Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Billy: Unfortunately, you can’t will those things to ring. How you doing?

Summer: Trying to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Billy: I’m just checking in .Summer: You know what, Billy, I really don’t need you to check in on me or offer your condolences or tell me what a great gal you thought my mom was, because we both know how you felt about her after your relationship ended. So, it’s a little late to be warm and fuzzy.


Billy: You know, when I walked in here, I saw you and Daniel wrapped up in the world of omega sphere. If you wanna keep working, I can take this cinnamon bun somewhere else.

Chelsea: No way. You and this bun stay here.

Billy: All right.

Chelsea: Especially because we’re celebrating.

Billy: Is that right? What are we celebrating?

Chelsea: The prototype is almost ready.

Billy: That’s amazing.

Chelsea: Yeah. So, this game, it’s not just a hope or a– or a dream or a wish. It’s really happening.

Billy: That’s fantastic. Congratulations.

Chelsea: Thank you. And I’m actually bringing a new aspect to it that involves kids. So, it’s gonna be new lessons, new challenges that help them deal with real life.

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