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Ned: For the thousandth time, I did not turn them in.

It was a smart business tactic.

It was a gross betrayal.

I didn’t do it!

You double-crossed michael and drew with valentin when you tanked the merger with aurora by becoming chairman of the board of elq. Why do you expect us to believe you now?

Ok, I admit, I threw in my lot with valentin. But that is standard quartermaine family politics. It’s a far cry from turning drew and carly into the sec. Drew is family. The q’s stay loyal to each other.

You talking about me behind my back?

Drew, I heard you brought back dr. Obrecht from– oh!

Whoa, whoa, easy there. This is hardly a fair fight.

You ratted me out to the sec after I come to you. I come to you trying to put this family back together. This is what you do? Ned, guess what? You want a war? You got one.

You’re really doing this, huh?

You know I am. I do not need an ice pack.

The ice pack is for a sinus infection, which is a lot more effective if you’re lying down and not going to work.

Mom, we’ve been through this. I have had sinus infections before.

Well, then you know you probably need antibiotics and you definitely need rest.

I will rest after, ok? Spinelli has the kids. I’ll take the weekend to recover.

Why can’t you reschedule?

Because we are lucky that the home & heart shopping channel is letting us pitch our products again after what happened the last time we were there. Calling in sick at the last minute? Not an option. The future of my company is at stake.


[Dramatic music]

Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. It’s so good to see you.

Try keeping me away. I heard that everyone has been found, they’re safe. Does this mean that obrecht can be willow’s donor? Is willow getting the transplant?

Yes, it looks like it’s happening. I mean, willow just started her final round of chemo. And they did put her in isolation, you know, to protect from possible infection.

Whatever anyone needs, gladys and I are here. I know that you are going through a lot yourself, since–

since I’m being investigated by the sec.

[Clears throat]

That’s funny, I didn’t realize we had an audience.

You did. You might want to consider locking your door, or at least closing it.

It’s entirely my fault. There’s something about saving the world that makes a woman act on impulse.



Thank goodness you’re back. Oh, it’s been a nightmare.

I tried to get my field office involved. They balked. I couldn’t stand the stone wall and I lost my temper. I wound up getting detained.

Well, you’re not the only one. Robert scorpio almost got into trouble with the wsb.

I should have stayed. I could have gone with curtis. I could have gone with laura.

Don’t do that. It’s ok. Trina is safe. She’s on her way home.

Yes, but I still could have helped her more.

Maybe you still can. Trina might be on her way home, but she’s not out of danger, not while spencer cassadine is in her life.

You holding up ok?

I feel like I can breathe again. We made it.

We should be landing soon.

That’s good.


[Sighs] Well, we did it. We saved the day. The world has no idea.

Yeah. And as per the wsb, they never will.

Yeah, but it’s still good to have the W.

Winning exacts a high price. I can’t help but think about what I’ve had to pay to reach this moment.

[Dramatic music]

Are you insane?

Everyone needs to take it down a notch.

Having me picked up by federal agents and hauled off the second I get home– is that taking it down a notch? I just gotta know.

We all appreciate what you’ve done, drew.

No, I don’t need to be appreciated. Willow’s life was at stake. But not having me detained, that would have been appreciated.

Drew, I didn’t make that call. It wasn’t me!

Of course you did. You said you were gonna do it, man, and you did it.

This is a different side of you.

Ok, I don’t care how angry you are at ned, you do not bring violence into this house.

I can’t believe you’re defending him. I thought carly was your friend. Of all the petty and the spiteful things that you could have done, now you’re going to put carly through this now?

For the last time, I didn’t contact the sec.

Come on, ned, of course you’re gonna deny it. It’s disgusting. You wait until I leave, then you stab me in the back and you cover your tracks like the coward you are.

The timing couldn’t be worse, you know? My family needs me right now and I have no idea what’s going to happen with this sec business.

I’m so sorry, carly.

Thank you. But right now I just want to focus on willow’s health. And thank god drew found liesl and they’re home safe.

It’s a miracle. Gladys and I were so relieved when we heard.

Where is gladys?

She’s on the phone with a customer service issue.

Yes, a family emergency. No, I have to cancel our trip. That’s right. The deluxe spa package with all the add-ons. I know, I know. We were supposed to leave tonight, but like I said, family emergency. What do you mean non-refundable?

I thought deception stock stabilized.

For now, but in order to keep it that way, we have to take our company to the next level. And being blacklisted by the home shopping circuit, not particularly helpful.

