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Oh my God, it’s you. I take it. You know me. By reputation as we’ve never been formally introduced, allow me to remedy that. Eight Roberts Brady. My name is Dimitri Vanner. And I assure you the pleasure is mine,

Roman. That’s wonderful news. Oh my gosh. That’s great. I’ll tell everybody for you. Yeah. Wait, wait. Okay. You still have to find Kate, but, but now we have reason to hope. I know. I’m so pleased. I’m so pleased. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get back to you. Yeah. Bye-bye.

Oh, hi there. Hey, I was just talking to your dad. Wonderful news. Um, it, it appears that Kate got away from Bo and Roman thinks that she’s alive. That’s that scream. It is great. That’s incredible. I mean, dad must be happy. He’s happy. What, uh, What’s going on with you? Look at me.

Oh my goodness. Uh uh. How did that happen? No, it’s nothing. Mom. It, it’s nothing. I don’t think it’s nothing. I ran into a door.

Okay. I ran into E j’s fist.

Nicole went to the hospital. Why didn’t you say that in the first place? Because I’m still not sure. She wasn’t faking the whole thing. What whole thing? Well, we were arguing and then all of a sudden she grabbed her stomach and claimed that she was having these terrible cramps. Why didn’t you say that to me when you first saw me?

What kind of coldhearted person are you? Hey, I’m the one who took her to the er. Okay. Um, was she seen to, is she all right now? How the hell should I know? Wait, you didn’t even wait with her? Well, Nicole and I are in best season. Come on. Don’t get all bent outta shape. I told her it’s probably gas. He’s a drama queen.

What? Him? God’s name is wrong with you. Whoa. Get your hands off of her.

How can I be pregnant? I’m on the pill. Well, the pill is highly effective. But I’m sure you know that it doesn’t prevent a hundred percent of pregnancies. But the the cramps, why was I having cramps? They were probably just little contractions, which is normal in early pregnancy. They stopped on their own and you’re not spotting.

So I’m not concerned at the moment, but I do think that you should do a follow up exam with your ob gyn given your medical history, especially in light of the fact that you’ve. Had difficulties going full term with your pregnancies and all the risks that go along with that. Oh my God, I did not see this coming.

It’s a lot to take in. Ah, obviously was unplanned. Yeah, it was unplanned and, and, and not just because the pregnancy is dangerous for me and the baby, but also, so what, Kayla, I don’t even know who the father is.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Just keep the ice on it.

Was this the result of a ballroom fight? No, I gave those up. AJ punched me. And it took all my restraint not to punch him back. Well, there’s a comfort. Why did he hit you? Come on, please let it go. That means it was Nicole. Now I know why they pay you the big bucks. So tell me what happened. You’re not gonna like it.

I don’t expect to like it. EJ sucker punched me when he found out that Nicole and I slept together.

Save your righteous indignation. Nicole fell ill while she was alone with your beloved, and now she’s making jokes about it. Nicole didn’t fall ill. We were arguing and I was winning, and all of a sudden she got the vapors let her go. Who are you to flinging accusations at? Anyone else? Your knuckles are all red.

Ej. How’d that happen? It was an accident. What’d you knock out this time? No one. Hmm? Were you gonna need to start playing? My cj You have a performance review coming up? I’m not wasting any more time with the two of you. I’m gonna the hospital. Oh, Eric bastard. So is Nicole faking or is she actually in pain?

I don’t know. I, I don’t know. But you know what? If she is sick, I hope it’s serious. So you were with more than one man recently? Yeah, and I’m in a committed relationship with ej. Then why would you do that? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s not of my business. I dunno know why I said that. Kayla, I, I want you to know, do you remember those magic.

Biscuits. Well, Eric had one too. Are you saying that? Yeah. Eric and I were eyes guides and we had a one night stand.

You just have to be firm with him. Julie, tell him, tell him that if that he can’t wiggle his tooth. I know. Tell him if he keeps wiggling it, then uh, then the tooth fairy is not gonna show up. And, and do me a favor and tell him and Charlotte that I, that I love them and, and I miss them both very much. And, And I’ll be home soon.

