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 Good morning. Oh, there you’re darling. Morning. Did everybody make it off to work? Uh, Stefan and Gabi left, but uh, I just thought EJ in the kitchen. Oh, he’s not reprimanding the staff I heard. No, he was just about to take breakfast up to Nicole. Huh? Wow. Apparently she slept in.

Nicole. Nicole. Wake up.

Eric, what are you doing here? AJ could walk in any second. Give, I just saw Kayla. She told me. I told you what, you’re pregnant.

I have brought you some breakfast.

Nicole, what is it? What’s wrong?

Tony, you look surprised to see me. I am a little, uh, I just left you a voicemail.

Guess there’s no reception in the elevator. What did it say? Uh, just that I. Had a really nice time last night, but I, if you’re not feeling it and you wanna go back to being just friends, it’s all good.

And if I wanna be more than friends, is that all good too?

Watch your back because I’m still coming for you. That sure as hell sounds like a threat to me, commissioner. It does. So you just gonna stand there agreeing with me or you gonna finally arrest a person. We all know it. It’s terrorizing my family.

Please open up.

Police. Open the door now.

Is there a problem officer?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

It’s detective actually. Detective Jada Hunter, I believe you know my sister. I’m sorry. Her name is Talia. Talia. Hunter name doesn’t ring a bell, I’m afraid. Really? And how do you explain it to witnesses that saw her leaving your room? You okay? Yeah. Uh, just a little, uh, nervous. I guess. Like I said, I, I had a really nice time on our date last night, but I, it got kind of awkward towards the end.

And then since I didn’t hear from you today, I just, I kind of assumed that you weren’t into me. Well, I hope these say otherwise. Thank you. They’re beautiful, Talia. And just so you know, um, I’m, I’m kind of nervous too. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Look, Chanel, I really like you and I love how chill things have been since we met.

You think we can kind of shake the nerves and get back there? Definitely.

Would you like to come in?

I believe Abe told you I, I’ve been having panic attacks. Yeah, he did. And I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, well they’re no fun, that’s for sure. Oh. But um, you know, Jada’s sister taught you, she was kind enough too. Uh, teach me these breathing exercises. Thing is, I don’t know how much long I can hold my breath waiting for you to do what needs to be done.

And that’s for you to arrest Sloan Peterson. I assure you the minute that I give I don’t want your assurances. Ray, I want you to lock up that bottle. Blonde bitch man, throw in. Hey boyfriends, I missed you last night. Oh my. What happened? Did you run into a door or something? No, he’s fist You suck. A punch Me.

What? When? Right after he found out I slept in Nicole From you

are. I’m fine, I’m fine. I just had a strange dream about what you know. I don’t remember. I clearly, I’ve said you perhaps a little breakfast was selling your enough ej. This is very thoughtful, but don’t you think we should get to the office? Don’t you worry about that. Okay. You know, I love to be pampered, but I don’t need to skip work.

I’m fine. Oh, I’m sorry about being overprotective. I was just so worried yesterday when I found out you were taken to the hospital.

I’m glad it was nothing serious. All right. It’s nothing serious. You said it was just early symptoms of menopause.

You were being honest with me about that, weren’t you?

Ej, of course, I’m being honest with you, I’m just not thrilled about my current condition. You, my dear, have nothing to worry about. Like a fine wine. You only get better with age. Ooh, nothing like being compared to a decile bottle in a shelf. What I mean is that with every passing day, I find you more and more intoxicated.

We have known each other for a very long time, and I can say unequivocally that you have never been more radiant and alluring than you are right now.

Okay? Allow me, Jay, and Tamira, you are spoiling me. You deserve to be spoiled. Ooh. I don’t know about that. But as I, as I told you the other night, I have noticed the effort, effort you’ve made. Show me that I’m important to you and that means so much to me, and I’m also grateful. You’ve been so cool about Eric and me.

Now you’ve both slept together. Oh God, you can say it. You can say it and why wouldn’t I be cool about it? You told me. I meant nothing. I didn’t and we were, we’re not in our right minds. Which is why I’ve decided to let it go. It was an isolated incident that changes nothing between us, so I see no reason why we can’t forget all about it and move on.

Guilty is charged. I mean, I. I ran into EJ last night and I told him that, you know, I caught you and Nicole in bet together. I assumed he knew. Is there any particular reason why you didn’t gimme a heads up? Well, I was under the impression that EJ was just gonna let it go. God, I can’t believe he punched you.

