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Kyle: Mom? Mom?

Diane: Kyle.

[ Kyle laughing ]

Kyle: I’m so glad you’re home.

Diane: Oh, me too.

[ Diane laughing ]

Harmony: It’s so wonderful to see you, son.

Devon: It’s amazing to see you.

Harmony: Let me take a look at you. Just as handsome as ever.

Devon: You look beautiful.

Harmony: Oh, well, thank you for saying so.

Devon: How did this happen? I didn’t know you were in town.

Harmony: Oh, it is the most incredible thing. I was in chicago working at a conference for the last few days and as I was leaving, tucker reaches out to me. Yeah, told me about this lounge and neil’s name and how you and lily were gonna put together this event to celebrate his memory. Yeah, he even sent a fancy car to bring me here.

Devon: Tucker did that?

Harmony: Yeah.

Diane: Thank you both for never giving up on me. Even when I thought it was hopeless. And how lucky am I that michael was my lawyer? He managed to pull off the impossible, getting me out of that jail, at least for now.

Jack: No, forever. We are in this with you for the long fight.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. Dad and I are not going to give up until we prove your innocence.

Diane: Well, I know the two of you believe that I had nothing to do with phyllis’s murder, but there’s a lot of people in this town who feel differently, including your wife. How is summer going to react when she sees me here in her home? I don’t want to cause any tension in your marriage.

Kyle: I am going to do everything I can to help summer accept that we are all back under this roof, together. Because you need to be here. This is your home too.

Jack: That’s exactly what I told your mother.

Diane: It’s almost like the two of you rehearsed that.

Kyle: Uh, does she know about, um…

Diane: Know about what?

Jack: I think he is referring to a new house guest we have who is complicating things a bit.

Diane: Someone else moved in? Who?

Jack: Brace yourself. Tucker.

Diane: Tucker mccall is living here?

[ Diane scoffing ]

Devon: So tucker, you invited my mom here.

Tucker: I did. Yeah, I thought it would be nice for her to be here and to see you.

Devon: Well, that was an incredible gesture.

Tucker: I’m just glad it worked out.

Diane: Why on earth would tucker… it was ashley, wasn’t it?

Jack: My sister claims she has every right since I brought you into this house without her approval. She’s just trying to prove a point. But worse, I think she actually has feelings for the guy.

>>Kyle: He’s taken over our guest room, for now. And smartly, stayed out of summer’s and my way. Last thing we need is the aggravation.

Jack: I will do everything I can to contain this for all our sakes.

Kyle: Especially summer’S.

Summer: Diane. What are you doing here?

Trelegy for copd.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Devon: I can’t even believe I’m looking at you.

Harmony: I know. It’s crazy.

Devon: Yeah.

Harmony: Oh, too bad ana wasn’t available, but she’s touring with jett, so.

Devon: Yeah, I would have loved to have seen her too.

Harmony: Right?

Devon: But I’ll take what I can get. Phone calls and text messages don’t compare to being with you.

Harmony: No, you’re so right. And I am long overdue for some one on one time with my little grandbaby. Cannot wait to wrap that little baby in my arms.

Devon: Yes. We will make that happen as soon as possible.

Harmony: Yes.

Devon: ‘Cause dom would love to meet his amazing grandma.

Harmony: Oh, well, I don’t know how amazing I am but I sure am eager to meet him.

Devon: I think you’re amazing. Look at everything you’ve accomplished in the last few years. You have a degree and you’ve been clean and sober for almost two decades. There’s nothing easy about any of that. I’m very proud of you.

Harmony: Mm. Well, to hear you say it like that, I’m proud of me too.

Devon: Good, you should be. How’s your job?

Harmony: So far so good.

Devon: Yeah.

Harmony: Yeah, I love what I do. I do, I do. I just, uh, I get to contribute to the community. I get to help people in need. I remember what it was like to be in their shoes, you know. So, it’s just so much more rewarding.

Devon: Good. It’s amazing.

Harmony: Yeah. But look who’s talking, you know. I’m sorry, it makes my heart want to burst seeing how well you’re doing, you know. Your son, abby, and– and– and, oh, I’m so relieved that the two of you, you and lily resolved your issues. The two of you working side by side again.

