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Lily: Devon, you have got to stop acting like you are the only one who can carry on his legacy.

Devon: Well, why am I the only one trying to protect the company that he left behind?

Lily: Saving Hamilton-Winters is not going to bring dad back. And if it did, I would be right there with you, fighting. But it’s not. So, you’re wrong. And if it takes a judge to prove that to you, then so be it.

Devon: So, this is you just saying you don’t give a damn?

Lily: Actually, no, it’s the opposite. My dad was more than a name, and he was definitely more than a company. He transcends that. So, you know what? Start a new company. Or take the money that we offered you and retire. I don’t care. But if you go down this path, I guarantee you will regret it.

Devon: I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but I’m almost glad Neil isn’t here to see who you’ve turned into.


Lily: Sorry, I’m unbelievable?

Devon: Yes, you are.

Lily: You’re the one who won’t honor a contract that you signed. You won’t take the money that we offered you. You want to burn everything to the ground. So here we are.

Devon: Yeah, here we are, with you willing to sacrifice our relationship for a business deal that went bad.

Lily: Because you won’t loosen your grip on dad’s company.

Devon: And what’s wrong with me trying to preserve his memory like that,Lily? Really? What is it? I mean, after everything he taught us, after everything he did for us, how can you turn your back on him like that?

Lily: [Sighs] Devon, I am warning you. Do not go there. And you still have your biological father, Tucker.

Devon: You have your biologic– you got Malcolm.

Lily: Tucker is here in Genoa City. He wants a relationship with you. You have a young son who you get to see every single day. My children have their own life. This is all I have left.

Devon: What are you talking about it’s all you — you have me. I’m here in town with you. And I never wanted you to feel alone in any of this. You’re the one that’s made the decision to side with Jill in this IPO move. So, what was I meant to do?

Lily: Honor the contract that you signed.

Devon: Yeah. You know, say whatever you want about Tucker. He will never fill Neil’s shoes.

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