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I cannot believe I slept so late. That was a great decision on those mattresses. Oh, well I can’t sleep on a limpy mattress, so could hardly expect my roommate too either. Well, I really appreciate that. It was very comfortable. I’m glad you’re well rested. I have to say I’m getting a little peckish. Okay.

Yeah, I’ve been up for a couple of hours and all I’ve had is some coffee and a bit of a donut. Right. Time for a hearty breakfast, so, What’s on the menu?

I made breakfast. Put this ungodly hour be really hard. Morning person, huh? Oh, well med school will do that to you. Yeah. It’s my, uh, my mom’s peppers and eggs.

Hmm. Oh my God. Mm-hmm. But that’s delicious. Yeah. Not too spicy. No, they’re perfect. Just what I needed to. Wake me up. And at home I usually just grab a protein bar or smoothie, but um, I gotta say the Coke could get used to this

morning. Morning, sweetheart. Once the pancakes, it’s Abe’s secret recipe. Sounds good. But coffee first. Mm-hmm. So, How was your date day? What date? Says, uh, you didn’t tell him? Was it my news to tell? Like that’s ever stopped you before? Oh gosh. Shit. We can all turn over one new leaf like you’ve just done, baby.

Getting back out there in the dating pool. Wait, a wait, wait, wait. Anybody wanna tell me what’s going on here? Fill me in. Who’s this state with Chanel? Who’s the lucky guy? Uh,

Kind of early for you to be checking in, isn’t it? What if I was with Jada? Well, I knew you wouldn’t answer if you were. Is that, come on then. How was it Dave?

It was fine. Just fine. Come on. I need more ds. The meal was great. Service was good. Conversation flowed. No one cares about all that. What I wanna know is, did you melt the girl’s heart? Is she in love with you yet?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

It’s cool too soon for her to be falling in love with me. Don’t you think? I mean, it’s only been one date. Yeah. But uh, what’s that joke about lesbians? They bring the U-Haul to the second date, something like that. Chanel’s not a lesbian. She’s bisexual. Okay, whatever. Well, the matter is that she falls head over here, is in love with you so that you can break her little bisexual.

Ha again. And in the meantime I’m gonna focus on the plan for her mother. For her mother. What are you planning to do to Paulina?

You’re dateless with Talia, isn’t she the woman that works for you? Yes. And don’t gimme that look, unlike you, mayor Carver. I don’t have a policy against coworkers fraternizing, as long as it’s consensual. Of course. But is the city council’s policy and I simply enforce it. Mm-hmm. But businesses, private businesses have more leeway OB, obviously.

Yeah. Well, I don’t even know if that matters since my business is still shut down. Well, has the health department given you any idea about when you can reopen? No. They, they said that until the police find out who’s behind those tainted biscuits. They won’t even consider it. Oh, the hell with that. Come on, Abe, let’s go and light a fire under that commission of yours.

Hey, can I finish my pancakes first? Huh?

Okay, now that was an amazing breakfast. No, don’t get up. Don’t get the fire at the plates. Uh, no. Uh, you cooked and you’ve been a great host in every way. Why we’re friends? So, you know, I don’t think of myself as a host. Right. Well, you’ve been a great friend and you, I’m actually really, really glad you decided to visit Seattle and me.

I really enjoyed you being here.

I should probably get that. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It might be Lee


Hey. Hey, Johnny. Uh, hey, I, I just talked to your brother and you said you’re still in Seattle. I am. Are you avoiding me? I mean, Wendy, I thought you said that you believe me when I said the only reason I proposed to Chanel was because of those damn biscuits. Yes, I believed you. I, I told you I did. But Trip just brought Joey home from the hospital and, um, I felt bad leaving, so I stuck around a hell pound.

Okay. All right. Well, good to know. Um, So when are you coming back?

Did you just ask me what’s for breakfast? Yeah, I mean, honestly, Chloe, I mean, I’m a little bit disappointed. For some reason I got it into my head that you were like an early riser and you would’ve had breakfast on the table hours ago. Wow. Well, you assumed wrong. No, Chloe. I thought this was all part of our agreement.