Devon: I know. It feels like everything in my life is moving in the right direction.

Harmony: Yes. Well, even with tucker? Seems like he’s trying to make up for lost time.

Devon: He is. He really is. And I think that making this happen is a great start.

Tucker: Hey, victor.

Victor: Tucker.

Tucker: Enjoying your expanded empire?

Victor: I have big plans for your company, you know.

Tucker: I should hope so.

Victor: By the way, it’s very touching what you did. Bringing harmony to see devon.

Tucker: Well, anything for your son, right?

Victor: Right.

Abby: Hi.

Nikki: Hi, abby. What a great job you did of planning this. It’s a wonderful evening.

Abby: Oh, thank you. That means a lot coming from a party planning expert like yourself.

Nikki: Oh, I don’t know about that.

Abby: Please, what you did with that bicentennial gala? It was an unforgettable night.

Nikki: It was a lovely evening until…

Abby: Right. Yes, let’s hope tonight has a much better ending.

Nate: This is a wonderful surprise. So, are you two the welcoming committee?

Nikki: Hi, nate.

Nate: Abby, nikki.

Nikki: I didn’t realize you and victoria were back from the west coast.

Nate: Yes, we just got back and I came straight here.

Abby: Oh, I didn’t realize you were out of town until I texted you the invite.

Nate: It was kind of a last minute trip.

Abby: Where’s elena?

Nate: Um, elena couldn’t make it. Is that harmony?

Nikki: Tucker’s surprise for devon.

Victor: May I have your attention, please? We’re here to celebrate a man who was my friend. Not only on a personal level, but I trusted him implicitly in business. One of the few people I ever trusted, it was neil winters. Now, we can talk about a lot of his accomplishments, but one thing stands out to me as a father who’s concerned about family, is how he dealt with raising devon and lily. Every parent hopes to pass on to his offspring a solid foundation with which the children who go out into the world and deal with all the slings and arrows. Often outrageous fortune. Neil did that. The fact that both devon and lily are here tonight, honoring the memory of the man who raised them, says everything about my friend. And says everything about family because after all has been said and done, it is family that holds us together. So cheers to neil and his memory.

All: To neil.

Summer: I– I– I don’t understand. Did the– did the D.A. Drop the charges?

Kyle: Michael was able to get mom out on bail. Dad and I tried to reach you.

Summer: Did the cops find out any new information?

Kyle: Unfortunately not.

Jack: Summer, I realize this is going to be difficult for you, but diane is innocent. She didn’t kill phyllis and it’s only a matter of time before we find evidence that proves that. Hi.

Devon: Mr. Newman, thank you so much for what you said about our dad.

Lily: Yeah, truly. That was so beautiful.

Victor: My pleasure, I meant every word, you know that.

Lily: I do. Thank you.

Abby: Dad.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: That was a beautiful speech. It brought me to tears.

Victor: It was spoken from the heart. Uh, by the way, I’m very glad that I have you two by yourselves for a moment.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Victor: Devon, I want to tell you how proud I am that you’re now becoming a part of my family.

Devon: Thank you.

Victor: I know that you make my daughter very happy. That means a hell of a lot to me, okay?

Abby: I am.

Victor: So cheers to both of you.

Abby: Cheers. Everything feels right and it’s all because of this guy.

Nikki: It was very brave of you to come tonight, to this room, the last place you saw your mother.

Daniel: I actually think I’m handling it okay.

Nikki: Well, I see that you are, but still, it must be a terrible struggle for you and summer.

Sharon: A loss that big, it can take a while for life to feel normal again. In some respects, it never goes away.

Nikki: And I know I’ve said this to you before, but I am deeply sorry for what happened. I just want you to know that you have my full support and victor’S.

Sharon: And mine. Whatever you need, daniel. If you want someone to talk to or just listen. I’ll pour your favorite coffee for you, on the house, any time.

Daniel: Thank you. It’s very kind of you both. Um, I need to just excuse myself for a moment.

Nikki: Yeah, yeah.

[ Nikki sighing ]

Devon: Thank you very much.

