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Seeing giant bears.

I heard my commissioner was in the hospital, babe. So what happened, Val? Honestly, I have no idea, but I have my best detective on the case.

Oh my God. What is all this? I’m sorry. You girls can’t be in here until we’re done collecting evidence. We need to treat this kitchen as a crime scene. Okay, but this is my bakery. I understand that. Okay. Then you should also understand that you don’t need any more evidence. We all know who slipped those drugs into my biscuit.

Oh, Erica, I want you so much. You are all I want. Nicole. Nicole, what did we do?


Is this a bad time? Again?

See, you’re alone. At least maybe you were expecting somebody else.

Your thoughts.

Hey. Oh, it’s you. Yep, it’s me. These are for you, Lil’s. I don’t think I’m dead yet. No, you’re very much alive. How you feeling? Anything hurt? No thing hurting is my pride. A few hours ago I thought you really wanted me. Turns out I was just delusional.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

How are you? Did they say what was causing the hallucinations? They took some blood, but the, uh, test results haven’t come back yet. You sure you shouldn’t still be at the hospital? I’m fine. I started to feel better as soon as they hooked me up to the iv. You didn’t drive yourself home, did you? I wish you would’ve called me.

It’s okay. Really?

Oh, I guess you didn’t need me to stay with you at the. It seemed like you were in good hands. Stephan. You mean the real Stephan?

I admit, I I’m still hazy on the details of what happened to me. I must have been asleep when the doctor came in. So, um, what, uh, what do you remember? Uh, well, I have a vivid memory of trying to bash her head in with an ashtray. It was a remote. Oh, smoking can be hazardous to your health. I, I don’t know what happened to me.

It’s like I totally lost my mind. Yeah, me too. I, I think I know why. You and I went on a little trip we hadn’t planned ej. Hi, I, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Whatever. Had your attention must have been quite engaging. Yeah, I was just daydreaming. I’ve been a little off all day and I’m not sure why. Those biscuits are the culprit.

I’m sorry. A rumor has those yummy little confections were spiked with a toxin that has caused erratic behavior all over the cell.

What? Well, I’m really glad to see you. You haven’t been responding to my text. Yeah, I didn’t come here for a visit. So what brings you by. I, um, I thought I might have, um, left a scarf here. It’s my favorite. Well, I don’t think so, but you know, please feel free to look. Uh, no. Yeah, I don’t see it. I’m sorry. No worries.

Well, I’ll just get out of your way. And out of your life. Sloan, please wait. What is it about what you said before? Before when? Before I found you and Nicole tangled in those sheets right there. Oh, yes. But believe me, there was a lot of things that I wanted to say that I didn’t, and I appreciate that. But you suggested that Nicole and I must have been drugged.

What would make you think that?

Sloan Peterson has been trying to destroy my life since the minute she got to Salem. She tried to have me thrown to jail, and when that didn’t work, now she decided to come after my business by poisoning the customers.

Chan. If Sloan did this, then we will arrest her. But before that can happen, I need proof what proof the woman is a psycho. Well, let’s see if any prints turn up. Uh, well, you’re gonna find my prints, of course, and mine. Do you know if anyone else has been in this kitchen? Talia and I were alone in here last night, and we always do a thorough cleaning after we close up shop.

So if we find a new prints Sloans, if we find Sloan’s prints, then she’ll have a lot of explaining to do. But as a detective, I cannot afford to jump to any conclusions. I haven’t even started questioning anyone, but I think I need to start with you.

Wait, why would you question me? You don’t seriously think your sister would? Of course not. But you said that the recipe for the biscuits for Talia, so I need to know what you put in them so I can compare them to the lab results. Alright. Well, I usually keep my recipes a secret, but I think I can trust my own sister.

So yeah, of course. I’ll tell you. I’d appreciate that. Okay. If I record you? Yeah, fine. No problem. Um, it’s actually a very simple recipe. Wheat flour, baking powder, not fat. Yogurt, sugar, kosher salt, honey butter, and a pour of healthy organic buttermilk. Hmm, sounds healthy. You know, the biscuits might raise your cholesterol, but they shouldn’t make anyone sick.

