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I’m – we heard about willow. How’s she doing?

Michael’s with her now.

What happened?

She collapsed, and we’re waiting to hear from dr. Randolph, but we talked to tj, and her condition is deteriorating.

How bad?

Hopefully, drew can find your aunt liesl and bring her back here in time to have the bone marrow transplant. But until then, willow has to stay in the hospital.

Thank you for agreeing to stay at the hospital.

Well… the whole, “if you go home, you won’t make it back” argument was pretty persuasive.

Guess I pulled out all the stops.

You were right, too. You made me see I need a controlled environment for now so I can go home to you and our kids later. And michael… I’m fighting with everything I have to stay with our family.

[Dramatic music]

Jordan? Jordan, can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you. Where are you?

On the haunted star with spencer and ace.

Trina, listen to me. You have to get off that boat now.

Yes, we know, but–

– no buts. There are drones on the way with orders to drop bombs on the entire island, and we have no way to stop them. Take the baby and get to the seaplane before it’s too late.

[Whispering] I can’t leave my grandmother behind.

Or curtis. Jordan, what about the others?

Every second counts. Take the baby and get off that island now.

Trina, you take ace, and you try to get to the seaplane. I’m gonna try to warn my grandmother.

No. What if you run into victor or his guards? I’m not leaving you.

– Spencer, it’s felicia. You and I both know that your grandmother would want you and ace to be safe.

Exactly. Your job, both of you, is to get yourselves and the baby to that plane

before it takes off.

Drop the gun, victor.

Now, why on earth would I do that? Especially as you’re gonna drop your gun and let me pass.

Why would I do that? Obviously, you’d shoot me if I did.

Stop talking, and shoot him!

Oh, careful, miss sutton! You might hit liesl.

I accept the risk. Now, shoot him!

Well, now, what about poor willow? Anything happens to you, and she’ll die.

I’ll instruct you how to harvest my marrow from my dying body. Now, pull the trigger!


Anything happens to me, we all die.


[Gasps] Valentin! Oh, my god!

[Monitor beeping] What– talk to me!

Anna. No, you’re not real. You’re an illusion.

What? What?

[Sobbing] You’re just like helena. I’m imagining you.

No, no, you’re not. No, I’m here. I’m absolutely real. Valentin, you have to hang on.

God… if you can hear me… please keep trina and curtis safe. Just bring my family home.

[Knock at door] Come in.

[Clears throat]

Hi. Hope I’m not interrupting. I just wanted to check on you.

Marshall was here with me earlier. [Chuckles] But, I, uh–I sent him home ’cause he needs his rest.

He’s not the only one.

Yeah, I know. I’m so tired. But I just can’t stop thinking about… what if I never see curtis and trina ever again?

– Wait a minute. The displayon this computer, the–

[Computer beeping] The program that it’s running, I’ve seen that before.

You’ve seen it where?

Oh, my god. 40 years ago, in another underground bunker also owned by mikkos cassadine. Wait a minute. Look at this. Look at this. The displays–

“temperature,” “target area.” “New york, new j–” it’s a map of the mid-atlantic states.

It’s all the same.

Same as what?

I think there might be another weather machine.


[Dramatic music]

Okay, we get what you’re saying, but the others have to be warned.

I promise you, we’ll find a way to tell everyone in the bunker about the drone strike.

You need to get to the seaplane now, otherwise you’re putting yourselves and ace in grave danger.

They’re right.

Jordan… please tell my mom and dad I love them.

I will, and then you can tell them yourselves when you get home. Now get yourself to the plane. Good luck, and stay safe.

Okay, we have to hurry. Let’s bundle ace up the best that we can, and– trina–

right, okay.

Trina, we can do this.


It’s one thing for trina not to speak to me. I get that she’s angry. She should be. I’ll take the silence. But for her to listen to spencer, someone who’s been known to hurt every single person that’s cared about him–

spencer can be difficult.

All I was trying to do was give trina some time, some time and some space to process everything that had happened. And now, the window that I had to make things right– it might be gone forever.

Portia, no, no.

I just don’t know why I waited. Why didn’t I just go to her? Go to her and done everything in my power to make things right while i still had the chance to do it.

Trina is as big-hearted as she is stubborn. And when she gets back– when– two of you will be able to work things out.

[Knock at door]

Come in. Is there word?

We just heard from trina and spencer.

[Dramatic music]

Valentin, focus! Look at me, valentin.

The real anna’s in a hospital. My father shot her. She told me to come and get him.

I know I told you that. But I came after you.

