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[ Relaxing music ]

Finn: Hey, how was drop off?

Steffy: I got kelly to school on time. Actually, two minutes early, so yay for me.

Finn: Nice. Um, amelia just left with hayes.

Steffy: Oh, a nice day at the, uh, aquarium. Big day for our little guy.

Finn: Yeah. It would’ve been fun to take him myself, but it’s looking like I’m having an extra jam-packed day.

Steffy: Why? What’s happening?

Finn: I’m going to prison.

Mike: So, where’s that beautiful smile? Not happy to see your old flame, mike?

Sheila: No offense, but when they told me I had a visitor, I– I just didn’t expect to see you again.

Mike: Surprise. I still got a few connections in here.

Sheila: Yeah. Well, I wish it had been my son or his father.

Mike: Finn, or the guy who knocked you up.

Sheila: His name is jack.

Mike: Hm. So he was the mysterious visitor you had a while back. So, what are you up to with jack?

Sheila: Nothing.

Eric: No, no, no, no, no, no. Give me that.

Rj: What?

Eric: You really are like your father in so many ways, you know?

Rj: Well, they don’t call me ridge jr. For nothing.

Eric: You really are a chip off the old block, aren’t you?

Rj: Thank you, granddad.

Eric: So what is it? What did you wanna see me about?

Rj: I wanna talk to you about my mom. I just wanna make sure that she’s really doing okay.

Taylor: Don’t worry. Hollis isn’t working today.

Brooke: Oh, I– no, I’m not worried.

Taylor: No?

Brooke: No.

Taylor: I didn’t want you to think that I was gonna, you know, try to set you guys up again.

Brooke: No, I didn’t– I didn’t think that. Look, hollis is a great guy. He’s sweet and he’s handsome and he’s very young, so I didn’t think it was gonna work out.

Taylor: I wasn’t expecting you guys to get married. I just wanted you to have some fun, you know.

Brooke: Okay.

Taylor: At least you, you know, you shared a nice kiss.

Brooke: Mm. Well, it’s a good kiss.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: I just think if I’m gonna be with somebody, it needs to be somebody that I know, somebody that I trust and somebody that I’ve had a history with.

Deacon: Okay. When I heard the bus boys talking about the two beautiful women at table five, of course, I had to come see it for myself, right? But i was not prepared for the absolute bellezza that’s before me.

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: Bellezza?

Taylor: Bellezza.

Deacon: You like that? Yeah. It’s italian.

Rj: I mean, you and mom have always been close. You’re one of her biggest supporters, right?

Eric: I adore your mother. I’m always, uh, I always have been one of her biggest fans.

Rj: Granddad, tell me this, you know, my parents have been broken up for a few months now and I know, you know, my mom’s out there trying to embrace the single life, but do you think that she’s really happy with that?

Deacon: You know, you two are become regulars. I like it.

Taylor: Well, the food is a ten outta ten. You’re killing it.

Deacon: Aw, thank you. And listen, all kidding aside, it really is wonderful having two beautiful, accomplished women like you in my humble establishment. And I still gotta tell you, it is kinda weird seeing the two of you getting along.

Brooke: Well, it was, uh, it was a surprise. Becoming friends with taylor, a wonderful surprise. You know, I can’t ever imagine us being rivals again.

Steffy: Don’t tell me.

Finn: Sheila’s been reaching out to me. She’s been sending me letters and emails from prison.

Steffy: She wants to see you?

Finn: Not just because I’m her son, because I’m her doctor.

Steffy: Oh my–

Mike: So what, sheila? You– you’re hoping finn’s daddy was gonna help spring you from the slammer?

Sheila: He’s an attorney, mike. A very influential criminal defense lawyer.

Mike: He must have some dough.

Sheila: Better. He’s got clout. Power.

Mike: Oh. So that’s why you’re putting on the lipstick, the perfume. You’re hoping to work your magic on the poor sap. Did it work?

Sheila: No.

Mike: Well, I guess you’re stuck in here with me, angel

Sheila: Not for long. Hmmm! Twix with cookie and cookie dough?

Rj: I can’t tell if my mom is living a life of her own choosing or not.

Eric: What do you mean?

Rj: Like, her and dad were going pretty steady until a lie tore them apart. And it was a lie that my mom had nothing to do with. And I know that that’s all been cleared up now, but they’re still apart.

Eric: Well, your mom took a very strong stand with ridge.

Rj: It’s– it’s nice that she and taylor are friends now and I’ve heard all about the pact that they’ve made and that’s great, but I’m left to wonder if my mom will ever truly be at peace with her life until she’s reunited with my dad.

