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Uh, this is just surreal. Honestly, I, I, I didn’t think that I would ever see this place again. Wait until everyone sees you. I mean, I’m sure most people know that you’re alive and well, but. Still, just to have you back here. It’s great. It is. Although, I have to say, I am not thrilled that we left your father and the others in Greece, especially since your Uncle Bo’s future is still up in the air and Kate’s missing.

And Mom, this is exactly where you need to be. I mean, how could you just sit on the sidelines when Seth Burns fired you? Yeah. He’s such a little weasel. I mean, we are out there fighting for our lives, and that’s the time he decides to get rid of me. But don’t worry, we’re gonna march into his office and we’re gonna raise some hell.

And meanwhile, Papa, uncle Broman and Chad, they’re gonna find Kate wherever she is.

Hey Steve, where’s uh, where’s Roman? Well, he’s, uh, back at the hospital with Hope. They’re talking to Bo’s doctors about moving him into a long-term facility. No, damn that, that poor guys going through it. Brother. His wife’s missing. Yeah. Well, we need to lighten his load. Right? Come up with a plan to find and rescue gate.

So what’s that? As you know, breakfast, really, you expect me to eat that, so I don’t expect you to do anything but you want to die of starvation. That’s fine with me. The choice is yours.

Is there a problem, ej? Now, why would you think that? You know, I don’t have time for Briddle school. I’m gonna go inside. But do me a favor, try not to annoy our customers on their way in. I, I, I’m not so fast. You and I have a few things that we need to get straight.

What, what is wrong, Nicole? What’s happening? Oh, I felt a, a bad cramp and I, oh. Oh, it’s happening again, Gabby. I need help. Ah, God. Nice try, Nicole. Oh, what are you talking about, Gabby? Can’t you see him in pain? Mm. Actually what I can see is that Meryl Streep you ain’t, what the hell? I definitely don’t see any Oscars in your future because your performance right now totally fake.

Oh, come on.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I can’t think of anything you or I have to say to one another. I’m not sure Sloan and Peterson would agree. What you human. Wait a second. Are you talking about those lace biscuits? Sloan had nothing to do with, you know damn well it’s not those biscuits I’m concerned about. Goodbye, Jay. You have the temerity to stand here and pretend as though you don’t know why I’m calling you out.

Pretending. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I know Eric, you know what? That you had sex with Nicole. You’ve sank Pon son of a bitch.

Oh my God. I can’t believe you’re insulting me when I’m doubled over in pain. I didn’t insult you. I just said that you’re nom me street. That’s all. Oh God. That’s great, Debbie. Okay, now that that’s done, can you at least, oh, I don’t know, just help me before I pass out and die. You’re not gonna die. I’m glad you’re so sure.

Can we just drop this because I know what this is about. You want me to let my guard down so that I forget to send my evaluation of EJ to the Demer board, right? Is that what it’s, no, it’s not right. Ah, you want your snake of a boyfriend to remain in charge of Dera Enterprises valiant effort, but it’s not gonna happen.

Sister. I don’t care, Gabby, I need to get to the hospital now. Oh,

oh, oh. The look in his face. I’m never ever going to forget that. Ah, he did look pretty shocked. And all because of Wait, wait, wait, wait. How did you put it? Mr. Ferret? If you don’t reinstate Dr. Johnson immediately, I am going to unleash a viral PR campaign against you in this hospital from which you will never recover.

And I would’ve done it too. I mean, you come back from the dead and the guy decides to sell you out to the board. Well, Seth’s never been that loyal, and I talked to someone in the business affairs office and they said that he spent a friction on a head hunter trying to find my replacement. Seriously.

Mm-hmm. Talk about scummy. Remind me to never get on your bad side as if you ever could. Hmm. I bet he did not expect me to hop on a plane and come here and call him out. Especially with my shark PR daughter by my side no less. I’ll always have your back. Mom and I will always have yours. Ah, thank you. Well, I better go do the job that, uh, we both saved.

Ah, I’m so happy for you and I’m so proud of you. Ooh, ooh. Maybe you wanna go home and get some rest, huh? Oh, I will. I will. But first I have somebody finished business to tend to

whatever it takes to find Kate. I’m game well. That’s good. But, uh, buddy, I thought she’d be heading back to Salem with Stephanie and Kayla. You must be anxious to see your kids. Yeah. Yeah. I miss him like crazy. I’m not gonna leave her without Kate now. She’s like the closest thing I have to a mother. I know.

Well, hopefully we can bring her home safe to all the people who love her.

Is that Roman? He’s probably finished at the hospital.


