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First thing in the morning, we’re gonna go.

I haven’t seen you all day. Hmm. How did it go with the Salem in last night went great till we locked in

finally. Sorry. I did locked in meetings all day. You my priority. Lucky. So what happened when you caught Gabby and Stefan and bear together? Did you take Becky to mirror shares and kick Gabby to the curb? No, I didn’t. And why not leave? Not only did she break the terms of your agreement, but she betrayed you.

I mean, she slept with another man, was s step, except she didn’t sleep with them.

Hi. Hi. Oh my gosh. You’re back from work. I completely lost track of time.

Are you okay? I’m fine. Just working on my new collection for Saxons, right? Temp. You talk to anyone? Okay. What’s up? Why? Why are you asking me if I’m fine? Why? Why are you asking me if I’ve talked to. Then you don’t know. Don’t know what it’s about. Stephan. Stephan is something wrong. Paul kind of. He’s sleeping with the district attorney.

Come on in. Ah, DH ra. How can I help you? Well, the last time we talked, I told you that if you didn’t hand me an airtight case against Sloan Peterson, my office would have to drop the whole thing. Yeah. Since then, radio silence. So either you are still lining up your evidence or you don’t have the faintest idea who broke into Paulina Price’s office.

Which is it?

Oh, hey. Hey. What’s up? Well, I was wondering where you were. I’m still at the office. I’m still trying to clean up the mess the sled and made when she trashed the place.

Um, I’m gonna be stuck here for, for a while. Sorry.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

We had to cut Peterson loose after she denied everything, so calling her in here was a Hail Mary. But you hope she’d break down sobbing and admit to everything? Well, actually calling her in is standard operating procedure. In a case like this, you mean a case where you don’t have a shred of evidence? If there’s evidence out there, we’ll find it.

Well shred lightly because if Counselor Peterson decides to sue us for harassment and she is a litigious kind of gal, This one’s on you. We never met.

Always a pleasure, man. Da.

Stephan is sleeping with D Trask. Where did you hear that from? I’m so sorry. This must suck for you. I just, I saw an item about it and lady whistleblowers column, and they spectator, come on. You don’t really believe anything you’re reading in that rag, do you? I mean, the very idea is preposterous. Why are you looking at me that way?

I guess I just, I thought you’d be more upset. I mean, how can you be so sure that it’s not true?

Sorry, just had to send that. Um, No problem. So you were saying Lee walked in, stormed in. It’s more like it. Ever since he left us at the end, I was worried about it happening and EJ assured me that he would have his best people on Lee’s people and he would be kept off the scent. This, this is awful. How did Lee even figure it out?

Look at ejs gonna be furious. He’s gonna be furious. So how ugly did it get? It didn’t get physical, did it? Wow. Not to mention Gabby’s shares. She’s not gonna get any now. She must be a wreck. No, no. Gabby and Lee’s deal is still on. Really? Hmm. Even though he found you in bed with her, Lee found me in bed.

Ooh. Somebody else,

I, I don’t understand. You did go to the Salem in last night, didn’t you? I followed the plan Exactly. I burst in and caught step infl grande. Wait, I thought you said that didn’t sleep together. I did. Gabby wasn’t there. You just said you caught in Infl Grande. What a solo act. No, he wasn’t alone. He was in bed with Melinda Trask.

Melinda Trask, the da. The iron fist in the iron glove, the same. You’re joking. Oh, believe me, this is not a joke. This. This doesn’t make any sense. When Nicole left the room, Gabby was in there with Stephan and you were on your way with the key card that you so thoughtfully provided me because you were helping me, right?

Of course I was. Nicole and I both were. While either your friend Nicole’s lying or somebody pulled a fast one on you, a somebody called Stephan.

I, I’m sorry. S Stephan, I, you’re gonna have to start over. Lee found you in bed with someone other than Gabby. That’s right. But who

you’re here after last night? Wild Horse couldn’t stop me.

So if you really think that Stephan and the DA have a thing, if you really think you turned to her after me, Paul, I mean, he can’t be with you because of the deal you made with my brother and. You have to admit she’s beautiful. Okay, Wendy, let’s get real here for a minute. Leo. Stark lies for a living.

