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 [Soft dramatic music]


Yeah, come in.

You asked to see me. I’m assuming it has something to do with a plea deal for the Randall case?

I recused myself from that. You’re going to have to deal with ADA Lansing-Davis on that one. No, no, no, I want to talk to you about something else, something a little more sensitive.

Going somewhere?

Uh, the office. Got a lot of damage control to do.

Hmm, sure you’re not going to meet with the SEC, you know, to follow up with them after you gave up Carly and Drew for insider trading?

I wish we could stay like this forever

maybe not forever, but for an afternoon.


Except I cannot turn my mind off. I keep wanting to hear from Trina again, or something about Drew and Liesl or something about Willow’s bone marrow transplant.

It might help to have something else to focus on.

Any suggestions?

I know Dr. Randolph has gone over all this with you, but I have to remind you that Willow now needs to undergo a strong round of chemo to destroy her diseased bone marrow so that it can be replaced by Dr. Obrecht’s healthy marrow.

I also know that during this process, my immune system will be completely compromised.

You’ll have to be in isolation.

So I was just talking to Nina.

Really? How’d that go?

Well, you know, Nina and I, we have, like, a not so great history.

Since when, she came to Port Charles?

Yeah, she was kind of obsessed with her first husband, but he was a big support for me when Danny was sick. Anyway, that’s ancient history. I just–I feel like I have to step carefully around Nina.


But Sonny loves her. So for his sake, I’m willing to make the effort.

That’s great.

Mm-hmm. I wish Michael and Carly would do the same.

You know, that’s kind of ironic, because I just told Nina that she should make an effort with Carly.

Carly, please, can I have a minute?

I was wrong…

and I’m sorry.

Sorry for what?

For all the blame that I heaped on you, for trying to make it your fault that I’m estranged from Willow.

I didn’t get along with her when she was Charlotte’s teacher. I didn’t get along with her when she became Wiley’s stepmother. And at my best, I was critical. And at my worst, I was combative. And I regret my actions more than I can say.

But I’m standing here, desperately wanting a connection with my daughter.

Please, Carly, will you help me?


[Dramatic music]

We’re going to move you to an isolation room. Everything will be wiped clean daily, you’ll be given a low bacteria diet, and anyone who comes in contact with you will need to be gloved, gowned, and masked.

Is, um– is Willow allowed visitors?

There’ll be a protective barrier between Willow and the door. You can’t go past it. It’s very important that friends and family keep their distance. No physical contact to avoid the transmission of bacteria.

I remember all this from nursing school. I never thought it would apply to me.

Hey, um, could–could Willow and I have a minute alone?

Of course. You’re going to do great, Willow.

We, uh– we knew this was coming. Isolation is pivotal to the transplant’s success.

I know… but it scares me thinking this could be the last time I hold your hand.

[Dramatic music]

You want to cook for me?

No, I want us to cook together.

Oh, well, that sounds good. But there’s a problem. I don’t cook.

Not at all?

I can scramble eggs or make a sandwich, sometimes bake some cookies. Other than that, that is the limit of my repertoire.

Well, that’s more than I could do when I started. I was limited to grilled cheese sandwiches and anything I could pop in the microwave.


That’s why I wanted to learn how to cook, so I could actually enjoy what I was eating. So when I started following online tutorials and following recipes, I started to actually enjoy it, both the process and the result… and a few disasters.


I’m learning as I go.

Well, it sounds like you’re enjoying yourself.

Cooking takes me out of myself. Instead of worrying about what’s going to happen next and creating contingency plans to deal with that, just in the moment, hopefully enjoying what I’m making.

It sounds like just what I need right now.

All right. Well, let’s figure out what we want to make together.


I, uh–I want to apologize for using you during that, uh, Holly business. But I know you– you know that.

Thank you.

For me personally, it snowballed into something else quite different. But then again, you were unaware of that.


I want to thank you, though, for stepping in the other night and helping me during that, uh, that bureau business.

