Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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Jack: And we are trying to keep this quiet for right now. Of course, we wanted to tell you both, but if you could keep this to yourselves, we would appreciate that.

Summer: I will be very quiet, silent.

Jack: Well, we are headed to Society. We’ll talk later.

Diane: Oh, kiss Harrison for me.


[Door closes]

Summer: What the hell was that?


Victoria: Look, Nicholas, i understand where you’re caution is coming from, but I am not gonna pass on this phenomenal opportunity so that dad can use McCall to lure Adam back into the family, which is only gonna make him more beholden to dad, like some emotional hostage. It’s bad business. It’s miserable parenting. You and I — we’ve seen this movie before. We know that it ends in disaster for both of them.

Nick: So, now you’re worried about Adam’s emotional well-being?

Victoria: I don’t want to fight with you right now.

Nick: Alright. Should we reschedule this fight for some other time?Victoria: Hi, Nate. What a pleasant surprise.

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