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Chloe wakes up in her new apartment and joins Xander in the living room. Chloe praises the mattress and says she appreciates it. Xander mentions that it’s time for breakfast and asks Chloe what’s on the menu.

Tripp makes breakfast for he and Wendy in Seattle. Wendy tells him the eggs are delicious and just what she needed to wake her up. Wendy adds that at home, she usually has a protein bar but she could get used to this.

Chanel comes out from her bedroom as Abe and Paulina are having breakfast in the living room. Paulina asks Chanel about her date. Abe questions what date this is. Chanel asks if Paulina didn’t tell him. Paulina says it wasn’t her news to tell. Chanel jokes that it hasn’t stopped her before. Paulina comments on Chanel getting back in the dating pool. Abe asks to be filled in on who this date was with and asks Chanel who is the lucky guy or gal.

Talia is having breakfast at the Brady Pub while on the phone with Colin. Talia calls it a bit early for him to be checking in. Colin asks how her date was. Talia says it was fine but Colin wants more details. Colin then asks if Chanel is in love with Talia yet. Talia says it’s a little soon for her to be falling in love with her after just one date. Colin jokes about lesbians. Talia points out that Chanel is bisexual, not lesbian. Colin argues that all that matters is that she falls head over heels in love with Talia, so that she can break her heart all over again. Colin adds that he will then start working on the plan for Paulina. Talia questions what he is planning on doing to Paulina right as Jada walks in to the Pub.

Abe questions Chanel’s date being with Talia when she works for her. Chanel argues that unlike Abe, she doesn’t have a policy against co-workers dating. Abe points out that it’s the city council’s policy and he just enforces it but private businesses obviously have more leeway. Chanel doesn’t know if that even matters since her business is still shut down. Paulina asks if the health department has given her anything on when she can re-open. Chanel responds that until the police find out who tainted the biscuits, they won’t even consider it. Paulina tells Abe that they should go light a fire under his commissioner. Abe asks to finish his pancake first but Paulina insists so Abe decides the pancakes can wait. Abe kisses Paulina goodbye and exits.

Wendy tells Tripp that breakfast was amazing. Tripp offers to clean up but Wendy says he cooked and was a great host. Tripp says they are friends and adds that he’s really glad that she decided to visit as he really enjoyed her being there. They almost kiss but Wendy’s phone rings and interrupts them. Wendy sees the call is from Johnny and answers. Johnny says he just talked to Li, who said she is still in Seattle which she confirms. Johnny asks if she’s avoiding him because he thought she believed him when he told her that he only proposed to Chanel because of the drugged biscuits. Wendy assures that she does believe him but says that Tripp just brought Joey home from the hospital, so she felt bad leaving and stuck around to help out. Johnny says that’s good to know and asks when she is coming back.

Chloe questions Xander asking her what’s for breakfast. Xander jokes that for some reason, he assumed she was an early riser that would’ve had breakfast on the table hours ago. Chloe informs him that he assumed wrong. Xander thought it was part of their agreement and asks if she’s forgotten already. Chloe assures that she hasn’t forgotten as she said she would pick up some of the slack of household chores, not that she would do everything and be his cook. Chloe complains that she knew this was a bad idea like Brady said. Chloe then declares that she’s going to pack. Xander stops her and apologizes and agrees that he shouldn’t have expected anything. Chloe says if she agrees to stay, they need to figure out what this arrangement is. Xander suggests they discuss it over breakfast which he will cook for them. Xander says he will scramble some eggs but then realizes they don’t have any.

Johnny tells Wendy that EJ and Stefan need her at DiMera as the place is kind of falling apart with her gone. Wendy doubts that and says she hasn’t made any travel plans yet, but she’ll be back soon. Johnny says he’s glad because he really misses her. Johnny tells her to let him know when she knows for sure and they’ll talk soon as they hang up.

Jada listens in from behind as Talia asks Colin what is happening to Paulina. Colin responds that he’s still working out the details but it’s all part of his plan. Talia starts to ask what the plan is but Jada interrupts so she hangs up. Jada asks Talia who she was just talking to.

