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Oh yeah. What the hell are you thinking that?

All right, let’s have it. Kristen, what is it that’s so damn important. What is it that you got to tell me that I’ve got to hear? Actually, it has to do with my long lost sister Megan hath. And her latest partner in crime.

Thomas Banks in the flesh. Now what are you two crazy kids doing here? What are we doing here? We’re looking for you. You maniac to find out what you did with my mother.

You sure? This is definitely not the man who took Steve Johnson to custody. No, it was not him. I had no way of knowing that he was not who he said he was. Okay. He showed me his badge. He told me he wanted to see the evidence from Wilhelm Ralph’s room. I know the rule of is under investigation, so I gave him the prisons.

Wait, prisms, you gave this man the prisms? Yes. He took them. Look, I’m sorry. Like I said, I, I, right. I, I, I understood. But then what? He just walked out of here. He left with the evidence and Steve, Look, I, I did not know that he was what he was going to do. Hold on, hold on. Is this the man who is posing is Shane Donovan.

Wait a minute. This, this, this can’t be, I’m sorry, but it, it is your, him, your hopefully husband. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. So if you excuse me. No, hold on. Hold on. It’s you. I know it’s you. I’ve seen a lot of pictures. You’re Bo Brady,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Xander. What the hell is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you? That’s That’s a breakfast biscuit, Chloe. Yeah, it was until you annihilated it. What the hell? You can’t eat either. It’s crazy. I’m crazy. You are crazy. I’m about that biscuit this morning and I’ve been running around all day waiting to eat it and I had a million errands and now you’ve ruined it.

Unless you want your million and first errands to be a trip to University Hospital, leave the bloody biscuits alone. The hospital? Yeah. Oh. Have you not heard the news? Someone dosed those biscuits with hallucinogen. Anyone who eats one has seen pink elephants or worse. Wait. Seriously? Huh? Oh my God. Oh my God.

I almost ate that. Hey, look, I came along when I dead. Yeah. Thanks. Uh, so do they know who would lace those biscuits with drugs? I mean, who would do something like that? They don’t know they’re investigating, but. It’s a truly evil thing to do. Yeah, definitely. I mean, never did this. It’s clearly dangerous. Ah, wow.

Okay. Uh, well I guess the coffee cart probably still has some bagels though. They’re usually stale. Ah, wait a minute. Wait. Forget the stale bagels. Can’t let me treat to lunch. Oh, oh, oh. Uh, I think I might be hallucinating. Did you just offer to buy someone lunch? Who’s not you? I am a working man, man. I can forward to be generous.

Just, um, don’t let go around.

Megan Hathaway, what about her? Well, it turns out that she is now a fellow guest here at Statesville. And, and well, we start talking and, uh, we got to know each other a little bit. Wow. That’s fascinating. I don’t care. Kristen, why is this of the utmost importance? I was getting to that. You see, she gave me some details about the deals she made so she wouldn’t get locked up in a supermax Isa dungeon for eternity.

Kristin, I already know all of this. Megan Hathaway told the police that it was her henchman Thomas Banks that was responsible for Kayla’s kidnapping. Right. Look. So unless you is that I’m not so sure it was him.

Yeah. Well, I’ve heard. Two. Michael Harris. No, no. Scratch that. Reverse it. Harris Michaels, how do you know who I am? We have a mutual acquaintance, Megan Hathaway. I gotta tell you, man, she’s extremely proud of how she orchestrated your dissent. How did she put it? The corrupting of a good man, a Navy Seal with a impeccable record turned into a simple hired gun.

But even with all her conditioning, she missed something. It was soft side and the real fly in the ointment. Hope Brady,

who is that? His name is Thomas Banks. You have reason to believe he’s involved in all of this? No. Clearly I would not forget a face like that. It was not him. Okay. Then if it wasn’t Thomas Banks impersonating Shane Donovan. Then what did this man look like? Describe him to me please, in detail.

Now, isn’t that better than a crust, your breakfast biscuit? Well, I’m sure if that biscuit hadn’t been laced with the hallucinogens, it would’ve been divine, but this chatter is always delicious, so thank you. You’re welcome. It was at least I could do after that snack, attack outside, but it does occur to me that we are back where you bested me in dance Bested.

Okay. I am sorry, sir. I believe I, I wept the floor with you. Yes, you did. And it was quite humiliating actually. So maybe you’ll soothe my wounded ego by allowing me a rematch. Uh, well, since I’ve been doing a little dart technique research, I’m not sure that I would be able to soothe your wounded ego dart technique research.

Oh, yeah. It’s a whole thing. I mean, I learned it’s, it’s very important to lead with your elbow and then you use your sight line for your throwing. Can you use your dominant eye to look at the target while you aim? So, um, are you sure you’d like a rematch?