My pleasure.

Yeah, I know. I–you get that twinkle in your eye whenever you use the law to mess with people.

[Laughing] Present company very much included.

Anyway, that, uh– that brings me to this little get together now. I’m the DA, and you’re the highly respected defense attorney. We’re dancing very close on ethical lines here between sparring and flirting, unless of course, we agree to do it by mutual consent.

I will tell you as many times as you need to hear it. I was not the one who turned in Carly and Drew to the SEC.

Well, you threatened to.

More than once.

I’m a Quartermaine! And chairman of the board. I make threats all the time, but I don’t always carry them out. And I especially wouldn’t turn in Drew and Carly while Willow was fighting for her life. I’m not that heartless.

No, not heartless, but you are a world class rationalizer. I could see you telling yourself that with a little pressure on Drew from the SEC, he wouldn’t be around much at ELQ, and that would ultimately be a good decision for the company. It was just a tip, Dad, right? It wouldn’t generate more than a phone call or two. I’m sure you never intended for it to go as far as, you know, Carly getting picked up at Michael and Willow’s wedding.

It was after the wedding, and I was just as shocked and upset as everyone else.

Especially the groom.

Michael–Michael was completely out of line, assuming that I was responsible.

Michael was out of his mind with worry over Willow. By the way, he has no reason to trust you. And it kills me to say this, Ned, but you sold out Drew and Michael to Valentin Cassadine. What would stop you from selling out Carly and Drew to the SEC?

Can’t a man get any peace and quiet in his own house without being hounded by his family?


Where is the coffee? And the croissant? Have the standards in this house fallen that far?

Tracy, your breakfast niceties are going to have to wait. We’re in the middle of something right here.

Another crisis nobody told me about.

Olivia and Brook Lynn still think I’m responsible for turning in Drew and Carly.

Well, of course you did. And good for you.

Are you ok? Let me look at you. Oh, my god.

Thank god and my rescuers, especially Drew.

What happened?

When Victor’s demented plan started to unravel, he tried to escape with me as his hostage. It was Drew, with an assist from Holly Sutton, who stopped that from happening. I use this word sparingly, but Drew is der held, a hero.

That’s no surprise there.

[Chuckles] Scout can’t wait to see her hero dad.

Oh, I can’t wait to see my daughter. I cannot wait.

Welcome home.

Hey, thanks, man. Thanks. And I appreciate all the kudos, everybody, but obviously I was part of an amazing team, so let’s just–you know.

You can be modest later. Without you, I would not be here, and Willow would not have a chance at life.

Elisa, let’s– let’s talk over here.

Hey, are you ok?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine. Hi.

Hi. Um, you know, there’s been a lot going on.

Are you ok?

Yeah, I’m ok.

What’s going on?

Drew Cain?

We’re with the security exchange commission. We were told we’d find you here.

What’s this regarding?

We have some questions for you regarding allegations of insider trading.

This is outrageous. Don’t you have eyes? The man just returned from a dangerous rescue mission. Why don’t you take your bureaucratic drivel and be gone?

You have the option to refuse to speak with us, but we can get a subpoena, and if necessary, a warrant. So if you want to clear this up, you’ll come with us voluntarily.

You know, if you want to fight this, I’ll back you all the way.

Oh, thank you, Sam, but there’s nothing to fight.

We have a credible allegation that says otherwise.

How do you know the allegation is credible? By its very definition, an allegation is something which has not yet been proven. You are wasting our time with this lacherlich doublespeak.

Don’t let these government drones bully you.

Liesl, it’s ok. I can handle this, all right? You need to focus on Willow. It’s fine. Guys, let’s go. Come on.

It wasn’t me. However, Carly and Drew did commit insider trading. The date of Carly’s huge stock purchase pretty much speaks for itself. All anyone had to do was realize the two of them were in a personal relationship. Not hard to pick up on. Anyone could have turned them in.

Oh, really? Name one. Yeah, exactly. Look, Carly made an investment months ago. Why would the SEC only start caring now?

