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[ Heart beating ]

[ Clears throat ]

Steffy: Hey.

Hope: Oh, steffy. What’s up?

Steffy: We have to talk. About what I saw between you and my brother.

Taylor: Look at my boy hard at work.

Thomas: [ Laughs ] Sorry. I was in the zone.

Taylor: I know, I can see that and here I am breaking your concentration.

Thomas: No, not at all. I’m never too busy for you.

Taylor: You are just being sweet. I know. But I do love seeing you here at forrester creations. Following in your dad and granddad’s footsteps.

Thomas: You know, I hear it runs in the blood.

Taylor: Yeah, it does. But you know what? You have your very own way of doing things. You know? Not just– not just here at work but in life as well. You’re gonna make it happen. And shock ’em all.

Liam: I mean, it’s a good– it’s a good idea. I just don’t know how you implement something like that.

Wyatt: Well, that’s the thing. I have a top coder worker on it right now. We’re building up the platform and we’ll take a look at it.

Liam: So basically, it’s like a– it’s like a daily roundup of just what– like, whatever the top influencers are posting about.

Wyatt: Right. Correct. Yes. But we’re just arranging it in a way to make it appealing, you know, one-stop shop.

Liam: That’s interesting.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Liam: I mean, it’s– it’s more convenient for the user because it kind of like streamlines the whole retail experience.

Wyatt: Exactly. And you know what else I was thinking, we should maybe reach out to hope and see if the fashion houses might be able to utilize something like this. You know what I mean? Oh! Or better yet. I can’t believe I didn’t even think of this. Like, you should maybe reach out to her top designer, because I know you can’t wait to talk to him.

Liam: Wow!

[ Wyatt laughs ] Wow!

Wyatt: You don’t– no?

[ Laughs sarcastically ]

Liam: Yeah, too soon. Too soon.

Wyatt: I’m sorry, I just– I couldn’t help myself.

Liam: Oh, you couldn’t? Thomas forrester spends 12 hours a day with my wife and he lives rent-free in my head. But– but wyatt couldn’t help himself, so– so– so there’s that.

Wyatt: I’m sorry! Okay? But it’s a damn good idea, isn’t it?

Liam: I hope to god you’re talking about the app.

Wyatt: Of course, I’m talking about the app! But it’s not just an app, it’s the app of all apps. I’m telling you. If we build this right, and we market it correctly, this could be eight figures, easy.

Liam: It does have potential.

Wyatt: See? And then think about the monthly subscriptions.

Liam: Ooh.

Wyatt: Mm. Maybe I should talk to thomas’s people about this. And just ask.

Liam: Oh, my god! You’re the worst person. Ever. Do you understand I’m trying to get thomas out of my head and you just keep shoving him back in again? Stop it, stop, stop it.

Taylor: I just– I am– I am just so impressed with everything that you’re doing.

Thomas: I never get tired of hearing you say that. Well, good because I– I say it every day.

Thomas: Yeah, you do. That’s true.

Taylor: You know, it’s just, I– I see so much of your dad in you, when it comes to finding the inspiration in your designs. You just get so laser-focused.

Thomas: Yeah. So long as I’m laser-focused on hope for the future and not hope, right, mom?

Hope: This is about thomas again?

Steffy: Hope, you were clutching his hands. You were gazing into his eyes–

Hope: Steffy, you’re making a bigger deal out of that moment than it has to be. I mean, we were excited about the numbers. What more do you want me to say?

Steffy: I just need to know. I need to be 100% certain that you have no inappropriate feelings towards my brother. (Tap, tap)

Wyatt: Look, I’m trying to make light of the situation.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. No, no, I clocked that.

Wyatt: I’m your brother. I’m trying a different tact here. I’m supposed to give you a hard time, aren’t I?

Liam: Okay. Actually, you know what– you know what the hardest thing about the whole thomas situation is? It’s just– it’s just me trying to predict when he’s gonna cross the line again. Like, precisely when is that gonna happen?

Wyatt: Because you know he will.

Liam: No, of course he will. I mean, this– nobody goes through a sweeping life change like that in a matter of months. And especially not thomas.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, it’s– it’s definitely not real, that’s for sure.

Liam: No, it’s definitely not real. Or at least it’s not– it’s not as real as everybody seems to think it is. Which is why I– I’m still keeping my eye on him.

Wyatt: Well, and hope’s doing the same thing though, right?

Liam: Yeah. Well, she– I mean, she says she’s, you know, always on the lookout for red flags. And, uh, you know, my job is to believe that, so–

Wyatt: Okay, good. ‘Cause hope’s not one to lie. So, you’ve got no reason to doubt her.

Liam: No, I– that’s right. I– I completely trust hope. She’s– it’s– it’s just frustrating that she works so much with thomas and that’s why I’m keeping my guard up because I just– it– work is one thing. I don’t want him to interfere in my marriage.

Taylor: So, do you remember– do you remember the, uh– your dad’s office at the old house? You used to sit on top of his big desk, eating a– a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And then– and then you’d tuck your little hands underneath you and you’d watch him draw for hours.