Stephan, Mr. Damara, they pay off das. They don’t sleep with them. All right, so let’s change the subject. Let’s talk about your love life. Yeah. I don’t think Johnny and I have much of a love life. It’s more like a hangout and watch movies life. Yeah, I wasn’t talking about Johnny. I was talking about Tripp.

I’m in the square right now, but I’m happy to wait for you. Oh. Oh, that sounds so very sweet. But I don’t know how long I’ll be, um, I have to run, uh, the man’s here to check the security system. Oh, okay. I’ll let you go then. Love you. Love you too.

Want me to check the security system? Um, about that. Pause. See, I can explain. You see a No, this price look come alone. Come on Paulina. Paulina. Everything that happens in this room is confidential. You don’t have to explain anything to me. Oh, no, no, no. But I want to, um, I’m not lying to my husband. Oh, of course I was.

I flat out lied, but it wasn’t meant to hurt him. It, it was to, to see he worries about me and I don’t want him to, it’s not good for him. Like I said, you don’t have to explain anything to me. Okay. Now, could you, uh, tell me why you’re here? Well, I have an appointment with Dr. Greenberg. I guess he’s running late.

Uh, no, he actually got called into surgery. He asked me to handle your initial workup and. This is Chanel made the appointment for you and when Dr. Greenberg’s a cardiologist, were you experiencing heart palpitations? I thought I was having a heart attack, but, um, Chanel’s new hire, she said it was just a panic attack.

Well, it’s a good thing you came in. I’d much rather you get a diagnosis from a doctor than someone who I, his cakes for a living. Well, Talia Hunter is a great baker, but she also happens to be a full-fledged doctor. Doctor.

Oh, well good evening, detective. It’s, it’s nice to see you. I’m off duty. Why not call me Jada. Okay, Jada, you know, I’ve been hearing really good things about your work. I love my job. And has Commissioner Hernandez been treating you right? Oh, absolutely. He’s a great boss. Yeah. That’s good to hear. Mm-hmm. You have a nice night.

You too.

So you’re up work. It’s not work if you love it. I just made a strudel that was a masterpiece. If I do say so. You know, it’s, it’s kind of weird hearing a doctor, well, X doctor be so happy to triple their customer’s cholesterol levels. Look, I know you think I’m wasting my medical degree, but once a doctor, always a doctor, whatever, you say, oh, you don’t believe me.

Ask my boss’s mother. She’ll tell you, just today I performed a medical miracle.

So you performed a medical miracle? Yes. Chanel’s mother was convinced she was having a heart attack, and I diagnosed it as a panic attack. Wow. You know, that’s right up there with the loaves and fishes. You always minimize my achievements. I’ve always spoke very highly of your cupcakes. The works of art.

Huh? You know, I just see Paulina having a panic attack. That Peterson woman is just dedicated to ruining her life and Chanel’s. So what’s happening with that investigation? It’s ongoing. Oh, you’ve got fuck Kiss, right? You want me to dish your little hot cross buns? Look, ongoing means first thing in the morning.

We’re gonna go through everything we have and find some hard evidence to. Counselor Sloan Peterson in a cell where she belongs first thing tomorrow. Uh huh So that means you’re off tonight. Yeah. So what are you gonna do? Get some takeout, watch tv. You know, life in the fast lane. Hmm. Okay. Stop. Let me ask you this.

When’s the last time you’ve been on a date since that X, please. Five. Your silence speaks volumes. Girl, you need to get back out. What about that hunky cop guy that I always see you with? Hmm. Sean’s my partner and he’s married. No, I’m not talking about him. I’m talking about your boss, the Hernandez guy.

Hmm. Hey, commissioner. Hello, Mr. Mayor. Check in, see if there’s anything new on the break here, and call me the sauce. Yeah, well, unfortunately we didn’t have enough evidence on Peterson to hold her, but Jada and I will start over tomorrow. Jada Hunter, right? Mm-hmm. I just ran into her. Yeah. So how’s she doing over here?

Great. Terrific instincts and, uh, getting better every day. See you like it? Yes. Did I not make that clear? I didn’t mean professionally. There’s nothing going on between the two of you. Is there, so, uh oh. Where’s this coming from? I know the rules that would violate your new policy, uh, superiors and subordinates getting involved.

Yes, yes, it would. Mm-hmm. Now, I don’t mean to drag this out, RA, but I still haven’t heard a denial commission. Now are you or are you not romantically interested in one of your detectives?