Um, look, there’s somebody at the door. Julie, I gotta go. Thank you for everything and uh, I’ll, I’ll call you again in the morning. Okay, I will. Bye bye.

Hey, hey, uh, anything new about Bob? Uh, not since he squeezed hope’s hand. Oh, hey, come here. Sure. Kayla said it’s gonna be a long road back for him. Hope and I have been talking about moving him to a long-term care facility. Right. Well, it’s, it’s good to have him back in the land of the living. It’s a shame he’s not recovering faster.

Yeah. Well, my brother’s tough. I’m not counting him out. No, no. Anybody who knows about Brady wouldn’t count him out. That man’s a survivor just like Kate is. Yeah. I knocked on Steve’s door. He wasn’t, theres he, uh, looking for, uh, yeah, he took off a, a little while ago. Did he say where he was headed? I can catch you.

Uh, look. Yes. Um, but, uh, there’s something that you should know, okay? Uh, and I’m, I, I’m not sure you’re gonna like it.

I know who you are. Mr. Vam. Leischner, you’re the fancy cousin to the low lives, Carly and Frankie. He also posed as an I s A agent named Kyle. Somebody. Graham. I take it. Agent Reid refilled you in. Billy told me you had an accent. Yes, but Kyle Graham doesn’t, and I find myself reverting to his voice whenever I speak to Americans.

Tell me how is Agent Reid? I have such fond memories of romancing her as we jetted around the globe about the Issa’s money. Yeah. I know all about the tango in New Orleans, the hot kiss in Amsterdam. The fact is she knows that she was played by you. Actually. She’s forgotten all about you. Wow. I guess I had that coming.

You totally did. Still, I found her quite captivating and now I see where she gets it. Okay. So you know, don’t even bother. You’re immune to my charts. Mm-hmm. Just the way Billy was at the end when she took you down. Agent Graham, your plot blew up in your face. Why aren’t you in prison? That’s my business.

Hmm. Okay. So if you can answer that, answer this, why am I on this lousy boat gutting fish when I could be home in Salem with my loved ones? So you’re telling me that you slept on the coal because? Because we were both under the influence of the tainted biscuits. It was one time thing. We both knew it was a mistake.

Did you tell Sloan? I didn’t have to. She was the one that walked in on us. I thought she’d be quiet about it because she said she totally understood. Like she knows ej. I don’t know why she would bring it up to him, but she did. Yeah, she did total blow to his fragile Malee ego. And he found out about it. I told him it meant nothing and he just wouldn’t believe it.

And did it. Did what did it mean? Nothing to you? Nothing to Nicole.

Eric and I were hallucinating when we were having sex. Kayla, we didn’t know what we were doing. Mm-hmm. Oh my God. Could the drug hurt the baby? I think it’s too early to know that

this is such a mess.

Oh, hi. What are you? What are you doing here? I had to know if you are all right. Didn’t I? Is she.

You know, the least EJ could have done was, thank you for taking a call to the hospital. Yeah, no kidding. She’s working day and night to have us canned. You should had her take a cab. Yeah. Well, I’m not a horrible person. Can’t do that. Even to her. I mean, I was hoping to earn some brownie points with whom?

Cj, what the hell was I thinking? He ball me off for not staying there with her and holding her hand. I mean, obviously that was a big mistake. Mm-hmm. You gonna add that to your scaling performance review? Of course I am. Oh, that reminds me, MI was about to send yours when she started writing in pain. What you mean she didn’t send it?

Yeah, she was just getting her laptop out of her bag. When That laptop? Yeah. That

You thinking what? I’m thinking.

I was high as a kite mom. So was Nicole. What happened was the last thing either of us wanted, look, I’ve been researching the ingredients in those biscuits, and I should tell you there’s nothing in them that would increase libido. Okay, so what are you insinuating? Well, just that you and Nicole have always had a very strong attraction to each other, and you would mean you wouldn’t necessarily regret of co mom.

Of course. Regret as soon as to cold. She’s with ej now I’m with Sloan, and please don’t, don’t ask me why. I think I know why Mom. Nicole doesn’t know that EJ knows about us. Are you sure? Yeah, of course. I’m sure. I’ve called her and she hasn’t called me back. And ej, he was irritated. He was, he was enraged.

