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Ashley: I’m just gonna be very honest with you. All right? He was serious about leaving town and I knew that he wanted to be close to Devon and Dominic and frankly, Abby, I wasn’t ready to see him go.

Abby: Oh, my god.

Ashley: So, I came up with this idea that maybe we could work it out.

Abby: So, it was you. You were the one who convinced tucker to stay.

Ashley: I’ve got my eyes wide open.

Abby: I have to tell you, mom, I think this is ridiculous and
honestly, a little pathetic.

Ashley: Abby, I’m still your mother. Watch your mouth.
[Abby sighing] Look, I see a good man who’s trying to do the right thing, but he– he always does the wrong thing.

Abby: And you can’t change him.

Ashley: I’m just giving him a little room to give it a shot.

Abby: To give it a shot.

Ashley: That’s it. All right. Now, are you angry because Devon invited tucker to Neil’s tribute tonight?

Abby: I think that’s a little bit different, don’t you? I mean, that’s a father and son thing, asking him to come to an event for one night, but you, you are asking him to move into our family’s home. Are you serious? Oh, my gosh


Mariah: Tessa sends her love, by the way. She’s at home with the baby. Probably giving her a bottle as we speak.

Devon: Aw. I’m sure when she’s a little closer to dom’s age, her schedule will mirror yours a little better.

Mariah: A little? Oh, my goodness, you’re scaring me.

Devon: Maybe, not at all. I don’t know. All babies are, you know.

Mariah: They’re different. Yes, we keep hearing that. Every day is a new experience. It’s a good thing that we like surprises.

Devon: Isn’t it crazy to think about our kids growing up together?

Mariah: They’re gonna be best friends. Forever. Just like us.

Devon: That’s right.

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