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Ashley: Wow, how sweet. You’re actually taking a break from fawning all over Diane to show compassion for somebody else.

Jack: I don’t know why you’d be surprised. My heart goes out to anyone who cared about Phyllis. She was a big part of my life, a big part of this family’s life.

Ashley: Yeah. Seems to me though, you’ve forgotten about all the people you say you care about ever since you got back involved with Diane.

Jack: That is not true, Ash.

Ashley: I think it is, Jack. I almost expected to find you down here consoling her because your big engagement news got overshadowed by Phyllis’s dying.

Jack: It is amazing to me even at a time like this, my own sister can’t set aside her vitriol for the woman I love.

Ashley: Oh, God.


Ashley: You brought Diane into our company, then into our home, and now you wanna make her a member of our family. When is it enough? When is the damage that she’s caused to all of us enough?

Jack: I am not having this conversation.

Ashley: Let’s just be honest, Jack. After all the stress and anxiety that Diane caused Phyllis all these months, is it really just a coincidence? You announce your engagement to Diane and Phyllis collapses and then dies?

Jack: You have no evidence of that. That is speculation.

Ashley: I don’t have to speculate about all the misery that she’s brought to us because I have personally lived it. And now, you’re willing to turn your back on everyone and everything that you say you care about and you still wanna marry her.

Jack: That is enough.

Ashley: It’s not enough because I can’t get through to you and nobody can get through to you. I’m worried for you. I’m worried that you’re gonna suffer the same consequences of being involved with Diane that Phyllis did.

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