I’m afraid that Nicole’s gonna get blindsided. Ej, you can’t just barge in here. Kayla, I thought you were in Greece. I was, but as you can see, I’m now with a patient who happens to be my girlfriend. Gabby said that you suddenly started feeling terrible pain. Wasn’t that terrible? And it’s, it’s over now. You don’t have to worry.

Ej, Kayla could, could you give AJ and me a few minutes alone? Um, sure. Okay. Just make sure you see me before you leave because I wanna discuss your, uh, follow-up care. Okay. Uhhuh. Okay. Let me get dressed now.

Ej, I’m sorry, Gabby scared you and, and she. Should have made so much out of it, but I’m fine now. Well, that’s a relief. Um, does Kayla know why you had this pain? It’s just something I ate. I didn’t agree with me. Obviously a delayed reaction to the biscuits maybe? Yeah. That. That might have been it, but like I said, it was, it’s nothing.

It couldn’t have been nothing Gabby despises you, yet she was worried enough to drive you here and now you are fine. And it was just a tummy ache. I’m, I’m sorry, I, I, I find that hard to believe. What are you saying in light? Well, it’s possible, isn’t it? After all, you lied to me about sleeping with Eric.

God, I’ve kind of called Nicole Honey. I’m sure she will call you back as soon as she gets your message. All right, mom, please don’t try to shrink me. I know you don’t like ej and you don’t like Sloan. I we’re not. Talk about what I’m feeling. I’m curious. How are you feeling at the moment? Not great. Uhhuh is your head throbbing?

Hold still. Let me look at that. Oh, honey, that is not gonna close without stitches. Let me take you to the hospital. Mom, look, you know what? You’ll end up with a scar if you don’t. I don’t care. Or you’ll end up with an infection. If you don’t, you’re a doctor. Stitch it up. I don’t have my bag. This is not exactly a sterile environment and an ER is, it’s full of sick people.

Yeah. But I have some connections there. I could probably get you into an exam room. You’re not gonna let this go, are you? No, I’m not. Let’s go.

So what do you think her password is, Holly? No, that’s, that’s too obvious. Uh, hold on a second. I remember she was typing it in when she was grabbing her stomach in pain. Yeah. Oh, I love your memory. Okay. You do realize that it is highly unethical for me to access and alter an evaluation by job performance, right.

Like it’s not unethical for her to lie about you. That report of hers is probably calling you everything in the book you want. You wanna let that go in. I mean, I know I, I started this whole thing when I hired you to do these job performances, but what a crockett’s become, huh? No, Stephan, listen, everything that I wrote about either Damer is accurate.

Okay. From his annuity attitude for, to his nasty colon, to him letting his mistress from this company for him. You are one of the most ethical people I know. I bet Nicole did put that in her report. Oh, wow. Okay. So she must have actually been in pain because she left the file wide open. Seriously read it.

Scattered, inattentive, possibly brain damaged. What the hell? Okay. Insist on using plural. They in business correspondence. What? What is she even talking about? They is plural. Also fails to use inclusive language such as Latin X. Wow. Okay. Here you go. He’s completely unfamiliar with social media apps and pop culture references, which severely undermines his ability to understand new markets.

For example, he has no idea who the singer Lizzo is. Lizzo Lizzo. It’s Lizzo. Okay. This is not unimportant. Influencers like H can dramatically impact a company’s profit margin. Are you? Kidding me. Wait, wait. You seriously don’t know who Liz is? I, I don’t know. Okay. We’ll have to work on that, but just keep, keep reading.

It’s fine. You’re not gonna believe this. What? What is it? In summation, the Demer family is overjoyed at Stephan’s Recovery, but I regret to say that after four years of being kept alive by artificial means, Stephan is no way prepared to run a multinational corporation. Oh, and here’s a lovely comment. She included from an unnamed employee, wish he’d stayed dead.

Fat bitch.

I am surprised at your reaction, Kate. I made sure that this vessel was both seaworthy and comfortable, and as I was told, that you have spent years of your life studying the finer points of fish. Chopping enough. Okay. Just tell me why I’m here. Hmm. Let’s just say that. Um. You’re of great value to me as a hostage.