So Stephanie figured it out. He went along with us setting him and Gavi up, and then at the last minute he got Melinda Tross to play his love interest, hard to understand how he could penetrate such a subtle cunning plot. And the hell did he get trust to go along. You think that’s the important issue?

Not only did I look like a fool last night, but Stefan and Gabby now know that I’m onto them. She said that No, she’s sticking to the script. She said she saw through Nicole and that the Dememer shares mean more to her than Stefan does. She said all that with a straight face. Thanks to you, Mr. Damara. I can’t help but think that Stephanie and Gabby now have the upper hand.

No, I don’t know about that. I mean, just how long can they keep up the Shirad?

So is there anything more wonderful than love’s first bloom?

So me, uh, when did you two first, you know, Connect home. Say it’s been building for quite some time. Brewing like a percolator. Like a geyser ready to blow. How vivid. So anyway, last night fit blue, right? Maybe I’ll face here in a cold, but. You don’t seem very happy for us.

So value was right. It was just a panic attack. So far it looks that way. Uh, but Dr. Greenberg’s still gonna gonna look at these results himself and make his own determination. Uh, but if it was a panic attack, we can give you the names of people who.

So I heard you’re sleeping in my daughter’s bed. Yeah, I have, uh, Chanel’s old room at the apartment. Wish she was still there. Uh, I don’t think she does. I have a lot of bad memories there for her. Hmm. Probably, right? I was just thinking, um, maybe you can do something else from me when you’re finished with that report.

Uh, and what would.

I know you know that Allie, Brooke Chanel’s heart, I mean last year was tough enough on her with that horrible Peterson woman attacking us, and now she’s worried about me, my health. You want me to call her and let her know that your e kg looked good? Actually, I want you to ask her on the date. Uh, the other thing about the thing about it now, yo, you too, you had sparks and they were real, remember?

Yes. And I also remember that you kind of put the kibosh on the whole thing really? Well, that just doesn’t sound like me. Well, anyway, you’re still attracted to her, right? Well, and so, you know, so my question is, well, are you keeping your distance from her because of Allie? That’s part of it. Yes. And uh, and I do like Chanel as a friend.

Well, maybe it could lead to something more than friendship. Something a lot more fun than friendship. Unless, is there someone else, you know, I’m gonna get these results to Dr. Greenberg and you can call us office some morning. Okay. Who is it? I, I, I heard you. I just chose not to answer. I’ll hound you till you tell me.

You know, I will.

This is my roommate, Wendy, but she’s seen Giant, the mirror. So you just gonna step back, seed her to him? Oh no, you’ve gotta fight back. But I don’t think you understand. She seems to really like him. Maybe she likes you more. Oh, doctor, remember faith hearts nail one fairy lady, I’m telling you. Tell her how you feel, or you may end up regretting that you didn’t for a very long time.

Okay. Trip. So what’s the story? Yeah, the story is that he’s sharing the rent on this place. Okay. That may be how the story started. No. How this chapter in this story started, but I saw you two in Hong Kong. He and Joey were like two stallions Pauling at the ground. Oh. So I was the prize mayor. How flattering.

And he never got over you. Yeah, you have a very vivid imagination. If you’re obtuse, good God. He’s a doctor. He doesn’t need roommates. He wanted to live here. He wanted to live with you. And I’ve seen the way you two are finishing each other’s sentences. It’s pretty obvious. You wanna Okay. You love living it with him.

We’re friends. Yeah. Well, I, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. I think just friends. It’s not his choice. Okay. Hong Kong, he and Joey were two stallions pawing the ground. That was classic male sibling rivalry. And you know, I played the game because I like the attention. Flirting. Then yeah, trip and I still play the same game, but still it’s holiday.

It’s, it’s not real. It’s, it’s just a cane. Not from where I’m sitting.

Okay. Um, well then let’s rewind, shall we? Uh, I am not seeing Jada. Is that clear enough? It is, it is. It is. Look, I, I’m sorry to push you like this, but it is my job and I understand it. I. Well, since we’re talking, there is something about the new policy that does bother me and that’s, um, well, hope and I, we were both involved while we were on the force.

At first when things started, she was my boss, and then later on I was hers. Um, but, uh, no one in the department, even though they knew about what was happening, ever said a word. Well, when the two of you were seeing each other, you were. You are equals, and that’s the difference. Look, great. I changed the rule for you, especially now with how things turned out with Nicole, but

my hands are tight. Right. Thank you. Okay. Take care, Monday. Yeah, thanks.