Nate: Four years. Hard to believe.

Devon: I know exactly what you mean. I am, uh, happy that you showed up though.

Nate: Glad I got the invite.

Devon: Yeah, that’s what neil would’ve wanted. Could, uh, elena not get off work?

Nate: I, uh, came here straight from the airport. Elena had a long, tough day. I’m pretty sure she’s already crashed out at our place. You know, um, I think I’m gonna grab another drink and say hi to lily. I haven’t spoken to her yet.

Devon: Yeah, man. Enjoy the party.

Nate: Thanks.

Sharon: Are you having a good time?

Mariah: I am, a very nice time. Uh, but I was hoping that you could enlighten me.

Sharon: Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Mariah: So, I obviously know about harmony from devon. Um, but this is the first time we’ve met. What I don’t understand is ashley. She seems to be staring daggers at harmony every time she thinks somebody isn’t looking.

Sharon: Uh, good observation skills.

Mariah: It’s a gift.

Sharon: Back when tucker and ashley were married, he and harmony had a moment.

Mariah: Got it, got it. So, harmony is not ashley’s favorite person. Well, that certainly makes things interesting.

Harmony: You know, I can’t thank you enough for contacting me.

Tucker: The smile on devon’s face is all the thanks I need.

Harmony: I am so in awe of that young man, everything he’s accomplished. But even more importantly, who he is. With little to no help from the two of us.

Tucker: Probably just as well.

[ Harmony chuckling ] I’m still not very good at doing the right things for the right reasons, but ashley’s helping me get there.

Harmony: I’m really glad that you two got back together. I hate the mistake we made that hurt her. But hopefully, you have learned your lesson and you don’t screw things up again.

Tucker: You and me both.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: So, when we spoke earlier, you knew about tucker’s big surprise.

Ashley: I did. He’s making a real effort with his son.

Abby: Well, I have to hand it to the guy. He found a way to make tonight even more special for devon. Although, I’m sure you’re wishing that he found another way to do it.

Ashley: I think it’s time I said hello.

[ Abby sighing ] We’re done.

[ Summer sighing ]

Diane: Summer, I know my being here comes as a shock to you. You, uh, you still believe I’m responsible for phyllis’s death and I– I can understand why you feel that way, but I also promise you it’s not true.

Summer: Because your promises mean so much?

Diane: No, because I would never, ever have taken your mother away from you.

Summer: You are responsible, diane. Since the minute you lured jack to L.A., You set off this whole chain of events that has put us where we are now and after everything you’ve done, after all the lies you told, it’s not fair. It’s not fair that you get to be here with the people that you love and my family has been ripped apart. I– I’m sorry.

[ Summer sighing ] I’m happy for you guys, but I won’t be celebrating this return. I– I– I can’T.

Kyle: Maybe we should go out, take a walk, get some air.

Summer: That sounds like a good idea.

Kyle: Okay.

Diane: Um, hang on, summer. Uh, there’s something I need to explain to you.

Ashley: Hello, harmony.

Harmony: Oh, hi, ashley. So nice to see you.

Ashley: You as well. So nice you could be here for devon.

Harmony: Ah, well, it’s even more meaningful to me since I wasn’t able to attend neil’s original service.

Tucker: Yeah, I wasn’t either.

Harmony: Oh, it’s so strange being back here after all these years have gone by. So much has changed and yet, so much has kind of stayed the same.

[ Harmony chuckling ]

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Such as what?

Harmony: Well, the connection between the two of you for one. I really do wish you all the best. For the two of you to have found your way back to each other after dealing with so much pain and anger, it’s such a gift. It’s something to be cherished and admired.

Ashley: That’s a lovely thing to say.

Nate: The whole event. It’s great. You, abby, devon, you’ve really outdone yourselves. I mean, the music, pictures. What a perfect way to keep neil’s memory alive. Not that anyone needs reminding.

Lily: Yeah. Well, thank you. It, uh, definitely worked out. And thank you for coming on such short notice. Devon and I thought it was important that you were here.

Nate: I wasn’t in L.A. Long, but, uh, I was ready to leave.

