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Stephanie brings Kayla back home to the hospital in Salem. Kayla calls it surreal to be there after thinking she’d never see the place again. Stephanie tells her to just wait until everybody sees her. Kayla calls it great to be back but admits she’s not thrilled that they left Steve and the others in Greece, especially since Bo’s future is in the air and Kate is still missing. Stephanie encourages that this is where Kayla needs to be. They talk about Seth Burns firing her while she was fighting for her life and plan to storm in to his office. Stephanie assures that Steve, Chad, and Roman will find Kate.

Chad reads a text from Stephanie that she landed safely in Salem and misses him already. Steve shows up at his door. Chad asks where Roman is. Steve says he’s at the hospital with Hope as they are talking to the doctors about moving Bo in to a long term facility. Chad feels for everything Roman is going through with his brother in a coma and his wife missing. Steve states that they need to lighten his load. Chad agrees that they need to come up with a plan to find and rescue Kate.

The man keeping Kate on his boat brings her breakfast and tells her to either eat it or die of starvation.

EJ runs in to Eric outside the Brady Pub. Eric asks if there’s a problem. EJ asks why he would think that. Eric tells EJ that he doesn’t have time for riddles and plans to head inside but EJ stops him and says they need to get a few things straight.

At the DiMera Mansion, Gabi checks on Nicole, who complains about cramps and says she needs help. Nicole says she’s in pain but Gabi accuses her of faking it.

Eric can’t think of anything he or EJ have to say to one another. EJ is not sure Sloan would agree. Eric asks if he’s talking about the laced biscuits and says Sloan had nothing to do with it. EJ shouts that Eric knows damn well it has nothing to do with the biscuits. EJ questions Eric acting like he doesn’t know why he’s calling him out. Eric says he has no idea what he’s talking about. EJ then reveals that he knows Eric had sex with Nicole and calls him a sanctimonious son of a bitch.

Nicole can’t believe Gabi is insulting her while she’s in pain. Nicole asks Gabi to help her before she passes out and dies. Gabi laughs it off and argues that Nicole just wants her to let her guard down so she forgets to send in her performance review of EJ. Gabi tells Nicole that it’s not going to happen. Nicole shouts that she doesn’t care and she needs to get to the hospital now.

Stephanie and Kayla come out from Seth Burns’ office and joke about Seth’s reaction to Stephanie warning Seth to reinstate Kayla. Kayla bets Seth did not expect her to fly in and call him out. They talk about having each others’ back. Kayla decides she better go do her job that they just got back. Stephanie says she’s happy for her while Kayla says she’s proud of her and they hug. Kayla encourages Stephanie to go home and rest which she agrees to do. Stephanie stops and says that she first has some unfinished business to tend to as Alex approaches.

Chad tells Steve that he’s game for whatever it takes to find Kate. Steve says that’s good but he thought Chad would’ve gone back to Salem with Stephanie and Kayla because he must be anxious to see his kids. Chad admits he misses them like crazy but declares that he’s not leaving without Kate because she’s the closest thing he has to a mother. Steve hopes they can bring Kate home safe to all the people who love her. There’s a knock at the door, so Chad answers it and is surprised to see Harris Michaels. Steve asks what the hell he is doing here.

Alex tells Stephanie that he didn’t know she was back from Greece. Stephanie says she just got in awhile ago. Alex mentions hearing that Kayla was alive. Kayla says it’s good to be back. Alex says that Justin will be pumped that she’s back home. Kayla hopes Justin and Bonnie are doing well which Alex confirms. Alex tells Kayla how truly sorry he is because he was the reason that Stephanie wasn’t there for Kayla’s last moments as he did something really selfish and he will feel guilty and terrible about it for the rest of his life. Kayla informs him that Stephanie told her what happened that day, but it turns out those were not her last moments that she missed and now she has time to share lots of moments with her family. Kayla appreciates and accepts Alex’s apology.

Harris asks to come in which Steve and Chad allow. Steve asks him again why he’s here. Harris responds that Andrew sent him as he thought he could be of help with the search for Kate. Steve remarks that he thought wrong because they don’t want him and they don’t need his help.

Kate reluctantly eats the food brought to her which the man on the boat laughs at. Kate asks when he’s going to let her off the ship. He responds that he doesn’t have the authority to give her an answer. Kate tells him to bring her to someone who does then.

Eric tells EJ that he should really be talking to Nicole about this. EJ says he’s talking to him and he wants answers. EJ asks if Eric is going to lie to his face. Eric questions EJ getting the information from Sloan. EJ remarks that at least Sloan had the decency to tell him what was going on. Eric argues that Sloan doesn’t know what she’s talking about as there is nothing going on with he and Nicole. EJ asks if he’s denying having sex with Nicole. Eric shouts that he’s not denying anything and then admits that he did have sex with EJ’s girlfriend.