What the hell are you doing here,

Steph? I didn’t know you were back from Greece. Yeah, we just got in a little while ago. Dr. Johnson. My god, I uh, I heard that you were alive, but to actually see you Yeah, it’s um, going to be back for sure. My dad’s gonna be really pumped that you’re back home. I hope he and Bonnie are doing well. They are, they’re fine.

And, um, I just wanna take a second to tell you how truly sorry I am. What, well, I don’t know if Stephanie told you or not, but, um, I was the reason why she wasn’t there for your last moments that I just thought, um, You know, it really doesn’t matter what I thought. I, uh, I did something really selfish and I’m gonna feel guilty, and I’m gonna feel terrible about it for the rest of my life.

Well, Stephanie told me what happened that day, how she missed the call about me and. How Ill I was, but it turned out that those were not my last moments that she missed. And now thank God I have time to share lots of moments with my family. But I, I, I appreciate your apology and, um, accept.

Is it all ready for come in,

answer my question. Why are you here? Agent Donovan sent me, he thought I could be, uh, of help with the search for Kay. Well, he thought wrong, we don’t want you here and we don’t need your help.


yeah. You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you? Yeah. Seeing a richer me kind of living like a peasant. Yes. I enjoy very much. Wow. For your information. I haven’t always been rich and I’ve worked my ass off for everything I’ve gotten. See, see, I’m sure you know I don’t have to explain myself to you, do I?

When you gonna let me off? The stupid shit? You has too many questions. That’s because I don’t get any answers. Let’s just say, how do I put, I don’t have the to give you answer. You can bring me to someone who does.

You should really be talking to Nicole about this. Yeah, while I’m talking to you right now when I want answers, ej, is this the part where you lie to my face, where you tell me that I’ve got it all? Ronco ahead. Eric Colo a liar. Is this where you got your information? I should have guessed Lisa girlfriend had the decency to tell me what was going on.

Sloan doesn’t know what she’s talking about. There’s nothing going on between me and Nicole. So you deny that you had sex with I’m not denying anything. Do you wanna know the truth? Alright, fine. Yeah, I did have sex with your girlfriend.

Ah, God, Gabby, if you don’t have the decency to take me to the hospital, I will call an ambulance myself. Ah, wait. Hold on Nicole. Come on. Are you really sick? Really? You’re sick? Yes. I am really, really sick. You Harless box. Ah, okay. Okay. I believe you. Come on, we gotta get the hospital. Oh.

So why haven’t I ever met your boss? Because my boss, he doesn’t want to meet with people. Could you at least give me a name? Finish your breakfast. Would you like me to bring you more fish to clean? No. I’ll pass. Are you looking at this? Looks good on me, eh? Ah, you’re set bastard. Hey, fair is fair. You got your phone call?

I got the ring, my phone call. All didn’t go through the deal is a deal, lady. You know, I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to keep it, so maybe give it to one of my girlfriends or maybe, oh, maybe I’ll cut that ring. Hey, y’all figure, so you’re the reinforcement. Andrew told us he was sending, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Where is he? He got called when in another case. So you’re here in his stead. I don’t know why my nephew thought we’d ever accept help. From the likes of you, I know that I’m not your first choice. You’re not any choice because you’re the guy who knew Bo was alive and you kept it to yourself. I, Steve, it’s okay.

No, no, no. Just let him say his peace. It’s fine. And Kayla and I were locked up in that carry swine cellar. You didn’t lift a finger to help, right? I didn’t know you were down there. You knew we were missing. And you knew Bo had to be involved. But you didn’t care. Let’s forget about me and Kayla for now.

Let’s talk about hope, about how you didn’t tell her that the father of her children, the man she loved for her entire life was alive. Steve. No, no, no, no. Why don’t we just, no. Bottom line. If this jerk had come forward sooner, my best friend wouldn’t be lying in a coma right now.

Well, it looks like word of my triumphant return is spreading. I already have a patient and that patient is so lucky to have the best doctor on the planet. Oh, you’re a doll baby. I love you. I love you. Thank you again, Alex.

So, so it was good of you to apologize to my mom? Yeah. I don’t expect for it to make up for what I did, but it meant a lot that she forgave me.

So what are you doing here? Is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah, everything’s, everything’s fine. Just going to my appointment with Dr. Evans started therapy, decided to work on my issues. Oh, wow. That’s great. Big step. Yeah, it is.

Well, I should get going. I let a lot of work pile up while I was in Greece. I bet. See you around Alex.

Stephanie. Okay, wait a second.