Well, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already. No, I have not forgotten. When we decided to move in, I said I would pick up some of the slack of the household chores. I didn’t sign up to be your full-time housekeeper and cook. I never said anything about full-time. No, you just want me to have breakfast ready on the table for when you roll out of bed.

Chloe, I knew this was a bad idea. Brady said it was a terrible idea. I should have listened to him. Where are you going to pack?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Please. What do you wanna put in your lunch order before I leave? Or was I late picking up your dry cleaning? I’m sorry. For some reason I assumed this was some kind of, I dunno, all inclusive deal. I shouldn’t have expected you to make me breakfast or anything else. You’re right.

That wasn’t part of our agreement. No, it wasn’t. And if I agree to stay here, we need to figure out what this arrangement is, right, which we can hash out over breakfast, which I will happily prepare for us both right now. Oh, so you cook now? I do indeed. And one day I will delight your palate with all the Scottish favorites, Haggas, blood pudding, neeps, and Tatties.

But for today, I’ll just scramble some eggs.

Or at least I would if we had any eggs to scramble. Don’t suppose you, uh, went to the grocery store, did you?

What? Am I coming back? Yeah. I mean, I know Damara has a pretty liberal vacation policy, but my dad and Uncle Stephan need you. In between you and me, the place is kind of falling apart with you gone. I doubt that and uh, I, I, yeah, I haven’t made any travel plans yet, but I’ll be back soon. Well, I’m glad.

Because I really miss you, so let me know when you know for sure. Okay? Of course. Talk to you soon.

Answer me What is happening to Paulina? I told you, I’m still working out the details, but it’s all part of my plan. What’s the, sorry, my sister’s

morning. Morning. Who were you just talking to?

So maybe when we draw up this agreement, we can add grocery shopping to the list. We can just order an online delivery. Actually, you could do that if you don’t mind. I just thought, you know, you do have a little bit more time on your hands right now because you are. Between jobs. I’m gonna go get my suitcases.

Alright, fine. We’ll, we’ll both do it. We’ll alternate. I’ll do one week, you do the next and it’ll be great. Look, we need to draw out the rest of this agreement, but. I can’t do it over an empty stomach. So how about take you out for breakfast please? Will you let me do that? Okay, I’ll go get dressed in the meantime.

Can you dust those blinds? The blinds? Yeah. The last tenants left and pretty dirty. Right. But we don’t have any dust cloths cuz you didn’t go to the, because we didn’t go to the store. But I’ll figure out. I’ll just use a t-shirt or something. You do that?

Come in.

We need some talk Commissioner. I hope this isn’t a bad time, uh, for my boss. Never. So what can I do for the two of you? Yes. If you don’t know, you can get on the stick. Excuse me. My poor daughter can’t reopen her bakery until you arrest Sloan Peterson. So why the hell is it taking so long you shoulda arrested her the minute that someone took a bite of those bad biscuits?

Sweetheart, RA can’t arrest Sloan just because she has an animosity toward you and Chanel. He has to follow the evidence. Well, unless I’m missing something, the evidence all points to that.

Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you going to tell us that the evidence now points to someone else? Not exactly. What do you mean not exactly?

I was just talking to Chanel. Chanel, yeah. Remember I told you I recommended some breathing and meditation exercises for Paulina when she has panic attacks? Yeah, well, I was just checking in with Chanel to make sure her mom was okay. Because I was concerned. Right. Any other questions, Jada, or should I get a lawyer?

Since you’re just so interested in my private phone conversations, I just asked you who you were talking to. A very simple question, and yet you get all defensive. Why

enjoy your coffee?

Johnny, Hey, um, I’m sorry. Just stop by like this. I, I, I checked the bakery first, but that’s still not open yet. Well, I think yet, might be a bit optimistic. Really Sorry you’re going through this. Thanks. So, What’s so important that you had to see me face to face? Um, it’s about Wendy and I’m really hoping I can get some of your advice because I feel like I’m losing her.