Nicole tells Gabi that if she’s not going to take her to the hospital, she will call an ambulance. Gabi questions Nicole really being sick and decides to help her to the hospital.

Kate questions why she hasn’t met the man’s boss. He responds that his boss doesn’t like meeting people. Kate asks for a name but he tells her to just finish her breakfast. He shows off wearing Kate’s ring. Kate complains that her one phone call didn’t go through. The man remarks that he hasn’t decided if he wants to keep the ring, sell it, or give it to one of his girlfriends. Kate then grabs his hand and threatens to cut the ring off his finger.

Steve questions Harris being the reinforcements that Andrew said he was sending. Harris apologizes for disappointing him. Steve asks where Andrew is. Harris responds that he got called away on another case. Steve doesn’t know why Andrew thought they’d ever accept help from Harris. Steve complains that Harris is the guy who knew Bo was alive and kept it to himself. Chad tries to intervene but Harris says to let Steve say his piece. Steve argues that when he and Kayla were locked in the wine cellar, Harris didn’t lift a finger to help. Harris points out that he didn’t know they were down there. Steve says he knew they were missing and that Bo had to be involved, but he didn’t care. Steve says they can forget about he and Kayla and talk about Hope and how Harris didn’t tell her that Bo was alive. Steve declares that if Harris came forward sooner, his best friend wouldn’t be lying in a coma right now.

Kayla says the news of her return is spreading as she already has a patient. Stephanie says that patient has the best doctor ever. Kayla hugs her and says she loves her as she then walks away. Stephanie tells Alex that it was good of him to apologize to Kayla. Alex doesn’t expect for it to make up for what he did, but it meant a lot that she forgave him. Stephanie asks what Alex is doing at the hospital and if everything is okay. Alex responds that everything is fine and he was just going to his appointment with Marlena as he started therapy to work on his issues. Stephanie calls that great and a big step. Stephanie says she should get going as a lot of work piled up while she was in Greece. Stephanie tells Alex that she will see him around. Stephanie goes to leave but Alex stops her and asks her to wait a second.

EJ mocks Eric and the Brady family as being just as corrupt as the rest of them. Eric tells EJ to shut up for five minutes and let him explain. EJ questions what’s to explain when he already admitted to sleeping with Nicole. Eric tells EJ that they were high after eating those biscuits and weren’t thinking clearly. Eric argues that they were out of their minds and EJ should know since it happened to him. Eric adds that they knew it was a mistake as soon as it happened. EJ questions why they kept it a secret then. Eric responds that they knew he would blow it out of proportion because he’s an insecure asshole. EJ then grabs Eric and punches him down.

Kayla goes to see her patient which turns out to be Nicole. Nicole is shocked to see her despite hearing she was alive. Kayla knows it’s strange and says she’s been getting that a lot today. Kayla asks what’s going on with Nicole. Nicole tells her about the cramps and she doesn’t think it’s a bug or food poisoning. Kayla asks if it could be menstrual cramps. Nicole says she doesn’t really get cramps like these but she is due for her period. Nicole checks her calendar and realizes that she’s late. Nicole calls it really strange since her OB/GYN gave her a new birth control last year. Kayla asks if she’s been under any extra stress recently. Nicole admits to scheming with EJ against Stefan and Gabi. Nicole starts to complain about feeling hot and that she’s starting to sweat. Kayla goes over Nicole’s period being late, having cramps, and now hot flashes. Nicole asks what she’s getting at. Kayla thinks Nicole may be entering menopause.

Eric guesses he had that coming and repeats to EJ that he and Nicole were hallucinating when they slept together. Eric brings up punching EJ a few weeks ago so he guesses this makes them even. EJ responds that they are far from even. Eric asks if he wants to keep this going. EJ says that he does. Eric remarks that his first punch was free but the second one’s going to cost him. Eric then heads inside to the Brady Pub.

Kate threatens to cut the man’s finger with the knife she used to cut the fish. He pleads with her and asks what she wants. Kate responds that she wants to see his boss.

Harris tells Steve that he totally understands how he feels, so he will go. Harris wishes them luck in the search. Chad stops Harris but Steve says to let him go because they can’t trust him and they don’t need him. Chad asks what if Harris is their best chance to find Kate. Chad adds that if it wasn’t for Harris, he and Stephanie would’ve been killed by Thomas Banks, so he thinks they should reconsider.

