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Stefan and Gabi kiss in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Gabi hopes this is not too good to be true and it’s actually real. Stefan assures that it is and that it will keep happening for the rest of their lives. Gabi talks about how she’s missed this. They continue kissing until EJ walks in and complains that this is a common residence for everyone who lives here. Gabi reminds EJ that they have business to discuss. EJ says it will have to wait but Gabi doesn’t think it should. Gabi warns that it has to do with her consulting EJ’s performance and she’d like to show him her notes.

Eric surprises Sloan with a rose in the town square. They kiss as Eric calls her his girlfriend. Eric says now that they are officially a couple, he figured it was time for him to step up in the romance department. Sloan jokes that she doesn’t usually go for the big romantic gestures but for him, she’ll make an exception. Eric and Sloan kiss as Nicole walks through the town square and looks annoyed when she sees them.

Paulina sits at home in the dark until Chanel comes home and questions why she’s in the dark. Paulina responds that she was meditating. Chanel questions when she started that. Paulina explains that Talia recommended it for her panic attacks and she was skeptical at first but it actually works and her anxiety levels are way down. Chanel is glad Talia was able to help. Paulina tells her to thank her next time she sees her. Chanel reveals that would be tonight as she and Talia are going on a date which surprises Paulina.

Talia gets dressed after being in bed with Colin. Colin comments on how beautiful and sexy she is, then remarks that Chanel will not be able to resist her. Colin knows this is difficult for her, but says it means so much to him. Talia knows he keeps saying that. Colin wishes shutting down the bakery was enough and he doesn’t want to make Talia unhappy, but since the legal system won’t punish Chanel for killing his mother and driving his father to drink himself to death, he had to take on the responsibility himself as he had no other choice. Talia says she gets that and she knows they’ve gone over this. Talia feels the plan is all sorts of twisted as he’s asking her to seduce Chanel and then break her heart. Colin knows it will be challenging because of her kind heart, but he has faith in her and her ability to do whatever she sets her mind to which is why he knows she can handle this. Talia admits that she doesn’t think that she can.

Jada storms in to the Brady Pub as Rafe follows her, asking her to calm down so they can think this through. Jada questions what is to think about when they heard what the hardware store owner said and that he remembered Talia making a copy of a key on the same day that Paulina’s office was broken in to. Rafe points out that it’s all just a theory and they don’t have any proof yet. Jada argues that when they factor in everything else, it’s pretty clear that the person who has been targeting Chanel and Paulina is her very own sister. Rafe questions why Talia would go after Paulina and Chanel when she didn’t even know them before moving to Salem, so he asks what possible motive she could have. Jada wishes she knew. Rafe argues that they could be completely off base here. Jada asks what if they are not and if Talia is the one who trashed Paulina’s office, sent the threatening text messages, and drugged the biscuits which is a felony that she could go to prison for. Rafe encourages Jada to relax and not get ahead of herself because there’s still a lot they don’t know. Jada feels they know enough. Jada adds that Paulina and Chanel didn’t start getting harassed until the time that Talia showed up in town. Rafe notes that it also coincides with the time that Sloan vowed revenge on them. Jada brings up Sloan’s alibi which Rafe calls shaky at best. Rafe reminds Jada that she told Abe that they need to look at this with an open mind so instead of focusing on one suspect, the culprit could be someone they haven’t even thought of.

Colin questions Talia saying she can’t handle it and asks if she’s saying she’s not going to help him anymore. Talia complains that she doesn’t like deliberately hurting someone like this and she doesn’t understand why he’s so cool with her being with someone else. Colin admits he hates the idea but argues that there’s no other way for this to work. Talia argues that Chanel likes guys too, so he could be the one to seduce her. Colin argues that he would if that made any sense but she knows that’s too risky, because if anyone knew he was in town, he would be the number one suspect for everything that has happened so not even his sister Sloan can know that he’s in town. Colin bets Chanel is already on her way to falling for Talia. Talia complains that it just makes her feel worse and she just wants this scheming to be over, so they can go back to being them. Colin assures that they are almost there and once Chanel feels a fraction of the pain that she put his family through, he will able to move on because he will have honored his parents’ memory by getting justice for them. Talia promises she knows how much that means to him and says she better get going because she has to change for her date. Colin tells Talia that he loves her. Talia says she loves him too and then exits.