They’re bureaucrats. It took ’em a while to get around to it.

It took you pointing them in Carly and Drew’s direction.

If Drew gets investigated, it could spill over onto ELQ, where he is a major shareholder. Now, you can accuse me of any nefarious thing, but do not accuse me of being a bad strategist!

That is your defense?

[Chuckles] Despicably turning over your cousin Drew and your other cousin Michael’s mother to the SEC is bad strategy?

Technically, Michael’s my second cousin.

That’s not the point!

Sweetheart, I applaud your technique, deny, deny, deny. And when that doesn’t work, obfuscate. Daddy would be proud.

That is exactly what I’m afraid of! He’s turning into Edward right in front of my eyes.

Robert, do you regret kissing me the other night when your car broke down?

Hell no. Just the opposite. In fact, I’d kind of like to see where this can go. But not if you feel that I’m using my position to pressure you.

Well, I appreciate your sensitivity. But no, I don’t feel pressured in the slightest. In fact, I’m intrigued by the prospect of spending more time with you. We are two sophisticated adults who understand boundaries, and I’m sure we can keep our private and professional lives separate.

I was hoping you’d say that.

Well… on that note… why don’t we celebrate our newly formed social status?

[Laughs] Well, while I appreciate you waiting until we came to terms to bring out the champagne, I’m going to point out that it’s noon.

Yeah, well, that’s the great thing about Champagne, you can drink it any time.


[Tender music]


To us.

[Phone ringing]

Excuse me.

[Phone ringing]

It’s a client. Yes, what can I do for you?

I promise you, this is not the last time that we’re going to hold hands. Ok, you’re just going to be in isolation until your body accepts the new transplant and you start producing healthy cells, ok?

Listen to you, overnight medical expert.

Nah, you’re the nurse. You’re the expert here. I’m just parroting back what the doctor said.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Michael… you know how weak I am. There’s a chance I won’t live through–

Oh, hey, whoa.

[Soft dramatic music]

You’ve beaten the odds already. You’re going to beat them again, ok?

Your love is what’s gotten me this far. I don’t need to hold your hand to feel it. I can feel it in my heart.

I want you feel it too.

I do feel it. So do our children.

Your love is the most precious thing that we have.

Now would be a really good time to kiss me so I can take that with me.

It’s time.

Butter lettuce.


Make sure it’s butter lettuce. It’s what the recipe calls for.

Ok. And raspberries and avocados.

And don’t forget the radishes.

God, there’s a lot of fresh ingredients on here.

Normally, I get my produce at the farmer’s market.

There’s a farmers market here?

Yeah, right next to Rice Plaza.


We can go together.

You’re right, we can go together. Now that Sonny knows about us, there’s no reason to hide anymore.

Ok, tell the truth. How freaked out were you when Sonny busted us after the Nurses’ Ball?

Oh, I think paralyzed by fear would be accurate. I didn’t know what to say. Thank god you did.

Well, it was no use denying it. He had us dead to rights.

It’s a poor choice of words.

That’s the part about Sonny that’s so tough. Ok, we lied to him for months about being together, and he knew all along, but he didn’t retaliate. He just–he gave me credit for covering him during the warehouse ambush.

Sonny gave you credit for saving his life?

Yeah. And then he just let it go. He said it was up to your mom and he didn’t want to be the romance police.

Sonny said that?

He did.

Well, then we can take him at his word. We don’t have to hide anymore.

Unless you don’t want people to know that we’re seeing each other, which I would totally understand.

[Phone ringing]

It’s Michael. Michael, what can I do for you?

This is outrageous. How can government flunkies show up at the hospital and drag Drew off? For what, insider trading? Why were they not investigating Victor using those resources instead of letting him to come within a hair’s breadth of taking out half the world? This world has gone crazy. Question a man who saved lives, who risked his own life so that Willow could live. But no, the SEC only cares about going after a good man who made this world a better place.

