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Ah. Only one left. Looks like I got here. Just in time man. Customers are jumping on these like they haven’t eaten in days. Yes. Where the mouth is getting out. I just hope we can keep up with the demand. Oh we will. With you on board. Sweet Bits is going to be more successful than ever.

There you are. Mm. Disappeared to this morning. Well, thank you. When I woke up, you were gone. I didn’t want to wake you. You were uh asleep. So I got us breakfast. Aw, that’s sweet. Whatever you got. Smell delicious. Where’d you go?

Sweets. Chanel’s place. What the hell is wrong with you? Breakfast biscuit, anyone? Oh, so that’s where you went? Mm-hmm. I know that the breakfast bar is always stocked with goodies, but variety is a spice of life, right? Oh and one. Mm-hmm. Well, what do you think? Get a whiff.

Ooh, smells good. Sweets from the sweet, not so fast cowboy. Before you indulge, you must show the proper gratitude where, ah, my matters.

Oh, good morning Johnny. It’s not all that good for me actually. Oh no. Did you not sleep water? I didn’t sleep at all. There was a lot of noise coming from down the hall. Sounded like a wild animal park. Uh, yes. Those noises you heard weren’t coming from my bedroom. That was all your all Uncle Stephan.

Really? Uh, I and Gabby are back together. No, it wasn’t Gabby in the Wild Animal park with him. It was our otherwise buttoned up District Attorney.

Melinda, what are you doing and why are you undressed? Well, I know you just showered, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting dirty again in as dirty away as possible.

Hey, so what are my, uh, eggs? Benedicts? I beg your pardon. Actually, I was looking forward to your amazing banana pancakes. Hello. Ever since we moved in here, you’ve made one amazing breakfast. After the other, starting to look forward to it. Why not this morning? Guess I wasn’t in the mood.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives,

Lee is something wrong. My father’s been texting me nonstop about an issue I need to deal with. So you’re on your own for B. Well, I’m too hungry to cook, so I guess I’m going out. Tell your dad I say hello, and then I look forward to being a major Demer shareholder again in about four months. Gabby, yes, you never told me about your dinner meeting with David Saxton last night.

I trust it ended with everyone feeling satisfied.

You are even more beautiful than I remember.

Satisfied doesn’t begin to describe it. Um, when we got in rhythm, everything just flowed the way it’s supposed to. I gotta run. I’m starving. So see ya later.

Who me?

Can’t blame a girl for trying and I hate to be a pain in the ass, but this is the second night I’ve been here yelling your name at the top of my lungs and I have nothing to show for it except a sore throat. Okay, well I will have Harold bring you some tea. Mm. Well I hope you know how grateful I am to you for helping me out.

This will all be over soon. This. Hopefully, and I will repay you. I promise. Platonically, I assume. Nevermind. I get it. You love Gabby. She loves you everlasting love fairytale. Finally together after four years, blah, blah, blah. You seem thrilled for us. Hey, I don’t begrudge you and Gabby’s happily ever after.

I just gimme a realistic timeframe here. And how long are you planning to drag this out? Just until EJ blinks, I’m surprised you haven’t run into our esteemed and apparently quite vocal da wandering the halls. Stefan’s practically moved her in here. Okay. Ew. I mean, uncle Stephan and Melinda Trask really?

Actually, no, not really. It’s all just fun and games for Steph and he’s trying to put one over on the call and me try a biscuit, tell y’all about it. No thanks. I’ll pass, um, on the biscuits and on the details, but I thought you and Uncle Stephanie had buried the hatchet. Why? Why would he be trying to trick you?

Because he and Gabby are trying to conspire to get Lee Shin’s dir shares without her sticking to the deal she signed with them. I’m just trying to protect the company. And your future inheritance fine, whatever. Just, uh, pardon me if I don’t stick around for the matinee. The show last night was more than enough for me.

I’m going to the square. To get a coffee gallon. How to do it.

I know, too. Bet he doesn’t wanna try one. Oh, well more press us. Ah, glad to hear it, mama. No. Yeah, it’s been pretty quiet here too. Oh, thank God. Yeah. Um, fingers crossed. All right. Uh, love you. Oh, and, and don’t forget to come by and try one at Talia’s Biscuits. Okay. Talk soon.

