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Victoria: We’re focused strictly on work for now. I can only imagine how conflicted you must be, and I just want you to take time before you figure out what comes next.

Elena: So, this is what traveling on a business trip alone looks like? Looks like it’s been very productive.

Sharon: Refill?

Nate: Sure. Um, thanks, sharon.

Sharon: Wasn’t that a beautiful celebration of neil’s life tonight? Just all the memories, the people gathering to honor him, and devon’s mother made an appearance. That was a nice surprise.

Nate: Yeah.

Sharon: Okay. What’s wrong?

[ Elena sniffles ]

Nate: I wanna get back to what we had. Everything was so right. But we both have to be willing to try.

Elena: I came here to congratulate and support you. And I know I have to let go of my suspicions about your motives. And I want to believe that you’re back on the right path.

Nate: I am. If you give me the opportunity, I’ll show you. Let me prove to you I am still the man you fell in love with. Stop worrying. Okay? You will never lose me. I love you. Yes, I lost my way for a little while there. But now I am here, okay? The man you love is back. And yes, I’ve been working hard, but I’ve been doing that for us, for our future, together.

[ Inhales sharply ]

Diane: I wish we could stay like this forever. Just wrapped in each other’s arms. Not worrying about what the next day might bring.

Jack: I will tell you your being home has made this day the best I’ve had in a long time.

Diane: It’s wonderful for me, too. Although, I drove our poor daughter-in-law from the house.

Jack: No, don’t blame yourself. She was shocked to see you. She just needs time to process.

Diane: You know, if it would make things easier on her, I would move out. But, you know, my options are limited.

Jack: We’ll find our way through this. I promise.

Diane: I hope kyle found her. And then we can convince her that we can all live under one roof. Happily might be a stretch, but civilly.

[ Door opening ]

Ashley: Oh, my god. What are you doing here?

Kyle: Summer, it’s me. Uh, call or text me back. The way you ran off, it’s got me worried.

Mariah: Hey, stranger.

Kyle: Hi.

Mariah: Hi, I’m– I’m just here picking up takeout. But do you want to get a drink with me while I wait?

Kyle: I can’t stay.

Mariah: I was just at neil’s memorial and it was so beautiful. It was so moving. It really reminds you what’s important in life, you know? Family. And now I can’t wait to get back to mine. And because I am an excellent wife, I decided to stop by and pick up tessa’s favorite spicy noodle bowl.

Kyle: That’s sweet.

Mariah: And because I am an excellent friend, I’m gonna stop talking now so you can tell me exactly what’s going on with you.

Summer: We can’t tell people that mom is alive. That would destroy her.

Daniel: No, it won’T. We will help her get through whatever is ahead.

Summer: What, like life in prison? Forever on the run? In hiding? No, until we have a plan that guarantees mom’s safety, we can’t risk announcing to the world that she didn’t die.

Daniel: It’s the right thing to do, summer.

Summer: What, because you say so? Why do you get to decide?

Daniel: If you didn’t want me to have a say in this, why did you tell me?

Summer: Because the secret was too big for me. I had to tell you for my own sanity. And seeing you grieving like that, I– I couldn’t take it, daniel. I had to tell you that mom was alive, but I am not gonna let you blow everything up. Strong enamel is your best defense

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Daniel: I know that you want to protect mom, but this isn’t the way. We need to tell the truth.

Summer: No, I’m not gonna let you do that.

Daniel: You can’t really stop me, summer.

Summer: Don’t be so sure about that.

Daniel: [ Sighs] I would prefer if we agreed that this was the right decision.

Summer: It’s not. Daniel, mom faked her own death. She framed diane and she killed stark. What if the police don’t see that as self-defense and she goes to prison forever? Do you really want that on your head?

Daniel: Of course not.

Summer: Okay. We’re gonna tell the truth. We will. We just need to figure out a way to keep mom safe first.

