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Nick: Dad actually warned you about McCall and what would happen if you didn’t acquire it?

Victoria: It wasn’t so much a warning as an “I told you so.” Just tell me, please, that you turned down his offer.

Nick: Vic, come on. There’s no way I’m bailing on you to go and babysit Adam. I’m pretty sure mom’s not going anywhere either.

Victoria: Can you imagine our mother and Adam running a company together? That’ll be the day. So, what else did dad have to share? Any other suggestions that I should know about?


Victoria: You know, it makes no difference what you and Sally think. Once that baby arrives, there’s no way in hell that you’re gonna be able to keep it away from dad. Not to mention, this is not your fight. Sally and Adam are the parents, so really, it’s up to them.

Nick: Thank you for the reminder.

Victoria: It’s the truth, Nick. Hey, um, I’m gonna be going to Los Angeles for a couple of days, and I need you to take the reins. I hope that’s not too much to ask.

Nick: Sure. Mom going with you?

Victoria: No, she’ll be here.

Nick: Well, she’s the co-ceo. Shouldn’t she be in charge?

Victoria: Look, we both know how much she loves seeing you in more of a leadership role. So the job is yours for a couple of days. Deal with it.

[Nick chuckling]

Nick: Okay. Um… you going alone?

Victoria: No. Did you have a chance to look over those P&L reports that I sent you?

Nick: Hold up. If mom’s not going out of town, who are you going with? Don’t tell me–

Victoria: I know what I’m doing, Nick. Leave it alone.

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