Paulina questions Chanel dating Talia. Chanel says it’s technically their first date, but if it goes well, there could be more. Paulina calls that interesting. Chanel calls Talia an adorable and gorgeous woman. Paulina says she just assumed Talia was straight. Chanel admits that she thought that too but then today, Talia kissed her out of the blue. Chanel says she thought they were vibing for awhile but she wasn’t sure and thinks Talia was hesitant about expressing it because she had only dated men before. Paulina jokes about Chanel having a superpower of turning straight girls in to bisexuals. Chanel jokes that she can’t help it. Paulina asks if she’s sure she is ready to start dating again. Paulina knows how much Chanel loved Allie and they only broke up a couple months ago, so she’s worried that it might be too soon for her and she’s still too vulnerable. Chanel admits she misses Allie like crazy since she was her best friend and her girlfriend, but she’s tired of sitting around being sad about it. Chanel feels she deserves to have some fun for a change. Paulina agrees but worries about Chanel throwing herself into another relationship before she’s worried, because she’s too vulnerable. Paulina adds that the last thing she wants is for Chanel to get her heart broken all over again…

Jada knows what Rafe is saying makes sense about Talia having a lack of motive. Rafe understands she’s still freaked out that she might be guilty. Rafe encourages Jada to take a deep breath and give herself time to think about things clearly. Jada says it’s just hard when it’s so close to home. Rafe understands and assures that they will get through this together as he holds her hand. Talia then walks in to the Pub and greets them. Talia informs Jada that she won’t be home for dinner as she’s hanging out with Chanel, so she’s going to get dressed. Jada tells her to have fun. Talia tells them to have fun too but Jada then stops Talia and says she needs to ask her something first. Jada then asks Talia if she trashed Paulina’s office.

Eric and Sloan kiss until Sloan gets a text that she has to go meet a client. Sloan asks for a rain check on their night of romance. Eric tells her to call him before she turns in. Sloan agrees to and then walks away. Nicole comes around the corner and runs in to Eric.

EJ tells Gabi that this is a waste of time as everyone knows it’s a farce and just an underhanded way to get Gabi back in the company. Stefan disagrees and calls Gabi a very successful business woman while EJ calls her a money grubbing, bottom feeder who is not qualified to criticize his job performance. Gabi calls EJ’s arrogance one of his weaknesses. Gabi says she spoke to a few people at the company who described EJ as rude and tyrannical. EJ accuses her of lying and making this up. Gabi calls EJ’s management skills a disaster and mocks his cologne, remarking that if she had to grade him, she would give him an F-. EJ tells Gabi to write up whatever she wants in her report because nobody gives a damn what she thinks. Stefan thinks the board will be very interested and will want to address several issues before it’s too late. EJ reminds Stefan that he’s not the only one being evaluated as Nicole has been evaluating Stefan’s performance as well. EJ calls for Nicole to come in but Gabi informs him that she’s not home as she went shopping. EJ says when she gets home, he will have her present her findings. EJ decides he’s going to get some air because he’s had enough of them and their childish games. Gabi jokes with Stefan about having fun.

Nicole questions Eric being with Sloan as she remembers him saying that they had stopped seeing each other. Eric says they had but they managed to work things out. Nicole brings up Sloan finding them in bed together. Eric says Sloan understood they were drugged and not seeing things clearly. Nicole guesses they weren’t exclusive since Eric said it was just casual. Eric reveals that’s not the case anymore as he and Sloan have decided to give a shot to having a real relationship.

Chanel tells Paulina that it’s early for her to be worrying about her getting hurt when it’s only a first date. Paulina feels Chanel tends to move a little fast. Chanel asks if she’s calling her a ho. Paulina clarifies that she meant relationship wise and brings up Chanel marrying Xander just hours after meeting him and then also marrying Johnny DiMera a few months after dating and then a few months after that, she moved in with Allie. Chanel admits she falls quickly but promises to take things slow with Talia. Paulina says that’s all she asks, pointing out that she hasn’t known Talia that long. Chanel questions Paulina seeming skeptical of Talia when she was just singing her praises. Paulina remarks that they both know that people aren’t always what they seem…

Talia questions what Jada said. Rafe suggests this isn’t a good time. Jada explains that she and Rafe think someone had Paulina’s key copied. Talia questions why she thinks that was her. Jada points out that Talia was with Paulina and Chanel on the day that her office was vandalized, so she had the opportunity to do it. Talia insists that she didn’t do it. Jada then reveals that she and Rafe just spoke to the hardware store owner, who identified Talia as having a key made that day. Jada questions how she explains that.