God, I wish you were really here so I could hold you against me one last time, tell you how much I love you.

Hey. I love you, too. Listen… valentin… I love you. That’s why I’m here… to help you. I’m gonna get you out of there, all right?

No. You can’T.

Hey, hursley!

Da scorpio. Very brave of you to speak to me without your lawyer present.

Unless you’re here to tell me that the bureau now realizes how stupid it is to bomb an island with ten people on it, then get out of my face.

Eh, but I’m under orders to stay and monitor the situation.

Do it where I can’t see you.

Let’s keep each other posted, shall we?

I’m gonna talk to this director myself, see if I can get through to him.

I had heard stories that the cassadines had a machine that could control the climate, but I thought it was just an urban legend.

No. No, it wasn’T. It was absolutely real. It was based on something called carbonic snow. You see, the weather machine was capable of creating an artificial blizzard in a targeted area, and in the summer of 1981, mikkos cassadine aimed that thing right at the city of port charles. A group of us–luke, robert, tiffany hill, and I– we all managed to stop him, and that weather machine was destroyed. But this is the same program.

Okay, well, the computer’s from the same era. If it’s the same program… is it hooked up to another weather machine?

Hey, brook lynn told me willow was here.

Thanks for coming.

[Sighs] Nina.

I am so scared.


Michael is not going to like that sonny and nina are here.

No. Let’s hope they have sense enough to keep their distance.

Thank you.

How is willow? Any updates?

Well, the updates are not good. Her condition is getting worse.

I know that this must be agony for you, for everyone. Is there any word on liesl?


Give up, victor. Backup is on the way. There’s nowhere to run.

Come on, holly. That old trick? You disappoint me.

It’s not a trick.

Look, you’re wasting your time here. Just let me go, and then you can get on with looking for your son, ethan.

Ethan’s perfectly fine, thank you. Felicia and I found out about the auction– sick, little affair that it was– and ethan is now safe and far from your reach. You failed, again.

Well, it doesn’t matter. Once I release this pathogen, it has an 80% mortality rate, and I’m the only one with the antidote.

At this point, victor, why bother?

Why bother? Try to save the world? Why bother living?

But what’s to live for for you, bearing in mind your unfortunate condition?

What do you mean by that?

I’d have thought by now you’d have figured out, victor, that it was me who arranged for a little addition to your cocktail.

And a lot of good it did. He’s still alive and kicking.

Yeah, well, alive? Yes. Kicking? Not so much. And I’m glad we’re finally face-to-face, victor, ’cause I really want you to know that it was me.

You don’t mean–

no more heirs for uncle victor. In fact, victor, you can’t even… try, can you?

You bitch!



[Struggling efforts]

[Victor groans] Ah!

[Dramatic music]

You’re awake?

I am.

I don’t wanna interrupt.

You could never.

Oh, I could. You should ask him.

Yeah, yeah. She definitely could.


So, what’s up?

Sonny and nina are here. They heard what happened.

You know, I don’t really think I can think about them right now. Could you tell them to just–

michael, wait.


Liesl, no, no, no, no! No!

Liesl, can you hear me?

Was she–was she hit?

[Dramatic music]


You can’t open that door, anna. I’m infected.

I know. We’re here to help you.

Where’s victor and obrecht? They have the cure.

I don’t know where they are. The others are looking for them.

The others? Oh, my god. [Sobs]

Just don’t worry about them. All right? God. Um– what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna try to find you a hazmat suit or something that we can put on you, and then we can get you to safety, okay? I’ll be right back.

No, don’t go!

No, you don’t understand! We don’t have time!

No, I love how you never give up, but it’s already too late.

You know, we could be looking at an electronic ghost– an old program that started up when the computer booted up. Well, as long as it’s not connected to an actual weather machine, should be harmless.

Except that mikkos cassadine was never harmless. He was relentless. He was obsessive and absolutely thorough. And he knew– he absolutely knew that there were agencies, including the wsb, tracking him, trying to stop him.

Seems like a guy like that would have backups.

I think you’re right. Oh, my god.

Well, then, that explains this. Why would mikkos cassadine equip a bunker in literally the middle of nowhere without telling his brother? So he could retreat, if he needed to, with two weapons, two ways to hold the world hostage: The pathogen and the weather machine. Laura, this is real, and it’s running. We gotta stop it. I’ll find a way to kill the power.

No, no, wait, don’t do that. We can kill the power to this computer, but that doesn’t mean that we can kill the power to the weather machine.

