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[ Dramatic music ]

[ Katie sighing ]

Katie: But there’s

no one like you.

The extraordinary lengths

you go to.

This one was really crazy.

This is why I left you, bill.

But it’s also why I love you.

Bill: How do you do it? How do you get more beautiful by the day?

Carter: The only logan

I have my eye on

is the one I’m staring at.

You’re amazing, katie.

And beautiful.

Very beautiful.

Taylor: Carter.

Carter: Taylor.

Taylor: Hi.

Carter: Hi. Hey. Who you lookin’ for? Steffy or thomas?

Taylor: Neither one. Bill wanted to talk to me.

Carter: Spencer? Here?

Deacon: Okay, victoria, don’t forget to let me know when the bread guy arrives, all right?

Victoria: Will do.

Deacon: Okay. Ugh, I hate doin’ this. Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Deacon: What a beautiful surprise.

Hope: Uh, you got a minute?

Deacon: Yeah, I got all the time in the world for you. Yeah.

Hope: Oh.

Deacon: What’s up?

Hope: Oh, I just think we need to have a long, overdue conversation about sheila carter.

Deacon: Of all the things we could talk about, you wanna talk about sheila carter?

Hope: Well, not particularly, but I know what you did with her.

Deacon: You do?

Hope: Yes, dad. I do. *

Deacon: Just, please,

turn yourself in.

Sheila: No. Never. I am–

I am never

going back to prison.

Bill: Oh, I think you are.

Deacon: I’m sorry.

Taylor: Yeah, bill said he was coming to forrester and he wanted to talk to me.

Carter: Didn’t say why?

Taylor: No. But I’m assuming it has to do with this whole sheila sting.

Carter: Probably right.

Taylor: Yeah. You know, I am– I am still blown away. You know, bill and ridge teaming up together to take sheila down. What a couple of heroes.

Carter: Yeah, we’re grateful for the end result.

Taylor: Yeah. Well, obviously bill isn’t here, so I’m gonna go check the design office–

Carter: Well, katie’s working in there. You know, I can walk over with you.

Taylor: It’s right over there. I– I got it.

Bill: You’re getting my calls and my texts. I wanna see you, katie. And I’ve made it easy. I’ve already arranged dinner. I’ve had the house fumigated, I even had an exorcism performed now that vampire is gone.

[ Katie sighing ] So, what do you say? Join me? Give me one more chance.

[ Knocking on door ]

Taylor: Hey. Hi.

Katie: Hi.

Taylor: There you are. Hi, katie.

Katie: Hey.

Taylor: I got your message. Said you wanted to talk. What’s up?

Bill: Well, I thought that you and I should take a little trip.

Taylor: Intriguing. Where– where to?

Bill: Prison. To see sheila. Want luxury hair repair that doesn’t cost $50?

Deacon: Hope, I don’t know what you think you heard, but I–

Hope: Dad. Like I said, I know what you did.

Deacon: With sheila?

Hope: To her. And helping bill and ridge send sheila back to prison.

Deacon: Right, that.

Hope: Come on, dad. Don’t be so modest. It is a big deal. I mean, what the three of you did. I mean, we never have to worry about sheila carter ever again. That nine-toed freak is finally behind bars, where she should’ve been to begin with. I mean, we don’t ever have to worry about her making parole or escaping.

Deacon: I did it for our family. You know I did.

Emilio: Hey, boss, what can I get you this morning? The tiramisu is to die for.

Deacon: Uh, I think I’m just gonna do a cappuccino. And, uh, emilio, do me a favor, don’t go bonkers with the whipped cream, okay?

Hope: Actually, that sounds really good. I’d love one of those too.

Emilio: Gotcha.

Hope: Thanks.

[ Bread stick crunching ] Look, dad, all I’m saying is that I know that couldn’t have been easy for you, pretending to be friends with sheila when you know all of the horrible things that she’s done to people we love and care about. She finally got what she deserved, and I just wish I could’ve been there when her face cracked when she finally realized that nobody was on her side.

Deacon: You know, it was actually kind of sad.

Hope: I’m sorry, wait– oh, are you serious?

Emilio: Two cappuccinos.

Busboy: Delicious.

Deacon: Yeah, you know, I mean, just human to human. I mean, I could see that this– this woman’s whole life was shattering right in front of her.

Hope: Look at you, you big softie.

Deacon: Get out of here.

Hope: No wonder sheila felt like she could trust you.

[ Prison buzzer buzzing ]

[ Keys jingling ]

Guard: You know the drill.

Sheila: What’s happening?

Guard: Someone wants to see you.

Katie: Why do you wanna go see sheila?

Bill: Well, it’s not for me. It’s for taylor. I’ve already told sheila exactly what I think of her. But you haven’t had that opportunity and I believe you’ll feel better if you do it.

Taylor: Um…

Katie: I agree. You should. You should confront sheila, after everything she’s done to your family. I mean, I can’t imagine what you went through.

Bill: Yeah, um, I have to own my part in that. I’m sorry for what I put you through, making you think I was blackmailing you. I hope you understand.

Taylor: I– I– I– I understand now. Um, but I’m the one that’s sorry. I– I should’ve never done what I did to you. It haunts me every single day. I– I wanted to turn myself in, and…

Bill: Well, I’ve struck a deal with the feds, so you don’t have to be haunted any longer. I’ve put it out of my mind, I want you to do the same.