Xander comments on Chloe having more time on her hands because she is currently without a job. Chloe threatens to go pack again, so Xander decides they will alternate weeks on who does the grocery shopping. Xander says they need to write out their arrangement but he can’t do it over an empty stomach, so he offers to take her out for breakfast. Chloe accepts and says she will go get dressed, while telling Xander to dust the blinds.

Paulina and Abe go to Rafe’s office. Paulina tells Rafe that they need to talk. Abe hopes it’s not a bad time. Rafe says never and asks what he can do for them. Paulina complains that Chanel can’t reopen her bakery until he arrests Sloan Peterson. Paulina questions what is taking so long and argues that he should’ve arrested Sloan as soon as someone had a bite of the biscuits. Abe states that Rafe can’t arrest Sloan just because of her animosity towards Paulina and Chanel because he has to have the evidence. Paulina argues that the evidence all points to Sloan. Rafe doesn’t respond so Paulina asks if he’s going to tell them that the evidence now points to someone else. Rafe says not exactly. Paulina questions what he means.

Talia claims to Jada that she was just talking to Chanel and that she was just checking to make sure Paulina was okay because she was concerned. Talia asks if Jada has any other questions or if she should get a lawyer since she’s so interested in her private phone calls. Jada points out that she just asked who she was talking to and yet Talia gets all defensive, questioning why that is. Talia tells Jada to enjoy her coffee and walks out of the Pub.

Johnny shows up at Paulina’s place to see Chanel, noting that he checked the Bakery but it wasn’t open. Johnny says he’s sorry that she’s going through this. Chanel asks what was so important that he had to see her face to face. Johnny responds that it’s about Wendy and he was hoping for Chanel’s advice because he feels like he’s losing her.

Tripp asks Wendy what Johnny wanted. Wendy responds that he was just wondering when she was coming back to Salem, which made her think that maybe she should go back today and book a flight. Tripp feels that’s kind of sudden. Wendy points out that Joey is getting better and she does have a job. Tripp notes that she could continue working remotely. Wendy feels he’s upset. Tripp brings up that they said they would go on one date and if there was nothing between them, they would just be friends but he felt something on their one date that he thinks is great. Tripp adds that it seemed like she felt it too, so he doesn’t want her to leave and he really wants her to stay.

Chanel asks why Johnny thinks he’s losing Wendy. Johnny points out that Wendy is still in Seattle and is in no hurry to come home. Chanel questions if she’s not still upset about him proposing to her and says that can’t be the reason she is staying. Johnny explains that is why he’s pretty sure the reason is Tripp.

Wendy questions Tripp wanting her to stay in Seattle and asks if he’s moving here. Tripp responds that he’ll be back in Salem too but he promised Steve and Kayla that he would look after Joey until he got back on his feet, so it should only be a few more weeks. Tripp says if Wendy stayed, they could see where things go without all the typical Salem distractions. Tripp states that they could just be together. Wendy responds that she can’t because she can’t work remotely for weeks on end. Wendy adds that Li has been lost lately now that he’s given up on Gabi, so she needs to be there for him. Tripp assumes she needs to be there for Johnny too and that Johnny is why she’s so anxious to get back to Salem now. Tripp guesses it means that Wendy is choosing Johnny.

Chanel questions why Johnny thinks Wendy is staying in Seattle because of Tripp. Johnny says that Wendy told him that she was staying to help Tripp take care of Joey. Chanel feels that’s reasonable. Johnny complains that it’s the perfect way for Tripp to weasel his way in to Wendy’s heart. Johnny wonders if he should fly to Seattle to try to woo her back. Chanel advises against him smothering her. Chanel compares it to West Side Story and suggests Johnny play it cool. Johnny argues that he’s the opposite of cool. Chanel asks him to fake it so he doesn’t come off as needy and desperate. Chanel promises if Johnny lies low, Wendy will be happier when she does come back. Johnny decides she’s right and thanks her for the advice. Johnny apologizes for just coming in and dropping all his problems on her, especially when she’s going through her own stuff right now. Chanel says she could use the distraction but notes that there is one good thing in her life right now and reveals that she had a date last night. Chanel knows it seems soon since she and Allie just broke up recently, but she found out that Allie is seeing someone in New Zealand so she feels she should move on too. Johnny asks who the date was with last night.