Daniel: Sitting on a lie never solves anything. I was talking to lily earlier tonight–

Summer: You didn’t say anything to her about this, did you?

Daniel: No, of course, I didn’t say anything to her. But something she said to me just really resonated. It– it was something about the decisions you make, the ones you can live with and the ones that you can’T. I can’t live with this secret, knowing how many people it’s hurting.

Summer: So, you’re willing to jeopardize our mom’s entire future because of… your conscience?

Summer: Yes, summer. My conscience. That thing that helps guide me through life and determining right from wrong.

Summer: Oh, my god. Get over yourself. This isn’t about you. This is about mom and what she needs and what she needs is us. We have to help her. We are the only chance she has at coming back home.

Daniel: Look, I understand that you are angry about–

Summer: Oh, don’t do that condescending big brother thing to me because it’s not like you have all this wisdom. You blew up your own family, remember? So, what makes you think that you can make the smart, sensible choice in all of this–

Daniel: You’re right, summer. You’re right. I blew up my own family. You know why? ‘Cause I was so damn busy worried about my own pain that I forgot to put heather and lucy first. But you know what, I fixed it and I learned from it.

Summer: Wow. Good for you.

Daniel: You really sound like mom, you know that? You really do. Let me ask you something. What’s it like when kyle holds you in his arms and he’s trying to comfort you because he thinks that you’re grieving and he loves you.

Summer: Don’t do that.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. And what’s it like knowing how upset he is about his mother? His mother that he just started to rebuild a relationship with. How can you look him in the eyes knowing that you could take all that pain away? But instead, you just keep choosing to lie to him.

Kyle: Thanks, but I’m good. I gotta go.

Mariah: No, no, no. The hell you are. Your life is a mess. I say that with love. But this thing that you’re doing, kyle, this stiff upper lip thing, it’s not good. You need to be able to get this out and not with another abbott. There’s plenty of stiff upper lips in that family. So, spill.

Kyle: There is some good news. My mom got out on bail today.

Mariah: That is amazing. So, why don’t you look happier? And why are you here instead of with diane?

Kyle: Well, summer walked in the front door, saw her, there was a confrontation, and she couldn’t get out of the house fast enough. I’ve been looking everywhere for her.

Mariah: Ah. Uh, well, I gotta say, I think that I’m team summer on this one. It’s gotta be hard living under the same roof as the person who was accused of killing your mom. Not that I think diane did it.

Kyle: No, my mom is innocent. Summer just can’t see it. Even worse, I swear that when she looks at me, she doesn’t see her husband, she sees the son of her mother’s killer.

Mariah: As sure as you are of your mother’s innocence, you have to understand that summer sees it differently. Her mom was killed. She is grieving and she’s angry and she has to have a place to put all of this blame. And who better than the person that all of the evidence points to?

Kyle: No, I– I get why summer feels the way she does. But I don’t know how much longer I can stand having my wife believe I am defending a murderer. Just the idea that she thinks that of me, it hurts like hell.

Ashley: How the hell did you get out of jail?

Jack: Calm down, okay?

Ashley: What’d you do, jack? Did you dig a tunnel? Did you blow a hole in the wall?

Jack: Don’t be ridiculous, you knew this was a possibility.

Ashley: Well, she’s already got you committing grand larceny. What’s a little jailbreak? Right?

Jack: Would you keep your voice down? My grandson is with his nanny right now–

Ashley: You should be more concerned with exposing him to a murderer than the tone of my voice.

Tucker: This place is crazy, man.

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: I heard you joined the household.

Tucker: Yeah, the more the merrier, right, jack?

Jack: I’m finding it increasingly claustrophobic.

Ashley: Well, I wonder why? You invite whoever you want to come live here. I can, too, right? At least my guest hasn’t killed anybody, though.

Diane: Tucker, I suppose a welcome is in order. And congratulations. You must have redeemed yourself if ashley’s giving you another chance.