Well, not under regular circumstances, but these Biss were linked to multiple illnesses. How bad was it? Well, the hallucinations were the worst symptoms. Some of the victims experienced it so bad that they were sent to the hospital.

You think you were poisoned? I think drugged would be more appropriate. Were you personally targeted? I don’t think so. Apparently Gabby and Stephan had a similar experience to mine. Seems like we all fell under the effects of a powerful hallucinatory drug, but this is widespread throughout Salem. We’re just beginning to learn the consequences.

You know, when you were here earlier, it was pretty clear that you weren’t in your right. No, I wasn’t. I, I was convinced that you were stuffing and from what I remember, I practically begged you to make love to me. You did. So why didn’t you

like I attempted to explain, Before we’ve tried to claw my eyes out. Oh, I only came onto you because I thought you were Gabby. And then we got into bed and you realized it was just little old me. Don’t take this personally. Ugh. Melinda, you are a very desirable woman. I just happen to be hopelessly in love with somebody else.

Yeah, that. Much as obvious to me now, like, and I apologize for not handling it well. It’s kind of an understatement, huh? Yeah, little bit. She thought you were gonna kill me at one point. I don’t think I would’ve taken it that far. Mm. But it does seem like you might have a good case for saw and battery emphasis on the.

You’re not gonna press charges, are you? No. Besides, I think the, uh, DA will decline to prosecute. Uh, I appreciate that. Mm-hmm. There is one person that the DA sure as hell is gonna prosecute person who drugged us. Yeah. Am I right to assume that it was ej? No, actually it’s, it’s not for once. I actually think my brother is innocent.

It happened to you too, the hallucinations? Mm-hmm. I must admit, at first I thought Stephan was the one responsible for the poisoning that he’d come after me, but as fate would have it, my brother was a victim. Okay, so what was it like for you after you ate the biscuits? Well, uh, when I stepped into the office, it was if I suddenly stepped through the looking la ooh, how weird did it get?

For starters, I used the copy machine to produce a rather personal image of what some would say is. Good side. Wow. That is your good side. Mm-hmm. Furthermore, when I tried to distribute the rendered copy, uh, company wide, I, um, I suddenly was convinced that my email password was letter E and the letter J all in caps repeated over and over again 1000 times.

Oh, and that’s not your password. No. No, it’s not. And that would’ve been quite a public relations disaster. And would have ended. No pun intended. My tenures co. C o Oh, I don’t know if it would’ve been that bad, but, uh, Hey, you got any, uh, extra copies now? Why would you want to fact simile when you have a standing invitation to see it in real life?

Oh, ah, I will, I will definitely keep that in mind. Mm-hmm. So tell me, do you do anything crazy while under the influence? Oh, Actually I did.

So what did you do while under, under the Influence? I hope you didn’t embarrass yourself as much as I did.

Here you go. Oh.


when I was experiencing the delusions, I went to basic black and I cut off all the colors of the samples for the summer line. The colors? Yeah, because apparently I was convinced that it looked like something a priest would wear. Ah, that is definitely. Huh. But fortunate you didn’t do anything more extreme.

Yes. Very fortunate. But at at least you didn’t call way shin or make any other rash decision having to do with Humira. Right? Right. Like I did when Stephan drug me. Exactly. And speaking of whom, it, it sounds like the two of you have declared war again. Yes, we have. And this time I’m going to win decisively.

You know, initially yes, I thought it was e j’s handiwork, but from what I hear, EJ and Rafe and a whole bunch of other people got sick too in the working theory is that everybody was drugged. I’m eating the biscuits at Sweet Bits. The biscuits. The biscuits. Really? Yeah. So the Saban PDs working on it now.

For better or worse. Oh, I’ll stay on them. The person who did this will be punished accordingly. I don’t doubt that. And now you can go. Um, and please feel free to take your flowers with you. Why would I do that? I brought them for you. Come on, the char is over. Stephan. You and Gabby can have your happily ever.

So give the flowers to her.