Taylor: I am trying. Thank you. Do you know what, bill, you are– you are actually right. I– I do have some things to say to sheila. How soon can we see her?

Bill: Well, I’ve taken the liberty of– of making a call. So, they know that sheila is expecting a visitor.

Katie: You had a lot of faith in your power of persuasion.

Bill: I’m workin’ on it.

Taylor: Okay, so, are– are you ready to do this?

Bill: If you are.

Taylor: Let’s do this. I’ll meet you outside.

Bill: Gonna be here for a while?

Katie: All day.

Bill: Then I’m comin’ back. I’m gonna convince you to have that dinner with me. Won’t quit until I do. As hard as I worked to put sheila away, I’m gonna work even harder to get my family, my katie back. Family is just very important.

Carter: Good news. The budget increase you requested was approved. It’s good to know people in high places.

Katie: Mm. It’s a good thing I’ve been putting my time in with the C.O.O.

Carter: Mm-hmm. So, I talked to taylor earlier.

Katie: Mm-hmm?

Carter: She was looking for bill.

Katie: Yeah.

Carter: Said he wanted to meet her here.

Katie: She found him.

Carter: He was with you?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Carter: It’s no surprise you were his first stop. There’s no secret that he wants you back now that this whole sheila saga is over.

Katie: Does that bother you?

Carter: It makes sense. Bill wasn’t bill when he was with her, but now that he’s himself again, he wants his life back. Any man would.

Hope: It always still amazes that after all this time worrying and wondering what life-threatening thing that sheila was going to pull next, she is finally out of our lives for good.

Deacon: Well, it was something that had to be done.

Hope: Well, of course it had to be done, after all the chaos that she’s caused in everyone’s life. I mean, from– from being finn’s birth mother to shooting steffy and finn to cutting off her own toe and faking her own death in order to avoid prison. I mean, dad, that is just a fraction of the crazy things that sheila carter has done. I mean, that woman is literally insane.

Deacon: Yeah, there is no doubt about it. There is no one like sheila carter.

Sheila: I don’t have anything scheduled with my attorney.

Guard: An attorney’s not gonna do you any good.

Sheila: Ah, well thank you for that brilliant legal analysis. Why– why am I here?

[ Door buzzing ] Eh, just take me back to my cell because I don’t– I don’t wanna see them.

Bill: You don’t have a choice. I’ll take it from here.

Guard: We’ll be right outside.

[ Door buzzing ]

[ Laughing ]

Sheila: Isn’t this an ironic pairing? The victim and his shooter. Hi, I’m angela.

Carter: Wait, hold on, so they’re at the prison now? Taylor agreed to go?

Katie: Yes. Bill said that he was able to confront sheila to tell her exactly what he thought of her and that taylor deserved the same opportunity and I agree. She lost a lot because of sheila.

Carter: Yeah, she almost lost her daughter. She shot finn and steffy in cold blood. Yeah, I can imagine taylor has a few things to get off her chest.

Katie: Yeah, and sheila is a captive audience.

Carter: Hm. Captive being the operative word.

Katie: Mm-hmm, thank god. I was beginning to think that we would never get that woman out of our lives.

Carter: Hm, I gotta give it to him. I mean, bill pulled it off. Dude fooled everybody, especially sheila.

Katie: She seriously thought she was going to be the next mrs. Bill spencer.

Carter: Yeah, his ruthless streak came in handy this time. We all owe bill a debt of gratitude.

Katie: Hm.

Carter: Has that changed the way you look at him?

[ Katie sighing ]

Sheila: Look, are you here to check up on me? And the last time we saw each other, I did fall on the ground with a heart attack, but I don’t want you to worry because I’m– I’m better now. I was such a fool. Believing that you could be kind. And loving. Compassionate. I– I truly thought you– you loved me. Yeah, we really opened up to one another, and for the first time in my life, I really felt seen. Respected. I trusted you and it was all just a lie. A setup to put me in here for life.

Bill: Well, you’re not such a fool after all. You’re getting it.

Sheila: I’ve never claimed to be a saint, ever, but what you did was deplorable. And you, as a psychiatrist, you must see that.

Taylor: Well, um, yeah, I mean, I guess as a– as a psychiatrist, I– I believe in kindness and compassion. To be honest, even if it hurts. You know, one of my greatest gifts is being able to find the innate goodness in someone. Shine a light on it so that they see it too and you know I believe that everyone has that quality. And then there’s you. Deplorable. Yes, that is shooting steffy and finn to save yourself. Gunning your own son down in an alley.

Sheila: That was an accident.

Taylor: Because you meant to kill my daughter. That’s why it was an accident. You almost took both parents from hayes, someone else you claim to love. But you are only capable of loving yourself. Who is gonna help you? Who can be there for you? That is who you love. Until you don’T. And then, it’s terrifying. I know because I’ve been on the other side of that. Just so scared. But you love to terrify people. You do. It gives you power and it makes you feel alive because deep down inside, you know you’re irrelevant. And thanks to– thanks to bill and ridge, you’re gonna be locked up here for the rest of your life. You almost took my daughter away from me and from everyone who loves her, but by god’s grace, you didn’t do it. I want you to listen to me. From this day forward, your name will never be mentioned again. And hayes won’t ever even know you existed. He won’t even know you walked this earth. The name sheila carter will mean nothing to my family and you will be erased from our lives… forever.

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