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Adam: Hey [ Sighs ] I, uh, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.

Sally: Uh, no. I just got here. I’m glad you could join me.

Adam: You kidding? You know, any chance to sit down with you and discuss, uh, possibilities at mccall, sign me up.

Sally: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Your job offer.

Adam: Excellent. Uh, well, I have some wonderful ideas that I think you’re gonna love–

Sally: No, no– the answer is no.

Nick: Well, it’s great to put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone. Let’s talk real soon. Hi, elena.

Elena: Nick. Hey.

Nick: You, uh, having dinner?

Elena: Um, no. I am actually staying here these days.

Nick: Right.

Elena: Yeah. Turns out you were right about nate.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: Come in.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Uh, I was gonna ask about your flight home from la… but it looks like it was a crash landing.

Jack: This is just beyond unbelievable.

Kyle: No, this is proof that mom is innocent. She and summer need to know. We need to get them here.

Michael: No one can know. End of story.

Kyle: My mother’s get-out-of-jail card is out there somewhere, alive. Why do we have to keep this under wraps?

Michael: Oh. You’re that guy.

Kyle: What guy?

Michael: You know that one guy who’s never kept a secret from his mother or his wife? Give me a break. And give that guy a medal. You’re a saint, kyle. Oh, but you’re also the one that we’ll point to when the judge asks, “who unleashed a fury of this magnitude?”

Kyle: Phyllis is alive. Summer needs to know so she can stop grieving her mother and treating mine like she’s a murderer.

Michael: That’s the warm and tender version. But in the real world, where we live, you’ll pay now and for the rest of your days.

Kyle: Michael, I don’t see how that may be.

Michael: Well, if diane finds out that phyllis tried to frame her for murder, she will gnaw off her ankle, hunt phyllis down, and there won’t be anything left to bury.

Kyle: Summer needs to know that daniel saw phyllis.

Daniel: No, she doesn’T.

Jack: I promised diane–

Michael: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Sometimes secrets are kept out of kindness, or to avoid false hopes or massive bloodshed. This is definitely the latter. So leave it alone until we can come up with solid evidence.

Daniel: Yeah. Total silence. We all need to be quiet until we can be sure that we can bring my mom back safely.

Michael: Diane!

Jack: Hey there.

Diane: Hello. I thought I heard voices.

Jack: I hope we didn’t disturb you.

Diane: Is there news about the case? Is there something I should know? We live our lives on our home’s fabrics.

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Sally: It’s just when you offered me the job of my choice at mccall, I knew it was a terrible idea. Like, what were you thinking? Look… we can never, ever work together again.

Adam: I’m assuming that you and nick arrived at this decision together.

Sally: No.

Adam: Sorry. I just thought he would be the one to make such a reckless decision.

Sally: Reckless?

Adam: I– I don’t know. Brave? Crazy? Call it what you want. I– I’m giving you a chance to write your own ticket, sally. To choose your own job, to create your own culture. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design the job of your dreams.

Sally: Just so we’re clear, just because I’m with your brother doesn’t mean that I don’t make my own decisions.

Adam: Okay. Of course you do. That’s why I gave you carte blanche. Hasty of me. I– I guess I was just excited about the idea of us working together again.

[ Adam sighs ] You know, it wasn’t that bad at newman media, was it?

Sally: We had our moments.

Adam: We can have them again. But this time on our own terms, answering to no one.

Sally: We were lightning in a bottle, adam.

Adam: You can’t tell me that you don’t want that again.

Sally: I want different things now. And I have made my decision. There isn’t a newman alive who will ever sign my paychecks again.

Elena: So, how long have you known about nate and victoria?

Nick: For reasons I hope you understand, I cannot talk about that or answer any questions on the topic.

Elena: Fair. I am in a kill-the-messenger kinda mood.

Nick: I will say, we can start with “nate is a complete jackass.”

Elena: True.

Nick: And you deserve so much more than him. I mean, you’re out there fighting for the two of you to stay together, and he’s doing what he’s doing.

Elena: You are good at this.

Nick: You wanna know what helps everything? Ice cream. What do you say we crush some mint chocolate chip or cookie dough? Whatever you want.

Elena: You’ve got yourself a deal.

Nick: All right.

Diane: Michael, I didn’t realize you were coming by.

Michael: How are you, diane?

Diane: So… who’s going to be the one to tell me what this is all about?

Jack: We were just brainstorming.

Diane: Oh! Well, I doubt that daniel is interested in helping plan my defense strategy. Hello, daniel.

Daniel: Diane.

