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Kyle: That smile didn’t exactly reach your eyes. Are you worried about my parents fleeing town? Or Jeremy Stark? Or maybe it’s your dad’s strange relationship with Sally? Or are you concerned about the safety and well-being of our son?

Summer: How about all of the above?

Kyle: I know there’s a lot going on right now, but we’ll work through it.

Summer: How? How are we going to work through this, Kyle? I mean, I… I’m trying to stay positive, but there’s so much going on, and I haven’t even told you about the run-in that I had with my mom earlier today.

Kyle: What happened with Phyllis?

Summer: I just have a bad feeling.

Kyle: About what?

Summer: I thought that she was letting go of her obsession with Diane, she was going to focus on rebuilding her relationships with me and Daniel. But now that that doesn’t seem to be working out for her.


Audra: You know, I really admire you. Your laser-like focus on achieving your goals is inspiring. You decide you want McCall Unlimited, and nothing will stand in your way. And, you know, despite how much you obviously value your own family, you don’t hesitate to get in the middle of other families. You know, like when you worked with Nate to acquire Chancellor-Winters.

Victoria: That was strictly a business proposition.

Audra: Yeah, but you understand that people are responsible for their own choices. You focus on Newman’s bottom line and not on Nate ruining his relationship with his cousins. And now you’re not at all afraid of getting between a father and son.

Victoria: You know, unlike the people that you just named, the Newman family has always been united. Even when we’re fighting and struggling to see eye-to-eye, our allegiances are very clearly defined and unquestionable.

Audra: I suppose few families can claim that.

Victoria: And if one family member can be swayed in a particular direction, they’re the weak link, and the person doing the swaying, they’re not the issue, right? Because everybody has to be pulling together in the same direction, working for the same goal on the same page, or else everything falls apart.

Audra: So, just to be clear, we’re talking about swaying Tucker away from Devon, right?

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