Colin sits at the bar, wearing a cap to hide himself. Sloan then enters the bar.

Talia says she can’t believe this and asks if Jada seriously thinks she could do something so horrible. Rafe states that they aren’t accusing her of anything and are just asking questions. Talia argues that they obviously think she’s guilty. Rafe says they are exploring any and all angles. Talia remarks that she thought she was Jada’s sister. Jada says that’s why she can talk to her. Jada asks if the hardware store owner was right in identifying her picture and if she made a copy of the key that day. Talia then admits that she did but claims it was a copy of a key to their room upstairs because Jada kept saying she needed her own key but kept putting it off and she didn’t think their system was very safe. Rafe questions what system. Jada explains that she’s been using her own key under the mat so that Talia could get in because she hasn’t had time to get it done. Talia says that’s why she did it herself. Jada points out that was weeks ago and questions her not saying anything until now. Talia claims she kept forgetting. Jada argues that she’s been forgetting a lot of things lately. Talia tells Jada that she can go use it upstairs or on Paulina’s office if she doesn’t believe her. Jada agrees that they should go try it upstairs just for the record. Talia says that’s fine by her, but she’s telling the truth. Talia argues that Paulina and Chanel have been so kind to her and questions why she would want to hurt them. Rafe repeats that they are just exploring any and all angles. Talia thought her sister of all people would know that she’s not a horrible person and that she would never do something like this. Jada and Talia then head upstairs.

Chanel tells Paulina that she is going to get ready for her date. Paulina asks what they have planned. Chanel says they will have dinner at the bistro and maybe a movie in the square, then jokes that maybe they will elope at city hall. Chanel tells Paulina that she loves her and appreciates her looking out for her all the time. Paulina tells her to have fun. Chanel notes that she and Talia already get along so well, so she’s sure they will have fun. Chanel comments that the one good thing about the bakery being closed is that she can stay out as long as she wants, so she guesses she found one thing that she can thank Sloan for. Paulina advises her to keep Sloan out of her mind tonight. Chanel agrees to try and then goes to get ready.

Sloan meets her client at the bar. She says she just wanted to be prepared and go over her testimony one more time. Sloan encourages her to just tell the truth and let her handle the rest. Sloan adds that she’s been doing this for a long time, so she’s in good hands. Colin remains seated nearby and watches on.

Nicole questions what Eric means by he and Sloan having a real relationship. Eric responds that they are now exclusive. Nicole argues that anyone who knows him wouldn’t think this makes sense and remarks that she’ll probably be on her way to prison before long. Eric is tired of explaining to everyone that Sloan had nothing to do with what’s going on with Paulina and Chanel. Eric adds that Sloan was with him all night, so she had nothing to do with drugging the biscuits. Nicole asks if he had his eyes on her every second. Nicole complains that she’s just concerned because even after everything they have been through, she still cares about him and if he’s serious about Sloan. Eric assures that he will be fine and starts to walk away but Nicole stops him. Nicole asks Eric to just do her a favor and please ask Sloan not to tell anyone about what happened between them while under the influence because she’s afraid of EJ finding out and blowing it out of proportion when she doesn’t need the drama, especially since them making love was because of the drugs. Nicole asks if that’s right. Eric agrees that it was because of the drugs.

Jada returns downstairs to Rafe and tells him that the key worked. Rafe asks if that’s a good thing. Jada says it might have been if she hadn’t already blurted out her suspicions. Rafe asks what happened to thinking things through. Jada says she intended to but then the words just started coming out and she couldn’t stop herself. Jada is sure Talia is furious with her. Jada wants to go back and talk with her but Rafe stops her and says this is very emotional for her and her instincts are off, so she should just wait until tomorrow morning. Jada agrees to giving Talia time to cool off. Talia then comes downstairs so Jada calls out to her, asking if they can talk this out but Talia keeps walking and exits the Pub.