Such bloody hypocrites. You Brady’s. Sneering at anyone who doesn’t share your middle class values. Your Catholic piety went all the way. You’re just as connell and corrupt as the rest of us. Yeah. Well, if you’d shut it for five minutes, just let me explain. Explain what you’ve already admitted that you slept with Nicole ej.

We were both highest kites after we ate those lace biscuits. We weren’t thinking clearly. We were out of our mind. You of all people should know what had happened to you, and we knew it was wrong as soon as it happened. If it was indeed a harmless drug-induced mistake, why did you keep it a secret to?

Because we knew you’d blow it out of proportion because you’re an insecure asshole.

Hello? Oh my God. Kayla, it’s, it’s you. Uh, yes. It’s Hello, Nicole. I I, I’m sorry if my eyes are bugging out. It, it’s, I mean, I heard you were alive, but to see you I know. It’s strange. I’ve been getting that a lot today. But listen, let’s, let’s talk about you. What’s, what’s going on? Yeah. Uh, well, I, I got these really bad.

Cramps earlier, and I don’t think it’s a bug because I’m not nauseous or anything and I’ve had food poisoning before several times and I don’t think it’s that. So you’re having cramps? Mm-hmm. Do you think they could be menstrual cramps? Oh God, no. I mean, I don’t really get cramps, you know, not like this anyway, but I am due to, to get my period.

Uh, and I have this app that turns my cycle, so we’ll see.

Well, that’s, that’s weird. What.

Hi. This is really strange because my, my ob gyn gave me a new birth control last year, and it’s been like clockwork ever since. Are you experiencing any undue stress? Oh, yeah, for like the last 25 years. I mean, something a little more recent. Uh, well do you, do you think helping EJ scheme against his brother Stephan and the woman he loves is stressful?

Probably more for them. Hmm.

I dunno about you, but is it, isn’t it really hot in here? Nope. I, I feel comfortable. Yeah. Well, not me. Oh my God, I think I’m starting to sweat, huh? Huh? What? Oh, well, uh, your period is late. You’re having cramps, hot flashes. Oh, God, no. No. I am not having hot flashes. And clearly the hospital has thermostat turned out too high.

Uh, well, you know, it’s the first week of May and heat is not on, so I, I think it is. You what? Well, what are you getting at? I think maybe you are entering into menopause.

Oh, I guess I had that coming and then some. You’re talking what happened? As I told you, Nicole and I were both loosing. When we slept together. You did something else to deserve to get punched. Well, I did circuit punch you a few weeks back. So I guess that makes us even, oh, oh, we are far from these. Really, you, uh, you want to keep this going?

In fact, I do. Really?

All right then. That first punch was for free. The second one’s gonna cost you.

You want to do this? Oh, I do. Oh, I really, really do. No, it turns out that the skills required, the sever our finger our fish had are similar.

What do you want? I want an audience with your boss.

I totally understand how you feel. That’s big of you. So I’ll go. Best of luck with the search. Wait, wait, wait. Just wait. No, no, no. Chad. Let him go. We can’t trust him and we don’t need him. What if we do, look, I understand you have your reservations, but what if he’s our best chance to find Kate? If it weren’t for him, me and Stephanie would be as good as dead.

Right now. Thomas Banks would’ve killed us. I think that we should reconsider with all due respect.

Now, before you go, I’d like to ask you something. And I know what it is. You’re wondering if my mom letting you off the hook about that phone call I never got. If that means I’ve done the same. Actually, no, it’s not what I wanted to ask you see, Steph, um, me pressuring you the minute you got back into town trying to guilt you into letting me off the hook as you put it.

That’s what the old Alex would’ve done. Oh, right. And the new Alex. The new Alex is learning that just because I have remorse for all of my actions, it doesn’t mean that the people I hurt need to forgive me. I see. So why did you stop me just now? Because I need your help.

You know, I don’t like to admit when I need help, but this is kind of a special case. What’s going on? My Aunt Maggie’s heading to Greece with my Uncle Vic to go be with Ball. Of course, God, they must be out of their minds with worry. Right? And while my aunt is gone, she left me in charge of this crucial deal for Titan that we have been working on for months.


I’m a little anxious about it, Steph. I really can’t afford to screw this up. Like I really can’t. No, I understand. What’s this gotta do with me? How can I help? I have a meeting tomorrow to pitch all of our strategies to all the parties involved. Now, I have been cramming my brain for the data, Steph, but I would feel a lot more confident.

If I had a world class communications expert by my side,

listen Michaels. I am grateful to you for stopping that maniac from hurting my little girl. You, you don’t have to, but it wasn’t long ago that you were responsible for putting her life in danger. If you remember the exploding pizza box, I’m still haunted by what I did to your family and to John Black and his son.

