see finn.

Brooke: Is everything okay?

Steffy: Yeah. I just– he had to take care of something and I just wanna make sure he’s okay. Yeah. All right. Bye.

Rj: Bye. Okay. We’re completely alone. You can be totally honest with me, okay? This whole pact that you made with taylor, do you ever wish that you hadn’t made it?

Taylor: Oh, my god. I– I think that you think that I am trying to take advantage of this situation.

Deacon: Are you? I mean, I thought you and brooke have this agreement.

Taylor: This agreement is why I’m having this conversation with you.

Deacon: Trying to convince me that brooke would give me another shot.

Taylor: Trying to remind you that you miss all the shots you don’t take.

Deacon: I’m just curious why you’re encouraging me.

Taylor: Because brooke’s my friend, and I care about her a lot. And– and she’s never without a guy, you know. I– I–

Deacon: Will you pinky swear that you’re not just using me to distract brooke so you can get to ridge? Come on.

Taylor: I care about ridge.

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Taylor: He is the father of my children, but this is not about ridge.

Deacon: Who is it about?

Taylor: Oh, my god. You. Deacon, you. About you living your best life. Getting everything you deserve.

Deacon: With brooke. Postmenopausal women with hr+ her2-

Finn: No more letters. No more email.

Sheila: You don’t even have to respond. I– I’m– I’m hoping that over time you’re gonna understand, you’re gonna realize that I am not your enemy. There’s so much that I have to say. Finn, there’s so much that I want you to know. What– what I felt like when I– I found out that I was pregnant with you. The– the hopes that I had for your future. How I wanted to raise you.

Finn: I came– I came to tell you to leave me and my family alone. I won’t visit you again. This is the last time we’ll ever see each other.

Sheila: No. No, no, finn. Don’t do this to me.

Finn: You did this. You put yourself in this position by your own actions. So use this time, better yourself. Not for me. Prove to yourself that you can be a positive influence on the world, even from a prison cell. Goodbye.

Sheila: No.

Finn: Guard.

Sheila: No, no, no, no, no. Finn, I– I love you. I love you more than anything. This is not over.

Sheila: You’ll see me again. You will see me again.

Brooke: My agreement with taylor isn’t something that I regret.

Rj: And you wouldn’t change it if you could?

Brooke: You weren’t here when my marriage fell apart. Ridge left me to go back to taylor, and then he left her at the altar.

Rj: I know. I know that was– that was painful for you and for taylor. Look, I’m not trying to get you guys back together, mom. I love your independence. I wanna see you happy and satisfied with being on your own. I support that 100%. And if you and dad, you– you choose to move on and to live separate lives, I’ll support that too, but if and only if it’s what you want and you are choosing it for you because it’s gonna make you happy.

Brooke: I told you that I’m happy.

Rj: I know, but come on, mom. I’m your son. You can just talk to me. It’s between us. Don’t you still see dad as your soulmate? You know, your destiny?

Brooke: You know the answer to that, but I made a pact with taylor and I intend to keep it.

Deacon: Is this a therapy session or a pep talk?

Taylor: It is a thera-pep talk.

Deacon: A hybrid thing, okay.

Taylor: That’s exactly what it is. Do you want the psych 101 analysis?

Deacon: Well, you’re gonna give it to me anyway, so let’s hear it.

Taylor: You suffer from low self-esteem.

Deacon: Well, don’t hold back. Thanks.

Taylor: I’m not going to. No, but you know, you beat yourself up for the questionable choices that you’ve made in life or the women that you’ve been with.

Deacon: You don’t even wanna know.

Taylor: No, no, I don’T. But look how you’ve turned your life around. Ii giardino is– is booming. You’re the talk of the town.

Deacon: I mean, it is pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Taylor: It is incredible. And it’s probably unbelievable to you because–

Deacon: The– the low self-esteem.

Taylor: See? You’re a quick study. Wow. You know what? You deserve all of this. You’re– you’re a good guy now. You’re– you’re smart, funny. You’re business savvy. You’re not terrible to look at and you’re somebody that brooke has– has loved. You’re the father of one of her kids. Don’t doubt yourself. Stop wondering what you can bring to the table. You are the damn table.

Deacon: Well, I mean, nothing screams sexy like a table, so got that going for me. The table?

Taylor: Yes. [ Laughs ] This isn’t charmin! No wonder I don’t feel as clean.

Steffy: So how was it seeing sheila?

Finn: Like I expected. She thanked me for saving her life. Got all emotional about it. Told her I was just doing my job. But you know, she made it about herself and our relationship.

Steffy: I’m not surprised.

Finn: You don’t need to worry, okay? I made it absolutely clear that sheila will have no part of our life ever again. I just wanna… forget her. You know, like completely.

Sheila: I will be free again. With my son and his family.

Rj: Do you ever think about dad?

Brooke: Oh, yes. Yes. And I’m sure taylor does too. But we’re just not going to fight over him anymore. That is over.

Rj: And you’re– you’re happy about that?

Brooke: Oh, yes.

Rj: And if you and dad never get back together again, you’d be happy with that too? I’m– I’m– I’m not lobbying for a reunion. All I care about is how you feel, okay?

Brooke: My sweet boy. Always looking out for me.

Rj: So you are happy with this pact that you made with taylor?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. Yeah. It was a decision that we made together and it was time to move on. I wasn’t coerced or pressured into it. Taylor and I wanna put our friendship first. We wanna put faith in ourselves and in each other. I don’t have any reservations about that. I trust taylor completely.

Deacon: All right. I gotta admit it. You are pretty good at this.

Taylor: I am literally world-renowned, so. You know, I saw the way that your face lit up when you were talking about hope. How much you love her and how proud you are of her.

Deacon: I am so proud of her. I– I– she’s accomplished so much and I just– I can’t believe the woman that she’s become.

Taylor: And you don’t think she’s as proud of you?

Deacon: Yeah, no, I do. I– I– yeah. Yeah. And that means everything to me.

Taylor: Wouldn’t it be cool if you could– if you could put her family back together, you know? I mean, come on. Brooke was the– the great love of your life. You must still love her.

Deacon: I think I’m always gonna love her. I mean, we had some incredible times together. Some of the best of my life. You really think that I got a shot with brooke again?

Taylor: You know, I– I think I do. You’ve set yourself up here, you know, to– to hit the target, but you won’t actually know unless you take the shot. I mean, she– she was in love with you once. She obviously still cares about you. I don’t know, maybe you could just go over to– to visit hope and– and spend time as a family and– and see if there’s anything there.

Deacon: And that opens things up with ridge for you.

Taylor: Oh, god. Look, it’s like you said about brooke. I love ridge. I always will, but… you know, brooke and ridge, they– they’ve been trying to make this destiny thing work for a really long time and it’s never stuck. God, do I wish that things could have been different for ridge and me? Yeah, I do. But they’re not. That doesn’t mean that I’m trying to manipulate the situation for my benefit. What I saw earlier was a– was a sweet spark with you and brooke. I don’t know, maybe there’s an old flame burning in there. An opportunity to turn that into a– a wildfire. And, I don’t know, maybe– maybe have the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Deacon: With brooke?

Taylor: No, the lady at table eight. Yes. With brooke.

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