Um, what do you mean about things being so quiet? I’d say things are pretty hectic. Oh, I meant in a good way. Mama was worried that that witch Sloan would try something again. But so far nothing. Thank God. You think she’ll finally back off and leave you alone? I wish. But you don’t know Sloane like I. She has pretty much dedicated her life to destroying mine.

And you know what? I have put up with a lot from that woman and I deserve a treat of my own. And I haven’t even tried one of these yet. See?

Oh my God, Julia, this is a man.

Why would you bring that stuff here into my home? Why would you think I’d ever want to eat anything from that murderers bakery? It’s just breakfast. You know? It’s not just anything. Dammit you. You know how I feel about that family and what they did to me in my family. Not only did you go when you gave them money, but you brought their their trash into my home.

Why would you do something like that? I didn’t because I honestly wanted to help you finally get over it.

Get over it. Do you think I should just get over it? Son, I’m, I’m only trying to help you. I know you were traumatized by what happened. What happened is that my mother was killed. She took her last breath when Chanel pushed her off that rooftop. My mother isn’t coming back from the dead. Eric, I don’t get that luxury to enjoy.

Not, not like some people. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I’m not telling you to like get over the death of your mother or your father. Yeah. You just did. No, I’m not, I’m just, I’m just trying to tell you. You’re only hurting yourself and making everything about your mother’s death. Is this about the way that she died?

Because don’t you give me that same song and dance. It was an accident. I’m warning you, Eric. No, no, no. Don’t poop words in my mouth. I don’t wanna fight with you. But what I’m saying is, It’s just this whole need for revenge. It’s too much. It’s not healthy. Just ease off a bit. You have to see that.

Hmm. I’m so tempted to have another one. Um, you might wanna save some for the customers. See we are having a hard time keeping up. I know, I know. But these biscuits are, slap your mama good. Okay. I’m sorry. Did I just hear you say that you have something today that’s. Our brand new hot outfit oven off the J Breakfast biscuits.

You have to try biscuits. Oh, mm-hmm. Okay. You nevermind. Carbs are my kryptonite. Forget it. Oh, no, no, no. They’re a little carb and high protein. Actually, they may win. Not fat yogurt and ho wheat flour. I know they seem very indulgent, but I promise you a very healthy way to start the day. Trust me, she knows all about.

Yeah, but I know that healthy and paste, you usually mean the taste like cardboard. Oh no, no. These are prove wrong here. Have a free sample. Okay. None. You have outdone yourself. Oh, I didn’t do a thing. This is actually T’S recipe. Uh, Gabby meet Talia Hunter, my new employee. Nice to meet you Talia. Uh, hunter.

And in relation to Jada? Uh, yeah. She’s my sister. You know her, her boss is my brother. Wait, wait, wait. Ra. Mm-hmm. Ray Hernandez is your brother. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Okay. Listen. We have to have a talk. Okay. Or am I the only one that sees that they belong together? Yes. I lost somebody else who sees how obvious it is.

No. When two people belong together, it’s a crime to keep them apart. I couldn’t agree more.

No, of course I wasn’t talking about you. Oh, so you’re saying, damn, you about our roomie. She’s still my wife. Even though I may be the only one who remembers that. Right. Well, what are you so upset with her about? Did something happen at the meeting with Saxtons? Did Gabby miss something up? She never went near the Beast Store.

Last night there was no meeting. EJ Damaris sent me pictures of her real rendezvous with Stephan in bed. Wow. Well she did say that lady whistleblower’s story about Stephan and the DA wasn’t true. That’s why she’s so sure about that. Melinda Trask is Stephan’s beard got me insists that she’s keeping to our.

That all she really wants right now are my Demer shares, but that’s a lie. She wants all of it. She wants Stephan. She wants my shares, everything but me. Okay, so what happened when you confronted her,

Lee, didn’t you? You didn’t say anything. I can’t stop loving her, Wendy, even after all of this, I, I still believe that she belongs with me, not Stephan.