I get it. But sasha’s on-air meltdown wasn’t her fault.

Oh no, trust me, I know that. But still, I had to call in favors to get us back on home & heart. Look, if our product is successful there, that will open doors for us. Everything is riding on this.

What new product?

Mom, we are launching a skincare product called the deceptor.

From the start, you know that spencer has been a problem. The whole reason that trina got involved with that esme prince mess was because he lied to her. And spencer keeps dragging trina into all these dangerous situations. And for some reason– some reason trina is always willing to forgive him.

You don’t have to break it down to me, portia. I do not trust that boy and his family one little bit. But I also know it is not the time to push trina on anything. I’m just thankful that she’s coming back to port charles and she’s safe.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, she’s safe now. But we both can’t ignore the fact that she would have never been on that boat in the first place if she wasn’t infatuated with spencer.

Want me to hold ace for a while?

No, it’s ok. I don’t mind. I’m just glad that we got him out of there and out of victor’s influence.

I still can’t believe you jumped off that boat before it was hit.

Hardly. I almost didn’T. When I heard the drones, I knew what they meant. I froze. My mind told me that I had to do something, but my feet were paralyzed. And then I heard your voice clear as day.

Really? What did I say?

You said, “spencer, you idiot, what are you doing? Get off the boat, jump.”

The one time you listen to me.

Yeah. I remembered your face and your voice and your laugh, and I knew that I had to get back to you. So before I could stop myself, I dove overboard. And I could see the explosion happening above me. And all I could feel were the shock waves going through the water. And I thought I was gonna drown. So I thought of you again and I swam to the top and I made my way to shore. Trina robinson, you saved my life.

I’m glad we came through this ordeal unscathed. But experience has taught me it’s the psychological scars that take the longest to heal.

Are you speaking for spencer and trina or for yourself?

Both, maybe.

Well, you have been dealing with the cassadines for a long time.

Yes, since I was trina’s age. My god, my feud with the cassadines, it’s gone on for what? 40 years. My goodness. It– it has affected me. It has changed me. You carrying around that kind of anger towards that family has been a weight on my soul. And now the haunted star and my last link to luke and the cassadines has exploded.

You’re right. It’s exploded, it’s gone and everything that was attached to it. Does that lift the weight?

That’s enough! You don’t come into my house and attack me with wild accusations.

I can’t stand being in the same room as you, ned. I’m out.

Drew, wait. Dad, can’t we talk about this calmly?

Look, you and michael tried to screw me out of elq by merging with aurora. And you told carly about it and that’s how this whole thing started. So don’t pretend like I’m the only one who’s making deals behind the other’s backs.

You wanted control and your ego wouldn’t let you consider anything else, ned. Well, congratulations, man, because now carly and I might go to prison. And you know what? At least you got what you wanted.

I had nothing to do with it!

[Dramatic music]

Leaving so soon?

If you’re asking me to apologize, that’s not gonna happen.

That’s the last thing I plan on doing.

So you’re moving into at-home skin care devices?

Yeah, yeah, we’re branching out. But brooklyn quit because she decided to become a full-time music manager. And lucy lost all credibility when she faked her own death. So it’s up to me to launch our hot new product and show people how excited we are about it. Achoo.

You don’t sound excited, you sound sick.

Mom, I took some medicine. It’ll get me through.

Ok. Are you sure you’re gonna be ok? Because I have to get to the station to see mac.

I’ll be fine.

Can I just give you some advice before I go? Delegate. This company cannot ride solely on your shoulders, no matter how capable or brilliant you are. I’ll be back with soup.

Well, could I reschedule? At your prices, I’d expect at least some flexibility, especially since our emergency is a family member dealing with cancer. Thanks for asking, by the way. My tone? What about your tone?

How are you doing? The whole heather webber fall out, I haven’t had time to check in.

I’m all right. I got my closure. I’m doing what I need to do to take care of myself.

Good. Don’t forget what they say on the airplane, you know?

Yeah, you need to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help anyone else.

That’s right.

[Laughs] Oh, hi.


Carly, I’m so sorry about everything going on with you.

Thank you. We’re all just focusing on willow’s health right now.

Gladys, are you ok?

Well, I tried to cancel our trip. But the snooty hotel manager is refusing a refund. And I asked about rebooking, but he said it’s more expensive because of the high season.

Oh, book it.