Tucker: She has given me another chance.

Diane: Well, that’s wonderful. You know, it’s just great knowing that ashley has the same big, warm heart that her brother does.

Ashley: So, how’d you do it, jack? How did you manage to get this homicidal flight-risk fiancée of yours out of jail? – “Best thing I’ve ever done.”

Jack: Luckily for us, michael was able to get us another judge.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Jack: One that leaned toward fairness.

Ashley: Fairness? Or bribery? Because I can’t imagine any judge letting her go. I mean, you’ve gone on the run before.

Diane: Why would I want to leave my home, when I have everything I could possibly want right here?

Ashley: You had everything you could want before and you still walked away.

Jack: That was a completely different situation and you know damn well.

Ashley: So, what if she gets bored and she wants to leave again? It won’t be just kyle who’s left with a broken heart. It’ll be you left holding the bag for a, what, seven-figure bail payment? Not to mention the fortune you’re spending on her defense.

Jack: Enough, ashley.

Ashley: You’re so quiet, diane. What’s up with that?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Ashley, I know you hate me, but we need to figure this out if we’re going to be under the same roof.

Ashley: Why don’t you find your own roof? The two of you. Find something you can move into. A little love nest maybe. Let the rest of us live our lives in peace. No chaos.

Diane: Oh, trust me, I would love to be as far away from you as possible. But…

Ashley: Ankle monitor.

Diane: Yeah, it’s a condition of my bail agreement. I’m forbidden to leave the grounds.

Ashley: You are both so disgusting and incredibly selfish. Can you imagine what damage you’re doing to poor summer? You’re forcing her to live with the woman who’s charged with murdering her mother. Have you no shame? [ Sighs ]

Mariah: I can’t imagine how hard this is for you and summer. But I know how much you love each other.

Kyle: What if love isn’t enough?

Mariah: You’re gonna find a way, you know, with– with patience and faith.

Kyle: No, patience isn’t an option. I’m losing summer a little bit more each day and talking isn’t enough. I have to find proof that my mother is innocent. That is the only way I will get summer back. Even if I have to find the evidence myself, there is no way in hell I’m losing my wife.

Mariah: I wish there was something I could do to help.

Kyle: You already have. By listening. Being a good friend.

Mariah: You know, earlier when I said that I was team summer, the truth is, I’m just team love. So, I hope you find her and I hope you find the proof that you need to clear your mom.

Kyle: So do I.

Summer: That isn’t fair.

[ Sighs ] I love kyle. I wouldn’t hurt him.

Daniel: You’re lying to him.

Summer: Only until we can help mom.

Daniel: [ Scoffs ] While we’re waiting to help mom, his mom is rotting in a jail cell for something that she didn’t do.

Summer: Diane’s out.

Daniel: How? How is that possible?

Summer: I don’t know. Uh, michael did some sort of lawyer move, I guess. And she’s home. So, see? Diane’s okay.

Daniel: Yeah, but she’s still charged with murder.

Summer: For now. Only until we come up with a plan.

[ Daniel sighs ] Daniel, mom’s alive. We get a second chance at this. Please just help me find a way to bring her home that doesn’t put her behind bars. Because that’s what’s gonna happen if you come forward now. That’s– that’s what’s gonna happen. Look, I hate lying to the people that I love, too, just as much as you do. But this? This is the only thing standing between mom and a prison sentence.

Daniel: And you’re okay with it? Even at the risk of losing your marriage?

Summer: There’s gotta be a way to protect everybody, including mom. And I know if we just have some time, we’ll be able to find a way.

Daniel: No, summer. Kyle deserves to know the truth. Mom is alive and diane is innocent.

I have type 2 diabetes,

Sharon: I saw you speaking with devon and lily earlier tonight. That must have been encouraging.

Nate: In some ways it was. You know, for the first time in months I felt like I might have a real shot at reconciling with my family.