Oh, Liesl, enough!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

You know, it’s– it’s what Drew said. Let’s just focus on Willow. I mean, she’s a priority.

Of course.

Why don’t we go and see her and tell her you’re back.

Yes. Absolutely.

Come on.

Yes, yes, yes.

Drew’s coming into this blind. He had no idea the SEC was investigating him.

Drew is going to keep a cool head. He’s not going to give the SEC a reason to use anything against him.

Dante, would you mind going to the PCPD and see what’s going on with him?

Yeah, I was planning to do that anyway.

Thank you.

Ok, see you.

You know, it’s ironic. Drew asked me over and over again not to buy any Aurora stock. I didn’t listen.

[Both laughing]

Oh god, what happened to Willow?

My father was a wonderful man.

He was also a liar, a cheat, and a serial philanderer.

I loved Grandpa Edward to pieces, but he kind of was. That’s why we’re all related to Austin. Jimmy Lee Holt, remember?

Oh, don’t mention that name. The too-tight pants, the unfortunate hairstyle still makes me shudder.

Ok, we are getting off topic! The subject is Ned and the unconscionable, underhanded way that he behaved toward Drew and Carly.

Really not cool, Dad. After all of those lectures about family loyalty?

I swear, it wasn’t me! Call the SEC. They’ll tell you.

Well, what, it was an anonymous tip? Anonymous just means that they won’t reveal your name. And you know that. You’re counting on it! Look, the more you try to get us to believe that you’re innocent, the guiltier you look!

When are you going to learn it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.

It’s not a crime to tell the SEC about insider trading.


Which I did not do! But if I had, it wouldn’t be a crime.

[Dramatic music]

Oh good lord, what are they doing here?

Our inquiry concerns the failed Aurora ELQ merger and the inflation of the ELQ stock immediately prior to the merger falling apart. Now, you’re a majority shareholder in Aurora. You own a large block of voting stock in ELQ, but you’re not the majority shareholder.

Your point?

Carly Spencer, formerly Carly Corinthos, had never owned stock in Aurora prior to the failed merger. Is that correct?

Well, hello, agents. How unfortunate we have to do this all again.

My client has nothing further to say.

[Sighs] Waste of good Champagne.

[Soft dramatic music]


Well, looks like I’m just in time to celebrate.

Has Monica instituted an open door policy, anyone can just walk right in?

I apologize for my mother-in-law’s rudeness. Sweetheart, you are always welcome here.

Since when?

Since she’s Michael’s sister and a part of our extended family.

I don’t like your tone.

Mother, Josslyn was at the wedding.

Her hair was different. And who is he?

It’s Dex. He works for Sonny.

Oh! Well, that’s better. Now we can all be relieved that he’s gainfully employed, carrying brass knuckles and a gun for Sonny.

Who happens to be the father of my first born son.

And you were a teenager! Otherwise, you hopefully would have had better judgment and maybe even better taste.

I think Olivia showed great taste. Uncle Sonny’s the best.

The best at what, racketeering, extortion? And when did we start welcoming his employees in this house?

Don’t worry, we’re not staying.

Because you’re not invited.

All right. We’re here to pick up Wiley and Amelia. Michael wants to see them at the hospital.

[Soft dramatic music]

Willow’s been moved to isolation on the third floor, but she’s starting– she’s starting chemo to kill her diseased bone marrow and ready for the transplant.

Oh, I knew that had to happen. I’m so sorry that I panicked.

Hey, it’s ok.

Willow’s doing her part. It’s time I did mine. I will confer with Dr. Randolph and get prepped for my donation procedure.

I’ll walk with you, ok?

Liesl… what you’re doing, giving Willow a chance at life, it means everything to me and my children.

It is my privilege. Willow is family.

I just can’t believe that something that started with the best of intentions turned out so badly. All I wanted to do was support Michael and Drew. And suddenly, Ned turned it into insider trading. It’s crazy!