Alex tells Stephanie that he’d like to ask her something before she goes. Stephanie guesses that he wants to know if she’s let him off the hook since Kayla did. Alex says that’s not what he wanted to ask. Alex says pressuring her or trying to guilt her in to letting him off the hook is what the old Alex would’ve done, but the new Alex is learning that just because he has remorse for all of his actions, doesn’t mean that the people he hurt need to forgive him. Stephanie asks why he stopped her just now then. Alex responds that he needs her help. Alex doesn’t like to admit when he needs help, but calls it a special case. Stephanie asks what’s going on. Alex informs her that Maggie is heading to Greece with Victor to be with Bo. Stephanie understands they must be out of their minds with worry. Alex says that with Maggie gone, she left him in charge of a crucial deal that they have been working on for months and he’s a little anxious about it. Alex says he really can’t afford to screw this up. Stephanie asks what this has to do with her and how she can help. Alex informs her that he has a meeting tomorrow to pitch all of their strategies to all the parties involved. Alex says he’s been cramming his brain full of data but he would feel a lot more confident if he had her by his side.

Steve tells Harris that he’s grateful to him for stopping Thomas Banks from hurting Stephanie, but it wasn’t long ago that Harris put Stephanie’s life in danger with the exploding pizza box. Harris responds that he’s still haunted by what he did to Steve and John’s families. Chad reminds Steve that Harris was under Megan’s control when he did those things, just like Steve and John were in Hong Kong. Chad says they have both been there. Steve asks what about the things that Harris has done since then when under his own free will. Harris admits he knew what he was doing when he didn’t tell Hope the truth about Bo and has to live with that regret. Chad asks if Harris is here to make amends. Harris explains that Andrew thought if he helped find Kate, it could give him a small chance at redemption but he understands why they wouldn’t want his help. Chad doesn’t care if it helps them find Kate. Chad points out that Harris was a Navy SEAL so he could be their best bet to help. Harris agrees that his skills could be valuable and asks what Steve says.

Kate continues threatening to cut the man’s finger off if he doesn’t take her to his boss. He warns that his boss is very dangerous and does not want to be disturbed but then agrees to take her to him.

Gabi sits at the DiMera Mansion, reading an article about Kate being alive but missing. EJ comes home and calls out for Nicole, asking if she’s there because he saw her car in the garage. Gabi informs EJ that Nicole is not there so EJ asks where she went.

Nicole tells Kayla that she’s too young for menopause. Kayla says not necessarily since it’s not uncommon in your 40s. Nicole guesses she knew that but that she’s not ready for it, psychologically. Kayla encourages that maybe it’s not menopause and offers to run tests to get to the bottom of this which Nicole agrees to.

Stephanie questions Alex if wanting her at this meeting is another scheme to get them closer together. Alex swears it has nothing to do with that. Alex says that he and Maggie have been butting heads like crazy so he feels like this is his last chance to prove himself to her. Alex promises that him needing Stephanie’s help is legit and strictly business. Alex adds that he knows she is with Chad so he respects her relationship and boundaries. Stephanie asks what she would need to do at this meeting. Alex says he would just need her by his side, to keep him on track and help make sure he hits all the talking points that Maggie already approved. Alex declares that there’s nobody else for the job because Stephanie is the best. Alex truly thinks that his career at Titan depends on it. Stephanie acknowledges that Titan is still one of her biggest clients so this deal would be a big win for SJPR. Stephanie agrees to help him. Alex excitedly thanks her and stops himself from hugging her, then says he’s learning about boundaries. Stephanie says she will see him tomorrow. Alex promises she won’t regret it and thanks her again as she walks away.

Steve guesses they are in no position to turn down help, considering how short handed they are. Harris asks if that means he’s part of the team. Steve states that he’s working with the team for now, but warns that he will have his eye on him and swears to take Harris down, himself, if he pulls anything.

The man on the boat brings Kate to see his boss and tells her to wait there as he exits the room. The door then opens and Kate is shocked by who she sees.

Eric sits in the Pub with an ice pack on his face from EJ’s punch. Eric calls Nicole, but she ignores it because Kayla comes back to her hospital room and announces that she has news. Eric leaves a voicemail for Nicole to call him as soon as she gets it because EJ knows and he’s on a warpath.

EJ asks Gabi if she knows where Nicole is. Gabi responds that there’s so many possibilities as she could be reminiscing on old times with Rafe or sharing hot steamy chowder with Eric at the Pub. Gabi jokes that Nicole has so many exes that it’s hard to keep up. Gabi tells EJ not to bother calling Nicole because with how she’s feeling, she doubts she will pick up. EJ questions what the hell she is talking about. Gabi informs EJ that Nicole is at the hospital.

Nicole asks Kayla what the news is. Kayla announces that Nicole is not going through menopause which Nicole calls a relief. Kayla then reveals that it’s because Nicole is pregnant.

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