Okay, then call my husband and demand a ransom from Roman Brady. Where would he get the money? Is police pension or the proceeds of his cd? Little tavern. Okay. Believe me, he’s quite resourceful and he will find a way, whatever it is, to pay what he needs to to get me back. Are you sure about that? Yeah, I am sure about that because I have friends and I have family that can help him.

Oh, friends and I places Chad Dira is like my son. So why don’t you call him so we can end this first and I can go home.

Okay. So, uh, Harris Michaels is on the case now. Whose idea was that? Andrew Donovans, he thinks that Michaels is our best hope to find Kate and Kate was was taken off the island on a boat. Michaels is a Navy Seal and apparently an expert at tracking ships that have gone missing. All right. My problem with this is I’m not convinced he’s fully deprogrammed, so I’m not convinced we can trust him.

Look what the hell he did with Steven Cal. I understand he kept him in a damn cell. I understand that, but because of him, they were rescued the very next day, okay? I get that you are willing to give him the benefit of the death. If it helps find Kate. I don’t care where that help comes from.

Kayla, huh? Oh my God, I can’t believe it. Oh, I’m so happy to see. What about you? What happened to your face? Oh, it’s nothing. Nothing. You’re bleeding. Mm-hmm. Thank you. That’s what I’ve been saying. Stitches, doctor’s orders. Ah. Mm-hmm. I, uh, I didn’t know that you were home. Yeah. I can’t tell you how good it’s to see you here.

Yes, it’s good to be back. I really thought I, I wouldn’t see this place again. I understand. Have you seen both? Yes. He’s showing some signs of awareness, but it’s gonna be a long memory. We’re all praying for him. Uh, uh, update on Kate. No, and uh, Roman is not gonna give up until he finds her. Stephen Chad stayed behind in Greece.

I just wish that there was more to go on. I do too. Well gotta get this one stitched up. Yeah. Oh, get care of yourself. Yeah. Oh. Oh. Eric, please just, just leave it.

It’s no secret that. I slept with Eric, but that was before. Don’t waste your breath. I ran into Sloane Peterson earlier and she was delighted to tell me every, everything. Well, she’s lying and she hates me, and she would do everything. Confronted what? Why would he? I confronted him on it and he spilled the beans.

I also overheard you on the phone with him the other night. Swearing into secrecy about something. Now I know where that something is.

I would’ve told you, but, but you were high as a kite on those biscuits and it was one off thing that meant nothing. Yes. Yes. That’s what Eric said. But I’d also built up a head of steam and I took it out on him. Oh. And I came home to confront you on it, and that’s when I found out that you were sick and all my anger just dissipated and all I could care about was finding you.

I just. Didn’t think that you would understand


The only thing I don’t understand is why you felt the need to lie to me

because I knew how upset you get it. Given my history with Eric and your history. With Eric. Look, I understand that you may have been afraid, but I got it outta my system when I punched Eric. Gee, did you hurt him? Ah, he’s fine. More or less.

What about you? Just some skin knuckles and a new awareness that life isn’t always under my control, but I am more concerned about you right now. Are you really? Okay. This all feels like quite a lot just for a tummy ache.

What do you mean? I heard Kayla say that she wanted to discuss your follow up plan for IgEs. Really,

Nicole, look at me darling. Are you seriously ill?

No, and, and don’t think that for a minute.

That’s relief. But I know you and I know there’s something you aren’t telling me.

You’re right, ej. There he is.

To this, through no fault of his own, Stephan was completely out of touch with the real world for at least four years, but here’s my part, okay? But in spite of this, he shows amazing attention to detail. He’s also a joy to work with and has fostered a very positive office culture. I hope he stays with the company.

Permanently. Hmm. So what do you think? I think you’re brilliant.

