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Abby: Do you believe all this stuff? I mean, this is insane. I am insane. My stuff, it’s grown exponentially. All my clothes, all of my shoes and don’t even get me started started on Dominic’s things. This is what happens when you have two of everything. One for when he’s with me, one for when he’s with you. I mean, uh, what are we gonna do? We need more storage? Do I need to rent another place downstairs for extra storage?

Devon: Hang on. Shh. Get your breath, okay? Welcome to your home.
Abby: Aw.


Daniel: Um, I think that’s maybe my cue to speak. You know my mother, um, I don’t really know if I could sum mom up in mere words. A friend of mine once described her to me as fierce. I would definitely say that that is an understatement. You know how when you’re a kid, you think that your mom is the most beautiful person in the world. That’s how I saw her. That’s how I’ll always see her. You know, this is, um… just paint and paper. Um, it resembles her. But my mom, she… she was an adventure. I mean, she crackled, she dazzled.

[ Chuckling ]

She was unpredictable– you know, at the center of all of that there– there was this intense, just laser focused love. And it was that intensity that touched everything that she did, for better or for worse. I need to tell you, sometimes it was really hard to– to watch her just waste that brilliance. That sheer power that she had on the wrong things because she was that amazing. She really was and she shouldn’t be gone. No, I mean, not yet. Yeah, even in this, um, horrible, senseless death, I feel like she’s still trying to teach me. You know, she’s trying to teach me how to love better and to fight harder for and I feel like she’s trying to teach me how to protect the ones that you love and care about the most with everything that you’ve got. I just wish I could have learned those lessons while she was still alive. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand. I’m sorry that we fought. I’m sorry that I spent so much time away from you and I’m sorry that I won’t get any more time with you. I love you, mom. I always will. Why give your family just any eggs

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