You’re right. If we interrupt the power, the computer might shut down and lock us out entirely, and we’ll never find them.

Yeah. It’s calibrated its target. It’s the same as last time.

Port charles.

[Dramatic music]

Trina and spencer agreed to head straight to the plane. With any luck, they should be home before daybreak.


Oh, and… trina says she loves you.

Thank you, jordan.

[Distant siren wails]

Is that snow?

[Ominous music]

Oh, my goodness.

Willow seems stable. Everything– so can we just go?

No, I wanna just stay a little bit longer, sonny, just in case.

Michael? How are you doing?

I’m okay, all things considered. Nina–

I’m not gonna– I’m not here to cause trouble.

No. Willow wants to see you.

[Melancholy music]

Come on, liesl. Liesl. Please!

She’s got a pulse.

All right.

Liesl, can you hear me?

How bad is it?

[Dramatic music]

There must be a way to stop the process.

It’s already begun. And it will only get worse as it slowly works its way up to full power. See, the longer the machine is in operation, the greater the devastation will be.

All right, well, we have to try something. I got an idea.


Suspend… operations.

[Computer beeping] “To terminate functions, enter chemical formula in operation.” Chemical formula for what?

Carbonic snow. I told you, that’s how the machine works. The–it creates a blizzard by using carbonic snow.

Who has the formula to carbonic snow?

[Dramatic music]

I do.

Okay. Are you sure this is the right way?

Yeah, we’re heading east.

Didn’t take you for a boy scout.

Sailing at prep school.

Of course.

Someone’s coming.

Maybe it’s curtis.

Maybe it’s not.


It’s okay. It’s all right.

It’s okay. It’s all right.

Uncle victor still has the pathogen.

Where’s curtis?

I don’t know. But I need to go after victor.

Spencer, you can’T.

Any luck?

Yeah, all bad. Hursley was right about one thing: This new director is definitely not gonna take any of my calls. Anybody who I manage to get through to pretty much said the same thing.

They have to follow protocol in the event of a bioterror threat. I got the same drill.

Yeah, we’re dealing with… ten people here, as far as the bureau’s concerned, rather than billions.

Even if those ten are our friends.

Speaking of which, I was hoping to have heard from anna by now.

Well… she’s a little busy.

Will you please tell charlotte how sorry I am and that I love her and she was always the best thing in my life?

She still is!

[Heart monitor beeping]

I should’ve known better.


When I looked into alex’s eyes, I should’ve known that she wasn’t you, because there’s no kindness there. You have compassion in your eyes. Even all those years ago, when you rejected my affection…


You still knew my heart. You still had compassion in your eyes. And I wish I had held on to that. And alex couldn’t have poisoned what we had. But she did, and I let her. And I wish that I hadn’t let anger and spite control me, because then, maybe we would’ve found each other so much sooner and I could’ve been the man that I am with you, and I like the man that I am with you. So, if this is how I die–

no, this is not how you die!

It’s okay, because you redeemed me.

[Dramatic music]

[Sobbing] Thank you. I love you, anna devane.

I will always– I’ll always love you.




So I will check on wiley and amelia and make sure brook lynn and tracy aren’t teaching them really bad habits.

[Knock at door]


[Desolate music]

Michael said that you wanted to s ee me?

Uh, I do. Um, carly, thank you for everything.

Yeah. Remember, you need to rest. No excitement.


How are you feeling?

The fluids are helping.

That’s good.

Nina… I want you to do something for me.

Name it.

Leave carly alone.

It’s not a bullet wound. She must have hit her head when she fell.

Okay, okay. Liesl? Liesl, I need you to open your eyes.


open your eyes. Oh, there she is.

[Groans in pain]

Thank god. Thank god. Okay.


Okay, take it easy. Easy, easy.

There you go.


there you go.

Where’s that vile insect?

He’s right…

[Dramatic music] Wait, wait, wait. Wait, he’s gone! He’s gone, and so is the canister. He’s gotta be headed back to the “haunted star.”

I’ll go. You get liesl to the plane.

Nein! Valentin is dying. He needs the antidote.


What happened? Where’s spencer?

Some guy showed up out of nowhere. We did our best to fight him off. He took out ivan and knocked me out.

So you’ve no idea where he is? What about, er, ace?

I checked the stateroom. The baby and the nanny are both gone.

Oh, to hell with the nanny. Search the ship. Find my nephews. No, wait. Get the ship under way first. We’re leaving, with or without my family.

[Sighs, winces]

You cannot go after victor. We agreed to get ace to the plane. That’s the plan. Now let’s go before one of victor’s men sees us.