What did Johnny Wall? No, he was just wondering when I was coming back to Salem. Right.

Which made me think. Um,

maybe I should go back today and book a flight. I mean, that, that seems kind of sudden. Well, Joey’s getting better and I do have a job, but you can work remotely, right? I can, I mean, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been here as I’m sure you’ve noticed,

you’re upset,


We said that we would go on one day and if there was nothing between us, then we just. Be friends, but

I felt something on our one date, something pretty well great actually, and it seemed like you did too,

so. I don’t want you to leave. I really don’t. I, I really,

I want you to stay.

So why do you think you’re losing Wendy? Uh, well, for one thing, she’s still in Seattle and doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to head home. Okay. Wait, she’s not still upset about you proposing to me. She knows that we were both high on those peanut biscuits, right? She does, yeah. Okay, so then that can’t be the reason why she’s staying.

No, which is why I’m starting to want, you know, no, I’m not, I’m not just wondering. I, I’m pretty sure that the reason is Trip. You want me to stay in Seattle? I’m trip. Are you nothing here? No, no, no, no. I’ll, I’ll be back and save them soon. I just promised my dad and Kayla that would look after Joey until he got back on his feet.

So it should only be a few more weeks. So if you did stay, we could see where this thing goes. You know, without all the typical Salem distractions, we could go see the sites, just be. Together. I can’t, yeah, I can work re remotely and now for weeks on end, and also

my brother’s been final loss lately now that he’s given up on Gabby and I need to be there for him. And for Johnny,

so I assume since you know this is his phone call, I got you so anxious to get back there today. It’s because of Johnny

that you’re choosing him.

So why do you think that Wendy is staying in Seattle because of Trip? Is that what she told you? Uh, what she told me was that she is staying to help him take care of Joey. Well, that sounds reasonable. Yeah, a little too reasonable. And Trip, once again comes off looking like the Boy Scout look, it’s the perfect way for him to just weasel his way into Wendy’s heart.

I dunno. Maybe I should fly out there and try and woo her back. Okay. Wooing is one thing, smothering is another. You’re the big movie buff, right? Maybe you should just take a page outta West Side story and play it. Ooh boy. Right? Except that’s not me. I am the opposite of cool, as you know. Yes, I do know that.

But can’t you just fake it? Right. Just if, if you don’t come off as needy and desperate, then I promise you that if you lie low that Wendy will be much happier when she does get back. You’re right. You’re right. And thank you, um, for the advice. And I’m sorry that I just came in here and dropped all my problems on you.

Especially when you’re going through a tough time yourself. Eh? I can use the distraction right now. And actually there is one positive thing in my life right now. You mean other than Other than me? Yes. Other than you. I actually had a date last night. Oh, nice. Yeah. And, and look, I, I know that it seems soon since Allie and I just broke up recently, but I found out that she’s seeing someone in New Zealand, and so if she’s moving on, then why shouldn’t I?

You didn’t know about it, did you? That Allie was seeing someone? You kidding? She didn’t even bother to tell me when she left town. You think she’s gonna keep me up to date on her love life? Yeah, I guess not So, You are gonna keep me in suspense. You’re gonna tell me who this date was with last night.

Next time. Text when you’re close. All right. I don’t want you hanging around in the hallway. Relax. I was waiting all of five seconds. Still better not take any chances. Speaking of, did your sister hear you say anything? Yeah, she heard me talking about Paulina. Which I said I was talking to Chanel and I’m pretty sure she bought it.

But speaking of Paul, you didn’t tell me what you planned on doing about her or to her. Wow. I actually have come up with a plan. Yeah. Okay. Go on. You know those, uh, panic attacks you said she has? Yeah. What about ’em? Well, I was hoping that since you’re a doctor, you might No way to cause one.

Oh. Hi, detective Hunter. Hi Ms. Lane. Hi. Xander. Oh, well this is a happy coincidence, isn’t it? Really? Why is that? Because you can update us on your investigation. Have you arrested Sloane Peterson yet? Xander? I think we’re interrupting because Chloe here almost ingested one of those poisoned biscuits.

