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Tucker: Hello.

Ashley: Hello.

Tucker: Surprised?

Ashley: Yes.

[Tucker chuckling]

Tucker: You did ask me to move in with you. Did you not?

Ashley: I vaguely remember having that conversation with you. I just didn’t know it was gonna be tonight.

Tucker: Right. I thought I’d roll the dice. That is if your offer was serious, and you meant it.

Ashley: Of course, I meant it. You belong here, as long as you behave.

Tucker: Oh. Is that the real reason why you invited me here?

Ashley: Maybe.

Tucker: You want me to be here?


Tucker: I know. But I’m glad that we both agreed that this is at least worth exploring. And uh, anyway, it was a very romantic gesture to offer to share your home with me and I’m– I’m rather looking forward to seeing the look on jack’s face when he–

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: When he sees me coming down the stairs for breakfast.

Ashley: I don’t want to talk about jack right now.

Tucker: Sure.

Ashley: Let’s not do it. Don’t you want to see your new pad, your new home?

Tucker: Yes, please show me. It’s very nice.

Ashley: Come on. Come on, bring your stuff. These are the stairs.

Tucker: Wow, you can go up?

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: What about down?

Ashley: Uh-huh

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