Sharon: But?

Nate: The tension. It’s still there. And maybe it always will be. It’s a reminder that success sometimes comes at a cost. But I won’t apologize for being ambitious. I just didn’t realize how much I’d– I have to give up. Especially recently.

Sharon: I’m well acquainted with the difficulties of working at newman. Victoria puts in 110% and she expects everyone else at the company to do the same. And it makes it hard to find balance.

Nate: It’s more than the work itself. I haven’t managed my priorities as well as I should have. And I’ve made some real mistakes. And now my personal life is suffering as a consequence.

Sharon: You came to the party alone tonight. Um, is everything okay with elena?

Mariah: Thank you so much.

Elena: Hi. Can I get a whiskey, neat?

Mariah: Hey, you.

Elena: Hey.

Mariah: I missed you at the party.

Elena: What party?

Mariah: Uh, the one for neil’s celebration? I’m surprised that nate didn’t tell you.

Elena: He was there?

Mariah: Uh, yeah, the whole winters family showed.

Elena: Hmm. Devon, lily, and nate. They actually got along?

Mariah: Seemed to. No punches were thrown. I’m surprised nate didn’t tell you about it.

Elena: Yeah. We’re not really on speaking terms right now.

Mariah: Speaking terms? What happened?

Elena: You know, nate and his lies. I got played. I just really wanted to believe that nate was still the man that I loved.

Mariah: I’m so sorry.

Elena: One day he’s trying to take me on a romantic getaway. And the next, I learn that he’s just manipulating me. Trying to keep me quiet. Well, I’m done being quiet.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] There you are.

Summer: Did you talk to daniel?

Kyle: Daniel? I haven’t heard from him.

[ Summer sighs ] I take it you have. Is that the text you got when you flew out of the house?

Summer: How’d you find me?

Kyle: Looked all over town. And I’m beginning to realize this is one of your favorite spots.

Summer: You didn’t have to go searching for me.

Kyle: Oh, but I did. You see, I… am crazy in love with you. So, I can’t help but worry when you take off.

Summer: I didn’t mean to worry you. I just… ooh, I had to get out of that house.

Kyle: The way you keep running away scares me.

[ Summer sighs ]

Summer: I love you.

Kyle: What I said earlier… there’s nothing you can’t tell me. You understand that, right? I know you want your space to grieve on your own terms. I have tried to honor that, but all I want to do is hold you and tell you everything is gonna be okay because we’re in this together. So, please, talk to me, summer. Whatever it is, we’ve got this.

Summer: It’s just… seeing diane at home like that, out on bail, it’s just– it was the last thing I expected.

Kyle: I wanted to give you a heads-up about that.

Summer: I saw how happy you were that she’s free. I’m happy for you. But I can’t– I can’T…

Kyle: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You’re upset mom’s back in the house. I get that. But I swear we will find a way through it.

Summer: What if that isn’t possible? She found it.

“The young and the restless” will continue. (Kids) get him!

Elena: Power and success. It’s all nate cares about now. It’s all about winning.

Mariah: Oh, no. I can’t believe that.

Elena: Oh, believe it. And the part that kills me is that we worked so hard to get through things after he screwed over devon and lily at chancellor-winters. And I was the idiot who believed him when he said he wanted to change. That he wanted to be the compassionate man that I fell in love with.

Mariah: Maybe this is just a phase.

Elena: I don’t think so. I think this is who nate is now. And I just have to accept it.

Mariah: Are you really ready to do that?

Elena: I don’t think there’s any coming back from this. Nate made a decision and now I have to make mine.

Nate: You’re really good at this therapist gig. Spotted my issue right away.

Sharon: Well, you were out tonight without the woman you love by your side. And now you’re here alone with nothing but a sad face and a cup of coffee to keep you company. So, it doesn’t take a professional to put those thoughts together. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch.

Nate: It’s more than a rough patch, and it’s all on me.