Luckily like them a long time. Otherwise things could have gotten ugly. Actually, things did get ugly for a lot of people. I am so sorry that that happened to you, Ms. Lane, but I’m afraid that I am not a liberty to discuss an open investigation. Well, I hope that doesn’t mean that it’s progressing slowly. I would think that you would wanna solve this sooner rather than later.

Right? You know, you have a lot of opinions for a case that seemingly does not concern you. I’m just speaking as a concerned citizen. Chanel de Priest’s Bakery was shut down by the health department’s. Terribly sad for Chanel. And her employee per thing, who’s now shacked up at the same CD motel I used to call her.

Wait, which employee? There’s only one, isn’t it? What was her name? The bakery girl. Uh, Talia. That’s right, Talia.

Come on. Rape out with it. Do you have another suspect in mine?

Not a liberty to say. Brief as mayor of Salem and your boss, I’m granting you that liberty. So is there another suspect?

At one point Jada suspected Talia. Talia, what? That’s her sister. How could you even think that? Well, because, um, when, um, Ty and Chanel told us what happened the night before the biscuits were poisoned, there was, uh, a discrepancy in Talia’s story. She said when she left your place after dinner, that she went straight home, but she remembered that she came home a few hours later.

Natalia later said she misspoke. So you suspect Talia because she lost track of a couple of hours. We also learned when you thought that Sloan had stolen your keys, that Talia was there as well. Well, don’t you think I’d notice if Taja had stolen my keys? Well, you didn’t notice when Sloan did it. Talia also had a QM mate that day.

Plus she forgot to turn on the security camera, and as a doctor Talia would’ve had access to the drugs that were used.

So considering those discrepancies in Talia’s story and the. Fact that she’s an md. Well, you can understand why we believe that she might have had something to do with the poisoning, but when we question Talia, she had an explanation for everything. Of course she did. Talia couldn’t have had anything to do with something so, so Sarah’s sinister, so downright shameful.

And not to mention, so criminal, she’s, she’s a lovely girl with a good heart, right? Yeah. We couldn’t understand why she would’ve had anything to do with it either. Especially with no motive. Exactly. I can’t believe you even suspected her re is simply conducting a thorough investigation. Yeah, well, I, I do, I understand that, but Oh, oh, it just would be so awful if Charlie had something to do with this.

Especially, especially now. Wait, why now? Because she and my daughter are dating

Talia. Huh.

So how was the date? Did she sweep you off your feet? We had dinner at the bistro. Okay. And it started off great. Something go wrong? Well, no, but it, it just got awkward and then I haven’t heard from her since, which is driving me crazy. Well, maybe before you do anything, you should take some of your own advice and.

Play. Cool girl. Yeah, yeah. You’re probably right. I think I’m just, I’m in my head about it because Talia has only everyday to guys before, and I, I just keep wondering if maybe she’s just not that into me. Are you and her? Yeah, I, well, I thought I was, I mean, I definitely find her attractive, but, um, I don’t know.

I. I, after everything that happened with Allie, I’m just, ah, look, you don’t want to get her again. I get that. This is all I’m gonna say. If Talia can’t see. How amazing you are and how lucky she would be, how lucky anyone would be to be with you. She’s a damn fool.


Well, I have pinch your ear long enough. Hey, what are ex-wives for? Ah, Good luck with Wendy. Thank you.

No, no. I mean, I’m not choosing anyone trip. I mean, it’s weird to even think of it like that. Like I have to make a choice.

Look, both you and Johnny, they’re great guys. Maybe very different of course, which is why I like you both in different ways, okay? Okay, so bottom line, when I get back to Salem, you and I might still have a chance. I mean, unless you meet someone else, not gonna happen. Actually, I kind of hope it does. Cause then we’d be even, you know, how would we be even, because then you’d have to make a choice too.