Nikki: You must be over the moon having little aria living so close by.

Sharon: I cannot get over those cute baby cheeks and I love having mariah and tessa nearby too.

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah, I know exactly where I fall on the priority list now.

Nikki: Now, now, don’t blame sharon. Grandchildren are life’s greatest blessings.

Victor: You and tessa and aria take full advantage of the grounds.

Mariah: Oh, thank you. Well, you know what? We will– we will keep that in mind.

Victor: Good.

[ Daniel exhaling ]

Summer: I’m not crazy. I know what happened to stark because I heard it from the only other person who was there. The person who stabbed him to death. Mom. She’s alive.

Lily: Hey, you okay?

Daniel: Yeah, you? Party’s great. Everything seems to be going really well.

Lily: Okay. Don’t do that. I can see that you’re upset.

Daniel: I’m not upset. I– I’m just thinking.

Lily: About what?

Daniel: It’s not important. Tonight, I’m here for you, remember?

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Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Sharon: Thank you so much for inviting us.

Abby: Oh, thank you for coming.

Mariah: We really wish we could stay longer, but–

Devon: You gotta get home to that baby.

Mariah: Yep, you got it.

Abby: Those two A.M. Feedings come mighty early.

Mariah: They do. Thank you so much for understanding.

Devon: Of course.

Mariah: Goodnight. See you soon. Good night. It’s so nice to meet you.

Nikki: It’s been a wonderful evening. Thank you again for including us.

Devon: Please. Thank you both for being here. You were two of my father’s closest friends, so we would have moved the day if you couldn’t have been here.

Victor: We wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Nikki: And harmony, enjoy the rest of your visit.

Harmony: Oh, I’m sure I will.

Nikki: Oh, I don’t want to intrude on daniel and lily.

Victor: They seem to be in deep conversation.

Nikki: Can you say good night for us?

Devon: I absolutely will.

Victor: All right.

Devon: For sure.

Victor: Okay.

Lily: I knew you shouldn’t have come here and you definitely shouldn’t have stayed. Not here.

Daniel: I’m fine. I promise.

Lily: Okay, then why are you upset?

[ Daniel sighing ]

Daniel: Look, my conscience is bothering me. I can’t tell you why. I just– I can tell you, I don’t know what to do.

[ Lily sighing ]

Lily: Look, I know what it’s like to grieve and to feel lost, and then you feel this shame because you feel like you’re not living up to your ideals, but what really matters are what decisions you can live with and which ones you can’T.

Ashley: I really feel like it was an honor to be here tonight.

Tucker: Yeah, that makes two of us.

Abby: Well, we’re delighted you could come.

Devon: Absolutely. And I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for what you did, tucker. Because having my mom come, that was very, very special.

Tucker: You’re most welcome. I’m happy to see you two reunited.

[ Daniel inhaling ]

Daniel: Thank you for listening and for the good advice. You always seem to know what you’re talking about.

Lily: Look, I know it’s hard, okay? But you’re gonna get through this.

Daniel: I know, I will, I will. Um, I gotta– I gotta take off, but you’re heading to new york tomorrow to see charlie, right?

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there for business, but mostly to see charlie.

Daniel: Good. Um, I guess this will be it for a while, huh?

Lily: Well, I’m not gonna be gone that long and I will be thinking of you. And just remember that whatever you decide, it’s gonna be the right thing.

Daniel: How can you be sure?

Lily: Because I know you. Bye.

Diane: Summer, I give you my word that I will do my best not to crowd you. So take all the time and space you need and I will do my best to stay out of your way. Although, I can only do so much with my present circumstances.

Summer: Which are what?

Diane: I– I have to wear this ankle monitor. It’s a– it’s a condition of my bail agreement, so I– I can’t leave the property.

[ Summer exhaling ]

Summer: So, you’re– you’re gonna be here where I live, 24/7. I– I can’t– I can’t avoid you?

Kyle: Hey, I’m sure we can all find a way to coexist. For harrison, if for no other reason.

[ Phone chiming ]

Summer: I have to go.

Kyle: Now? Why?

Summer: I just, I can’t be here right now.