Diane: I– I want you to know that my heart breaks for you every day. Uh, to lose a parent like that under such, um, tragic and complicated circumstances…

Daniel: Thank you.

Diane: I am just destroyed by what happened. And, um, I just hope that you can leave yourself open to believing that I’m innocent. And I– I know that the evidence that’s out there says otherwise, and that I’ve already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, but maybe one day you’ll see that I–

Daniel: You’re not going to prison, diane.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s very kind of you to say, but… why do you sound strangely certain?

Michael: Uh, what daniel probably means is with the help of a highly skilled attorney such as myself–

Diane: Hang on, michael. Daniel, is that right? Is that why you’re saying I’m not going to prison?

Jack: Uh, you know what? I will tell you why. Hi, I’m michael,

Nick: Well, the first thing we’re gonna do is stuff the suggestion box and demand they get a way better options of ice cream.

Elena: Right? I mean, this is a hotel. It’s gotta be overflowing with heartbreak and cheaters. They are missing out on a revenue stream.

Nick: So tonight, we drink. Unless, of course, you have to work later.

Elena: No. I got my shift covered for a favor I did for a friend. Which, you know, is really reassuring. It’s nice to know that there are still people in the world that believe in fairness and honoring commitments.

Nick: Yeah. You know what? Tonight’s on me.

Elena: No. You’re not paying anything. It’s not your fault that nate has no moral compass. But… if you do want to make up for your sister, you could cover my hotel bill.

Nick: Really hate what she did, but that is not gonna happen.

Elena: ‘Cause she’s family. I get it. And I promise I will not trash her in front of you. At least not right now.

Nate: Is that the good stuff?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] It’s the decent stuff. We wouldn’t wanna get carried away again, would we?

[ Nate exhales ]

[ Glasses clink ] How are we, nate?

Nate: [ Inhales ] Uh, where do I begin? Uh, as far as the langston project goes–

Victoria: No, no. We’re– we’re good on the business end. I’m– I mean, you’ve made tremendous progress with langston and everything else.

Nate: Yeah.

Victoria: I’m talking about us. How are you? How are things with elena?

Nate: She moved out.

Victoria: Oh…

Nate: Got home to find she destroyed a picture of the two of us and left her keys behind.

Victoria: That must have been very difficult for you.

Nate: I never wanted her to get hurT.

Victoria: No. Nor did I. I guess we just– we just got wrapped up in the excitement.

Nate: It was more than that. For me, anyway.

Victoria: Well, that could be problematic for you if you’re hoping to reconcile. I mean, is that– is that your goal?

Nate: Things between elena and me are broken beyond repair.

Victoria: You can’t do anything to fix them?

Nate: The real issue is, I don’t want to.

Adam: So you have, uh, a no-newman clause in your contracts?

Sally: It’s not exactly in writing, but…

Adam: I mean, clarify this for me. Is it the name? Genetics? Is it anybody with newman dna, or is it everyone in– in the family of which you’re about to be a part of?

Sally: It’s you and nick, for obvious reasons.

Adam: Has there been any movement with chancellor-winters?

Sally: No, there hasn’t been any movement, but, you know, there’s other ways to grow our business, and if there’s one thing that chloe and I do best, it is pivot. You know, turn on a dime, make things happen. Will you respect my decision?

Adam: Sally… what don’t I respect about you?

Diane: Jack, you were about to tell me why daniel is sure that I’m not going to prison.

Jack: I think daniel just meant that if he thinks you’re innocent, it should be very easy to persuade a judge that you are.

Michael: Isn’t that right, daniel?

Daniel: Um, yeah. Yeah, I mean, it’s taken some time, but, um, you know, I’ve been confronted with some undeniable truths. I mean, it had to be stark, right?

Diane: Yes. I’ve always known he was involved.

Daniel: I– I think it’s a shame how he used you and my mom just to build his bank account and get revenge.

Diane: So you really believe me?

Daniel: I do.

Diane: Really? I mean, I’m– I’m sorry, it’s just my life has been such a nightmare lately, and I’ve almost given up hope. I mean, I’m wearing this ankle monitor, but… but now I have your belief in me. And, I mean, if you can believe me with all the manufactured evidence that’s out there, then anything’s possible, right? Look, I know how passionately summer believes that I’m guilty, so I can only imagine what this is costing you. I mean, I– I know it’s just so hard to figure out the right thing to do when your whole world is turned upside-down. So your secret’s safe with us, daniel. You’re a good man. And I hope you know that phyllis was so very proud of you, and I can see why.

Daniel: I– I can’t do this.

Diane: I’m– daniel, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just– I don’t know what’s going on with me.

