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Tucker: Hmm, it’s an interesting offer.

Adam: It is? I, um — I didn’t mean it to be interesting. I just, uh, wanted somebody to drink with, you know.

Tucker: Actually, on the upswing these days. If you’re looking for someone to commiserate with, you got the wrong guy.

Adam: Do you want a drink or not?

Tucker: Uh, I’ll have a bourbon, neat, please. Thanks.

Adam: So, is, uh, one of the things on the upswing you selling McCall?

Tucker: [Sighs] You’re not much of a small talker, are you?

Adam: Well, word on the street is, your company is for sale.

Tucker: Word on the street? Ah. You and I must be hanging out on different streets. Where’d you hear that? Thank you.

Adam: Well, you know, I keep my, uh, ear to the ground.

Tucker: Hmm. Your sister and dad told you, right? I didn’t know you were in the Newman inner circle these days.

Adam: Yeah, we’re, um — we’re tight. We’re — we actually, um — we’ve never been closer.

Tucker: Hmm. I’m sure. You relish your role as the black sheep of the family, don’t you? Having plunged a dagger into your dad’s heart by going to work for Jack Abbott, I can’t imagine that put you on his good side. Frankly, everyone knows Victoria’s distaste for you. So, honestly, where did you hear this?


Adam: You obviously don’t have your ears as low to the ground as I do. Um, [Inhales deeply] I’m actually no longer at jabot.

Tucker: No, I know that. Ashley told me you underperformed your way out the door there.

Adam: It wasn’t a good fit.

Tucker: The c-suite press-release lingo. Did you also quit to spend more time with family?

[Chuckles] Of course, that doesn’t track, because your family can’t stand you.

Adam: No, Victoria, dad, and I — we have our issues, but, uh, at the end of the day, we’re family. And we always will be.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Adam: I know you can understand that, with everything that’s going on with Devon.

Tucker: Indeed, I can. Father-son relationships are, uh, huh, complicated. Yeah.

Adam: Yeah, that’s the thing about Victor me, is we — we understand each other on a cellular level because we are so much alike.

Tucker: Yeah. Yeah, you are. You’re both miserable, ruthless.

Adam: See, you, on the other hand, you are nothing like Devon. You know, him being principled, thoughtful.

Tucker: [Chuckles]

Adam: Yeah, you really botched that relationship. It sounds like he doesn’t want anything to do with you, including acquiring McCall. Which means I might actually end up being the CEO of your empire.
[Slaps bar top] We should drink to that.

Tucker: Adam…

[Sighs] Over my dead body will you ever have anything to do with my company

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