Oh, it’s a glorious day, isn’t it? Morning. Oh, good morning. S Stephan. Madame Da. Uh, Stephan, you didn’t tell me your brother was gonna be down here. I’m not even dressed. If you are going to be a regular presence here, da, you might consider bringing one of your own robes over here. That one’s a tad big on you.

Oh, but it’s cozy and it smells like my Hemi. Oh, plus she just looks irresistible in me. I hope you at least have your own toothbrush. Oh, don’t worry. I do plan on having my own supply of everything I need in Stephan’s room. You’re not getting rid of me anytime soon. Oh, no, we wouldn’t want that. Oh, you.

Sable, I hope. Whatever s Stephan Scott runs in the family, if you know what I mean. Oh, I know what you mean. And I have no complaints. Ooh, breakfast. Biscuits. I don’t mind if I do. Plus we could probably use a little suss in it to keep our engines going. Huh? Up yourself. Oh, look at you. You’re getting crums all down your roll of that.

I guess you’re gonna have to help me get rid of them. Hmm. Just all together, just doing that to get you And they are succeeding. Why the hell hasn’t we done anything? Don’t worry about me, let’s just go for a walk so you can cool down and then we can think about what to do next. Upset. I hope that wasn’t expensive.

Excuse us. I will not. I beg your pardon. I will not excuse you nor pardon your utterly Christ behavior. This, this is insulting. Do you honestly expect us to believe this travesty of love affair, not call you out on it? Holy out about. The fact that you are actually having an affair with Gabby and not this, this, this civil servant

stone. Your obsession with Chanel and Paulina is taking over your. Everything you seem to be doing is about them, even when it comes to eating your breakfast. Stop. Giving them so much power, ease off a bit, and I promise you’ll feel better.

Could you be any more condescending? So I have no life, you know, I don’t hear you complaining. Whenever I suggest that we skip the appetizer and go straight for the main course, it doesn’t mean I don’t notice what’s going on or see what you’re doing. What does that mean? What are you not saying? Wow. Wait, this is, that’s what this is about.

You think I’m terrorizing Chanel and her mother, don’t you?

I never said that, but did you think it?

Yeah. Yes I did.

Chanel you mind watching the table for me for a few minutes? Me and Gabby have a lot to talk about. Sure. But I can’t promise you that I won’t eat away the rest of our prophets. I am so happy that you are on the same page. Lord knows our stubborn ugly siblings can’t see the spot it themselves. No, I think they spotted, they’re just afraid to do anything about it.

It’s that stupid department policy that was put in place. I know I have literally nudged Jada a thousand times, and I even took a chance with the rape myself to see how he feels about my sister. Yeah, he definitely shot me down. Of course he did. That’s okay. We’re gonna come up with a plan together and if it’s meant to be, they’re gonna find their way to each other.

I know from experienced coffee, must have coffee. Try one of these firms.

Wow. Mm-hmm. Wow. Just, wow. We’re gonna have to put that in our new ad. I was gonna say, sweet bits, biscuits. Bring zombies back to life. Yeah. Why are you so tired? Anyway, Wendy, keeping you up late. Hmm. I wish that were the case. Huh? Something going on with you two. I think she’s gonna dump me for trip.

The after everything she started the. You actually think you still have a chance with Gabby?

I know I’m supposed to throw a fit and let her have it and tell her she’s never gonna get her hands on these shares, but I’ve been holding on to hope for so long. I don’t think I can give up now and I’m not fooling myself about her feelings for. But things here were actually starting to work. She, she, she said she was looking forward to my breakfast, even if she pretended like she could care less.

And she loved the deal I set up with Saxtons. Yeah. And she uses it as an excuse to sneak out to see stuff. Yeah. Yeah. That hurts. Obvious. Damnit Jing when I, I really thought that if, if we just spend time together and in close quarters like this, shed remember how great we were, better than anything she could ever hope to have a Stephan, what’s happened to me?

It’s not like you to lose. You’re cool like this brother. Oh good god, you don’t get it, do you? You don’t get it. The game is over. Lee has pictures. Pictures that I took of you and Gabby in the secret room. And any minute now, Lee is going to lower the boom on you and Gabby and any hope she had of getting those demeanor shares.

Does this mean I’m out of a job? I’m afraid so, but I owe you Melinda, and your performance was.