Sharon: Why do you say that?

Nate: I’ve changed a lot since elena and I met.

Sharon: Well, I imagine losing your ability to perform surgery had something to do with that.

Nate: It does. I struggled to– to redefine myself. To find work I could be passionate about. Now, I found that passion and business. It’s created… issues in our relationship.

Sharon: Makes sense. You and elena bonded over your shared careers in medicine, now you’ve lost that common ground.

Nate: And it seems we’ve been moving in different directions ever since.

Sharon: Hmm. When you look in the mirror, do you like the man you see?

Nate: Not tonight.

Sharon: Well, in general?

Nate: I do. I feel an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time. I look forward to every day, every challenge. You know, in the past, uh, I could share my excitement with elena. She would encourage me. We encouraged each other. But now it’S…

Sharon: How does that make you feel?

Nate: I never resented elena. I love her too much. But, um, I hurt her, very deeply, and I feel terrible about it.

Kyle: Look, summer, if it’s too hard for you to be at the house, I understand. We don’t have to be, we can go on a trip. It might be good for us all. Look, any place you want to. Back to milan. You love costa rica, and so did harrison. Any place you feel safe and can heal.

Summer: That sounds good.

Kyle: Then let’s pack our bags.

Summer: I can’t– we can’T. It’s not fair to you. I know how important it is to you to be here for your mom.

Kyle: Look, I am out of my mind with worry for my mom. But you are my priority. So, whatever you need, you say the word.

Summer: One, um… one priority that we both should have is explaining to harrison that deedee is back.

Kyle: He’ll be thrilled. I’m not looking forward to the other conversation. When we tell him phyllis is gone.

Summer: No, we can’t– we can’t do that. It’s– it’s too– it’s too soon. We’ve– we’ve got to wait.

Kyle: Summer, wait for what? And why?

Summer: Harrison is so young.

Kyle: We told him about ashland and he handled it. Look, it’s not gonna be easy, but I think he’s ready.

Summer: Maybe I’m not ready. Kyle, can you just respect me on this, please?

Kyle: I’ll do whatever you want, on one condition. Come back home with me.

[ Sniffs ]

[ Ice clinking ]

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Sniffs ]

Daniel: Hello. Hello? Mom, is that you? Type 2 diabetes?

Diane: I care a great deal about summer. I know how difficult this must be for her.

Ashley: And yet you’re still here.

Diane: And I will do everything I can to make her comfortable.

Ashley: Find another place to live. Please, call michael. Get a judge to give you a change of residence.

Jack: This is diane’s home, she stays, and I won’t have you attacking her.

Ashley: She’s not the victim here. Summer is.

Jack: Oh, you’re summer’s champion now?

Ashley: Somebody has to be. Her mother’s dead, jack. And yeah, phyllis and I had a common goal the last few months of her life. And I do feel like I need to stand up for summer.

Jack: Your common goal was destroying diane’s life. It was a hate campaign. It was ugly and personal. It had nothing to do with summer.

Ashley: We were trying to protect the people that we love from her. And the fact that she’s standing here, wearing your ring, obviously, we failed miserably.

Jack: And love won. How about that? Not that you’d know anything about love.

Ashley: Oh, come on.

Tucker: That’s a matter of perspective.

Jack: You stay out of this, and you give diane peace.

Ashley: Or what? Are you threatening me? She’s gonna slip up. She will violate the terms of her bail and I will call the D.A. And she’s gonna be back in jail before you know it.

Jack: Oh, you would do that, wouldn’t you? Even if she’s innocent.

Ashley: She’s not innocent.

Jack: I thought you hit rock bottom when you brought tucker into this house.

Ashley: Oh, look who’s talking.

Jack: Apparently there are no depths to which you won’t stoop.

Ashley: What you’ve done to summer is unconscionable, jack.

Kyle: That’s enough! If any of you give a damn about summer, you’ll leave her the hell out of your feud.