I know. I think it’s incredibly harsh considering everything that’s going on with Willow. But I guess when it comes to Ned, nothing else matters but ELQ.

SEC’s still in there, huh?

They are. Shouldn’t be in there long. The guy they’re questioning is represented by Diane Miller.

Yeah, Diane will have him out of there in 10, 15 minutes. I don’t think they’re going to get anything out of him.

Should you choose to move forward with this matter, you will have to calendar an interview and submit all of your questions to me in writing.

We already have enough to issue a subpoena.

[Chuckles] By which I gather you do not presently have a subpoena for my client in this matter.


No. Then this interview is over.

[Dramatic music]

Not that I ever had a problem with it before, but when did you go back to drinking in the middle of the day?

Go back?

The ’80s, we were married. Do you recall?

I remember that, yeah.

Well, we drank a lot of Champagne at all hours.

It was your favorite.

Still is. So you won’t mind if I help myself?

Have a glass. Have the bottle. Just tell me what happened in Greenland.

It was quite an adventure.

[Police radio chatter]


Hey. So Diane’s representing Drew. Agents left a little while ago. From the looks on their faces, they got nothing.

Short term, that could be great. But long term… Drew could be in a lot of trouble.

Well, your timing was impeccable. Thank you.

You can thank your ex-wife. It was Sam who called and alerted me.

I will do that. You seem to have a really good handle on this case, so I’m grateful that you’re representing me.

This was a one-off, my friend. We will have to discuss further representation down the line.

First, I got to figure out what the hell is going on.

What’s going on is you and Carly are alleged to have a personal relationship, and Carly took advantage of said relationship to make a stock purchase in anticipation of the Aurora ELQ merger.

Who brought these allegations to the SEC’s attention?

We don’t know. It was an anonymous tip.

I was on the first flight back with Drew and Obrecht. And the WSB are organizing additional flights to get the rest home.

But–I– I don’t care about the travel arrangements. I want to hear about Victor and how you stopped him.

He was running away with Obrecht as his hostage, but I was waiting there.

And you shot him.

No, I couldn’t because he was using Obrecht as a shield. However, I distracted him with the unwelcome news that he could no longer father children. You may ask how I know that, but last time I was here, I arranged for him to drink a special cocktail as punishment for kidnapping me and Ethan and forcing me to frame Anna.

Payback really is a bitch.

It was obviously a sensitive subject because Victor lost it. He tried to take a shot at me. And that gave Drew an opportunity to jump him and take him down. But during the struggle, Obrecht fell. But whilst Drew and I were focused on her, Victor ran away.

She all right?

She bumped her head. But when she came around, she was able to tell me how to save Valentin and Anna.

Save Anna?

Michael confirmed that Dr. Obrecht is back. Willow is being prepped for her bone marrow transplant.

So why do you look like you just lost your best friend?

Well, the chemo that Willow is on is really strong. Next few days are going to be tough.

But once the treatment’s over, she will be in remission, yeah?

Fingers crossed. But I’m thinking what Brook Lynn is thinking. Willow is very weak. She might not recover.

I am banning all dark thoughts from this house. The right attitude can make all the difference. Willow has so much to live for. She is going to beat this.

She has held on longer than anyone would have predicted. She can make it through.

Thank god Drew was able to find Liesl Obrecht and rescue her from Victor Cassadine and bring her back home.

Yeah, would have been a real bummer had the SEC picked up Drew before he left for Greenland.

Hey. Well?

Willow has been moved to isolation and Liesl has been admitted. She’s getting prepped to donate her bone marrow.

Oh, my god, this is what we’ve been praying for. A miracle is happening.

I know. It’s going to work. She’s going to live. Just–just the hardest part of the treatment, you know, the heavy chemo, the isolation. I just wish I could hold her and comfort her.

Hey, Willow knew it was going to be hard, but she also knew it was going to be worth it.

Yeah, and I think I found a way to show her.



Hey, buddy.


I see you have a new friend.

