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Nicole hangs up her phone call as Eric approaches her and Nicole imagines that he is dressed as a priest. Nicole questions when this happened and if went back to the church without telling her. Eric says no and asks why he would do that. Nicole asks why he’s wearing that then. Eric questions what’s wrong with what he’s wearing. Nicole says he shouldn’t be walking around dressed like a priest then, leaving Eric confused.

Rafe eats the drugged breakfast biscuits in his office as Jada joins him. Rafe remarks that he doesn’t know what they put in the biscuits, but they’re like crack.

Wendy walks through the town square and is shocked to see Johnny proposing to Chanel. Johnny and Chanel, who are both drugged, talk about how sudden this is but Johnny says they’ve always been spontaneous and he’s always been crazy about her which he thinks goes both ways. Wendy asks herself if he’s serious. Johnny asks Chanel to become his wife one more time.

Li informs Gabi that he knows everything and it’s over. Gabi is drugged and imagines Li is Stefan as he tells her that they are done. Gabi argues that they are far from done and their love is going to stand the test of time.

Stefan goes to his room while drugged and imagines that Melinda is Gabi as he calls her the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen.

Li tells Gabi that this isn’t easy and to let him say what he needs to say. Li tells Gabi to stop it as Gabi questions what’s wrong. Li says he doesn’t appreciate being mocked. Li complains about Gabi’s need to make him feel more foolish and pathetic than he already does. Li gets that he lost and needs to face the reality that there is no hope for them and their sham of a marriage needs to end. Gabi argues against their marriage being a sham as she thinks he’s Stefan and pleads with him to remember their love. Li is confused when Gabi calls him Stefan.

Melinda tells Stefan that it’s not nice to tease a girl. Stefan asks who is teasing and says he adores her. Melinda responds that she almost believes him. Stefan calls her the most stunningly beautiful woman he’s ever met and the most brilliant, captivating, and dynamic woman on the planet. Stefan sees her as Gabi and declares that he’s madly in love with her. Melinda thought there was a chance they would get close while she was helping him out but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. Melinda questions if he’s being serious. Stefan says he’s never been more serious in his life as he only wants to be with her. Stefan then kisses Melinda, thinking that she is Gabi. Melinda drops her towel and they continue kissing.

Chanel accepts Johnny’s proposal and they hug. They exclaim that they are so happy until Chanel stops and asks what about Wendy. Wendy then approaches and agrees in asking what about Wendy.

Eric questions what Nicole is talking about in regards to him being dressed like a priest. Eric then begins feeling the effects of being drugged as well and starts to panic about how he could get in trouble for impersonating a priest. Nicole says they have to get him out of those clothes and says she’ll have them dry cleaned and back to St. Luke’s. Eric and Nicole then head in to the Brady Pub together.

Rafe loudly talks on the phone about their charity softball tournament then hangs up and asks Jada what’s on her mind. Jada asks how much coffee he’s had. Rafe says just a normal amount and asks why she asked. Jada says no reason. Jada tells Rafe that she wanted to apologize for leaving so abruptly yesterday. Rafe says it’s all good. Jada is glad because she loves her job and working for him, so the last thing she wants is for things to be awkward between them. Rafe then imagines Jada in more provocative clothing and asks why it would ever be awkward. Jada reminds Rafe that they talked about the department policy and how they have to obey the rules. Rafe complains about the guys who make those rules. Jada points out that the new policy came directly from the mayor. Rafe says he loves Abe but he’s not a cop anymore, so he doesn’t think he gets them anymore. Jada doesn’t follow. Rafe talks about how they work long shifts and overnights. Rafe declares that they risk their lives every day to make sure the city is safe and if they feel comfort in each others’ arms, then they should just go for it regardless of the policy. Jada asks if he’s okay. Rafe says he’s great and better than ever but he doesn’t think they should let the man dictate their lives. Rafe continues to imagine Jada being dressed differently and tells her how good she looks dressed like that. Jada questions what is going on as Rafe moves in and surprises Jada by grabbing her and kissing her.

