Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Sharon: Just what I needed. A visit from the world’s most perfect baby.

Mariah: I’m here too, by the way.

Sharon: Huh? What?

[Mariah laughing]

Mariah: You’re so hilarious. So funny.

Sharon: I’m just kidding. You are wonderful also.

Mariah: Ah, no. Well, aria is a lot more popular than I am these days. As she should be


Chance: Yeah. Well, I am just consulting on this case. His body was found in Pheasant Lake. It’s outside my jurisdiction.

Summer: You’ll know more about stark than anyone in that area. You know what a disgusting thug he was.

Chance: The guys over there, they’re good and his record speaks for itself.

Summer: So, you’re not here looking for clues or anything?

Chance: You know, that’s not really what detectives do. I don’t just pop up random places, whip out a magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes.

Summer: From what I’ve seen, your method is usually to watch. The brooding look in your eye. It’s why I asked you to go to my mom’s memorial service because you watch. You analyze.

Chance: Yeah. Most of the time. Today, I just came up here to think through. Same as you, I imagine? Yeah. Yeah, I bet we have a lot of the same things weighing on our minds.

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