Talia goes to Colin’s motel room. He tells her to text when she is close because he doesn’t want her waiting in the hallway. Talia tells him to relax as she was only waiting for five seconds. Colin feels it’s better to not take any chances and asks if Jada heard anything. Talia says she told her that she was talking to Chanel and she thinks that she bought it. Talia then points out that Colin still hasn’t told her what he plans to do about or to Paulina. Colin informs her that he has come up with a plan. Colin brings up Paulina’s panic attacks and hoped that since Talia is a doctor, she might know how to cause them.

Xander and Chloe go to the Brady Pub where they see Jada. Chloe greets her and Xander calls this a happy coincidence since Jada can update them on their investigation. Chloe doesn’t want to interrupt while Xander asks if Jada has arrested Sloan yet because Chloe almost ingested one of the biscuits and things could’ve gotten ugly. Jada responds that things did get ugly for a lot of people. Jada tells Chloe that she’s sorry that happened but she is not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation. Xander hopes that doesn’t mean it’s moving slowly as he would think she would want to close the case sooner than later. Jada comments on Xander having a lot of opinions on a case that seemingly doesn’t concern him. Xander says he’s just speaking as a concerned citizen and says he’s terribly sad for Chanel to have her bakery closed. Xander remarks that Talia is now shacking up at the same seedy motel that he used to stay at, which surprises Jada.

Paulina questions if Rafe has another suspect or not. Rafe responds that he’s not at liberty to say. Abe grants Rafe that liberty as his boss. Abe asks if there is another suspect. Rafe then reveals that at one point, Jada suspected Talia. Paulina is shocked and questions how Jada could even think that of her sister. Rafe explains that when Talia and Chanel told them what happened the night before the biscuits were poisoned, there was discrepancy in Talia’s story since she said she went straight home after leaving Paulina’s but Jada remembered she came home a few hours later and Talia claimed she just misspoke. Abe questions suspecting Talia just because she lost track of a couple of hours. Rafe adds that they also learned that when Paulina thought Sloan had stolen her keys, Talia was there as well. Paulina argues that she would’ve noticed if Talia took her keys but Abe points out that she didn’t notice if Sloan did it. Rafe continues that Talia also had a key made that day and then forgot to turn on the security camera. Rafe notes that as a doctor, Talia would have had access to the drugs that were used. Rafe says considering all of that, that is why they believe she might have had something to do with the poisoning but when they questioned her, she had an explanation for everything. Paulina argues that Talia couldn’t have been involved in something so sinister, shameful, and criminal. Paulina calls Talia a lovely girl with a good heart. Rafe says they couldn’t understand it either, especially with no motive. Paulina can’t believe they even suspected her. Abe understands that Rafe is simply conducting a thorough investigation. Paulina remarks that it would just be so awful if Talia had something to do with this, especially now. Rafe asks why now. Paulina then informs Rafe that Talia and Chanel are dating.

Chanel informs Johnny that her date was with Talia. Johnny asks how the date was. Chanel says they had dinner at the Bistro and it started out great but got awkward and she hasn’t heard from her since, which is driving her crazy. Johnny suggests Chanel take her own advice and play it cool. Chanel agrees and is just in her head about it because Talia has only dated guys before, so she’s wondering if Talia is not that in to her. Johnny asks if Chanel is in to her. Chanel says she thought so and definitely finds her attractive, but after everything with Allie. Johnny understands that she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Johnny declares that if Talia can’t see how amazing Chanel is and how lucky anyone would be to be with her, she’s a damn fool. Chanel thanks him. Johnny decides he’s bent her ear long enough. Chanel jokes that’s what ex-wives are for. Chanel wishes Johnny luck with Wendy. Johnny thanks her and then exits.