Johnny awkwardly greets Wendy and says he didn’t see her there. Wendy questions if she saw what she thinks she saw and if Johnny really just proposed to Chanel. Johnny laughs that he thinks he did and asks what the problem is. Wendy questions him not seeing the problem in proposing to his ex-wife while he’s dating her. Johnny remarks that she never said they were exclusive. Chanel points out that he could have at least given her a heads up. Wendy tells Chanel to stay out of it. Johnny asks why she’s so bent out of shape when she’s dating Tripp.

Stefan and Melinda kiss in bed. Stefan sees her as Gabi and says he can’t wait to make love to her so Melinda tells him to take her right now. Stefan then suddenly snaps out of it and questions what Melinda is doing in his bed and what the hell happened to Gabi.

Li questions why Gabi is calling him Stefan. Gabi continues talking to Li like he’s Stefan and says she’s never going to let him go. Li plays along with it so Gabi says she loves him and wants him. Gabi kisses Li and then says she wants Stefan to take her to bed. Gabi heads to the bedroom, so Li follows her in.

Nicole and Eric go to Eric’s room as they are both drugged. Eric removes his clothes and talks about not knowing why he was dressed like a priest. Nicole says she was glad she was there to help and says she’ll have to get his clothes to the cleaners. Eric then imagines Nicole in a bikini and they talk about having no idea how that happened. Eric brings up how she used to model for Bella magazine and suggests they take pictures for old times sake. Eric then grabs a nearby banana and pretends it’s a camera to take pictures of her. Eric tells Nicole that she looks amazing. They talk about loving being on the beach.

Rafe kisses Jada until she pushes him off and questions what the hell he’s doing right as Sloan walks in to the office. Sloan says she’d like to know the answer to that too. Rafe questions Sloan not knocking. Sloan remarks that if they wanted to be alone, he should’ve locked the door. Jada tells Sloan that it’s not what it looks like. Sloan says what it looks like is that the police commissioner was coming onto Jada and she’s not happy about it. Sloan warns that Rafe just committed a very serious crime. Rafe mocks Sloan and argues that he’s innocent but slurs his words. Rafe asks what Sloan wants. Sloan reminds Rafe that she was summoned here after Jada raided her home. Sloan adds that she brought her phone as asked. Jada says she’ll have a team examine it right away. Sloan notes that she won’t find anything on it connecting her to Paulina and her alleged harassment. Jada argues that there’s nothing alleged about it since Paulina did receive a threatening text message. Sloan says it was not from her. Rafe touches Jada which Sloan calls the real harassment. Sloan says it looks like she came at a bad time and goes to leave but Jada reminds her to give her phone. Sloan warns that when her search comes up empty, she can be prepared to face a lawsuit because she’s really getting sick of this. Sloan hands over her phone to Jada while Rafe, drugged, begins to imagine Sloan as Duke the teddy bear that he and Nicole used to own.

Johnny and Chanel talk about Wendy and Tripp dating but Wendy says they aren’t. Johnny goes over how he showed up to wine and dine her but she told him that she had plans with Tripp. Wendy responds that they ended up not going out. Johnny asks if Tripp flaked on her. Wendy explains that Joey was in an accident so Tripp went to Seattle to be with him. Chanel and Johnny start talking about sending Joey a gift basket. Wendy brings back up their engagement and questions if Johnny really proposed to Chanel because she agreed to go on a date with Tripp. Johnny says he thinks he did. Wendy calls it unbelievable. Johnny tells her not to be so mad and says she can totally come to the wedding and even go on a date after if it’s cool with Chanel. Wendy hopes he’s joking. Wendy brings up that Allie warned her about how badly Johnny treated women but she didn’t believe her. Johnny complains about Allie being such a hater. Wendy tells Johnny that she really thought they had something special and she really wanted it to work. Johnny remarks that she’s in to Tripp. Wendy says she wanted to be open and honest and clarify her feelings for Tripp before fully committing to Johnny but she never thought it would make him do something so stupid. Wendy calls Johnny the jackass that everyone says he is and declares they are done as she then storms off. Johnny then asks Chanel where they should go on their honeymoon.