Thomas: Yeah, I remember now. That’s what started my love affair with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

[ Giggling ] Ah, those– those times from my childhood, they had such a huge impact on me.

Taylor: I know they did. And now look at you.

Thomas: No place I’d rather be.

Taylor: Yeah, I know. I know. And I– I just– I wish that you had a– a healthier balance between work and…

[Whispering] …Life.

Thomas: I go on dates, mom.

Taylor: Right. But nothing significant.

Thomas: [ Laughs ] Oh, man. Look at you. I could just– oh, you’re transparent.

Taylor: What are you–

Thomas: I see right through you. Come on, I can tell, obviously, you still are concerned about me and my feelings or potential feelings for hope.

Taylor: Oh, do you know what? Just because I come by and check on you every now and again, doesn’t–

Thomas: You mean every hour or two?

Taylor: That is my “smotherly” love. Deal with it.

Thomas: Okay. You’re right. I’m sorry. I– smother away. Because you love your kids. And I couldn’t be more grateful that I have someone who cares about me so much. Bring it in.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Hope: I thought we had already put this issue to rest.

Steffy: I need to be absolutely sure. There is so much riding on your partnership being successful. And not just for your line, but for thomas’s well-being.

Hope: Look, I get it. You’re being a protective sister, which I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes. But can I ask you an honest question, steffy? I mean, you and your family, you– you truly do believe that thomas has changed, right?

Steffy: Yes, absolutely.

Hope: Okay. So, then, am I not allowed to trust that? To appreciate the man that he’s become? Someone who is kind. Who doesn’t just think about himself. Who actually worked hard on the road to self-improvement.

Steffy: That’s why I don’t want you unraveling all the progress thomas has made.

Hope: Steffy, I would never do that. I am rooting for him just as much as you are. And what you walked in on–

Steffy: Holding his hands?

Hope: We were caught up in the moment.

Steffy: What kind of moment?

Hope: One of excitement. I mean, steffy, you know, better than anyone, that my line was on the brink of collapse and your brother helped save it. And not only that, we work together, we’re co-parents and yes, thomas is– is now a good friend of mine.

Steffy: That’s why I need reassurance that you don’t have any feelings for him.

Hope: Am I happy for thomas? Yes. Am I proud of him? Absolutely. But are there any romantic feelings, steffy? No, none at all. “Look at this skin, baby.

Taylor: Okay. So, you know I don’t just come here to– to check on you, right?

Thomas: I do. Yeah, I do.

Taylor: No, I– I– I come here because I– I also want to catch up and see your handsome face. Not just the serious stuff.

Thomas: No, you don’t want to just talk about the serious stuff. Like therapy and all my past trauma. What you want to know is, you know, if I’m getting enough vitamins or sleep.

Taylor: Are you?

Thomas: Yes.

Taylor: [ Giggles ] Okay, good. Now, honey, I am– I am, uh– I am here really for– for something very important and I– I just– I need you to be honest with me.

Thomas: Okay.

Taylor: Have you seen the season finale of–

Thomas: No, no. Why would I do that? That would– you– you watched it without me? Why would you–

Taylor: I might’ve–

Thomas: That’s– why? That’s– that’s really painful. Talk about trauma. You’re bringing more into my life. Why would you do that? Wow! Mom!

Taylor: You’ve been so busy! And it’s so good.

[ Groaning ]

Thomas: Oh, yeah. I’m so glad to hear that. So good. Can’t wait to watch it on my own. You’re– yeah. Okay. Look, you– you’re very sweet. And, um, honestly, I’m– I’m glad that you do check on me. Because… therapy and– and working through all this stuff, this is the reason that I’m actually making significant changes this time.

Taylor: I know. You’re doing so good. You are– you are truly committed to making a real shift happen.

Wyatt: These look good. And I’ll just take these back once they’re executed. All right. Thanks, margie. So… things with hope are good, then?

Liam: Things with hope are good. Yeah. They’d be great, if it weren’t for thomas, but they’re good.

Wyatt: Right. Look. I know that it’s hard, but you just, you gotta stay positive.

Liam: No, positive– look. You know me. I’m– I’m an optimist. It’s just been a challenge lately. We’ve had, you know, some disagreements and–

Wyatt: About thomas? Let’s see, we talked about this, once before? Twice?

Liam: Oh god. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. I know. I vent to you. I use you as a– as a vent. That’s– that’s our thing. You know what? It would be easier if I just didn’t have to, like, conform to the whole thomas-is-a-changed-man narrative thing. Right?

Wyatt: Right.

Liam: I mean, that– that’s been a challenge. That’s what’s created conflict between hope and me. In certain areas. In other areas, we’re actually, uh, pretty good.

Wyatt: Right. Other areas.

Liam: Yeah, other areas that I won’t go into too much detail about. Suffice it to say, there is this boutique shop on melrose that we’ve gone to a couple of times.

Wyatt: I’m gonna call thomas, how about that?