You go. I can’t let my uncle victor escape, not when he has the pathogen that he intends to release and kill half this planet.


Trina, take my brother and go. I will be right behind you. Okay?

You promise?

I promise. I promise.



Snow in may.

It happens. Last time was, like, three years ago. Aiden did a report on it. But this is especially bizarre. It was in the 70s this afternoon.

What you said about aiden and the report– I mean, that makes me think about trina. All the reports and all the homework…

[All laugh] That we helped them with over the years. Well, until trina said that she’s old enough and she can do it by herself.


You both are mothers, so I know that you understand that even though trina’s in college, she’s always, always gonna be my little baby girl.

[Wind whistling] Every time I look at her, I just see this little trace of a grin that she had when she was in her terrible twos.

[Laughs] And sometimes, I think she never grew out of them.


But that smile… no matter how old she gets, that’s what I’m gonna see.

[Eerie music]

– Right after we stopped mikkos, I… I found the formula in a stateroom, and I studied it as I was falling asleep. And then, when I woke up, I realized that no one should ever have access to that information, so we burned the paper, but… the formula is seared into my memory.

[Dramatic music] Robert was always afraid about that. He was afraid that if someone found out, that they might come after me for it.

Listen, that’s not the kind of information you should have rattling around in your head. It could be dangerous.

But this might be the very thing that saves… everyone.


[Heart monitor beeping]




What are you doing? You can’t be in here.

I know. It’s too late.

Why would you do that?

‘Cause I love you.

I’m contagious. I’m infected. My god, what have you done?

[Soft dramatic music]


Laura, that was over 40 years ago. How sure are you that you memorized that formula exactly?

[Dramatic music] If we guess improperly, this whole system could lock us out. We got one shot at this.

I know.

Do you trust me?



[Computer beeps]

[Sighs] Oh, my god.

It worked.

It worked.

It worked.

It worked; we did it.

Oh, my.


oh, holly, how I wish I had been able to kill you myself after what you did to me. But I suppose you’re just gonna have to take your chances with the rest of humanity. Right. Let’s get this pathogen somewhere safe and the antidote somewhere safer.

[Dramatic music] No!

Okay, okay, take it easy. Good.

I stole the antidote while victor wasn’t looking, so if he releases the pathogen, there’s an 80% chance he’ll be killing himself as well.

Do you think that would stop him?

Victor’s both an idealist and an extremist, and cassadines are often willing to go down with the ship, so to speak.



I think this is the way out.

Okay, good. Holly! It’s holly. My god, what are you doing here? What’s going on?

Here, you need to call robert and jordan, tell them that victor’s getting away. He’s got the pathogen with him. Last I saw, he was headed towards the “haunted star.” Where’s valentin?

What have you done?

I don’t know. I mean… I thought maybe I could find some kind of… suit or protection, but…

[Soft dramatic music] I just didn’t want you to be alone.

I don’t know that dying together is all it’s cracked up to be.

[Laughs] I… hey. Hey, look at me, right here. I want you to listen to me. I wanna tell you about someone: Valentin cassadine.

Oh, I–

no, listen. He’s a man that is not going to die in some obscene plot of his father’s, because he–you– you have a destiny. You’re gonna be an even greater father to charlotte. You’re gonna be my partner. Because… you know my darkness. You know what I’m capable of, and you’re capable of those things, too. I know that sounds a little twisted, but it’s not, really, because I think that kind of connection– it sort of elevates us, in a way. You know? It allows us to… love the people we love without any kind of restraint or restriction, including each other.

[Tender music]

I think that’s why I– I came into this room.


But you’ll die.

I… not necessarily. I mean, there’s, like, a 20% chance that I’m immune to this thing. I can beat those odds. I’m willing to risk them…

just to be with you.


We’re sure everything is fine.


No. But we haven’t heard any yelling yet, and nina hasn’t bolted out of the room in tears, so…

I appreciate your optimism, sasha.

[Tense music] But… when my dad was at turning woods… I hate to wait. I hated it. We would pace back and forth. We’d wait. We’d hold his hand. We would wait.

We just felt hopeless.


Even though he didn’t know that you were there, I think you just being there helped mike.


I hope so.

I just don’t know what willow could possibly have to say to nina.

Maybe I made a mistake, letting nina in there.

Hey. Hey. You did exactly what your wife asked you to do. You did the right thing.

My wife. Now willow and I are married.


[Sighs] I just the day hadn’t been so hard on her.