He’s Aunt Josslyn’s friend. His name’s Dex, and he was a soldier. Isn’t that cool?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s very cool. I didn’t realize aunt Josslyn was going to bring Dex along.

Well, I just wanted a little extra help with Wiley and Amelia.

Where is Mommy? Can I see her?

Well, that’s why I had Josslyn and Dex bring you and Amelia along so you can see Mommy, and so Mommy can see you.

Valentin was infected with the pathogen. Anna took a huge risk going to him and staying with him. Obviously, she could have been infected too.

[Sighs] Damn that woman.

Luckily, Obrecht was able to hide the antidote nearby, and I managed to find it and get it to Anna and Valentin.

Well, thank god for you, but what was she thinking?

Well, obviously, she loves Valentin very much, enough to put her life on the line.

Tell me something I don’t know.

Are you upset?

Only that she’s so reckless with her life.

It doesn’t bother you? You’re not jealous?

I wish her well. And Valentin, he’s her mistake to make.

That’s a relief.


[Soft dramatic music]

There were a few moments… in Greenland where I was pretty sure I was going to die.

And there was only one thing I wanted to do.


So that was your family.

Extended family. One branch of it anyway.

Oh, jeez. How are you all connected?

Well, remember I told you about Tracy, Michael’s great aunt? Michael’s biological father, AJ, and Ned were first cousins. So I guess that makes Michael and Ned second cousins.

Will there be an exam on this later?

I know, it’s a lot.

That’s only one branch. What are the others?

The Spencers, the Corinthos. I might not like Sonny that much right now, but there’s this big blended sibling group and then various assorted nieces, nephews, and cousins.

And you’re ok with all those people knowing we’re together?

I want them to know.

Is that why you brought me along today to get the word out?

No, Wiley’s a lot on his own, and then we had Amelia. We had to get Amelia into the car seat, and then the car seat into the car, and then getting her back out again.

If you can stitch up a bullet wound in the middle of your brother’s living room, I’m pretty sure you can handle two kids in a car seat.

Did I put you on the spot? Did you not want to come?

No, I loved it. Getting to meet Wiley. Getting to hold Amelia while you wrestled that car seat.

I told you, it’s complicated.

I just wonder if you brought me along for help or if you were trying to make a statement.

Carly is convinced that Ned is the one that turned her and Drew in.

[Sighs] Ned reports Drew to the SEC with Carly as collateral damage? That sounds extreme.

Bu t who even knew that Carly and Drew were together? And of all the people who knew… who stands to gain the most from exposing them?

Heroism is one thing. Business is quite another. And since Drew was foolish enough to confide the merger plans in Carly, and Carly was greedy enough to try to cash in, they brought the SEC on themselves.

No, they did not. Ned brought the SEC on them when he turned them in.

For the thousandth time, I did not turn them in!

It was a smart business tactic.

It was a gross betrayal.

I didn’t do it!

You double crossed Michael and Drew with Valentin when you tanked the merger with Aurora by becoming chairman of the board of ELQ. Why do you expect us to believe you now?

Ok, I admit, I threw in my lot with Valentin, but that is standard Quartermaine family politics. It’s a far cry from turning Drew and Carly into the SEC. Drew is family. The A’s stay loyal to each other.

You talking about me behind my back?

Drew, I heard you brought back Dr. Obrecht from–




[Dramatic music]

Ok, you got me. I wanted Michael to see us together out in the open. It was bonus that my mom was there. She’s known for months about us, but I think she was hoping I’d change my mind.


When she was my age, she had someone like you. And she said that he was the best thing to ever happen to her. Losing him almost killed her. She doesn’t want that for me.

What do you think?

[Sighs] I think that history doesn’t necessarily always repeat itself and what happened to him doesn’t have to happen to you. I mean, I’d rather be happy now than give this up because I’m scared of what might happen in the future.

So you’re happy now?

I could be happier.


[Tender music]

I’ll show you.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Say hi. Hi.

You see, your mommy’s awake.

Hi, Mommy! We love you.

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