I mean, I’m so sorry. No, it’s okay. I’m fine. Fine. How is this fine. You were assaulted Eric. I mean, this could have all been avoided, had Nicole just told EJ herself. You, you guys did nothing wrong. Okay. I mean, this only happened because those biscuits were drugs. I mean, it didn’t mean anything. Right. Yeah, right.

God, if EJ would just stop targeting you and he would just turn his focus to Chanel, the Demonn Baker of Salem. I mean, thank God the Health Department shut her down before she killed someone. You know, the health Department shut down my baby’s bakery even though, you know, had nothing to do with those tainted biscuits.

I know that. I’m sorry. I feel terrible for everything junior family are going through. Oh. How you feel? Doesn’t help me rap. I need you to do get up there and arrest the Luna. Tickle who’s trying to ruin our lives. As I have said before, I can’t do anything without evidence. Where’s your damn evidence? Okay.

Yeah. It’s from a block number, probably a burner phone. Well, of course that woman’s not stupid enough to use her own phone. Yeah. Which is why there is no proof that Sloan sent it, and why we can’t be sure that someone else isn’t responsible for this. The tainted biscuits, the trashing of your office and the threatening messages.

Oh, no, no, not this, not this again. Are you really going to waste more of my time and your breath trying to tell me the threat is coming from that sweet girl Talia. I’m sorry, who exactly was it that said they saw your sister Talia? Right. Coming outta my room, Chloe Lane. Does that name ring a bell? No. No it doesn’t.

Okay. How about Xander Cook, large man Scottish accent. He said you two had some words. I see. Yeah, you were talking about my nosy neighbor. He’s a bit of a winker. That one. Be that as it may, Mr. Cook and Ms. Lane both remember seeing Talia leaving this room the other day, but you’re insisting that she was never here.

And that you do not know her. Is that right? What was all of this about? Is your sister in some kind of trouble? I certainly hope not, but you will be if you don’t start answering my questions. So let’s start with an easy one. What’s your name? Colin. Colin What? Faith. Seriously. It’s quite a coincidence really.

Tons of people actually ask me for my autograph. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with me, but I am gonna ask you to show me some id.

Hello? A latte. Fancy. Yeah. My mom had this espresso machine flown in from. Italy for Abe and don’t tell mama, but Abe privately told me that he prefers instant. This stuff is way too strong for him. They still make instant coffee. Yeah. Mr. Mayor is old school. Anyway, I made it just the way you like it. I hope you did.

Yes, I promise. It’s great. And um, so is this, you know, hanging here together. I agree. But, um, Talia, what changed? What do you mean? Well, you didn’t seem nearly as comfortable last night. You seemed distant. In fact, this plan, Colin, it’s, it’s all sorts of twisted. You’re asking me to seduce her and, and then break her heart.

You’re right, Chanel. I wasn’t comfortable on our date and um, I owe it to you to tell you why.

Nicole. Oh, Anna. Hi. Hi. I just. Just came up to see if you’re feeling better today. Physically. I’m fine emotionally. I’m not so sure. Honey, what’s wrong? EJ found out about my secret. You mean the secret? The one you shared with me a few weeks ago? Yeah, that one. Yeah. Honestly, EJ didn’t hear it from me. I didn’t.

I didn’t tell his soul. Not even Tony, Anna. No, you have to believe me, honey. I honestly would never betray your trust that way, Anna. That’s okay. I know it wasn’t you. It was that. Ah, awful. Sloan Peterson. Eric,

I hope you know that I, I didn’t tell EJ about you and Nicole out of spite. Oh, God’s honest truth. I really thought he knew. I get that.

Sloan, I appreciate you being so understanding and and trusting because I know you’re a kind and loyal person, and you would never cheat on me if you hadn’t been out of your mind as you put it, that only EJ would’ve had a similar reaction.

Ah, Tony old chap looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. I hope you and Anna will be able to go outside and enjoy it. Well, you seem to be in a good mood today. Why wouldn’t I be? Well, I’m just glad that you’re no longer brooding. Have that secret Nicole’s keeping from you. Oh, then actually I found out what that is.

Oh, and judging from your chipper mood, I assume that it turned out to be rather trivial, just like I assured you it would.

Tell me why was Nicole’s secret? Did she book her a Amanda getaway for the turvy? Oh, she you, that timepiece she had your eye on? Nope. She slept with Eric Brady.