So given the new rolling, Ray and I can both lose our jobs, even if we so much just go to the movies together. Hmm. Interesting. I ask you about a great looking guy and all you can do is quote the departmental rule book and you never not say you’re not in. Why are we still talking about this? Because you’ve been defensive ever since I brought him up.

Look, even if I was interested, he just got off of a really bad divorce and my last relationship pretty much ended like the Hindenburg. So neither one of us is ready to jump into that pool anytime soon. Are you sure he feels that way? Look, it’s bad idea no matter how you slice it. When I was with Eric, I was practically stalked by his jealous ex-wife.

Ugh. I hated her. And then did I mention race divorce? Well, he divorced his wife because she was growing her ex-husband. Oh, and did I mention that his ex-wife was Nicole and the ex-husband that she was screwing was Eric, my ex. So I’m sorry, but I don’t think that both of us being unemployed or having a mutual hatred for Nicole Walker is a good basis for a romantic relationship.

So, so can we just drop this and just go get some damn dinner?

So this geyser you’re talking about has been building up for a while. That’s right. Mm-hmm. And yet, just the other day, you were saying how Gabby was the only woman for you. Oh, sorry. District attorney Trask. Maybe that was indiscreet. And I know how you treasure discretion, Ms. Hernandez, or whatever your name is.

Now, you know, Nicole, you’re right. Being confused like this. I, I did say those things about Gabby, but, well, it’s just now occurring to me that, uh, I was feeling reminiscent for feelings that Gabby and I once had for each other once upon a time. Sadly, or I don’t know, maybe. Luckily that image was shattered last night.

See, shortly after you left, Gabby got cold feet. She was afraid we were gonna get caught, and

turns out she values those damn shares more than she does me.

So the scales fell off your eyes and you realized you’d be happier with a. Old fashioned girl like Melinda here, DIR like, actually I see our relationship is anything but dir. Stefan, did I tell you I had a dream about you last night?

You know, it just occurred to me that I promised Melinda I would show her. Stamp collection in my room right next to your etchings. So if you’ll excuse us, I cannot wait to show you my inverted dunman. Ooh. And it is inverted. Let me tell you.

Maybe she could lick it.

What? Gabby lied to me, practically daring me to contradict her, and of course I couldn’t without telling her that you. Your brother played you and now he’s playing me. You made me look like an idiot and I don’t like it. Ej not one damn bit. Take a breath. Take a breath. Look, we both know those two are going to find a way to hook up and we’ll catch them.

I promise you. We just need to be more clever about all this. What you need to do is go. Why did I ever get involved with you in the first place? I, I don’t want to humiliate Gabby and torpedo the deal. I want her, you don’t have Exxons in hell. Of getting her back. You remember your wedding where she found out that you not only didn’t tell her about the love of her life and that he was alive, that you actually tried to brainwash him into hating her, and there was something else as well.

Um, what was it? Oh, that’s right. You tried to kill him. I don’t think couples therapy is going to help her. Damir shares are the only thing that you could possibly salvage from that train wreck you call a marriage. You are wrong. I don’t give a damn about those shares, but that’s all you care about. So you stay the hell away from my marriage.

You make one move, I swear you’re gonna regret it.

Well, this is nice. Now I have a chance to trample over your personal boundaries and tell you how to live your life.

Oops. Sorry. Doesn’t look like you have time. Commissioner Hernandez over here. Don’t do this. Hey, well this is nice. You should join. Yeah, I was actually just picking up it to go. Yeah. Told you the commissioner probably has plans for tonight. He has to eat dinner somewhere. Right. Go get your food and eat with us.

Well, um, so, um, Jada was just telling me about those anti delian fraternization rules. Wow. That was a mouthful. But there are three of us. And come on, what could possibly happen with her sister watching this is the shy sister. Right. Well, thanks for the invite. I’ll be right back. I’m going to kill you. He seems like a Sagittarius.

Whatever you do, just don’t be too pushy. They hate that.

I hope you’ll think about what I said, and I don’t think you heard a word that I said because, and I say this with a love and affection. You were wrong. Meaning I didn’t agree with you. Meaning you are making a huge mistake. I remember when I met Chanel’s father, oh. I was immediately smitten. Oh, wow. But he was dating someone else and I, I almost walked away.