Kyle: What? Summer. Hey, wait, wait. (Vo) no matter what type of severe asthma you have…

Lily: Abby, honestly, I cannot get over how you and your family created this lounge after my dad. I mean, this is amazing.

Abby: Oh, thank you.

Lily: I mean, he loved music so much. He could have had a career just owning a club.

Devon: Oh, yeah. But he still didn’t care about anything as much as you and me.

Lily: No, family always came first.

Malcolm: For my brother, family was everything.

Lily: Oh, my!

Devon: Malcolm, what you doing here, man?

Lily: Hi. I thought you were in the maldives. What’s going on?

Malcolm: Come on, now. Like I would miss all of you in one place, paying tribute to the man himself.

Lily: Yeah.

Malcolm: There he is. Besides, you all know me. When it came to the great neil winters, I show up. Whatever it takes.

Devon: Hey malcolm, you remember my mom, harmony, right?

Harmony: Also known as yolanda, once upon a time.

Malcolm: I do, I do. It’s nice to see you again.

Harmony: You too.

Malcolm: You know that young man right there? He’s a blessing to all his parents. You should be proud.

Devon: Thank you, man.

Nate: You missed it, malcolm. There was a lot of love here earlier.

Lily: Well, there’s even more now.

Malcolm: Oh, look at this space, it’s got neil written all over it. Like he designed it.

Devon: Right. Nah, this was all abby, victor, and nikki’s vision.

Malcolm: Well, you did the damn thing. Well done.

Abby: Thank you. It was my pleasure.

Harmony: Neil manages to inspire people, even after he’s gone.

Lily: So, I guess it means he’s never really gone, right?

Nate: He was so supportive of me being a doctor. I wonder what he’d think now?

Malcolm: Are you following your heart?

Nate: I am.

Malcolm: Well, there it is. Neil would be the last one to tear you down for that.

Abby: Yeah.

Harmony: That was neil, trying to lift people up, right?

Malcolm: Yeah.

Harmony: Reminding people that there’d always be a better tomorrow, no matter how bad today was. He learned from his own mistakes, was able to find forgiveness and hope when you didn’t think it was possible. Devon and I owe so much of who we are now to neil. He raised devon as if he was his own after I failed my son. He never stopped believing in you, devon. Devon?

Devon: I’m sorry.

Lily: What were you thinking about?

Devon: I– I just made a decision about something that I need to do for myself and for neil.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Kyle: Still nothing from summer. I shouldn’t have let her go.

Jack: Look, she needed some fresh air and some time to think. You handled it very well.

Kyle: You know, maybe– maybe it’s nothing, but she disappeared earlier without telling me where she’s going. Now, she gets a text and she’s off again.

Jack: Do you think somehow they’re linked?

Kyle: I– could be, I don’t know. Where does she go? She keeps running away. I am trying so hard to reconnect with her in the middle of all this chaos, but she just keeps taking off. She pushes me away.

Jack: Sometimes in situations like this, the best you can do is be there to welcome her home with an open heart and open arms.

Kyle: I can’t wait that long. I need to find her.

[ Daniel sighing ]

Daniel: Hello? Somebody there?

Summer: Relax, it’s just me.

Daniel: You got here fast.

Summer: Yeah well, I wish you’d picked a different spot.

Daniel: This is your spot.

Summer: I don’t want to keep meeting here. It feels risky.

Daniel: You know what summer? I really don’t care what you do and what you don’t want right now. This is gonna be about what I have to say.

Devon: Yeah, I was just thinking about how almost everything in my life I have today because neil was gracious enough all those years ago to welcome me into your family. And you and I are running a company right now that only exists because he was willing to create it with me. And I’ve never imagined being able to do enough in life to thank him or honor him properly. And I don’t know why it took me this long to think of doing this because it makes so much sense to me, but… I wanna take neil’s last name and legally go by devon winters.

[ Lily exhaling ] Would you be okay with me doing something like that?

Harmony: That’s exactly how it should be.

Devon: Yeah? Malcolm, what do you think?

Malcolm: Hey. You know what he would say, right?

Devon: I think he’d say, “my man.”

