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Phyllis: I’m in your room. What happened?

Jeremy: You don’t remember?

Phyllis: Oh, God.

[Sighs] I was drinking. Ohh, vodka.

Jeremy: Drowning your sorrows.

Phyllis: Then I walked out of the hotel.

[Inhales sharply] Ohh. Then it’s blurry. Um… I heard a car. No. Did I get in a car? Oh, my god. Was anyone hurt?

Jeremy: Well, I tweaked my back a little when I picked you up off the street, but no one else was hurt.

Phyllis: You picked me up off the street?

Jeremy: Yeah, I watched you stumble out of the hotel lobby. I had a bad feeling, so I decided to keep an eye on you.

Phyllis: You’re a good Samaritan.

Jeremy: I saved your life. You walked into traffic, cars were swerving, and then you just passed out right in the middle of the street.

Phyllis: Oh, my god.

Jeremy: You didn’t bang your head or get hit or anything, maybe some bumps and bruises, but all of that alcohol — whew — you were pretty out of it.


Kyle: Why do you care what i think about my mom and dad being together?

Billy: Because you’re family. We’re not exactly close because you’re a pain in the neck. But I’m on your side and I do care about what you think. I hope you know that.

Kyle: So, all the sudden, you’re going to be the understanding uncle?

Billy: [Chuckles] Your dad said you’re on the fence, but he believes eventually you’ll come back around. Is he right about that?

Kyle: Time will tell.

Billy: Look, Kyle, it’s understandable you’d have mixed feelings about all this.

Kyle: I want my parents to be happy. If they can do that together, I’m all for it. It’d be cool for them to have a stable relationship after all these years.

Billy: But you’re worried that someone’s gonna get hurt.

Kyle: I’d hate to see that happen. And given their history….
Billy: Yeah. I hear you there.

Kyle: Look, if I’m telling the truth, I’m more worried about my mom hurting my dad than the other way around. I know she’s worked so hard to turn her life around. She’s trying to be a better person, and I love that. And I don’t doubt her feelings towards him.

Billy: But it’s impossible to forget what’s happened in the past, the way she just up and left you as a kid. You know, I haven’t been through what you have, but I can relate on some level.

Kyle: How so?

Billy: Well, my mom, Jill, wasn’t exactly a doting maternal presence in my life when I was young. In fact, she still isn’t. You know, I think I broke the family record for being the youngest kid sent off to boarding school.

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