Well, now you’re fasty and I like it, but you’re gonna have to be just a little bit more specific, see and known a lot of mothers, off the top of my head, I just can’t remember what I did with heat. Is that really the game you’re gonna play? Banks game? I don’t even know the rules, Chad. Fine. Let me spell it out for you.

The woman you kidnapped is my mother, Kayla Johnson. And you are damn well gonna tell us where you took her. Sorry to disappoint you. You got the wrong dude.

Okay, so you are saying that you don’t think it was Thomas Banks that kidnapped Kayla? Based on what Megan was saying, I think it’s possible it could be someone else who, what are you saying, Megan? You’re saying that Bo Brady is alive.

I’ll tell you when you bring Rachel to see me, Kevin, you don’t. Is that what this is all about? Really? I should have known Kristen. Well, you can’t blame me for trying to use this information to my advantage. Kristin, you’ve never given me a reason to trust you. Why would you think that? I would think this is any.

You’re dangling some tidbit of information that I’m gonna find interesting. Just so you can see Rachel. Ready. I’m sorry, but you are really gonna want to hear this, not just you, everyone in Sailor. This news is so explosive and it’s gonna change a lot of people’s lives. Mm-hmm. I’ll think about it.

I don’t know how helpful my description will be. I mean, normally we have our sketch artist come in and draw a picture of Thep, but he’s working in another town. Okay. Please just. Something, anything. Does this man have any distinctive features? Scars, tattoos, tall, short, skinny. He was just pretty average looking guy.

Okay. Middle aged, brown hair, brown eyes, medium built. Sound like anyone you know.

Well, if you heard about me from, from Megan, maybe. She had something to do with bringing you back?

No, because when I, when I was in that lab, there was someone else in one of those polygenic tubes. But I never knew who it was,

but what Megan wanted most was those three prisms.

They were why she brought me under control, why she programmed me. Now, she didn’t tell me what she was gonna use ’em for, but I know that they had some healing properties that maybe they could be used to perform medical miracles. And now it all makes sense. She wanted to use the prisms to revive somebody in that cryogenic state, somebody that she left,

that somebody was you.

Unbelievable. It’s just unbelievable. Lemme see these darts. Have you got magnets in there or something? There are no magnets. I just happen to be extraordinary at this game. Yeah. But you’ve also been researching dart plane strategy behind my back, haven’t you? Uh, well, you were kind enough to warn me about those biscuits laced with drugs that would’ve had me saying pink offense or whatever.

So I will give you a handicap and for this next dart I. I’ll close my eyes. Oh, come on. You threw the first bullseye of your life last night with your eyes closed. Do you want the help or not?

Okay. Elbow sideline.

Did I nail it?

Yeah. You uh, you nailed it. All right.

All right, thanks. Hey, your boss Megan already told us that you’re the one that kidnapped you. Whoa. Whoa. No. Where’s your boss? Ele? I’m an independent contractor. Okay. I’m sure just like you looking for your mama, that’s why I followed you. You were following us. Oh yeah. You think it’s just a Wanka dance? We all ended up here.

I saw you in the hotel lobby and I knew you would take me to where I need to go now. Gimme the list. List. What list? I don’t have a list. Do you know anything? Now who? Who’s playing games? Blue ass. Huh? Who? I saw you talking, you were talking about all the places your mama could be. No. Give me the list now.

Before I get your fingers, you’re getting itchy. Hmm.

Costas, the man you just described today alone. I saw dozens of men that fit that same exact description. Yes. I’m afraid I just described half the population of Greece. Yes, you did. Look, as I said, the sketch artist is working in another town today, but I could call Ken. What about your security cameras?

May I see the footage? I’ll pull up the file. Thank you.

Oh my God.

That’s quite a narrative you’ve strung together. You do have a flare for the dramatic, it’s not really a narrative. I made up, I heard it from home. She told me how obsessed Megan was with you. Ah, yeah. Well, those feelings weren’t mutual. One of the many reasons I left that island. And you brought Kayla with you, right?

Why would I do that? Because she’s your sister.

Let me catch you up here. The rumor I heard is that this character by the name of banks kidnapped her. Yeah, yeah. No, I, I heard that. He just seems, I, I’m just curious. You, you don’t seem that really concerned about. How about your sister? Have you met Kayla? She’s tough. She knows how to take care of herself.

She always has. Right? So, so you’re saying that you and your sister were on the same island at the same time, and you left the island coincidentally around the same time, but you’re not together. What? Man, I, I didn’t even know she was on the island or why Megan brought her there. All I know is I was fed up with, Games.

And so I took off as fast as I could alone. Okay, I understand. But since I came all this way, uh, to find her. And since you have nothing to hide, I mean you wouldn’t mind if we took a look around together, would you? Yeah. Yeah. I kind of wouldn’t mind.