I decided, well, you can’t win the game if you don’t get on the field. So I made my move, Paulina, no. Shrinking by like you took action. It’s a damn good thing I did. I made that man very happy in our time together and Chanel’s here because as usual, well actually as always, I knew what was best for everyone.

So ignore my advice at your own peril.

Now, can I ask you a question? Mm-hmm. Do you ever take any advice, advice from someone who not only cares about you, but actually has some experience in the matter at hand? Mm. I walked right in on that one, didn’t I? Oh, tell a what’s going on. And I understand you don’t want him to worry, but he not only loves you, he, he knows you.

I know you’re keeping something. And he’ll probably imagine something much worse. Someone’s actually happening. And if this is anxiety related, then keeping a secret is very, very stressful. And think about it, you know, how would you feel if a was keeping someone like this from you? And another thing like, hell no, no, I, I don’t need another thing.

Oh, it’s. It’s irritating to get a lecture from a 12 year old, but it’s infuriating if he’s right. Well, I wasn’t lecturing, I was just, you know, thinking out loud. Why can’t I get dressed and go while you have some more thinking out loud to do? No, you are free to get dressed and go. You’re a good doctor and you are a good friend.

You know, I still don’t understand why you’re so interested in me and Tripp, unless this was a diversionary tactic. So we’d stop talking about Stephen. There’s nothing to say about Stephan.

Sorry, I gotta deal with this. Hey honey, come home. You’re here too because I, uh, live here and we’re just one big happy family, right Gabby? Hi Lee. I gotta go delay. I was hoping for a cozy night at home. I just got a text from David Stack and he wants to talk about the launch at this hour. Hmm. That sound very considerate.

Would you like me to go with you? It’s the bistro, right? Yeah, but stay I’ll, I’ll handle it, but I’m the one who set up the deal. Yeah. And I appreciate it, but sometimes, uh, one-on-one is better.

Well, I was uh, gonna order in. So what do you feel like on a one-on-one? Huh? Sorry. Um, I just remembered there’s something I gotta do. Don’t wait up.

Oh, you better get yourself a drink cuz you’re not gonna believe when I’m about to tell you that. Lee called Stephan and the district attorney in bed together last night. Trust me, I’ve. But there’s more. Ugh. What I don’t understand is how in the hell he talked, trust pretending to be his lover. Are you sure they’re pretending?

What? Well, about a half hour ago, Melinda just paid a little visit and then they sat on the couch pretending to be a couple of foreign teenagers, and then pretended to get carried away and went upstairs to his room where? Right about now they’re pretending away.

Well, that was fun. But I still don’t get it. Uh, EJ is gonna tell Nicole about last night. I don’t get why we had to do encore performance for her benefit. Okay. You’re right. That was a little more of a prologue, but you know how much I appreciate your help and I will never forget what you’ve done. Okay.

Cut to the chase. What do you want now? I did not ask you here to stick it to Nicole. Melinda actually needs you to be my decoy.

Well, would you look at that? You guys ordered the same thing. Wow. Great ones. Think I like. Yes, Talia. It is just momentous that RA and I both like hamburgers. God, maybe we both like water, right? Oh my God. I just realized I have to call an old colleague tonight. She’s on the East coast and I wanna catch her before she goes to bed.

I’m gonna take this with me. Enjoy your burgers.

Finally, it must be famished. Uh, yeah. It was covered for Dr. Greenberg. Right. Well, there’s still some chili in the fridge. You can nuke it. Are you leaving? Yeah. Johnny said something about hanging out with friends in the square. A date? No, I just thought I could catch up with him. Hang out. Okay. Well have fun.

Alright. Enjoy the chili. Hey Wendy. Wait. Uh oh. Is something wrong? Yeah. Uh, no. Um, well, Won’t be if I just say this, cuz if I don’t say this now, I might not ever will say what I, uh, have feelings for you.

Oh, hey. Oh. Mm-hmm. I stopped by the office earlier, but I, I guess I just missed you. Oh, well. I wasn’t there. I lied to you before. Okay. I wasn’t at the office. I was in the hospital.

Oh, Stephan. Oh, baby. Mm yes. Uh mm. Ah. Ooh. Ah, yes.

It seems like the time is

blind ambition.

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