Jack: The only thing you need to know right now is that everyone in this room knows you are innocent, and we are gonna work like the devil to make sure everyone else knows as well.

Diane: It’s a very generous endorsement, daniel. Thank you. Now, would you mind swearing to that in front of a judge and jury? [ Laughs ] I mean, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Michael: Well, I think we’re gonna keep daniel’s support of our case kinda safely tucked into our back pocket until we figure out a way to fit him into our narrative. I mean, there are a lot of moving parts, and elements of this case are changing every day.

Diane: I know, I know. Let the professionals do their job.

Kyle: You sure there’s nothing we can do, dad, to make this more bearable for mom?

Jack: We have the very best lawyer. With any luck, we will find the evidence we need.

Michael: Yeah, and– and the proof we’re looking for, uh, it can be a bit slippery. That’s why we didn’t wanna raise your hopes.

Diane: Oh, well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you already have. I have daniel in my corner now. So good things can happen. I’ll just… I’ll just keep hoping for more. All right.

Kyle: See that? The way she latched on to daniel’s support?

Jack: I am not going to break her heart with more false promises.

Kyle: We need phyllis.

Michael: We’ve gotta get her to come back home.

Daniel: And make it safe for her to turn herself in. No prison time.

Michael: I can’t even begin to touch that case. I’m focused on diane. And we say nothing to her until we have phyllis in hand.

Nate: Truth is, I’m not the same man I was when elena and I met. I want different things.

Victoria: You were both doctors.

Nate: Those hours, that lifestyle, it was so easy to just fall into a rhythm. Everything became so routine.

Victoria: That’s natural. But it just seemed like your heart wasn’t in it anymore.

Nate: Mmm. Once this went, the passion for the job did too. And after that, the relationship. But… coming here, it made me see my world in a new light. Who I am. The man I wanna be.

Victoria: And who is that?

Nate: Who they say I am in the papers. Unstoppable and exceeding expectations.

Victoria: You’re on that road.

Nate: But when it comes to relationships, I am lost.

Victoria: Maybe I was right when I said that you needed more than elena could give you.

Nate: She wants the version of me that doesn’t exist anymore. And she just couldn’t understand it or accept it. But… I never wanted her to get hurt.

Victoria: No, of course not.

Nate: But I wouldn’t have allowed myself to act on this connection I feel toward you if I hadn’t been looking for something else. Something more.

Sally: [ Sighs ] You can’t say things like that, adam.

Adam: Look, that’s not what I meant. Okay, maybe it came out the wrong way. You’ll have to forgive me.

[ Sighs ] Sometimes when we were together, it’s like nothing has changed between us.

Sally: Yeah, but everything has. And I don’t want you to lose sight of that, ’cause… I haven’T.

Adam: Okay, wait. You– you think what I said was some grand romantic pronouncement?

Sally: I think it just slipped out, which makes it even more dangerous than if it was a planned attack. Look, we– we have boundaries. And I think you need to do a better job of paying attention.

Adam: You think that I need to watch what I say?

Sally: If that’s what it takes. Look, I want you to be a part of this child’s life and to be the best father that you can be. But that is all that I want from you.

Adam: Um, look, I– I realize that you were trying to do the right thing–

Sally: You need to stop accidentally saying things that you shouldn’t say to someone who isn’t yours. This baby is yours. But I’m with nick. Type 2 diabetes?

“The young and the restless” will continue.”

Nick: All right, it’s that time. It’s everyone’s favorite time, you know, when I offer my unsolicited advice. I’m just a dude who’s been there on both sides, so take that for what you wilL.

Elena: I guess that’s what makes it worth more than you think.

Nick: In that case, treat this like a root canal. Do nothing. I’m serious, elena. Nothing. Don’t drunk dial. No big financial decisions. Just chill. Just give yourself time to breathe.

Elena: Yeah, and what about the podcast I’m supposed to do with newman?

Nick: You can do whatever you want. I’m serious. It’s your call. You can keep it. You can kick it to the curb. We can find some workaround. We can make sure you will never see nate if you want. You could even work remotely if you’d like. But you never have to see him.

Elena: Must be tough for you. Not having the same luxury, with your family expanding in unexpected ways.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Ah. Talking about, uh, me, sally, adam, and the baby.

Elena: Yeah. It can’t be easy.

Nick: Well, despite the onslaught of negative comments from my parents, adam’s constant hovering, and sally feeling like she’s being torn in nine different directions…

Elena: Oh, I’m so sorry.

Nick: That’s all right. This might sound crazy… um, my parents think I’m beyond help. But you wanna know something?

Elena: What?

Nick: I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. And it just hit me that is a terrible thing to say to someone who just had their heart broken. I apologize.