Taylor: You think it’s strange seeing brooke and me as friends? What about you two? I’ve never known you two to get along so well.

Deacon: Brooke’s my queen. And she always will be.

Brooke: You could have any woman in here.

Deacon: They just want me for my pasta sauce and you know it. Besides, you and I, we have a very special connection. The– the best kind of bond any two people could share.

Brooke: Our sweet hope.

Deacon: She is pretty terrific.

Taylor: Yeah. You know, she is the best of both of you. You have a lot to be proud of.

Brooke: Yes, we do.

Deacon: We did one pretty incredible thing, didn’t we? We made an awesome human being.

Brooke: We certainly did.

Mike: Cheer up. Life can be worse. At least you still got me.

Sheila: I’m sorry. That’s really no consolation for being chained up like an animal.

Mike: Do the crime, you do the time. Think any of us convicts wanna be in here?

Sheila: Yeah. But I don’t deserve to be in prison, mike.

Mike: That’s what we all tell ourselves. Sheila, you gotta accept your fate. Sooner you do, the easier life will be, you know?

Sheila: No. You know, no. I don’T. And I won’t accept that this is my future. I never will. Now I– I need to be free. I need to connect with my son and my grandson again.

Steffy: So sheila wants you to visit her because you were her attending doctor for one night.

Finn: When she went into cardiac arrest.

Steffy: So then why doesn’t she want the entire hospital team or the prison doctor?

Finn: Oh, she’s requesting me personally.

Steffy: So it’s a blatant manipulation.

Finn: Without a doubt. Listen, sheila is nothing if not transparent.

Steffy: And you’re gonna go?

Finn: Well, I didn’t want to. I thought I was done with her. We’re never gonna have to see her again. But obviously, she’s under the illusion that it’s okay to contact me, have some type of relationship. Look, it’s time I pay sheila a visit and make it absolutely clear to her that she has no place in our life. I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Eric: Yes. I’ll have katie send that press packet out to you as, uh, soon as we hang up. Thanks for everything, klaus. Bye. Uh, sorry. Sorry about that.

Rj: Oh, no problem. You’re a busy man.

Eric: Never too busy for my grandson. And as far as you asking about brooke, I’m not sure I’m the person to ask about that. As she seems to be happy. Uh, but, uh, I think if you wanna talk to anybody about brooke, I think brooke is the person to ask.

Rj: You’re right. I just– I thought it couldn’t hurt to talk to you first.

Eric: I’m glad you did. Very impressed with how, uh, sensitive you are to your mother’s feelings. You’re a good soul, my boy. You always have been. Oh, look at this. My two favorite grandkids in the room at the same time.

Steffy: Aw! With our favorite granddad.

Eric: That’s me.

Steffy: Of course.

Eric: Well, your favorite granddad has to get to a meeting downtown. Sorry.

Steffy: Oh, okay. So, I get my, uh, little brother all to myself?

Eric: Yeah. Lucky you.

Steffy: Yeah.

Rj: Thank you for talking.

Eric: Yeah.

Rj: Appreciate it.

Eric: I’ll see you, buddy.

Rj: I’ll see you.

Steffy: Bye. So, did I see a someone going to the clubs last night?

Rj: Was my big sis spying on me?

Steffy: I saw it on your stories. Looked like fun.

Rj: It was.

Steffy: So, uh, how was your meeting with granddad? Seemed like I just walked in on something.

Rj: I don’t know. I was just actually talking to him about my mom. I’m– I’m a little worried about her.

Brooke: Oh, wait. Did hope tell you about her trip to san francisco?

Deacon: Yes. It sounds like they killed it, right?

Brooke: They scored a number of pre-orders.

Deacon: I mean, way to turn it around at the end, right? And– and– look, I know I’m very protective of hope, but props to your son too.

Taylor: Thank you. Yes. He’s just– he is so happy to be back designing with the team.

Brooke: I give them both a lot of credit. They worked really hard to overcome their past. And now, they have this really healthy working partnership.

Deacon: Well, you know, when– when hope puts her mind to something, there’s really nothing she can’t do.

Brooke: That’s true. She’s very determined. She’s been like that ever since she was a little girl.

Deacon: She gets that from her mother.

Brooke: Come on. Don’t sell yourself short. I mean, look around. Look at what you did. You had a vision and you’d brought it to life. That’s amazing. Ii giardino is a hit because of you.

Taylor: And there are no lies detected there. This place is packed for a reason.

Brooke: And I’ll bet that deacon sharpe is going to be the next hot los angeles restaurateur.

Deacon: Did I– I heard hot. Was that– it’s loud in here, but heard hot, yeah?

Brooke: Oh, yeah. I did say that.