Well, next time, I promise to wait till after the reception before I’m hauled in for questioning.

What next time?

I don’t know. Birthdays, anniversaries, vow renewal. You have a lifetime of celebrations ahead of you, michael. You do. I know it. And as for your wedding day, willow doesn’t regret a second of it.

Even now?

I’m sorry, you want what?

I want you and carly to make peace.

I can try.

I know you won’t ever be friends, or even friendly, but promise me you’ll at least keep your distance, stop keeping score of who wronged who when and just… let it all go. Wow.

[Laughs weakly] You–you haven’t changed at all, for all you claim to care about me?

No, I do, I do. I care. I care a lot about you. I–

then promise me, regardless of whether I survive this or not, to drop your vendetta against carly.



Any word?

Not yet.

[Phone rings]

Excuse me. Commissioner ashford.

Jordan, it’s curtis. I got you on speakerphone.

– Curtis. I’m putting you on speaker.

Curtis, curtis, it’s portia. Is trina with you?

Not at the moment, but I’ve seen her. She’s okay.

Curtis, you need to get out of there. The wsb has ordered a drone strike on the island. Both: What?

– They can’t risk the pathogen getting released into the world. The drones are already on their way.

But the pathogen isn’t here.

Where is it?

– We just saw holly. She said that victor’s trying to escape on the “haunted star” and he took the pathogen with him. Bombing the island is not going to do any good.

You’ve gotta stop

the airstrike.


[Dramatic music] Tell your boss to call off his airstrike.

Da scorpio, for the millionth time, there is not–

change of circumstances. Victor’s left the island. He’s taken the pathogen with him. All you’re doing now is killing innocent people and covering his escape.



Okay. I–I won’t get into it with carly anymore.

Thank you.

Uh, nina? Willow needs her rest.

[Soft dramatic music]

I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time. I’m gonna be–I’m gonna try to be a better person, okay? If there’s anything else you need, just…

keep your promise.


Come on, will you?

The drones are already on their way. We don’t know exactly when the strike will happen, but it could be anytime, so you need to get out of there.


Yes, robert.

You’re okay. The bureau listened this time. The strike’s been called off.


What about victor?

Liesl. You double-crossed me. I am not having a very good day.


[Footsteps clacking] You need to turn the ship around. We have to go back.

I don’t take orders from you anymore.


I thought you might come crawling back. If you think I’m gonna forgive you–

I’m not here for forgiveness.

It’s over, uncle.

Curtis, laura. Oh, thank god. Thank god I found you.

Trina, what are you still doing here?

Is the baby all right?

Yes, yes, I… listen. We gotta get out of here. There’s gonna be an airstrike.

We know all about the airstrike. We got it under control.

Yeah, it’s okay. We got in touch with the wsb. We told them that victor’s trying to escape on the “haunted star.”

Spencer and I saw him, but we gotta go.

The drone strike has been redirected. We’re safe.

Redirected where?

The new target’s the “haunted star.”

But spencer’s on that ship!

Oh, calm down, dear boy.

I’m not your boy. Give me the pathogen, and we can both walk out of here alive.

[Scoffs] How dare you threaten me? I’m the head of our family. This is finished when I say.

I said hand it over.

You’ll have to rip it out of my cold, dead fingers.


No– ow!

[Dramatic music]


[Cell phone rings]


Carly! Carly, can you hear me?

Drew? Are you okay? What happened?

So, how was your talk with nina? Did you get what you wanted from her?

I hope so. Who knows? I wanna believe that nina’s sincere.

Okay. Michael, willow, there’s someone who wants to talk to you.



– Willow?

Drew–drew? Are you all right?

Not only am I okay…

I’m okay, too, not that anyone has asked.


Dr. O– great-aunt liesl! I’m so glad you’re all right.

We are on our way back. Then you can literally suck the life from the bones.

Oh, we can’t wait.

Okay, so liesl and i are on our way back. Not sure who’s joining us, but everyone should be back soon.

I can’t wait to see you.

Me too. Let’s get out of here.


I love you, too.


[Door thumps open]


Get out! You’ll get infected.

Kind of you to care, but don’t worry. I’ve got the antidote.


Our satellite has eyes on the “haunted star.” It’s on the move.

Victor’s trying to escape, and you guys are gonna stop him.

[Dramatic music]


I’m glad I didn’t kill you, though I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

[Jet engines roaring]

What do you mean, he’s on the “haunted star”?

Spencer went to go after victor. We have to call the wsb so they–

[Explosion] Spencer.

Oh! Oh!

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