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Phyllis: Yeah. Summer? Hello. It’s your mother. Yeah. Your mom. You only have one of those. I gave birth to you in an elevator. An elevator. Call me back. You can’t avoid me forever. Please…call me back.

[Cellphone thuds]

voicemail. I could tell. There was only one and a half rings. So, you’re trying to avoid me, too. Okay, well, I’ll just tell you what I told your sister. Call me back. You can’t avoid me.

[Sighs] Mnh. Hey, Daniel! I know you made it go to

[Voice breaking] You only have one mom.

Michael: Oh, she —

Lauren: Ohh.

Michael: She’s drunk. The Phyllis train is off the rails.


Phyllis: [Inhales sharply] My children. Children [Gasps] Can break your heart.


Lauren: You are not wrong there.

Phyllis: They think that I’m the cause of their problems and that, um, I’m interfering in their life.

Michael: Because you are, aren’t you?

Phyllis: What the hell kind of question is that? “Because you are, aren’t you?” Seriously? All I’m trying to do is help my children.

Lauren: Okay, well, we know you have the best intentions when it comes to Daniel and Summer.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it — the best intentions. That’s all you have to say. And I do. And I’m trying to help my children. And for some reason, they’re turning it around that all their problems in their life are because of me and I am the cause of all their issues. And I am so tired of it.

[Sighs] What is that? You just looked at each other. You think I’m to blame, too?

Michael: We didn’t say that.

Lauren: Yeah. We’re here for you.

Phyllis: No, you’re not.

Lauren: Like we always are.

Phyllis: No, you’re not. Blah.

[Laughs] Your words are so meaningless to me now. So meaningless. I see you guys with your shifty eyes. “Ohh. Phyllis is wrong. Phyllis is on a tear. There’s something wrong with Phyllis.” You know what? I don’t want your “advice.” I don’t want it. The only person that I can rely on is this, this beautiful person right here, this drink. Mm! And myself.

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