And why do you want to see my id? Is there a reason you don’t wanna show it to me? Do you have a warrant? Do I need one? I’m just trying to figure out the nature of your visit. Detective, you’re referred to the two people who claim to have seen your sister coming from my room as witnesses. Does that mean you’re investigating some sort of crime?

Underage prostitution? Perhaps. What? When a woman is coming and going from different motel rooms, okay, hold it right there. Talia is not a prostitute and she’s not underage. And see, sounds like the nature of your visit is more personal as opposed to official. Damn right is personal. This is my sister we’re talking about.

Course now I see why you’re so rattled too. If I knew someone had hurt someone in my family, I’d make damn sure the answer to me. I wasn’t comfortable on our date because in all honesty, this is all new to me. Being with girls, you mean? No, actually being in a romantic situation. I don’t have much experience with guys either.

No. Stop it. Talia. I’ve seen the way guys look at you when they come into the bakery. They’re so busy staring at you that they almost forget to order you. Shouldn not staring at you. No, they are not. But how is it possible that you haven’t had like a zillion boyfriends? Well, okay, in high school when my friends went to prom, I was too busy studying for my AP chemistry tests.

Yeah. And then when I got to college, I was so obsessed with getting good grades to get into med school. So when I finally got into med school, yeah, you can just kiss the whole dating thing goodbye. Mm. And if I was lucky enough to have a few free hours, all I wanted to do sleep. Mm. Total opposite of me. I did get good grades, but I was so busy partying in my free time, so I was closing down bars and clubs on two continents.

Wow. I was closing down the library. Oh my God. He must think I’m like such a dork or something. No, no, not at all. I just think you found your focus a lot sooner than I did. So when did you find yours? Well, I definitely didn’t have it. When I first got to Salem, I was a hot mess. And then my mama got, uh, Lonnie, my big sister, to talk some sense into me.

And boy did she ever, she told me that I had all these opportunities and advantages and she, she made me realize that I was just throwing them all away. And so then I, I decided I didn’t wanna do that anymore. I wanted to turn my life around, and you did. Lonnie said that if I wanted to make my dreams come true, then there were no shortcuts.

It’s all about hard work. And so I buckled down and I got serious and. They paid off, and that is why even though it hurts to see sweet bits being shut down, I will not stop fighting back against the haters that made it happen. There is no way in hell that they are going to win. Look at you. You’re a real badass, aren’t you?

Yep. Just like my mama,

Talia Hunter is a lovely young woman, hardworking, smart, kind. How could you possibly think she’s behind any of this? I told you I don’t. There was a brief period in time when we had some questions, but she was able to answer all those and she has no motive. Unlike that psychopath, Sloan Peterson, who came to town with the express purpose of getting revenge on me and my baby girl.

What do you want me to do? How about your job? I tune into Peacock every single day to watch lower and order. So I know the drill. Get the perp in the room, sit ’em in a tiny room, get ’em under those lights, and then gorilla. And then crocker like a bad eggs. She is All right. Okay. Like a bring Sloan down here for questioning.

But as you already know, detective Hunter executed a search warrant at her place and they found nothing. Additionally, Sloane came down here and she gave her phone to our tech team, and there was no incriminating evidence. Oh, just gimme, gimme, gimme five minutes along with, behind that tiny room. Five minutes.

Fucking happen. No. Ooh, you hang here. Oh, sit down. Oh, do your breathing exercises take. Just sit and breathe.

Commissioner to what do I owe the displeasure someone in need of a good defense attorney. Well, somebody is going to. Paulina Price. Just received another threatening text message. You want me to come in for questioning? I would appreciate the cooperation. I can even send a car for you. Don’t bother. I know the way.

Great. We’ll see you soon.

Let me go to the station with you. Oh, I’m a big girl. I can fight my own battles. Especially Raven is a NT crew of morons. All right. Just know I got you back and all of me.

Wow. EJ knows. That you’ve slept with Eric and he hasn’t blown a gasket. That’s one for the books, huh? Oh, that’s because he knows. It only happens because Eric and I were high. All right. Right. Yeah. Well, so turns out you had nothing to worry about after all, and yet you look pretty worried right now.

Actually, and I, I am, because now I have to figure out what to do with this new secret that I’m keeping from him. What New secret? Oh yeah. You’re not gonna believe this because I can hardly believe it myself. Nothing shocks me anymore. Whatever it is. You can just lay it on me.