Look, Steve, he wa he was under Megan’s control when he did those things. Like just like you and John were when she ordered you to hijack that dam, Margo on Hong Kong. We’ve both been there. I shot Brady and, and you guys almost hurt your wife’s trying to secure those prisms for Megan, but what about the things he’s done since then?

When he was in possession of his free will. You’re right, you’re right. I knew what I was doing when I, I didn’t tell hope the truth about Bo, and, and I can’t forgive myself for that. So is that why you’re here? To make amends? Andrew thought helping you find Kate, Mike, gimme a small chance at redemption, but I understand why.

You wouldn’t want my help?

Fuck, Steve. I’ll be honest. I I, I, I don’t care if the guy’s handle Hector. If it helps us find Kate. He’s a Navy Seal for God’s sakes, if Kate’s lost that sea, he’s gonna be our best hope to find her.

He’s right Steve. My, uh, my skills can be valuable. So what do you say?

He’s not gonna do thisk. You think I’m blessing? I’m not bluff. You don’t take me to your boss. I’m gonna cut off this finger and okay. Wait, wait, wait. My boss, he’s a very dangerous man. He does not want to be disturbed. Okay. Okay. Okay. I will beg you to him.

More lives and a litter of cats. Sharper claws too. Nicole. Nicole, are you in there? I saw your car in the garage. Hello, ej. Nicole. Nicole? Uh, no. Use yelling. You’re co-conspirators not here. What? Where’d you go?

Menopause. I mean, I’m, I’m not too young for menopause, right? Well, not necessarily. I mean, yes, you would be on the younger side. I mean, the media age is about 51, 52, but there are many women. It’s not uncommon to be in your forties to go through it. Right. Yeah. I, I guess I knew that. It’s just, it’s just what,

I guess I’m just. It’s not ready for it psychologically. I understand what, you know what, maybe these cramps have nothing to do with menopause, so what, maybe we could run some tests. May be okay with that. Yeah. Okay. Sure. I should be comfortable. I’ll get the nurse, we’ll draw some blood and we’ll look to the bottom of this, okay?


Alex, if you are wanting me at this meeting, if it’s another one of your schemes to bring us closer together, it isn’t. Steph, I swear to you, it has nothing to do with. That. Look, Maggie and I have been butting heads like crazy, and sooner than later she’s gonna have enough of it. And I feel like this might be my last chance to prove myself to her.

Stephanie, I promise you my needing your help is totally legit. It is strictly business. Hey, I know you’re with Chad. I respect your relationship and your boundaries. Okay, so what exactly what’d you need from me? I would need you to attend this meeting with me tomorrow. Just like I said, just be by my side.

Keep me on track, make sure I hit all the talking points that Maggie already approved, and there’s nobody else for the job stuff. You’re the best. That’s it. And I truly think that my career at Titan depends on it.

Well, Titan is still one of my top clients. I mean, it would, if you close this deal, it would be a big win for SJ p r. It’s a big win. All right. I’ll help you, Stephanie. Oh my God, thank.

Thank you. You are the best. Did you see that? I’m learning step by step. Boundaries. I’ll see you tomorrow then. I will see you tomorrow and you’ll not regret it, I promise. Thank you.

Well, I guess we’re in no position to turn down help. Considering how shorthanded we are, does that mean I’m part of the team? That means you’re working with the team, okay. For now. Got it. But Michaels, I got my eye on you. Any funny business, any double dealing, and I swear I’ll take you down myself.

Nice place. Your boss has. Here.

Who are you son of?

Oh my God, it’s you.

Come on, go pick up.

Oh, uh, that was fast. Well odds that news,

Nicole, it’s me. Listen, call me as soon as you get this. CJ knows he’s on a war path.

Do you know where Nicole is? Hmm. Well, there are so many possibilities. She could be reminiscing about old times with my big brother rave, or she could be sharing hot steamy chowder with Eric Brady at the Brady Pub. I mean, she’s got so many exes, it’s hard to keep up. I’m glad you find this sort of funny.

Oh no, don’t bother calling her the way she’s feeling. I doubt she’ll pick up. What the hell are you talking about? Why wouldn’t she pick up? Well, she’s at the hospital. Poor thing,

Kayla. I mean, you’re making me nervous. Here. Say something. What is it? Well, you’re not going through menopause. Oh gosh. That’s a relief. I suppose, I mean, like I said, I wasn’t, I wasn’t ready for it and my gut told me that it wasn’t, and for some reason I was just like, no, I’m menopause. In no way. Right. Uh, no way.

Because you’re pregnant.

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