Now if you excuse me, I need to, uh, hash this out with my brother, I’ll go shower and leave you to it. Bye-bye.

So you actually spied. On me and Gabby, it’s good to know there’s no bar too low for you. Ej. Oh, oh. Will you listen to him? He and Gabby are happy to sneak around like a couple of horny teenagers lying through their teeth, stealing company shares, and somehow I’m the one who has sunk too low. I am protecting the family business from a vi a Stephan all night.

Talk about her like that. You may not see who she really is, but I do all or too clearly, and I will not apologize for that. But do you want to know when you. Well, s Stephen, besides a liar and a cheat, of course, the traitor to him and everything that he created.

I didn’t wanna suspect you still, but yes, I admitted you did cross my mind. Even though I swore to you that I wasn’t the one trashing Paul’s office sending threatening notes, like I know anyone who has a personal agenda against him in Austin, also, what? What? Paulina received a note, a note with cut out letters from a magazine when I noticed a stack right here on your desk with scissors on.

You actually checked up on me. You went through the magazine, didn’t you?

Did you feel any kind of remorse when you saw that they were intact? No, of course not. Because you assumed I got rid of the evidence. No, I didn’t assume anything. And but then that’s when Abe, he showed up to confront you and he got you. And I thought that you defended. How silly was I to everything that you would have my back, so I did, I I do have your back.

When I told you about Abe coming here to confront you, you sent somebody a text that is exactly the same time that Paulina got a threatening note, a message via text. Well then I’m guilty, obviously. Would I be here if I thought that I no longer give a damn what you. I’m not in the habit of sleeping with people who think I’m out committing felonies in my spare time.

Just get the, get the hell out, okay? Now, and you can collect all your crap from the street once I throw it out the window. So come on, please get. Out

right now.

And you know what? Thank you. You did me a favor by not trusting me. Now I have so much more time to obsess over Chanel and her mother than wasting it on you.

So, You and Wendy. It’s sober. I don’t want to talk about it. Uh, what about you and your mom? Is that horrible woman still terrorizing you? Yes. That horrible woman. A k a Sloan Peterson. She denies that. She’s the one who made all those nasty threats. No surprise, but we’re gonna prove it was her. Anyway, that’s me.

So tell me about you. What is going on with you and Wendy? I thought you told me things were picking up. Oh, remember, I, I just said I didn’t want to talk about it. Oh, come on Johnny. I’m your friend. And I’m a good listener, you know that, and maybe I can even cheer you up. Okay, fine. Um, well, Tripp found out that Wendy and I never said we were exclusive, so he got right to work.

I’m confused if. You and Wendy aren’t exclusive, and then she goes out with trip. That doesn’t mean it’s over between you guys, does it? You don’t understand. Okay. Her, her, her and Trip are already really close. Okay. And so are you and Wendy, right? Yeah. Okay. Then what makes you think you’re getting dumb?

What makes you think I stand a chance? All right. I mean, Wendy’s not dumb. Okay. Trip has way more to offer than I do. I, I can’t compete.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Okay. Unrequited love. It’s, it’s painful, obviously. And unless you’ve been keeping it from me, you haven’t been this much in love with anyone before, have you? No, never. I didn’t think so. And I hate to tell you to give up hope, but you’re going to, only because you’re my big brother.

I hate to see you hurting like this, but you only have to go on your deal with Gabby and if she’s already sleeping with her ex I know, I know. No, but you’re not acting like you know. You have to open your eyes, Lee. This isn’t the time for wishful thinking. Gabby is cheating on you and lying to you. This isn’t the act of a woman who’s starting to warm towards you.

Okay? You need to think. I should go. I’m just getting in your way.

I am the trader of this. Me? Mm-hmm. This coming from the miserable son of a bitch who offered his hand to me in a truce and immediately started working behind my back to sabotage me. Thought you had me dead to rights, didn’t you? As soon as you set me and Gabby up to be found in that hotel room. So, yeah, I worked quickly to think of a plausible pla bruise.