Oh my God. Are you okay? I dunno. Does this mean I finally get a point? Should you, should I pull it out? Yeah. No, no. Wait, wait, wait. Well maybe you should, I dunno if I want it, Eric. Wait, what if I punctured an artery or something? Right. If you punctured along, maybe I’ll deflate like a balloon. That’s that’s not how it works.

How do you know? Do they teach that in opera school? No. No, but you can’t walk around with a dart sticking out of your chest. What are we gonna do? I dunno. Well, unless you want to even me out. Ah, I guess we are taking a trip to University Hospital after all. Oh my God. Let’s get there.

Oh, all settled in, are you? Yes. Thank you. Although I had to evict my Sully from the bottom bunk, she wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I managed to convince her. I think once she gets back from the infirmary, I won’t have any further problems with her making good friends. Good for you. Mm-hmm. So, How’s Brady?

Brady? What do you mean? Oh, I think you know what I mean. I overheard your chat. Just now. You have to say you’re not very discreet. Ah, Megan. God, I was just talking and here I was thinking that we were on the precipice of a newfound sisterhood, talking about the good old day sharing secrets, boys drinking a bit of toilet wine together.

And yet, as soon as I turn my back there you are squawking to your man about me and about Bo Brady being alive. You know what? I actually didn’t say fine. Fine. I am sorry that I betrayed some sisterly confident. But I’m gonna level with you. The only thing that matters to me is my daughter and I will play any card.

I have to get a chance to see her. I completely understand Sister. But here’s the tiny problem with your little ski. You’re not holding any cards. I never said that Bo Brady was alive.

Nice meeting you and all, but we’re done here. So, Why don’t you run along home? Okay, wait. And if I don’t, what? Who are you gonna do? Are you really gonna shoot me?

Killing a military hero? Bad karma. So why don’t you just do what’s best for both of us and run along home? Now I’m gonna run straight to hope and tell her exactly what happened. And why would you do that? What? Why’d he sink? You know damn well she’s in love with you, and now knowing that you’re alive.

Come on. So this would be a selfless act. Selfless, yeah. You tell hope I’m alive. This budding romance of yours is abruptly over. So you ready to lose her?

The footage is gone. I, I don’t understand it. It’s all been erased. Well, how is that possible? I don’t know. Okay. I imagine it could be a problem inside the system cost us. Who else has. To the security footage. But you think somebody did this? Yes. That it was delivered? Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Okay. The man that left with Steve, did he say anything else?

Anything that Mike, give us a call about who he is.

A actually, yes. Now that you mention. Mr. Johnson did say something. What? What did he say? Please tell me. What did he say? Give me the list. Don’t piss me off. Okay, now. Okay, dude. Do it. Decide to give him the list. Get it. They’re getting itchy. Okay. She’s they real itchy. I think it’s in now. Hey, I think it’s in my purse.

Okay. No surprise. Okay. You go slow. Sorry. Slow. You know, since we’re here, I wanted to, um, I wanted to, uh, offer you my condolences. What the hell for you’re, um, your poor sister. She, uh, you know, she passed away a few months ago. Oh, you. Sister Mary Mara’s, your dad. Oh no, that’s a shame. Although she was a real pain in my ass.

I was sticking her nose in my business. No, not, I’m not Mar Mary Moira, your other sister, Susan. It was cute. What happened? That’s, um, it was, uh, very tragic accident. She was, Trapped in a car in it, and it, and it went over a cliff and it, uh, exploded. Oh no. Gosh, that’s just me, me, me now Sissy. She was a good girl.

You know, she didn’t deserve that. I always kind of thought maybe I wasn’t all bad because she was my sister and she was so good that maybe I had a little bit of good and a lot of bad, but just. A little bit of good. She didn’t serve that. It makes me sad. Makes me real sad. My fault says, sorry.

Hey, this Dr. So they just finished bandaging you? Yeah. Oh my. Are you okay? I’m fine. Doctor says it probably won’t even scar. I just pierced a muscle. Oh. Did they ask you how it happened? Well, he did ask if I was hopped up on biscuits, but I just told him that my friend isn’t the best dart player in the world.

He told me the police were on the way so I can make a report. Wait. You know that was an accident, right? I’m fucking dying. I’m joking. Ah, you are not funny. Sorry. It does make me wonder though, what if maybe unconsciously this isn’t some kind of retaliation on your part. Retaliation for that kiss last night, the non-consensual.

Oh yeah, that. Um, well, as annoyed as I was by it, I don’t think that it warranted a violent dart assault as long as you promise never to do it again. Well, I would cross my heart, but it’s a bit tender right now.