Sloan finishes going over her client’s testimony and says she did perfect and to do that in court tomorrow. Colin continues listening in as the client tells Sloan that she’s heard rumors of charges against her and asks if she should be looking for a backup lawyer. Sloan says absolutely not and that they have nothing to worry about. Sloan argues that the police have no case against her because she’s innocent. Sloan adds that she doesn’t know who is after Paulina and Chanel, but it certainly isn’t her. Colin then gets a text from Talia, telling him that her sister just accused her of breaking in to Paulina’s office. Colin texts her back, questioning why.

Talia sits at the Bistro and texts Colin back that she’ll explain later as she was able to lie her way out of it but wonders if she should call off her date. Colin texts her back, assuring that she’s got this. Talia responds that she’s so nervous and worries about Chanel figuring out that this is all a charade or sensing that she’s not in to women. Chanel then arrives at the Bistro.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s going for a run by the lake, joking that he has to stay in shape for her. Stefan invites her to join him. Gabi says she’d love to but she wants to send her report in as soon as possible since it’s fun to get under EJ’s skin. Stefan notes that they should expect some pushback since EJ gives as good as he gets. Gabi assures they can hold their own, outsmart, outshine, and run circles around EJ and Nicole. Stefan says they will, but this can’t go on forever, and eventually they are going to oust EJ from DiMera for good.

Sloan runs in to EJ outside of the Brady Pub. Sloan doesn’t think they have been properly introduced. EJ says it’s nice to meet her, though it feels like they’ve already met since he recalls they spent a painfully awkward Valentine’s Day where their dates spent a lot of time trying to ignore each other. Sloan agrees that was extremely painful, although not half as painful as the other day when she caught Eric and Nicole in bed together which shocks EJ.

Nicole tells Eric that she should go, but first she just wants to stay that in spite of how she feels about Sloan, she hopes they work out. Nicole knows she’s said this for many years but she repeats that she just wants him to be happy. Eric tells her the same, even if it’s with EJ. Nicole then walks away.

EJ questions what Sloan said about catching Nicole and Eric in bed together. Sloan apologizes as she assumed that he knew.

Rafe reminds Jada that they are splitting the french fries but Jada says she’s no longer hungry. Jada asks what Rafe thought about Talia’s story about her room key. Rafe says it mostly made sense. Jada finds it strange that Talia never said anything before about it. Rafe keeps going back to Talia not having a motive and questions why she would go after Paulina and Chanel.

Colin approaches Sloan’s client, Connie, at the bar and introduces himself as Logan. He says he overheard her conversation and understands that her lawyer may have a bit of legal trouble. Connie talks about hoping she can trust Sloan. Colin assures that he’s positive that she’s innocent and calls it just a feeling, remarking that he’s been told that he’s an excellent judge of character.

Chanel and Talia hug and compliment each other’s outfits. They say they are glad they are doing this. Chanel knows dating women is new for her so there is no pressure or expectations at all and they can just take things slow which she thinks would be good for both of them. Talia thanks her and says she appreciates that. They then look at the menu to decide what to order.

EJ questions Sloan about Eric and Nicole being in bed together. Sloan explains that it was the drugged biscuits so it wasn’t planned or anything and that’s why she thought Nicole would’ve told him. EJ confirms that she did not. Sloan repeats that it was the drugs and meant nothing. Sloan adds that she’s not losing sleep over it, so he shouldn’t either. EJ thanks her for the heads up as Sloan then walks away. EJ sits down on the bench and thinks back to overhearing Nicole saying she didn’t want EJ to know their secret on the phone. EJ realizes Nicole’s secret was that she slept with Eric. Eric then comes around the corner.

Nicole goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Gabi asks if EJ tracked her down. Nicole says no and asks why. Gabi explains that EJ was upset about the performance review she gave him and complains that he doesn’t know how to take constructive criticism. Nicole bets it was real constructive. Gabi says the board will be very interested to hear what she has to say as she was just about to send in her scathing review. Nicole responds that she’ll also be sending them her scathing review of Stefan. Nicole pulls out her laptop but then begins suffering stomach pains, causing Gabi to ask if she’s alright.

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