Plausible. Oh, it was idiotic. Oh, it wasn’t meant to fool you, brother. It was meant to make you open your mouth, admit what you were doing. But, um, you didn’t have the guts, did you? And you didn’t have the intelligence or the willpower not to have your ridiculous plan blow up and smoke. Well, now you and Gabby can be together and made like a couple of wild dogs and heat for all I care.

What’s really important to me is that Gabby can no longer get her hands on those dir. You blew it Stephan. I hope one quickie in the basement was worth it.

Oh wow. A text and a call at the same time aren’t. Popular. Listen, I really wanna continue this conversation, but I, I have to take this. I’m sorry. Oh yeah, for sure. Why are you calling me on this phone? You know, maybe can see the history. It doesn’t matter. Cat’s outta the back. EJ saw us together in the secret room.

What? I know. And he sent a picture to Lee. Oh my. That’s why Lee said he wanted to talk and he was so cold this morning and I was trying to figure out why shares. I know. I’m sorry I, this is all my fault. No, no, it is not. We decided this. It’s what we wanted. All right. Uh, we’ll figure this out. But look, there is a bright side.

We don’t have to pretend anymore. Well, yeah, that is a bright side.

What do you wanna do now?

All right. Look, go pack your things. I’m gonna go to the apartment, Lee and I will have it out, and then you can move right in. And don’t forgive to give Melinda her walking papers. Whoa. What’s wrong? I don’t know. I think I just, I got excited for a second. The blood rushed outta my head, but I’m good. Now.

I’m gonna go pack. Are you sure you don’t want me there when you talk to Lee? No, I have to do this. I love you. Love you too.

Hold up. Where does all this I can compete stuff come from? What has Tripp got that you don’t? What are you so worried about? He’s a doctor. I’m just, I’m just some, some failed movie maker. Plus he’s, he’s Bills, he’s handsome. He’s guy like a certain, someone that is standing right in front of me. Plus he marks the sympathy box.

His mom is in an institution. The guy’s got it all. Okay. Are you done? Because I am tired of hearing you put yourself down, Johnny, you have got just as much to offer as trip. And the last thing you are is a failed movie maker. Oh, right. Because my movies have been such hits. Okay. You just haven’t made the movie that’s gonna put you on the map yet.

But look, look, I, I like Tripp a lot. I think he’s a great guy, but so are you Johnny Damira, you are all that. And so much more. Would I have married you otherwise?

Well, thank you. I really appreciate the pep talk. Did. Not really. Oh, come on. This isn’t like you, Josh. I know. I don’t know where my usual self-confidence has disappeared to, but thank you for reminding me of how we used to be back when we got married in Italy, the way you swept me off my feet. Look, I know the way that it ended for us was not pretty.

The way it began, it was magical, spontaneous, and way crazy. But I was so swept off my feet and seeing the San Carlo of the four fountains and that little church you hadn’t been to since you were 10 years old. It was incredible. So beautiful. So are you. I remember standing there and looking at the priest and just thinking to myself, how did I get so lucky?

I mean, who wouldn’t wanna marry this amazing guy? So you can tell yourself confidence to get it together.

G, are you okay? Yeah, just, uh, no, no sleep last night, remember? Mm-hmm. Are you okay? Uh, yeah. It, it’s hot out here, right? Or is it? Not as hot as it was in Italy. Remember, that didn’t bother us. Yeah, that is. That is certainly correct. Hey, you remember that night we stayed up all night long drinking wine and watching the fishing boats go in and out.

I was for everything.

All I remember is that. Fred little dress you had on just, just standing up there next to me with the at the altar and Chanel. Hey. Um, just wanna let you know I’m starting another badge of those biscuit. Oh, okay, great. Johnny loved his

Johnny. Jen, what are you doing? Chanel Dupre, will you marry me?

Got your text. Abby. There’s something I need to say. I think I know.

How did you get here so fast? Huh? Who cares? You’re here now?


Still don’t get why Lee hasn’t acted on that photo I sent to him. I know he got it. I saw the notification. I maybe still upset about it, but it doesn’t matter because you won and Gabby lost as she was destined too. Mm-hmm.

Oh, that’s work. I gotta take this. That’s okay. I need to get to the office anyway. Talk later. Definitely.

Hi, this is Nicole. Yes, those files should be in.

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