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Sharon: Where are Tessa and the baby? You know I’m dying to see her.

Mariah: Oh. You thought you were gonna see the baby tonight? At this hour? No, no, no. I sent Tessa and the baby to the tack house. That’s okay, right?

Sharon: You are teasing me, right? Stop, where are they? Are they waiting outside? ‘Cause I’ll go out there and get them myself.

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no. Hold your horses. I will text her to come in. I just wanted to come in first to make sure the place was warm enough and, you know, there wasn’t anybody with any strong perfume, or nobody was, like, hacking up a lung. I know, I sound ridiculous. It’s a little embarrassing.

Sharon: No, no, it’s perfectly normal. You sound like a first-time parent. But now that you see none of those horrors are going on in here, bring her in here. Hurry up! I can’t wait to meet her.

Mariah: Well, there’s, uh– there’s no need. Ta-da.

Tessa: Hey, Sharon.

Sharon: Hi, Tessa. Finally. Oh, my gosh. Aw.

Mariah: Well, here she is. Meet Aria Porter Copeland.

Sharon: She is perfect. She’s absolutely perfect.

Tessa: Isn’t it crazy how pink her lips are? They’re so perfect.

Mariah: It’s the cheeks that get me.

Tessa: The cheeks, I know.

Mariah: The cheeks, they’re just so round. There are times, I wonder…


Nick: I know I’m not the most observant guy in the world, but even I could see the smudge of lipstick on Nate’s neck. What about the button you missed there? And what in the hell is going on with your hair? Is that the way you normally wear it?

Victoria: Fine. You got me.

Nick: You think?

Victoria: Look, why are you freaking out about this? When you have other things that you should be concerned about. Why are you not focusing on your family right now?

Nick: You are my family. I care about you. You’re making a terrible mistake.

Victoria: Well, there you go again, making another leap without any evidence to back it up.

Nick: He is in a relationship, Vic, with my friend.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, I know. And you– you have a saintly past, free of guilt. Right, nick?

Nick: Well, he’s an executive here. He could have some ulterior motive. Maybe, uh, looking for some personal gain.

Victoria: What gain? That’s not Nate. That’s not who he is. Look, if he was up to something, I would know it anyway.

Nick: Oh, like you saw everything that was going down with Ashley?
Victoria: That was a completely different situation, and don’t you ever mention his name to me again. Do you understand?

Nick: [Sighs] Yes. Sorry. But this could be more of the same, you know?

Victoria: I’m not interested in your opinions or your judgment. I’m just not. I– I… you yourself had a relationship with the ceo of newman media, remember? And you– you firmly told me to stat out of it
And I have been nothing– nothing but respectful of your relationship with Sally.

Nick: Yes. And I appreciate it.

Victoria: So, would you please show me the same courtesy? You told me to keep quiet about her pregnancy and that adam is the father and I have done that. So, please, do the same for me. Keep my private life private. Do you understand, Nicholas? Now, if that’s everything, I– I have some things that I need to finish.

Nick: Start by brushing your hair.

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