Don’t you want to know the cost?

We can afford it.

Ok. I’ll book it right now.

What would I do without gladys?

I’m curious to see how my life will unfold now, you know? Maybe nicholas will come home. Or maybe I’ll just– just find the peace that I’ve been chasing after. [Laughs] I know that race. Chasing peace is more like a marathon. But I’m here if you need some cheering on.

Yeah, well, right back at you. I’m so grateful to you for everything you’ve done for us. My grandsons and i owe our lives to you.

Laura, I’ll always help you. But full disclosure, I had selfish reasons for making sure everyone made it home safely.

I hope things will open up a little more for you and trina now. You know, I didn’t want to pry before, but how are things going?

Something deep inside told me that I had to follow you onto that boat. I’ve never done anything that crazy in my life. But I don’t like to think about what might have happened if I hadn’T.

Neither do I. You think ace is going to remember? He was with that creepy nanny.

[Chuckles] I don’t know. He seems to be good.


Happy to be in your arms.


And we’ll get him checked out when we get home. And he’ll be surrounded by family.

I just want to protect him. I really love this little guy. – Saving the world? How exhilarating and so modest.

The only thing missing was robert.

Yeah, I was kind of busy at the time, stopping a situation from blowing up, literally.

I don’t want to interrupt story hour. So I will be on my–

diane, please, stay.

Do, because I was just leaving. And I’m sure you two have important legal things to discuss.

Uh… I, uh– I want to apologize.

No, no. I’ll settle for the truth.

[Dramatic music]

[Coughing] How dare drew barge in here and accuse me without a shred of evidence. Then again, what can I expect? My own family doesn’t even believe me.

We don’T.

We don’T.

I am not gonna get into what ned did or didn’t do. And I do not condone physical violence.


Your actions not only helped willow, but they avenged luke. So you get a pass from me this time. So what are you going to do about the sec investigation?

Well, that’s for me and my lawyer to figure out, tracy. I’m not gonna spitball with you just to satisfy your curiosity.

Well, I was just wondering if you had considered who the sec is actually after? Is it you, a decorated former navy seal or carly corinthos?


Oh yeah, that’s right. She changed her name. Uh, yeah, and she is still the ex-wife and confidant of the most powerful mob boss in the state of new york. Don’t you think the sec might be interested in hearing any dirt she has on sonny?

So is the guardianship thing with gladys going well?

Absolutely. It’s given me the time and space to really put myself together, you know?

Good. That’s great. I mean, I have to admit, I was concerned, given gladys’ history.

Gladys is still gladys. But she has really stepped up for me, always acting with my best interests in mind. She’s been a real life saver.

That’s right, the upgraded package with the new dates. Perfect. I’ll check my email for the confirmation info. I look forward to my journey, too. Smug little creep. – Well, I mean, if you’re feeling better and you’re feeling more grounded, maybe you don’t need a guardian.

Honestly, at first, it was all I could think about. But barring one major difference of opinion, things have been going really smoothly. I guess I’ve gotten complacent.

[Phone chimes]

Oh, that is maxie texting. Work emergency. I should run.

Ok. All right, well, it was so good catching up with you and seeing you. Thanks for coming by.

Absolutely. I’ll be in touch.

Yes, please.

Yes. Bye, gladys.

There has to be a way. There has to be a way to keep trina away from spencer. Now you know it’s gonna be a mess, him trying to fight esme for her own child. And what’s he gonna do? He’s gonna pull trina right into that mess. And what if spencer tries to get trina to help him raise that child? And nicholas, what if nicholas comes back? All of a sudden, he comes back, wants to be a daddy again. What about then?

Portia, slow down. You’re just letting your mind take it all kind of worst case scenarios.

But all of them are possible though, aren’t they?

Ok, in the first place, if nicholas was to come back, he more than likely is going to get arrested for unlawful imprisonment. But you are forgetting the most important thing. We can’t tell trina what to do.

Ok, ok, so what you’re telling me is that you condone trina having a relationship and being in this messy lifestyle with spencer?

No, no, no. No, not even a little bit. All right, I don’t want my daughter anywhere near that boy or his lunatic family. But what are we supposed to do? If we forbid her to see him, that’s just gonna make it worse.

Trina needs to see how dangerous and destructive spencer is.

So you think she’s gonna listen to us? Or are you just gonna drive more distance between you and your daughter?