Well, I don’t have to tell you, I was sorely tempted to take you to bed, but I didn’t want it to happen like that cuz of some drug tricking the mind. Let’s be honestly, you haven’t been above tricking me before. I can’t deny that, but no, this was, this was d. It wasn’t real and I love you too much to take advantage of you like that.

Really, really, you know, I was so sure that if I just had six months of marriage to you of, of living together, that I, I could make you love me again. But the goal was never just to, to have you in my bed, is to have your heart and. Seeing the way you looked at me when you thought I was Stephan,

I just, I knew in that moment that it wasn’t gonna happen. Not today, not ever.

Are you saying that you think that someone put that hallucinogen into Chanel’s baked goods now? Who? Why? Well, Jada’s over there right now trying to figure that all out. Well, I am relieved. You’re doing okay. Thanks. But this seems like more than a prank, this could alleged to some serious consequences.

Yeah, believe me, I know. Although the drug did, uh, cause me to do something that I shouldn’t have, albeit not so serious. I mean, On the grand scheme of things, Uhhuh. Okay. Are you going to tell me what you did that you shouldn’t have? Sure. Yeah. I’ll tell you,

I kissed Jada.

So your boss, Rafe, he was one of the people in the hospital. Yeah. Commissioner Hernandez. Phil Ill, and was taking there for observation. How’s it gonna be? Okay. Yeah. He’s expected to make a full recovery. Wow. You must feel relieved. I know how much he means to you. Why does that sound like an accusation?

I’m just saying he’s my boss. That’s it. Okay. So, uh, what did he do? I mean, when he was under the influence

ti. Huh? Are you okay? You look a little warmer. Yeah. Yeah. I, uh, it’s kind of warm in this kitchen. Sure. Look. Can we, can we just focus on the case, please? Okay. Now that you’re done questioning us, are you gonna arrest Sloan Peterson or what?

You’re sitting, Nicole and I could have been drugged. What would make you say that? Uh, well, for starters, the both of you kept babbling on like a couple of lunatics. I mean, she said she saw you dress as a priest. And you said you saw her in a bikini? Yeah, and I thought I did. Mm-hmm. Well, look, maybe I’m being too generous, but it seemed highly unlikely that the two of you would intentionally get high together.

Well, until you said that, I still couldn’t figure out what caused me to hallucinate. I still don’t. I do. Yeah. Turns out half of town got sick off those baked goods from Sweet bits. Sweet bits. Remember those biscuits, you kept pushing on me. They were tainted. As if it’s not bad enough. Chanel killed both my parents.

She’s gotta go and poison the whole town. You’re sure that she’s the one who did this? Come on. Who else? And you know she’s gonna turn this around on me and the whole town’s gonna go along with this.

I highly doubt you’re gonna find Sloan’s prints in here. I mean, don’t you think she would’ve been smart enough to wear gloves? We’ll see. I did note that there were no signs of forced. Wait, you security cameras. What? Oh my God, I, I totally forgot. Yeah, mama. And insisted that she have her guys come install them like last month.

You can access them. Yeah. Yeah. I have an app on my phone. Well, that would make things a lot easier now, wouldn’t it?

Okay, let’s see. Date yesterday. Time. Oh no, Chanel. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. How is this your fault? There’s no footage from last night because she told me to turn it on before I locked up. But I must have been so excited about dinner with you and your mom that I must have forgotten. I guess the security cameras won’t tell us if anyone was here.

After Talia left,

before you lay into me, let me again assure you that I am fully aware of the new policy that prohibits romantic relationships between supervisors and subordinates at Salem pd. It’s okay, Ray, you are under the influence of a substance that you didn’t willingly ingest. Yes. By rules or rules, yes, they are.

And this will have to be documented per policy. Of course. And I want you to know nothing like this will ever happen again. Well, I’m glad to hear that. And I’ll talk to Detective Hunter as will I, as soon as I get outta here and back on. And I trust that, uh, that her assessment of this situation will match yours.

I would assume so. And I imagine that we all would like to handle this discreetly. Yes, I would definitely like that as hopefully We’ll, detective Hunter, however, there was. Someone else who witnessed the event. Someone saw you kissing Jada. Yeah. Not just someone, Sloane Peterson.