I’m pregnant and, and I don’t know if the father is EJ or Eric.

So Nicole slept with Eric only because they’ve been drugged by those bloody biscuits. The judgment was severely impaired just like mine was when I, yeah, when your acid assets ended up on a cup machine in Tamara. You seem surprisingly calm about all of this. Oh, believe me, when I first found out I was enraged, but I finally came to my senses, I realized that what happened between Nicole and her ex was meaningless.

And so I, uh, I feel better.

Feel better. Yes. Those, those exercises really do. Okay. Ah, Ms. Peterson, thank you for coming in. Well, I’ve got nothing to hide so you can even look through my phone, but just like last time, you won’t find anything. Of course not. We aren’t stupid enough to think that you’d use your own phone to send me those text messages.

Rolling. Would you let me handle this, please? We know the text messages that she received on her phone were not sent from your phone. Yeah. We also know that doesn’t mean a damn thing, so quit stalling and confess. Are you Rafe Snow Deputy? You lucky I don’t have Badge A gun. Look. Do you have any evidence implicating me?

No. And do you have any more questions you’d like to ask? I do actually, but just one. Did you send that text, Paulina? From a burner phone, I did not let me repeat myself for the people who might be too slow to catch it. I did not send that text.

I think we’re done here. No. No, we are not. No, no. Uhuh. We’re not done here. Not even close. You wicked long. You little suck your bus. You are going to pay for what you put us through. You can call me names all you want, Ms. Price, but that doesn’t change the facts. I didn’t send you that text. I didn’t write you those letters.

And I sure as hell to drug those biscuits. Your daughter, so gleefully handed out to half the town. I’m just Leave, leave, leave. What your Oh, I can’t walk. Can’t stand beside of it. And one more. Fact that you may wanna be aware of. It’s clear I’m not the only one in this town who wants to see you suffer. So if I were you, I would watch my back.

Okay? Be honest. Is it weird that I’m so inexperienced? No. Weird. No, no, no, no. Just, um, surprising. Like I said, the way you kiss, I never would’ve known. So there must have been someone that you had some practice with?

Uh, yeah. There was this guy that I met in New York right after med school. We had an instant connection To say I feel hard doesn’t even come close to describing it. I swear I do anything for that man still. I’m sorry. You just said would as in present tense, like you’re still with him.

You care about your family? I’m calling very much sir. Then you get while I’m worried about my sister. Look, I’m not here to get anyone jammed up. I am here purely out of concern for Talia. So why don’t you tell me how you know her? Once again, I don’t know her. We both know that’s a lie. As I said to that Scottish wanker, I am under no obligation to answer any questions about who enters or exits my room.

You will be if I get a warrant and once the courts are involved, believe me, it’s going to get very complicated. I’m going to close the door now, detective, and I would appreciate it if you went away. Rest assured. Mr. Firth, I’m going to find out who you are and how you know my sister and you will talk again.

I was at the hospital last night and I realized that my period was late. So Kayla ran some tests and it turns out that I’m pregnant with Eric’s baby. No, I mean, ma, maybe. But Anna didn’t you hear me say I don’t know who the father is. Okay, so it could be ej? Yes. Or Eric? Yes. Or Eric. I don’t know why this is so difficult to understand.

I don’t know who the baby’s father is because, because of timing or, or the drugs or Because of the one night stand with Eric. I mean, I should be happy that I’m pregnant, but I don’t know if I could carry the baby full term because of my past. But if God willing, I somehow can, honey, if you can God willing, carry the baby to full term, who do you hope is the Father?

So you punched Eric and that was that? Oh, hardly. I came back here, all fired up, ready to confront Nicole, and then Gabi told me she was at the hospital. In that moment when my anger turned to fear, my only concern was finding out if she was all right. Isn’t, thank goodness she is. Hmm. But what I don’t understand is why Nicole felt she had to lie to you.

Oh, uh, stupid question. Because she knew you’d go ballistic if she happened. Right. And I did in the ego ballistic, as I said. But we discussed it and Nicole assured me that this little drug-induced twist with Iraqs was a mistake and would never happen again. And I believed her, so I decided to let it go.

I’m so glad to hear that. And that she’s put your mind at ease. Indeed, Nicole has made it very clear that she has completely moved on from Eric. Now, the only thing those two share are memories, and once they fade, there’ll be nothing. Nothing at all, and binds them together.