Oh, do we have to finish this now? Well, Nicole could walk in any minute, so, yeah. Work fast. Okay. But I have to get all your good points. Mm-hmm. See, I have to tell them how smart you are and how good you are in business matters. And how sexy and how handsome. Okay. Forget it. Screw

um, it’s a, it’s a patient’s record. You can’t really see that. And you know what? We’ve gotta get you treated. Hmm. I could do it. I, I just can’t do it right this minute. Oh, well I can stitch ’em up, right. Let, let me text the attending physician. Thank you. Yeah. Sale wasn’t the same without you. Thank you. So when the attending, uh, uh, turns up, will you let him know that we’ll be waiting in my office?

I’ll, I’ll do that. Thanks. Take care. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

Ej, I don’t know why this is so hard to tell you. Tell me what.

Kayla. Thanks that I’m in the early stages of menopause. Oh,

and that’s it.

That’s it. And you’re upset? Well, yeah. Because it’s came as such a surprise and I’m not ready. I want to let you know that there is nothing that will make you less beautiful or desirable to me. Right? Until you’re fanning me with magazines because I’m having hot flash. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

I am just relieved that it isn’t anything more serious.

You have told me everything. Yes.

Yes. Don’t worry about me, ej. I’m healthy and that is the truth.

You know, Chad, damn. I mean, I, I drive myself nuts trying to figure out what the hell happened to Kate. And then I have thoughts like, damn, it’s windy out on that ocean. What if she’s in a small boat at Capsized and San? You can’t go down that road. What if she’s marooned out there by herself? We don’t even know where in the hell to start.

Look, okay, listen. Michael’s has old friends that are coast guards. They’re helping him. Okay, good. Good idea. I like that. Roman, you can do things that we can’t. Okay. We’re gonna find her. All right. She’s cheated that three times since this nightmare started. She’s alive. Okay. I can, I can feel it in my bones.

Thank you for saying that, and I hope you’re right. But I wanna say something to you, Chad. I’m sorry. I have no right to lay my troubles on you of all people, John, Steve, and I. We have had a chance with the women. We love Roman. Listen to me. I need you to keep the faith nice. Try Kate. But I’m not calling Chad Dira or anyone else who can track me on my phone.

You haven’t heard of a burner phone? I’m not ready to make my demands known. There’s still many factors at play. Much factors. You being here is not just a random occurrence. You do know that Well, I know that now. Good, good. You escaping that island and winding up in this little fishing boat with yours.

Truly, it’s all part of a much larger plan.

Well, why can’t I be in on that much larger plan? I mean, who am I gonna tell the fish all in good time? But for now, how about a. Tango. Let’s see how you measure up to your lovely Don at the Don’t touch me. I wouldn’t dance with you if you were the last person on earth. Okay. As you wish.

Back to the fish you go.

Okay. Well, looks like I’m ready to send you. Same. Go for it.

All right. Looks like the board is gonna get a glowing review of your work from Nicole an a scathing thumbs down review of AJ’s work from me and in the board’s, endless dysfunction. They’ll probably ignore both. Hopefully not, but you know what? At least we’ve taken the first step. You and I are gonna run this company now.

Where were we?

I think we should do this in private. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Oh, Eric, what are you doing here? Reading stitches match. Remember when you sucker punch me, it brings you here. Oh, I had my hand looked at anyways. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that Nicole and I talk things through. We both understand that your little one night stand meant absolutely nothing to her. So let’s just pretend it.

Didn’t happen, shall we? Sounds good to me.

Thanks for warning me, Eric. That is too late. Well, I should probably delete this.

Hey, uh, how did it go with ej?

He knows I slept with Eric. How did he find out? Eric’s new girlfriend, Sloane Peterson. I see. Did you tell him you’re pregnant? No. No, I, I told him I was going through early stages of menopause and I won’t tell Eric either. And as of now, this has to be my decision. Just so you know, I just ran into Eric in the nurse’s station.

He’s here. Yes. But I didn’t even hint that you were in the building. Thank you, Kayla. I, I went through my calendar and I still don’t know who the baby’s father is. How long until I can find out? Well, we could do a vaginal ultrasound, but I don’t think it’s gonna tell you anything different. In a few weeks we could do a blood test that would be definitive, but you’re gonna have to get a DNA sample from one of these perspective fathers.

Okay. How you holding up?

There are so many things. Going through my head, not until I find out whose baby I’m carrying, aside from you and me, no one can know that I’m pregnant.

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