It was hard with trina after the wedding. Neither one of us knew what to say to each other, you know? But it’s gotten better since, slowly.

Well, after our time in greenland, it’s pretty obvious to me that she cares about you.

Yeah. I appreciate that. But… she still is hesitant about taking the dna test. She’s not ready. My fear is she never will be.

And what do you want?

I don’t think it matters what I want. I wasn’t the man who raised her. So it’s not for me to pressure her.

I just want my little brother to have the chance to be something that I never could be, a normal kid. I mean, look at what we just went through, all of the danger and the violence. And ace, you were right in the middle of that, weren’t you? I don’t want that kind of upheaval for him. My grandmother thinks that i need to be patient with esme. I know what is best for my little brother. I will protect him.

And you will.

You’re damn right. I’m more certain than ever that I will be my brother’s guardian.

Are you suggesting that I turn against carly to save myself?

I’m simply watching out for a member of my family, that’s what I do.

And what a family it is. Do me a favor, don’t help.

[Dramatic music]

I am your wife, and I will stand by you. But I’m not ok with this.

I swear on my grandmother lila’s memory, I did not call the sec. Tell me you believe me.

I’ll go get you that ice pack.

Anything to add?

I may regret this, but I believe you.

And you know, it’s not even trina’s fault she’s in this terrible position. I don’t want to put added pressure on her.

I see. And what about you and portia?

Laura, I don’t know.

Curtis, no matter what portia did wrong, she still brought that fabulous human being into the world. Now I don’t want to compare nicholas with portia, but nicholas’ indiscretion is what gave me that wonderful little grandson. And if it turns out that you are in fact the biological father of trina–

I would be so honored.

Ok. Then maybe you can do what I’m doing, which is I balance out my feelings of anger and disappointment in nicholas with happiness that something really good came out of it.

No, the wound is still too fresh. Maybe you can let go of your anger. But for me, it’s easier said than done.

Oh, of course it is, it is. But we should still try.

No, no, uh-uh, you hate the cassadines, you have ever since nicholas was involved with your sister. Don’t tell me now that you’re nonchalant about trina having a relationship with spencer.

I can’t stand the cassadines. I don’t want my daughter with one of them. But if we come down hard on her about her relationship with spencer, it’s gonna backfire in your face.

Then you do it then. She’s sensitive to you right now. She will listen to you. Tell her how dangerous that family is.

And have her pull away from me too?


No, we gotta be realistic. Just think about what trina and spencer just went through.

Yeah. And it’s only gonna bring them closer together is what it’s gonna do.

Trina has always made up her own mind.

Yeah, but she’s wrong this time, she’s just wrong. And I don’t want her to learn the hard way. Spencer’s influence is growing on trina. And he’s leading her into dangerous situation after situation. He’s taking my daughter away from me when she’s the most vulnerable.

She called you from greenland, didn’t she?

Only because she knows my number by heart, marcus.

I’m willing to bet it’s because she knew that you’d be there to help and she wanted to hear her mother’s voice.

You have no idea how much I want that to be true. I’m just so afraid that I have damaged my relationship with trina and it’s beyond repair.

Holly, you’re back.

And still in one piece.

Oh, thank god everyone made it safe and sound.

Victor, not so much.

Do you see me crying? How’s ethan? Does he know?

Yes. I spoke to him. He’s back in australia. And I am so relieved. With victor dead, I’m like a whole new woman.

Fantastic. I don’t think I could be that optimistic after everything you’ve been through.

Well, when you almost lose everything, it clarifies what you want to hold on to, which is why I’m here. I wanted to talk to robert.

Oh, how’d that go?

Well, let’s just say our conversation ended with a kiss, a very nice kiss.

Holly kissed me and I was totally taken aback.

You misunderstand me. I don’t care who kissed who behind the bleachers during seventh period. I’d rather not know the particulars.

Well, then what do you want?


[Clears throat] Because I will not build a relationship with a man who doesn’t want to be with me.

I am totally enjoying the time we’ve spent together.

The time we’ve spent together. Well, consider me swept off my feet.

Look, give me a break here. I’m not too good at this touchy-feely stuff.

Yeah, yeah, I’m beginning to understand that. So I’m gonna make it real simple for you, robert. Because the direct way is the best way. So here it goes. I will not be in competition for your feelings, especially not when my competition is the love of your life.

I’m so happy to see you. How’d it go with the sec?