Deacon: I like it.

Sheila: Guard! I– I have been sitting here forever. Is there a reason why you’re not taking me back to my cushy cell?

Guard: You have another visitor.

Sheila: I do. Well, who?

Sheila: My son, you came. Kayaking is my thing.

Sheila: You got my letters. I– I wrote you over and over since– since they’ve put me in here and… I started to lose faith that you would come and here you are.

Finn: Well, I wasn’t– I wasn’t sure I even wanted to or if I even should.

Sheila: There’s so much that I have to say to you. I’d be dead if you hadn’t shown me the compassion that you did.

Finn: I’m a doctor. Sheila, I was just doing my job.

Sheila: No. No, it was so much more than that. I– I flatlined. My heart stopped beating and you could have just left me there. Left me on that table to die.

Finn: I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy.

Sheila: You fought for me. No one has ever fought for me before. But you did. I– I don’t know what– what you did or how, but you– you brought me back. And that has got to say something to the two of us, right? Mother and son. That the spiritual connection that we share. I mean, I gave you life and you gave me life. Thank you, son. I thank you for saving my life.

Steffy: You’re concerned about brooke?

Rj: It’s not con– I’m just– you know my mom. She’s– she’s always acting like everything’s fine and that she’s carefree, but… come on. She’s been through a lot recently, right?

Steffy: You’re not wrong about that.

Rj: I mean, you know the full story. You know everything.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. I lived it.

Rj: I know I was gone for all of the drama, but, you know, I don’t wanna bash thomas. He’s our brother.

Steffy: Hey, rj, you have a right to your feelings. Thomas did hurt brooke, and you’re protective of her. I love that about you.

Rj: I told thomas that I’m gonna give him the opportunity to prove that he’s actually changed.

Steffy: Well, that’s good. No, that’s really good. If it helps, I– I believe him.

Rj: I know you do, steffy. I hope you’re right.

Steffy: He’s– he’s just in therapy now and he’s working on himself and I really feel like he’s a change man.

Rj: Yeah. But that– that’s the key. How he’s acting now, that doesn’t erase everything that he put my mom through. How he completely upended her entire life.

Steffy: Because she’s not with dad.

Deacon: Hey, I hope you guys saved some room for dessert because chef just pulled out a batch of our world-famous wedding cookies. I mean, wedding cookies.

[ Phone chiming ] So good.

Brooke: I can’T. I’m stuffed.

Deacon: It’s good.

Taylor: God, it sounds–

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: What is it?

Brooke: Uh, work wants me to come back and help pick out some fabrics, so.

Taylor: Oh.

Brooke: I’m sorry. I hate to cut this lunch short.

Taylor: No, it’s okay. Work is work. I got this. Yes. I’ll catch up with you later.

Brooke: Okay. Deacon, great to see you. And thanks again for such a wonderful meal. I gotta go.

Deacon: Well, I hate to see you go, but I’d love to watch you leave. I know. Cheesy, right? I’ve been waiting to try that one out. Seriously, come back soon. Okay? Please?

Brooke: Oh, I most certainly will.

Deacon: Okay.

Taylor: Okay. Okay. Deacon, you need to sit.

Deacon: I’m– I’m sorry that– I– I know that was boring for you to listen to us talking about our daughter and our history.

Taylor: No. No, it wasn’t– it wasn’t boring. It was sweet and fascinating. You know, that– that brooke and I have– have become very close, right?

Deacon: I’ve seen that.

Taylor: Yeah. And I– I feel like– I– I feel like I know her finally, you know. For the first time ever, she respects you, admires you. She knows you.

Deacon: I mean, brooke’s approval means a great deal to me. It really does. She doesn’t judge me for being a screw-up back in the day.

Taylor: Well, of course not. There’s a– there’s a reason that the two of you got together all those years ago. Created hope together.

Deacon: Okay. I see the little hamster wheel going on. What are you getting at here?

Taylor: You know, that brooke and I made a– a pact.

Deacon: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Put forrester in time out.

Taylor: Well, you know, it’s more about, you know, looking out for each other and– and putting our friendship first.

Deacon: I think that’s a great idea. I’m just not getting what it has to do with me.

Taylor: Well, you’ve made some– some huge strides in your life recently.

Deacon: I’d like to think so.

Taylor: And brooke sees that. I know she does. She respects that. What if– what if the timing is– is– is just right. You know, especially now that– now that ridge is out of the picture?

Deacon: And?

Taylor: I don’t know. I’m just thinking that this could be– this could be a opportunity, if you will, mr. Sharpe. You know, to have a shot at a life…

Deacon: With brooke.

Taylor: With brooke.

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