Okay. Why are you looking at me like that? I was just, well, you didn’t eat any of those biscuit. Yeah, I didn’t eat any Are you insinuating I knew the biscuits were drugged. No, I was just thinking that because Eric, honestly, I would never eat those biscuits because I would never eat anything from that girl or her family.

I mean, you believe me, right? Yes. You know, cuz you did. He did, um, suggest that I trashed plaintiff’s office evil. I asked and you answered, you said you had nothing to do with. You didn’t vandalize her office or send her threatening texts, and I believe you. You sure? Yes. I’m sure you said you didn’t need any of those biscuits.

I’m just glad you’re okay. That’s sweet, Eric. But you can save all your cares and concerns for Nicole. Wait, Sloan, wait. No, you promised me. You swore to me it was over between you two and somehow you find your way back to one another.

Are you sure? The thing between you and Stefan isn’t gonna get outta control. I appreciate that. You are concerned for me, but I can handle my Ba of brother. Hmm. Technically aren’t you a bastard too? Damn, rod. I am. And Ste is going to learn that the hard way. Look Nicole, I appreciate having you in my corner.

I really do. Like I established before, I don’t want to spend all our time together plotting my brothers down for, so right now you. Have my full attention.


Linda? For what it’s worth, um, I’m sorry. All this happened to you. I appreciate it and I’m sorry I tried to murder you. Oh, maybe I had it coming. No, you didn’t. You were always honest about. Why I was there and what you needed from me. I was the one who wasn’t honest about my feelings to, to you or to myself.

Well, it was still insensitive of me to ask you to help me out in this way. You know, for a demira, you’re a pretty nice guy. Oh, don’t let that make its way around. Oh.

Is this your new strategy? That kept me to think that suddenly you’re this nice guy. It’s not a strategy, just facing reality. Talked to Jing Wen earlier before you had your episode, I was going to tell you when you walked in, tell me what I’m giving. I’m chasing after you. Gabby. You are giving up. Yeah, I’m letting you go.

You’re free. From our agreement, from our marriage, from all of it. You can be with the man you love.

I am, I’m sorry, I, I guess I’m still feeling a little loopy from whatever was in those biscuits. You weren’t feeling well? No. I’ll be fine. I think I just need to go upstairs, take a shower and try to clear my head. Of course. Do what you need to.

Nicole and I are not together, could fool me. You said yourself. We were not clear minded. It was just random that the two of you ended up in bed together. I don’t deny that we have history feels more like current events. Okay. What happened here was a one-time thing. And why should I believe that? Because Nicole and I are not together.

Even when we’re clearheaded, we can barely tolerate each other. That doesn’t change anything for you or for her? Both. And I’m hoping this doesn’t change anything between you and me. Whatever. Like it’s not like I’m your girlfriend. So you keep saying, but you came here earlier to apologize. Correct? Look, I was hurt.

Okay. Because you made me feel like you didn’t trust me with the whole pulling and Chanel thing, and, but yes, I overreacted then. Yes, I accept your apology as I hope that you will accept mine. And what I’d really like to do is for us to go downstairs and have dinner together. You wanna have dinner after all this dinner?

Yes. And then what? And then we’ll see where it takes us.

So we called Sloan into the station so we could examine her phone. Sincere. She’s the one sending those threatening texts to Paulina. Yes. And that’s when she walked in on you kissing Jada Pat timing, huh? Yeah, he could say that, especially considering Sloan’s insistence that she’s innocent and the victim of police harassment.

You think she’s gonna use this against you? I’d be surprised if she didn’t. Yeah. It’s ironic. Sloan is probably responsible for that kiss even happening. So you think that she’s the one who put the drug in the biscuits? Well, we both know that somebody’s targeting, she knows bakery Sloan is the most likely suspect.

Look, I don’t need surveillance footage to know that Sloane Peterson is the rat in our. Only rides are smart and we still don’t have any proof. She’s right, Chanel. Until we find something that connects Sloane to those biscuits, there’s nothing I can do. Damn, that bitch is ruining my life. I understand. But for now, both of you need to keep your distance from her.