Not great. No, but sam did call diane for me so that’s gonna help a lot. But we really gotta talk about our next steps, ok? And I kind of let my anger get the best of me.

What did you do?

I punched ned in the face.



Is he ok?

Well, he’s gonna be fine. But the weird thing is, he insists it wasn’t him, even after I hit him.

Michael, josslyn, sonny, that’s all, no one else knew.

And olivia.

Well, then olivia told ned. Oh come on, we know it was ned. He threatened us, specifically you.

Ok, well, the bottom line is, the date of the stock purchase that implies insider trading.

Then it has to be ned. Who else stood to gain from pointing that out to the sec?

You believe me?

Did you really mean what you said about great grandmother lila?

Of course. I would never take her name in vain.

Then yes, I believe you.

That means the world to me. Oh. I appreciate your faith. Now I need to find some aspirin.

My granddaughter, the humanitarian.

Why doesn’t that sound like a compliment?

While we have some time alone together, I need to speak with you about a certain matter.

Can this wait? I was hoping to stop–

not so fast. You need to hear what I have to say.

Does that surprise you?

Well, I don’t want to speak out of turn, but robert is kind of seeing someone.

Yeah, diane miller, yeah. I wasn’t sure, but then she walked in on robert and me kissing and the look on her face spoke volumes.

Well, for the record, diane is good people.

Well, hopefully, she’ll understand that robert and I have been dancing around each other for years. We have history that isn’t finished yet. That’s why I came back to port charles. I want to tell robert exactly how I feel about him. Life’s too short, felicia.

I think it’s wonderful that you’re so sure about your feelings for robert. But do you know if he feels the same way?

Who’s talking about competition? I mean, holly and i have a lot of history.

History implies the past. What I just walked in on, definitely present.

Ok, so she kissed me and I didn’t exactly shrink in horror. But in some sense, I’m always gonna love holly, but as part of my past.

The more I get to know you, robert, the more I know not to expect some grand gesture or– or statement to prove how you feel about me. Although midday champagne, that’s very lovely. I will not build a relationship with a man who is preoccupied with someone else, hence my question. Have you really left holly behind?

Is something wrong?

Not necessarily. I recall you mentioning that you owed me for helping get chase reinstated. And you were wondering when I was going to ask you to pay up.

Yeah, you accused me of being just like my father, only thinking in terms of money and stock market shenanigans.

Well, relax. I’m not gonna ask you for money or stock. But there is something that you can do as perhaps a way of settling your account.

I just find it hard to believe that ned would be so cold blooded, like, especially while I was away trying to rescue liesl to save willow’s life.

Olivia must have been out of the loop because she would have warned me. How could ned be so stupid? Does he want to ruin his relationship?

On the other hand, there is an upside to this whole mess.

Ok, you’re gonna have to enlighten me on that one.

Well, we’re busted. Our secret’s out. Which means that I don’t have to look over my shoulder to do what I’ve been wanting to do since the moment I got back.

Oh, yeah? What’s that?

Come here, let me show you.

I’ll say this, if that kiss is any indication, then there is definitely still a spark between robert and me. But you know robert, he can be a bit slow to act.

Yeah, well, some might say cautious.

He needs time. Now that I’m back and free of encumbrances, there’s nothing to stand in our way.

Here’s what I know about me and holly. When I thought she’d been killed, it was like someone had kicked a hole in my stomach. The life went out of me. When I found her alive, ah, everything was so much lighter. Knowing that holly is alive and living her life is a whole lot different than wanting to live it with her.

Well, thank you. That was honest. It was also the long way around of saying that you’re still figuring things out. Robert, you take all the time you need. You got a lot of thinking to do. But don’t call me until you know what you want.

Thanks for getting here so quickly.

Of course. We would have picked you up some chicken soup on the way, but you said it was an emergency.

Yeah, we’re in a jam, ok? I am not fit for television. And we have to debut the deceptor today.

Well, tell home & heart you need to reschedule.

Uh-uh, no, none of that. I had to practically beg for this spot. And I still only got it because I promised them two free tickets to next year’s nurse’s ball.

Ok, no worries. I’m sure we can find someone to take your place.

You know, there’s only one person I trust to do the job. I know it’s gonna be difficult, but we have no choice. It’s gotta be you, sasha.

Thank you for talking me off the ledge–

you’re welcome.

And making me see reason. But most importantly, thank you for still being a friend, especially after everything.

Portia, I told you before, we’ll always be family.

[Dramatic music]

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