Daniel: Well, you haven’t hung up, so I’m guessing it’s you. Don’t be mad at summer for telling me. I’m glad she did. Means you’re alive, right?

[ Sighs ] And the thought of getting to see you again, and getting to talk to you, actually talk to you…

[ Sighs] Summer told me why you left. You can’t just disappear, mom. You can’T. And we love you and we need you. Summer needs you and you can’t just put her in that position. It’s not fair to her and it’s cruel. And look, I know– I know that you love us too much to keep hurting us. So, just please come back. Come home and we will fix this. We can figure this all out. Just come back and we can be a family again.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Call disconnecting ]

[ Door slamming ]

Sharon: Long-term relationships are difficult. Hurting your partner is, sadly, pretty much inevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s not fixable.

Nate: People warned me that power could be intoxicating. Elena said it louder than anyone. I denied it, but they were right. The feeling of being in control, making decisions that result in millions of dollars in profit, leading teams of employees who look up to me, who want to impress me, gave me a new confidence. And it made me reckless. And it led to me making some big mistakes.

Sharon: Everyone screws up sometimes, nate. Elena loves you. Maybe if you talk to her the way you’re talking to me, apologize, you can repair the damage.

Nate: Hmm.

Elena: And I defended you. I tried to encourage you to take the higher path and to fix things with your family, because deep down, I thought the man that I was in love with still existed.

Nate: I am still that man.

Elena: You can’t possibly believe that. Look at yourself, nate. You have changed, and not for the good. Unless this is who you’ve always been. Selfish and ambitious.

[ Elena scoffs ]

[ Glass smashing ] (Cheering)

Jack: Summer, I am very sorry you witnessed that. I–

Diane: We’re glad you’re home. Are you all right?

Kyle: No, she’s not. And this isn’t a home, it’s a battleground. You have your issues with my dad. But I was really hoping you’d be considerate enough not to involve summer. Apparently, my expectations were too high.

Ashley: I apologize. Summer, I’m so very sorry that I let my anger get the best of me. It will not happen again.

Jack: I was out of line, too. We can all do a lot better.

Kyle: Yeah, you do, because this, it has to stop. Do you understand me? Summer needs a safe space, and right now, this sure as hell isn’t it.

Diane: Summer, I’m sorry, too. I– I know that until there’s proof that I’m innocent, it’s going to be difficult for you to be in the same room with me. But like I said before, I will give you all the space you need. You will hardly know I’m here.

Kyle: Hey, you okay?

Summer: I can’t take this anymore.

Kyle: You don’t have to. Forget it, you can battle it out all you want. Summer and I are taking harrison and we’re moving into the pool house. It’s the only way we’re gonna get some relief.

Ashley: That’s probably a smart idea.

Nate: An apology and an explanation won’t fix this. I’m ashamed to say this isn’t the first time I messed up. So, whatever forgiveness elena found in the past, it’s definitely not happening now.

Sharon: Whatever it is you did, it sounds like you knew the potential consequences and you chose to take the risk.

Nate: And here I am, the point of no return, with no one to blame but myself.

[ Clasps clicking ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Sniffling ]

[ Gasping and crying ]

[ Sobbing ]

Kyle: Are you good with taking up residence in the pool house?

Summer: I wish that moving 100 feet away would actually solve something. Thank you for trying to protect me, though.

Kyle: I love you. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you. You know that, right? And we’ll make an adventure out of it. Tell harrison we’re going camping.

Summer: Staying in the pool house isn’t exactly roughing it, but you’re right. Harrison will like that idea.

Kyle: And I like that you won’t have to go to the park to get peace and quiet so you can heal.

[ Daniel sighing ]

Kyle: I want to help you through this. If you’ll let me. Hey, you okay?

Summer: Yeah. I just… we need to tell harrison about deedee.

Kyle: Come here. [ Exhales ]

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