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Jack: Take your lies and get the hell out of here, stark. Phyllis, the woman you claim to have married, was just take
out in an ambulance, and all you can seem to do is stand here and throw around accusations.

Jeremy: I’m not claiming anything, Jack. I have a marriage license here, dated three days ago.

Michael: Excuse me. Looks like Phyllis is Mrs. Jeremy Stark.

Jack: Wait, that’s — that’s ridiculous. Why would Phyllis marry a known criminal? This is insane.

Jeremy: You want to know why she married me? You, Diane, and many of the fine, upstanding citizens of genoa city has pushed Phyllis to a new low. You pushed us to find each other.

Jack: Wow, you are a piece of work. You know that? You got a lot of nerve taking advantage of Phyllis’ condition. What the hell is wrong with you?

Jeremy: You don’t like that I’m married to Phyllis? Too bad. It’s your fault. All of you! Especially you.


Ashley: Marry you?


Tucker: That’s not the reaction I was hoping for.

Ashley: You can’t be serious. Oh, come on.

Tucker: No, to me, it seems like the next natural step for us.

Ashley: Oh, of course! We went out on a date, and the natural next step would be to plan a wedding. Sure.

Tucker: Well, it wouldn’t have to be a fancy wedding. We could elope.
Ashley: Right. Yeah. No. See, I think what happened to you is that Jack announced his engagement to Diane, and it went to your — your brain. You’re temporarily insane. Thank you. But, no, I will not marry you.

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