Elena: [ Laughs ] Stop. You’re in love, and that is a beautiful and rare thing. Embrace it. Revel in it. Celebrate it.

Nick: Yeah, maybe I will.

Elena: Maybe? You better. Do it for me. Do it for her. Do it for love.

[ Glasses clink ]

Adam: I’m sorry. I got ahead of myself. Guess I was just excited about the possibility of us working together again.

Sally: You have to move on.

Adam: Just find somebody? Fall in love again?

Sally: You deserve that. Someone who’s meant for you. Someone who sees what an incredible man you are. A woman who you can give your whole heart to.

Adam: And you really think that there’s someone like that out there from me?

Sally: Of course. And when you look at each other, you’ll think “that’s my whole world.”

Adam: And just live happily ever after?

Sally: Why not? Look, I have a feeling whenever you hold our little girl in your arms, you are gonna realize that you were meant for one woman. And she’s gonna make you wanna be the best adam that there can be. This girl’s gonna change your life.

Adam: She already has.

Sally: Well, good. There’s just one other thing that I really need you to do, and I need you to take this to heart. You need to find a way to let me go.

Kyle: Who were the bodies they used for dead phyllis and the emt?

Michael: I’d like to know the answer to that myself. I’ve got an investigator on it.

Daniel: It’s probably one of the darkest things about this whole issue. John and jane doe already dead, unknowingly giving their bodies to a lie.

Jack: And then, of course, there’s the proof out there that is living and breathing, and no one knows about it but us. When can we tell christine that her murder victim is alive?

Michael: When we’re in contact with phyllis, d she’s in town and she’s under surveillance, whether she wants to be or not. She knows coming back here, she could be charged for stark’s murder.

Jack: She should be arrested as soon as they find her, for her security, for our safety. She needs to testify or sign a sworn statement.

Kyle: Summer will run out there and find phyllis herself.

Daniel: It’s one of the many reasons why we agreed that we have to hold off on telling her.

Kyle: Hey, you’re not the ones who have to look into her eyes every day. If she finds out phyllis is alive–

Daniel: She will.

Michael: When the time is right.

Jack: Michael, daniel, uh, thank you. Michael, for all you do. Daniel, thank you for sharing your encounter with phyllis. You didn’t have to tell us any of that, and it changes everything for us.

Daniel: I hope so. I gotta run.

Michael: Yeah. I’ll be in touch.

Jack: Okay, go ahead. Say it. I know you have very strong feelings against my decision.

Kyle: I hate it. Summer needs to know.

Jack: Well, she will know eventually. We can’t tell her–

[ Stammers ] Why are you being so insistent on this?

Kyle: Because I know what it’s like to have people tell you that your mother is dead. I look into her eyes and I know what she feels, how much she misses her, how much it hurts. How she wants to hold her one more time, make more memories. Thing is? She can do all of that, because her mother is out there somewhere, alive. But I have a wife who is crying herself to sleep and blaming my mother for phyllis’s supposed death. We could be out there living our lives again. I’m not doing this any longer. I am telling summer.

Nate: I’m not sure what I was looking for. This is all uncharted territory for me. An adventure I could have never anticipated.

Victoria: I feel the same way.

Nate: And I find myself drawn to you. Explain to me how we can know each other for so many years in so many ways, and now, when it’s insanely inappropriate…

Victoria: This attraction…

Nate: Constantly wanting more of you.

Victoria: I feel the same way.

Nate: So you want me?

Victoria: Isn’t obvious?

[ Sighs ] I very much enjoyed our time in california together. I think the two of us working together is beneficial.

Nate: Agreed.

Victoria: However…

Nate: Oh, no strings. No buts.

Victoria: Well, that’s good, because that means that your future is completely in your hands. Your own hands.

[ Nate chuckles ] So where do you want things to go from here? – We got this! – Great! – Bye!

Adam: What makes you think that I haven’t let you go?

Sally: I can see it in the way that you look at me. In the way that you smile at me. Your words.

Adam: I– I can’t be happy?

Sally: Yeah. Be overjoyed about the baby, but from a respectful distance. Look, this is not a request, okay? It’s– it’s a requirement.

Adam: Okay, um, is there an expiration date on my banishment? Should I expect a birth announcement by email, or– or what?

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Okay, adam. I will keep you abreast on all the doctor’s appointments.

Adam: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Sally: And I will see to it that you receive a regular report of the baby’s health and growth.

Adam: That’s very considerate of you.

Sally: Okay. Maybe we both can find a level of contact that works for us. For all four of us. It’s for the best. And you’ll agree with me… eventually. Goodbye, adam.

