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Sally: It’s just when you offered me the job of my choice at McCall, I knew it was a terrible idea. Like, what were you thinking? Look… we can never, ever work together again.

Adam: I’m assuming that you and Nick arrived at this decision together.

Sally: No.

Adam: Sorry. I just thought he would be the one to make such a reckless decision.

Sally: Reckless?

Adam: I– I don’t know. Brave? Crazy? Call it what you want. I– I’m giving you a chance to write your own ticket, Sally. To choose your own job, to create your own culture. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design the job of your dreams.

Sally: Just so we’re clear, just because I’m with your brother doesn’t mean that I don’t make my own decisions.

Adam: Okay. Of course, you do. That’s why I gave you carte blanche. Hasty of me. I– I guess I was just excited about the idea of us working together again.

[Adam sighs] You know, it wasn’t that bad at Newman Media, was it?

Sally: We had our moments.

Adam: We can have them again. But this time on our own terms, answering to no one.

Sally: We were lightning in a bottle, Adam.

Adam: You can’t tell me that you don’t want that again.

Sally: I want different things now. And I have made my decision. There isn’t a Newman alive who will ever sign my paychecks again.


Adam: I mean, clarify this for me. Is it the name? Genetics? Is it anybody with Newman DNA, or is it everyone in– in the family of which you’re about to be a part of?

Sally: It’s you and Nick, for obvious reasons.

Adam: Has there been any movement with Chancellor-Winters?

Sally: No, there hasn’t been any movement, but, you know, there’s other ways to grow our business, and if there’s one thing that Chloe and I do best, it is pivot. You know, turn on a dime, make things happen. Will you respect my decision?

Adam: Sally… what don’t I respect about you?

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