Wendy tells Tripp that she’s not choosing anyone and says it’s weird to even think of it like she has to make a choice. Wendy states that Tripp and Johnny are both great guys and very different which is why she likes them both in different ways. Tripp asks if they might still have a chance when he gets back to Salem. Wendy says unless he meets someone else. Tripp says that won’t happen. Wendy hopes he does because then they’d be even as he would have to make a choice too. Tripp responds that he’s already made one. Tripp chooses to have hope that Wendy will come around to see that they are right for each other. Wendy says she can’t predict the future, but says maybe she will come around to see that. Tripp says as long as he’s not out of the running. Wendy assures he’s definitely not.

Colin asks Talia if there is some kind of medication to induce panic attacks but Talia says it doesn’t work that way, so Colin decides they’ll have to think of another plan then. Talia questions if he plans on hurting Paulina. Colin tells her not to worry about that and to just focus on turning up the heat level on Chanel. Colin encourages her to touch her gently and find ways to get close to her. Colin bets Chanel will fall in love with Talia just by being in her presence. Colin assures that it won’t be much longer as once Paulina and Chanel have paid for what they did to his mother, then they can move on with their lives and focus on making each other happy. Colin tells Talia that he loves her so much as they kiss.

Jada questions Xander seeing Talia at a motel. Chloe confirms that they ran in to her when she was leaving her room. Jada says that Talia doesn’t live in a motel. Xander asks how she knows. Jada explains that Talia is her sister and actually lives with her upstairs. Xander remarks that it must mean that Talia is just hooking up with that obnoxious Brit. Chloe and Jada question who that is. Xander explains that when he went back for the rest of his stuff, he ran in to this guy who was an absolute jerk and when he mentioned that he saw Talia coming out of his room, he denied even knowing her. Jada asks for his room number. Xander says maybe he shouldn’t have brought this up since who Talia hooks up with is her business. Jada agrees but says she would really appreciate if he could make it her business. Xander then informs Jada that it was room 106 so Jada then hurries out of the Pub.

Wendy books her flight to leave in 2 hours and packs her bags. Tripp offers to take her to the airport but Wendy tells him to stay and take care of Joey as she already called a ride share. Tripp says Joey can be alone for a bit as he thought they could say goodbye there. Tripp then admits he was planning to have the whole romantic airport scene like Casablanca. They talk about not remembering if there was a kiss in that scene but they agree that it was romantic regardless. Wendy asks why their romantic scene has to be at the airport and why it can’t just be right here, right now. Tripp agrees and they kiss until Wendy gets a text that her ride has arrived. Tripp says he hopes to see her soon. Wendy responds that they’ll always have Seattle and kisses him goodbye as she then exits.

Chanel tells herself that she has to play it cool but then she gives in and calls Talia. Chanel leaves a voicemail, saying she just wanted to tell her that she had a really nice time last night but there’s no pressure if she’s not into it and they can just go back to being friends. Chanel hangs up and Talia then shows up at her door with pink roses.

Xander and Chloe have breakfast at the Pub. Xander comments on not expecting her to order the lumberjack special with extra bacon. Chloe agrees to share with him. Xander points out that Jada didn’t even get to finish her breakfast since she raced out so quickly. Chloe wonders if Jada went straight to that gross motel. Xander says Jada doesn’t strike him as the overprotective type, but she did seem awfully interested in the guy that Talia has been with.

Colin sits in his room and sends a text until there’s a knock at the door. Colin asks who is there. Jada says it’s the police.

Abe and Paulina talk at the police station about Rafe checking with forensics for any new evidence. Paulina hopes Sloan slipped up and left some DNA behind. Rafe comes back and announces they unfortunately didn’t find anything. Paulina is then shocked by a text message she received that reads “Watch your back because I’m still coming for you” as Rafe asks if she’s okay.

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