I, I know this is gonna sound terrible. But I, I don’t know. I don’t know. I want the father to be, they just want the baby to be healthy. That’s the most important thing. Yes. Yes, it is.

This is a high risk pregnancy and as I said, I don’t, I don’t know if I can carry the baby to term. Oh honey, I’m so sorry. This is so difficult for you, but I’m very honored that you felt you could confide in me about it and you’d need to know that I am here for you, whatever you need, even if it’s just to talk.

Thank you, Anna. I’m very grateful for your support

Until I know who the father is, I don’t want each here to know that I’m pregnant. Oh, he’s. Can you keep this to yourself? Oh, don’t, don’t worry. Of course, your secret is safe with me. Thank you.

You heard what Sloan said, that I should watch my back. The exact phrase I was use in that text. She’s toying with us, RA glowing about how she’s getting away with all of this. She’s not getting away with anything. I didn’t see you slap the cuffs on her. How many times do I have to say it? I cannot arrest a person without evidence and using a vaguely suspicious phrase, unfortunately does not constitute evidence.

Oh, so in other words, you just, you called her down here for nothing. I called her down here to ask her if she had sent the text. I told you to grill her. You lightly sauteed her. Let her just walk out of the room. You know, I’ve had enough of this nonsense. I’m calling the Da da. Trask was drugged by those biscuits, as was I.

And I’m telling you something, we are not taking this lightly. We are not gonna arrest until we find the person who is responsible for these crimes. It just might take a little longer than it does on law and order. Okay? Okay. Okay. You should have grilled her. Oh my God.

Okay, boss. Yeah. Doing breathing exercises. Does it have anything to do with Paulina? Just leaving right now. Looking really grim. She just wants this all to stop. We’re doing her best. Oh, Paulina disagrees and certainly didn’t help that. She got another threatening text while she was here. She insisted I drag Sloan down here and of course Sloan denied that she sent a text.

I denied that she’s involved at all and blamed someone else. Maybe it was Colin Firth. What the actor? No, the lion swine. I just had a little talk with. No, no, no. I’m staying out with the guy. We broke up. What happened,

Talia, I love you. I love you. Let’s just say, um, it got a little intense. Oh yeah, it’s definitely been there. Now listen, Talia, I want you to know that there is no pressure here. Okay? I’m, I’m fine with us being just friends. Maybe we shouldn’t rush into anything. I, I’m cool with how we are right now. I’m thinking that this whole really whistleblower thing, Done us a favor.

Know where the cops distracted. Maybe it’s time to turn up to you on Chanel. Why be cool when we can be so hot together? Chanel, I want, I want you.

So Zander and Chloe Satya coming out of a room in the motel, right? So I went over there and I knocked on the door and this man answered, but he dodged all of my questions. Oh, what are you thinking? Well, we keep saying how my sister has no motive, but what if this man is her motive? Damn, I did not believe, I forgot my name is said.

His name is Colin. Gave me some fake last name. Firth. Well, I assume it’s fake anyway, because he refused to show me any id. Well, I wonder if anyone works at the White Dove knows what he’s been up to. I’m not sure. It is clear to me that the British guy standing room 1 0 6 is not the kind of trouble that any girl needs.

And you can scare me off. Think again. Go away. Detective Hunter, I have nothing more to say to you. No, no, no. This is not Detective Hunter and I have a hell of a lot to say to you.

Hello sis. Long time, no.

You think I should go talk to this guy? No. He made it very clear that unless we have a warrant, he’s not going to cooperate. Yeah. Well we need cause for a warrant. But we don’t need cause to talk to my sister. You know, if this loser won’t answer any of my questions, maybe Talia will.

Are you sure about this?

My love AJ suggested because it’s such a beautiful day. That we should get out and well, shall we go for a walk? Well, I’d love to. I’d love to darling. But first there is something I need to confess to you both. Um. I knew about Nicole and Eric. Oh, I know. No, it was, you know, Nicole confided in me. It was just between us girls.

But I, I hated keeping it from you. And I am truly sorry, ej. No need to apologize. All is well. Now that everything’s on the,

hi Kayla, it’s Nicole. I know we can’t do that DNA n a test for a few weeks with the paternity test, but I wanna make an appointment now. I need to know who the father of my baby is as soon as possible.

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