Liam: Okay, foul ball.

Wyatt: Okay, time out.

Liam: All right.

Wyatt: Time out.

Liam: It’s– everything’s fine. I have nothing to complain about. I have everything to be grateful for. As a matter of fact, hope has, really, I don’t think ever been as loving or affectionate, so…

Wyatt: Well, that’s good. Yeah, I’m glad. I’m happy for you both.

Liam: Thank you.

Wyatt: Look, it’s hard enough trying to keep up the romance when you got kids and jobs and family and all that. Not to mention when you have A…

[ Shuddering ] …Stupid face like thomas lurking around.

[ Chuckling ]

Liam: I’m– I’m, uh– I’m trying not to obsess too much over that stupid face lurking around. And in the meantime, one thing is clear, I’m just incredibly lucky to have hope in my life. Because there is no one more loyal or committed than her.

Hope: I don’t have any feelings for thomas. Nothing beyond friendship, collaboration and sharing a son together.

Steffy: Okay. I just want to make sure you’re not following some of brooke’s patterns.

Hope: Okay, steffy. I– we’re not talking about my mom right now. We’re talking about me, right? And I am my own person. I know myself. I know my boundaries, and while I may be brooke logan’s daughter, I am nothing like her when it comes to men. I would never do anything to undermine the life that I have built for myself and for my family. And I would certainly never do anything inappropriate with any man, let alone thomas. Scout is protected by simparica trio,

Thomas: I wish I had time, I could take you to lunch.

Taylor: Oh, gosh, I would love that. I really would. But I– I know that you’re creating masterpieces and I have an entire day filled with patients.

Thomas: Well, I appreciate you coming by, seeing how I’m doing.

Taylor: Yeah. Always. Always. I’m– I’m– I’m not too smothering. Am I?

Thomas: No. Honestly, it’s been– it’s been pretty amazing having you and your support. I don’t know what I would have done without your faith in me. It’s really helped motivate me.

Taylor: You know, I am– I am just here to remind you that– that you’re not alone. And I see you. You know, what you’re doing today is just getting you that much closer to where you’ll be tomorrow. And I am just so proud that I get to ride shotgun on this journey with you.

Thomas: Well, I– I “lerve” you, mom.

Taylor: I “lerve” you back.

[ Both chuckling ]

Wyatt: Well, I’d say life is treating you pretty well. And you know what, I’m glad. Because I think you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Liam: Thanks, man. And that’s true. You know what, hope is… an immeasurable part of that. Just knowing that she’s– she’s there for me. She’s got my back. I can always count on her. The kids can always count on her. There’s nothing better than that.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, look, you– you lucked out when you married that one.

Liam: That’s true. There is no one more kind or compassionate, or with more integrity than hope logan.

Wyatt: Yep. Apple kind of fell far from the tree on that one, huh?

Liam: Hmm?

Wyatt: With brooke? I mean, I don’t mean any disrespect to brooke. Or anything–

Liam: No, no, no.

Wyatt: She’s a phenomenal woman, you know what I mean? But, I mean, come on, we heard the stories about her when she was younger, when she was hope’s age, you know? And–

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: And that whole thing.

Liam: Yeah, they’re– they’re different, you know. Different personalities, different, uh, value systems.

Wyatt: Yeah. It was just– sometimes, I– I– you know, it’s hard to believe that she’s hope’s mom.

[ Laughing ]

Liam: No, me too. Hope is definitely her own person. I mean, she’s so– she’s got, like, such a specific… moral code.

Wyatt: Right.

Liam: You know, and she sticks with it. She, like, never strays from it. But that’s– that’s great for me. That’s why I love her so much, right? Like, I never have to worry about that. I never have to question her fidelity. Or her commitment.

Hope: I mean, you know how much I love liam, how– how hard I fought for him and for our relationship. I mean, hell, steffy, I even fought you–

Steffy: I– I’m not– I’m not disputing your feelings for your husband. I know you love him. It’s just thomas has come a long way. He’s moved on from his dysfunctional ways. He’s not pining for you anymore. And I’d hate to see him get caught up in all of this again.

Hope: Thomas understands that there was never anything between us, there never will be. He’s finally accepted that. And that is why the line is in such a good place. It’s because he and I are finally on the same page. And thomas knows how much I love liam. And between you and me, I mean, liam and I, we’ve never been more connected. So, yes, while I may spend my days at work here with your brother, our relationship is purely platonic and professional. And I–

[ Clatter ] Oh, sorry. Just– yeah.

Steffy: Look, um, I’m happy that you and liam are in a good place. And hey, okay, maybe, maybe my imagination was running wild when I walked in on you and thomas.

Hope: I mean, I get it. I just– I think you were reading a little too far into things. I have a healthy working relationship with thomas. And I am happily married to liam.

Steffy: Okay. Just, things are going so well for our families and I– I don’t want anything to mess it up is all.

Hope: Well, you don’t have to worry about thomas and me. Okay? I promise.

Steffy: Okay.

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