[ Sighs ]

Nate: Wow. That’s a hell of a question.

Victoria: Was that too forward?

Nate: I didn’t say that. I just wasn’t expecting it. Where do I want things to go?

[ Exhales ] Huh… you first.

Victoria: All right. Well, to put it simply, I want more of you. More time with you. I wanna get to know you more.

Nate: Well, we want the same things. We just have to be careful on how we go about getting it.

Victoria: I understand that. I know that you need time to mourn your relationship. And I’m definitely gonna keep a respectful distance.

Nate: Oh, and you think that’ll make a difference? That I’ll want you any less?

[ Chuckles ] If anything, avoidance will make things worse. Waiting and wanting you?

Victoria: There’s no rush, right? Neither one of us is going anywhere. Besides that, anticipation is fun, I think.

Jack: I know you are frustrated. I’m frustrated too. But we have something we didn’t have before: The key to saving diane and ending summer’s grief.

Kyle: But what good is it if we can’t tell anyone?

Jack: We will, when all the pieces are in place. Look, it isn’t perfect, but, look, there have been improvements. Summer no longer feels she has to wage war against diane. And you saw how touched she was by daniel’s support.

Kyle: Yeah. And think of how great they’ll feel when they find out the truth.

Jack: Think how great they will feel when they find out the irrefutable proof that we have. We have no idea where it is or when it will ever come back to town. We can’t give them false promises.

Kyle: But we can’t keep this a secret forever.

Jack: No, of course we can’T. You’re right. There’s gotta be another way. Uh… I’m gonna call christine. Can you give me just that much time?

Kyle: Christine? Michael–

Jack: No– I– yeah, I’m gonna ask if she will meet with me. If she will, I– I will meet with her and come right back to you. But until then–

Kyle: No, I’m not making any more promises, dad. Okay. Fine. If I see summer, I will do my best to avoid the topic.

Jack: I will come right back after.

[ Door slams ]

[ Gasps softly ]

I have type 2 diabetes,

Sally: What is all this?

Nick: There is something I haven’t said to you yet, and it requires some embellishments.

Sally: What have you done?

Nick: What I’ve done is fallen completely in love with you.

Sally: Oh.

Nick: “Oh.”

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Uh, that’s not, um, not the response I was expecting.

Sally: No, no, no, no. It’s– it’s not that this isn’t the most wonderful thing that anyone has ever done for me, or… said to me.

Nick: I caught you off-guard. Yeah.

Sally: Why are you telling me now?

Nick: I was with someone tonight who reminded me that things are complicated. And they really are. I’m crazy about you, sally. I, uh… I think about you every minute of the day. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a very long time.

Sally: Even though your family is ready to disown you or lock you away until you come to your senses?

Nick: There isn’t anything or anyone that is gonna keep me away from you.

Sally: Promise?

Nick: You’re stuck with me.

Sally: Good. [ Laughs ]

Nick: I hope you’re not hungry.

Sally: Well, I hope you’re not tired.

[ Sally laughs ]

Nick: I’m not.

Victoria: So, how do you feel about everything now? About where we are?

Nate: Hmm. Part of me is thrilled. The other part of me feels like we had a contract negotiation about our relationship.

Victoria: Well, I do prefer to keep my drama in the bedroom. And occasionally in the office.

Nate: Ooh. Well, your secret’s safe with me.

Victoria: I know. All right. Come on, hastings, let’s get your private life in order. I need your attention right here, right now.

Nate: Where I belong.

Victoria: I’m glad we both agree.

[ Nate chuckles ]

Nate: I’m gonna get back to work. I will see you around.

Victoria: Uh, nate? Uh, do me a favor and don’t forget to check in later about that streaming deal.

Nate: Will do.

[ Cell phone pings ]

Christine: Running late. On my way.

Jack: All right, christine. The sooner, the better.

[ Cell phone pings ]

Victor: Hello, jack.

[ Laughs ] You look as if you just saw a ghost.

Kyle: Magic? Harrison thinks so.

Diane: Well, then how many would you have to eat to get rid of that look in your eyes?

Kyle: Mom…

Diane: No, I just keep– I keep praying for a miracle that all of this will just… go away. One minute we’re planning our wedding, and– and the next, we’re planning my defense.

[ Chuckles ] You know what we should be planning? We should be planning a family vacation. You know, you and summer. You deserve some time away after all this. I mean, don’t ask me how we’d all be able to go, but… I don’t know, we could find some little hidden resort in a corner of the world, and–

Kyle: You can’t make this go away, mom. But I can. There’s something you need to know.

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