Let me do my job. And I promise you, we will find who did this and bring them to justice.

You sure you’re gonna be okay from the poisoning or from you trampling on my heart. Both. I’ll survive and goun. You don’t want people to get the wrong idea about us, do you? I don’t care what other people think and I have to say. Through all this, I got to see a different side of you, Melinda, the woman, as opposed to the da.

And I have to say, you, uh, you’re pretty cool and fun and attractive, and some guy one day is going to be very lucky to have you in his life. For real. Well, thanks. And now you should go be with the woman that you love. There’s no reason for you guys to be a part anymore. Right? That’s right. Now that Lee Shin knows everything.

You are letting me go. You seem surprised. Of course. I’m surprised you’ve spent a year doing everything you can to try to hang on to me. I. I just thought that when you knew the truth about stuff and I, yes. I thought you’d tried to punish me. Well, I can’t deny that I was angry, but mostly hurt. It’s obvious to me that you don’t regret it.

I don’t.

Well, I have regrets. Lots of them. You know, my, my whole life I was groomed to be the success at business, to be cold and calculating and take what I want, but I, I never learned the personal side, and I’m afraid that, In my pursuit of you and and desperation to hold on to our relationship, I used tactics that were better suited for a hostile takeover than a marriage.

And the worst part is that I hurt you.

But despite all. I hope you know I, I really did love you.

I know you did, and yeah, I, I hurt you too. I, I made an agreement to honor our marriage for six months, and I did not honor that

you’re trying to be with the man you. And keep ahold of the Demer shares. Can you blame a girl for wanting to have it all?

Guess we have that in common, right? Yeah. Yes, we do. Well, I’m gonna start fighting for. But I’ll never stop believing that we could have been good together. We were good together. Right. You were so, uh, heels off,

deals off.

Thanks again for your help with me and e. You’re welcome. And now that you and Gabby have joined forces to take over the world, I need to remember one thing. All right? You both owe me one. And when the time is right, I have every intention of collecting on that debt.

I texted my lawyer, she’s starting to draw up divorce papers. Yeah. Don’t tell mine that this should be a smooth process. I appreciate that. We did have some really good times together, right? Yeah, for sure.

You know, since we did have good times and I’d like to look back on them fondly,

Maybe, maybe you consider letting me keep your Demari shares.

Hell no

worth the shot.

How are you feeling? Bossun? Doing fine. Thanks. And how are you feeling? Me? Yeah. I told the mayor what happened between us while I was under the influence of drugs. Okay. Well, I’m sure re explained to you that he was not in his right mind and a story. Hmm. So can we just, um, talk about the case now? Let’s do it.

What’s the. Oh, well, I just came from sweet bits and unfortunately Chanel security cameras were not engaged last night. Oh, that’s too bad. Yeah, but the lab called me on my way here. And the drugs found in your system as well as the DA’s and your sisters all matched something that were in those biscuits.

Okay, cool. What was it? A strong hallucinogen, something they hadn’t seen before. Needless to say, Chanel did not put that in her own batter. Meaning someone’s trying to destroy Chanel and her bakery and they don’t care who they hurt to do it.

Well, I turned on the security cameras. Better leave than never. Right. Hey, maybe Sloan will return to the scene of the crime and we can buster this time. Chanel, I am so sorry if I would’ve just turned on those damn cameras. Stop blaming yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to turn them on.

Look, I know you’ve got my back. Your sister’s gonna prove who did this and we are gonna make them pay.

This isn’t fair. Because you know, I can’t say no to you. It’s one of my favorite things about you. Hey, why don’t you go downstairs, grab us a table. I’ll take a quick shower and be down there in a minute,


Nicole, are you there? I’m, I’m here. Uh, I was just calling to make sure that we were on the same page about what happened and after we talked when Sloan left, we decided that yeah, we were both out of our minds because of some kind of drug. Right. And I, I didn’t tell ej and I don’t want him to know, so it has to be our little.

Agreed. Okay. Well, I’m, I’m glad we could come together on this. Anything else? No. No. That, that, that’s it.

Well, um, yeah. Have a great day. Yeah, you too.

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