I am already mak. Now I choose to have hope that the girl that I find great in every way that I feel really comfortable with, who I also find very funny, smart, beautiful, full. I choose to have hope that she’ll come around to see that she and I are right for each other. Well, hey, uh, I can’t predict the future, but maybe she will come around to see that.

As long as I’m not outta the running, definitely not

a way to cause panic attacks. Yeah, if there was some sort of medication to induce them. No, it doesn’t work that way. Okay. Well then I’ll have to think of another plan. You’re not planning on hurting Paulina, are you? You don’t need to worry about that. You just focus on turning up the heat level on Chanel.

Stop batting your eyelids. Touch her gently in strategic places and find ways to get closer by someone as beautiful and sexy as you. I guess she’s falling in love with you, just being in your presence. And babe, don’t worry, it’s not gonna be much longer. Alright, once Paulina and Chanel have paid for what they did, To my mother.

Then we can move on with our lives. We can focus on making each other happy.

I love you so much.

You saw Talia at a motel, the white do. Yeah, we ran into her when she was leaving her room, but she doesn’t live at a motel. How do you know? She’s my sister? Ah, she actually lives with me upstairs. Oh my mistake. Ugh. That means she must be just hooking up with that obnoxious Brit. Who are you talking about?

What? Brit? Yeah. What Brit. When I went back to the motel to pack up my stuff, I bumped into this guy. Absolute joke by the way. And when I mentioned to him that I’d seen Talia coming out of his room, he denied even knowing her. Did you get his name? No, nor did he get mine. You said your room was close to his, do you remember his room number?

Look, I, maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up. I mean, it’s just sister’s business, isn’t it? You know who she hooks up with. You’re right. It, it is. But I’d really appreciate it if you can make it. My business room 1 0 6.

Hey, so your flight leaves in two hours. Lucky you were able to put it the last minute. Yeah. Well, after I spend four hours in a middle seat, then ask me out. Lucky I am. Okay. Lemme just toss some clothes on and I’ll take you to the airport. No. Definitely not. You Stay here. Take care of Joey. I already called a ride.

Share what? No. Joey can be alone for a little while. Our ride is only two minutes away. Oh, I was thought we could say goodbye there. At least not just saying goodbye. Not okay. Louis. Actually, I was planning to have a whole romantic airport scene, you know, like Casablanca. Bogart says Birdman, you know, he is looking at you, a kid.

And then he kisses her. At least I think he does, doesn’t he? I’m not sure who’s seen the movie, which I love. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Mm-hmm. But yeah, I can’t specifically remember if he kisses her in that scene. Me neither. It was. Early romantic regardless. Oh, definitely. That makes me think, yeah, our romantic scene.

Yours of mine. Why does it have to be at the airport? Why can’t it just be right here, right now? Yeah. Why not?

That’s my ride. Should probably go.

Long ways have Seattle.

Got a plate pool. Cool. Cool. Is the way to go.

Hey, Tolia, it’s me, Chanel. I just wanted to tell you that I had a really nice time last night. Uh, but, um, no pressure. If, if you’re not into it, we can just go back to being friends. No harm, no foul, no harm, no foul. Okay. Could I have said anything dumber?

You know, when I started to take you for breakfast, I wasn’t expecting you to order the lumberjack special with extra bacon. Huh. Well, in spirit of our new arrangement, I’d be happy to share. Very generous of you. Hmm hmm.

Poor a detective onto, didn’t even get to finish her breakfast. She raced out here so quickly. Do you think she went straight to that gross motel? No, she doesn’t strike music. Over protective type, but she just seem awfully interested in that guy. Her sister’s been spending time with.

Who’s there? The police.

Oh, well, you know, I think I am late for a city council meeting, but can I drop you off somewhere? Well, Rafe said he was gonna check in with the forensics lab and see if they managed to uncover any new evidence. With any luck that that snake slung slipped up and left some DNA n a evidence behind. Yeah, right here, sweetheart?

Mm-hmm. Oh, hmm. Oh, well, I just got off the phone with forensics. Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything. Are you okay?

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