Gabi tells Li as if he’s Stefan that she wants him so bad and she can’t wait any longer so they start kissing on the bed until Li stops and says he can’t do this. Li assures that he wants her but not like this. Gabi doesn’t understand and asks what the problem is. Li shouts that the problem is he’s not Stefan.

Stefan asks where Gabi is. Melinda questions if this is some kind of game. Stefan asks what she did with Gabi. Melinda shouts that she didn’t do anything. Stefan says that Gabi was there and then she turned in to Melinda. Melinda asks if Stefan was just pretending she was Gabi. Stefan insists that Gabi was there. Melinda mocks Stefan using her for his fantasies about his ex wife. Melinda complains about being humiliated like this. Melinda then starts feelings the effects of being drugged and imagines Stefan laughing at her. Melinda warns him not to laugh at her while Stefan questions who is laughing. Melinda shouts that she’s going to kill him and tries to attack him. Stefan questions what has gotten in to her. Melinda declares that he has messed with her head for the last time. Melinda then suddenly vomits and says she thinks she needs a doctor.

Li tells Gabi that he’s not Stefan and what she’s seeing isn’t real. Gabi tells him not to push her away and says she already knows Li found out so they don’t have to sneak around and lie. Gabi says she will lose his DiMera shares but now they are free to show the world how they feel and that’s what matters now. Li confirms that EJ sent him a picture of Gabi and Stefan having sex in the DiMera wine cellar. Li reiterates to Gabi that he is not her ex-husband, he is her current husband who is a pathetic excuse for a man who was so desperate to hang on to her that he almost ended up in prison. Li adds that he still didn’t get the hint and deluded himself in to thinking he could win her back. Gabi then realizes he is Li and questions what’s going on. Li says she’s been hallucinating and asks if she took something. Gabi says she would never do drugs. Li says that someone clearly drugged her. Gabi then stops and vomits right in front of Li.

Rafe continues hallucinating and imagines Sloan as Duke the teddy bear and hugs her, leaving Sloan and Jada confused. Rafe talks about how he’s missed Duke but says he shouldn’t be here right now because he and Nicole are over and he was trying to get busy with Jada until the blonde witch showed up. Rafe continues to imagine Duke and then questions why the room is spinning. Rafe then collapses to the floor and Jada checks on him.

Eric and Nicole start kissing and talking about how much they want each other. Nicole stops and asks about Sloan. Eric says that she ended things because he had trouble believing that she wasn’t stalking Paulina and Chanel. Eric then asks about Nicole and EJ. Nicole complains that EJ is so boring and only wants to plot against his brother while being with Eric is so much more fun and they kiss onto the bed.

Johnny and Chanel sit together in the town square. Johnny talks about being bummed that Wendy dumped him. Johnny says he can see why since he’s marrying Chanel but he’s surprised it was a deal breaker. Talia comes over, so Johnny introduces himself to her as Chanel’s once and future husband. Johnny adds that Talia is the first person they’ve told other than Wendy eavesdropping. Talia questions them getting married. Chanel says maybe while Johnny argues that she said yes. Chanel says she’s not sure why she said that. Johnny asks if she’s saying she doesn’t want to be his first and second wife. Chanel says she thinks so. Johnny asks if the honeymoon is off too. Chanel says she’s sorry. Johnny guesses he should probably get home. Chanel mentions that she should get back to work. Johnny asks for some more biscuits since he got dumped twice in one day. Johnny then decides he’s going to go home and take a nap as he walks off. Talia questions Chanel as to what that was all about.