Even if you did have some pertinent information to share, why would you sell it off so cheaply for one measly visit with your daughter?

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. My daughter means everything to me. And any chance I to see get it. I get it, I get it. But what your problem is is you think too small. Take a step back. Look at the big picture. The big picture. First and foremost, I went to a great deal of trouble to make sure that I was incarcerated here in states.

Now if you even suggest that I might have stretched the truth, then they are gonna ship me off to some black side in East Timbuktu, which will not exactly help you either.

So take some advice from your big sister, the two of us working together here. There is no limit to what we can accomplish. What are you talking about? You mean you want to objective numeral unal. Ever since I discovered that the rumors of a Sunday bar are greatly exaggerated here, I have no intention of staying here one minute longer than I absolutely have to,

and don’t think that I haven’t already started formulating a plan. So ask yourself, which sounds better? One measly visit with your. We’re spending the rest of your life with her outside.

Take some time to ponder on all of that before you make the biggest mistake of your life. The signs who’d believe you. Everybody knows Bo Brady is dead. How can a dead man kidnap his sister?

I have to say, being a criminal mastermind is exhausting. I need a cat now.

See you around sis.


Shut off. Why didn’t you listen? You should have listened to. Reason come. I gonna listen if you shot off my ear. The hospital, but no, shut off. We’ll pat you off on the way to the police station. Okay. Mr. Johnson did say that the man claiming to be Director Donovan was not who he said he was. He did. He said that you just ignored it.

Hall Director Donovan was the man claiming to be the director of that. Said that Mr. Johnson was simply just trying to protect his own mo, that he was in fact the real con artist. Did Steve say anything else? Let me see. Yes, he was mumbling something as the man was escorting him out. Would I for the life of me?

I cannot remember what it was.

Okay. Well, thank you. Um, if you do happen to remember, or if anything else, Comes up, would you call me, please? Here’s my number.

I will do that.

Thank you.

Okay. Really Sure I understand this. You want me to be with hope? Yeah. Look, I am starting a whole new life without her and I’m a little sick of people trying to drag me back to that old life. Okay, so you’re just gonna let me go if what? I don’t say anything about finding you. Yeah. I mean, it’s best for both of us.

And if you think about it for hope too, she’s started a whole new life. She’s moved on with you and you guys, you, you have a good thing going. Why break her? Again, so she’s all yours. You get the girl, I get my new life without her win-win as long as you keep this little conversation of ours between us. So I’m, I’m supposed to pretend I never saw you.

Deceive hope and let her believe that her husband’s dead. Yeah, but the way I see it, you’re not really deceiving her. From my point of view. That husband is dead. So what do you say, commander? We got a deal.

Well now that my long lunch is almost turned into dinner, I should probably make an appearance to the paper. Hey, um, once I’m fully healed, any chance I can get a rematch, eyes wide open next time. Yeah. Wow. I’m surprised you would risk it. It’s a matter of honor at this point, isn. Oh, where? Fancy souvenir.

Oh my goodness. They kept the dart. Oh, we’re gonna need the full set if we’re gonna have that rematch, aren’t we? You know, I’m pretty impressed that you would be willing to come near me ever again while holding a dart. Well, you may be dangerous, Chloe. Scary, but uh, you do make up for it. And charm.

Alright, let’s have it ready. You actually came. I did to hear this supposedly explosive piece of information that you uncovered. Well, what is this big news that’s going to change everybody’s lives in Salem?

It turns out I was wrong. I’m sorry, what? Yeah, Megan was telling the truth. Thomas Pinks was the winner kidnapped Kayla

O. Excuse me, officer, you’re gonna want to book this man. He’s on the most wanted list. His name is Thomas Banks. Do you know him? No, but I’ve seen his picture. An uglier person. No, that’s not very nice.

Hey, any luck is a police station. Yeah, the back kind. Someone posing as Shane Donovan took Steve from the PD along with the pr. Any idea who, no. And the cop’s description was very vague and someone erased the security footage. How does that even happen? Well, I think whoever kidnapped, Steve erased it, obviously.

Uh, a real pro. And as Steve was being let out, he kept protesting, saying that this person wasn’t who he said he was. And the cop did nothing. He didn’t even question, he just slept This person, whoever he is, walk out with Steve and the prison.

What about you? Did you have any luck? Yeah, I, um, yeah, I started on the list. I, I went to Victor Kiki’s, uh, childhood Home. Oh,

Harris, did you find anything? So I’m supposed to pretend I never saw. Deceive hope and let her believe that her husband’s dead. Yeah, but the way I see it, you’re not really deceiving her. From my point of view, that husband is dead. So what do you say, commander? We got a deal.

So are we in agreement?

We are. Good man. You made the right decision.

I know. Uh, nothing at all. It was, uh, The place was deserted.

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