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Nick: Why don’t you, uh, grab a table and I’ll order?

Sally: Okay, yeah. Sounds good. Summer, I’m– I’m really sorry about your mom. I mean, what a terrible shock. I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, and feel free to give me a job at the memorial. I would really like to be useful in some way.

Summer: To be honest, Sally, it never occurred to me that you would come to the memorial, when you so clearly don’t belong. You know we’re mourning my mother. Do you really think that she would want you there? Especially now that you’ve glommed onto my father. I hate that he is still with you when you’re pregnant with Adam’s baby. That is who you should be with. Adam. Because the two of you deserve each other. So, please just stay far, far away.

Nick: Hey, the, uh, barista had a question about your order.

Sally: Yeah.

Nick: What are you doing?

Summer: Everybody’s been telling me to stop being so stoic, so I was just sharing how I felt. You don’t seem to like that either.

Nick: Look, if you need someone to take something out on, I am right here. I mean that. Whatever I can do to help. Is there any part of the service I can take off your hands?


Sally: First, some ground rules.

Adam: Oh. Should I, uh, take some notes?

Sally: I don’t want to talk about Nick and me. Or you and me. And anything too serious is off limits. I really need less stress in my life right now.

Adam: What about babies? Parenthood? I mean, I could let you in on some of my trade secrets.

Sally: Please do. ‘Cause I could use some. When I think about all that I don’t know, it scares the crap out of me.

Adam: [Chuckles] Well, you and everyone else who is new to this. I mean look, even if you’ve read every book there is on this, when the kid arrives, it still throws you. Plus, every kid is different. So, whatever you’ve read or you’ve heard or you have planned to do, I mean, within the first few months it’s– gets thrown completely out the window.

Sally: So, learn to roll with the punches?

Adam: Mm. Exactly.

Sally: Mm. Well, that’s actually my forte.

Adam: Look, everyone’s a beginner. They just learn on the job. And eventually, the kid is gonna get older, and then you will become an expert on potty training, nighttime routines, discipline, homework, carpooling. You will not realize how boring your conversations have become, but how fascinating you still think they are.

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