Malcolm: My man. Devon, he would love this. Now, you know him. He’d try to keep it all cool on the outside when on the inside, he’d be a mess. You’re doing the right thing. Look at you. My boy is finally part of the family. You’re a winters now and you’re my brother.

Devon: Thank you. Thank you, man.

Malcolm: Yeah.

Devon: Lily, do you approve of me doing this too?

[ Lily chuckling ]

Lily: Of course, I approve. I– I love this. I mean, what a beautiful way to honor dad. And you’re already my brother, in every way. Devon winters. Devon and lily winters.

Devon: Sounds– sounds good.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: Thank you. I think he’d be all right. I love you.

Harmony: You too. We live our lives on our home’s fabrics.

Jack: Oh, I can’t tell you how good it is to hold you in my arms again. Feel you like this.

Diane: Jack, are you okay? Really? You were always so worried about me, but this constant turmoil, I– I know it’s taking a toll on you.

Jack: I’ll be okay. I keep hoping that once we find out what really happened to phyllis that night, things will start turning around for all of us. And not that summer’s loss is going to be felt any less. It’s just I– I hope with time she can start to heal, that we all can.

[ Diane sighing ]

Daniel: Went to the jazz lounge tonight for a tribute to neil. You know, the same place where our mother died, where we had her memorial. Where everyone had a good cry over it.

Summer: Yeah, okay. What happened?

Daniel: What happened? What happened was every time I turned around, people were offering me their condolences. People were wondering how the two of us were coping. Now, lily, who stood by me through this whole thing, tonight, while she was consoling me, I just sat there with this big fat lie hanging over my head. And you know what? I hated myself for it.

Summer: Daniel, there is no reason for you to feel that way.

Daniel: I can’t keep lying, summer. I can’t keep deceiving people that care about me. I can’t think about diane being tried and convicted for something that she didn’t do. And I’m not gonna do it anymore.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: What does that mean?

Daniel: What do you think it means? We’re gonna go tell everyone the truth, that mom is alive. Then, we’re gonna go find her and we’re gonna bring her home.

[ Summer exhaling ]

Abby: Uh, well, I declare this party officially over.

Lily: Whoo! And cheers to abby for doing such a great job.

Abby: Oh, well, it was so much fun. I had a ball doing it.

Harmony: Yeah. So let’s touch base in the morning, okay?

Devon: That sounds perfect.

Lily: And where are you staying?

Harmony: Right here in the hotel.

Lily: Oh, okay. You too?

Malcolm: No, I actually got to catch a flight up out of here.

Devon: Leave already?

Malcolm: I may have gone awol on my assignment.

Lily: Oh, okay. You left that part out.

Malcolm: Yeah, it’s no big deal. I’ll get back before they ever knew I was gone.

Nate: Well, you gotta come back soon. And stay longer next time.

Malcolm: I will. You good?

Nate: Yeah, yeah, of course. Just, uh, good to see you. Well, uh, I think I’ll, uh, get a room here too. I’m wiped out. Elena has an early shift and I don’t want to disturb her. I’ll walk you to the elevator?

Harmony: Oh, sure. Yes.

Nate: Goodnight, y’all.

Harmony: Good to see you.

Malcolm: Good to see you.

Harmony: Yeah. Oh, and good night, mr. Winters.

Devon: Good night, mom.

Abby: Well, I am gonna wait for you out front, whenever you’re ready.

Devon: Okay. Love you.

Abby: I love you. Good night. Good night. So good to see you.

Malcolm: Great to see you, take care of yourself.

Abby: You too.

Lily: Oh, man, I am so happy, I am. Devon winters. I love this place. And you, you always show up in the nick of time. How do you do that, huh? You’re here. Look at you.

Malcolm: I’m here. I show up for neil. You know why? Because if things were reversed and it all ended a little differently, he’d be showing up for me, I know he would.

Devon: Yeah, you’re right about that.

Malcolm: It looks like tonight was a beautiful evening.

Lily: Yeah.

Malcolm: You did that man proud. Tonight and always.

Devon: I love you, dad.

Lily: We miss you more than you know.

Malcolm: Your star keeps shining, my brother. It keeps shining.

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