Eric and Nicole lay in bed together after having sex. Nicole asks what they just did. Sloan then knocks on the door, calling for Eric to open up. Eric tells Nicole to be quiet and maybe she’ll go away. Sloan calls for Eric to open up because they need to talk. Nicole doesn’t think she’s going away. Eric then covers himself with a pillow and answers the door, claiming he was just getting dressed. Sloan says she came to apologize for overreacting since she did tell him that she was still planning on getting revenge on Paulina and Chanel. Sloan says she’s not guilty of what they are accusing her of but it makes total sense why he’d be suspicious. Eric says it’s no big deal and asks if that’s all. Sloan asks if he’s going to invite her in and questions since when he’s ever been nervous about her watching him get dressed. Eric says he’ll call her later but Sloan pushes her way in and finds Nicole in Eric’s bed.

Jada paces at the hospital, hoping that Rafe will be okay. Stefan arrives and tells Jada that he needs to speak with her. Jada says it’s not a good time but Stefan says he needs to report two attempted murders. Jada says she’s listening. Stefan informs Jada that EJ poisoned him and Melinda, so he needs to be arrested. Jada asks if he has proof. Stefan says no, but he’s pretty sure that EJ poisoned the breakfast biscuits they ate. Jada questions him saying breakfast biscuits. Stefan explains that Nicole picked them up from Sweet Bits Bakery, he and Melinda ate them and started hallucinating. Stefan adds that Melinda is in the ER right now. Jada informs Stefan that EJ may not be the one responsible for this. Gabi and Li arrive at the hospital. Gabi rushes up to Stefan, who questions what happened to her. Li says that’s what they are here to find out as Stefan hugs Gabi and tells her that everything is going to be okay.

Talia and Chanel go to the Bakery where Talia gives her a glass of water and asks if she’s feeling any better. Chanel says she doesn’t know what happened before with Johnny. Talia questions Johnny really asking her to marry him. Chanel questions saying yes and says that he was just so excited and she got caught up in the moment. Chanel guesses it was a temporary moment of insanity. Jada arrives. Talia asks if she got sent on a donut run. Jada reveals she’s actually here to investigate a crime. Chanel asks if something happened to Paulina. Jada assures that she’s fine, but Rafe and Melinda are both in the hospital, suffering from hallucinations. They call that awful while Talia asks what that has to do with the Bakery. Jada explains that they both had the breakfast biscuits that they purchased this morning, so there must have been something in them. Chanel argues that half the town had those biscuits and asks if there’s any other reports of people getting sick. Jada says not yet, but if they really sold that many, it’s likely they will. Talia worries that this could ruin Chanel’s business. Jada says one step at a time. Jada asks if it’s possible someone may have spiked those biscuits. Chanel responds that she knows exactly who it was.

Sloan tells Eric that was fast. Eric says this isn’t what it looks like. Sloan complains about people saying that to her today. Eric says he doesn’t know how this happened. Nicole talks about how Eric was going to take pictures of her. Eric doesn’t think that ever happened. Sloan asks if they are trying to convince her that they didn’t have sex. Eric assures that they definitely had sex. Eric and Nicole then talk about seeing the other dressed as a priest and in a bikini. Sloan questions them seeing things that aren’t there and thinking things are something else. Eric says exactly while Sloan points out that they ended up in bed together but both don’t know how it happened. Sloan declares that it sounds to her like they were drugged.

Chanel tells Jada that it had to be Sloan because she leaked the story about her to the Spectator and now she’s coming after her. Jada asks how Sloan would know Chanel was the source. Chanel admits she told her yesterday and they got in to it physically. Talia mentions getting there to break it up, but not before Sloan drew blood. Chanel calls Sloan a total psycho which is what the headline in Leo’s column said. Chanel says that cost Sloan business so now Sloan is costing her business. Jada brings up that Sloan was at the police station when Rafe passed out and seemed just as shocked as she was. Chanel argues that Sloan was clearly putting on an act. Chanel wonders if that’s what happened to Johnny since they were acting really weird earlier and they both had the biscuits. Chanel argues that this has Sloan written all over it and questions who else would do something this twisted. Talia then has a flashback to herself that reveals she was actually the one who drugged the biscuits. Jada then tells them that whether Sloan is involved or not, she is going to make it top priority to find out who has been drugging the citizens of Salem and she’s going to bring them to justice…

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